Food in Rome - Wood Fired Pizza - Italy

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Passing by at some Pizzerias in Rome (Trastevere). This place made me go back and film it.

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22 giu 2019




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Mark Ray
Mark Ray 3 ore fa
I started making homemade Italian pizza after visiting Italy the first time. I use a recipe from Naples. You can see it at Explore Italy and Beyond's website.
Natural Earth
Natural Earth Giorno fa
Wow that side one looks like naan... because there was no cheese and sauce.
Natural Earth
Natural Earth Giorno fa
Really hardworking old uncle. Respect.💞👌
jjan LJOS
jjan LJOS Giorno fa
ti sei perso mandandomi il mio. la quarantena mi sta facendo venire fame😂🤣😂😂🤣 Abracos da qui in Brasile 🍕🍽️🥃🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
burner trump
burner trump Giorno fa
Those pizza's actually don't look very good.
The Insanartiste
1:30 AM. Eating a bag of chips and i'm watching the making of a good pizza. F___ 2020 man :P
Mαlєc Giorno fa
Tim Hartsough
Tim Hartsough 2 giorni fa
you know its legit when the oven is part of the architecture
inetvisions 4 giorni fa
4.57 man squeeze nose ! and move on to handle etc..
witson jacob
witson jacob 4 giorni fa
The oldest man might be the naughtiest one out there. 7.10 mins.
gypzino 4 giorni fa
Che spettacolo ragazzi
Food TV
Food TV 5 giorni fa
So tasty yamay Recipes
PiWish 7 giorni fa
Imagine eating a pizza without tomato sauce
L3aFy JaY
L3aFy JaY 8 giorni fa
American here: I've never seen pickle on pizza interesting choice
Manjula Chaturvedi
Manjula Chaturvedi 9 giorni fa
Italy spain maxico best place in the world for pizza's
elephantcup 9 giorni fa
Trastevere is a tourist destination. This guy is using a rolling pin to roll out cold, dead, unrisen dough. Pass, no thanks.
ANU 369
ANU 369 9 giorni fa
desde🇨🇱, excelente👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍🏻
Jacob Oberstadt
Jacob Oberstadt 9 giorni fa
Looks like a healthy Italian ecosystem.
Carol C
Carol C 10 giorni fa
Deseo que todos esos trabajadores estén bien luego del desastre de está maldita pandemia
Abby M
Abby M 10 giorni fa
Italy one of the hardest countries hit by the virus and subsequently a lockdown. Videos like this are so priceless. Makes me wonder what its like for them now 😔
poo poo AAaaJdhdjjfkfjfksbhsbss
How will pizza get a job now?
Alina Cucu
Alina Cucu 10 giorni fa
Il vostro pizzaiolo e bravissimo,e anche il suo staf,,,bravissimi, bravissimi bravissimi,racomando voi dapertutto
bored AF
bored AF 10 giorni fa
I just want to know how french and Italian women stay so lean after eating all that bread, pasta, butter and cheese 😢
Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh 11 giorni fa
I love pizza and making pizza like this its amazing😋😋😋
Miguel angel Godoy
Miguel angel Godoy 11 giorni fa
No entiendo ni maíz pero así me encanta delgadita
A M I R n . y . c . Brooklyn .
P E R F E C T O ........
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Hi guys
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He pahe italian pijja banvat aahe
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Kay re donya.Kuth gelas re
AlvaroSte 7
AlvaroSte 7 12 giorni fa
Tacos es a Mexico 🇲🇽 como pizza a Italia 🇮🇹
de Gustibus Caracal
de Gustibus Caracal 12 giorni fa
KralSolak 13 giorni fa
You should come to Turkey
Eerav Sameer
Eerav Sameer 13 giorni fa
Dominos is a joke compared to this
Lisa Ackerman
Lisa Ackerman 13 giorni fa
American pizzas left the chat
Profra. Petra Garduño
Que deliciosa pizza,
88Doug 13 giorni fa
I love wood fired pizza!
Douglas Montilva
Douglas Montilva 13 giorni fa
the older man is the one who works the most and is the naughtiest places his partner's foot so that he falls
Safa El Atrache
Safa El Atrache 14 giorni fa
Ammettetelo che il cibo italiano è il più buono
Flyersphan 129
Flyersphan 129 15 giorni fa
Wood fired pizza . How will pizza get a job now
Craze ZR
Craze ZR 15 giorni fa
I just realised I've been to this restaurant and trust me the pizza is amazing
sidou Rueil
sidou Rueil 16 giorni fa
إذهب للحياة إيطاليا GO ITALIA GO FOR LIFE
BonusDuuuck 16 giorni fa
Wood fired pizza? How will pizza get a job now?
Mayra luz Rosado
Mayra luz Rosado 16 giorni fa
Adore al viejitos que hace la masa jaja le mete el pie al mesero todo genial me encantó el horno 😍
Ruben Carreón Aguiñaga
Maravillosa, icono gastronomico de la bella Italia
Diego Pallares
Diego Pallares 16 giorni fa
saludos a todos en especial a Maximo.
Sofía R.
Sofía R. 16 giorni fa
Qué delicia 😋 se me abrió el apetito woww que arte tienen los italianos para cocinar, ojalá algún día pueda comer el sabor auténtico. It looks delicious, the Italian cuisine is amazing, I got hungry, I hope to visit someday Italy, much love from México 🇲🇽🇮🇹
ANACLETO 17 giorni fa
Orrore! Pizza stesa con un mattarello😱
Melody kitchen with Leyla
My dream to taste real pizza 😍😋😋 oh
LauKayy 17 giorni fa
Italians intimidate me
Елена Сухачева
Это божественно🙏😍😀
Sopamarucha 17 giorni fa
Looks like Luigi throwing those pizzas on the wood fire
She Wolf
She Wolf 17 giorni fa
I'll trust any Italian to cook for me. They are so clean for one, and they are perfectionists with food and fashion as well!
gulam gulam
gulam gulam 18 giorni fa
Настоящая пицца так делают 👍
John Travelah
John Travelah 18 giorni fa
La Migliore e Più Veloce Pizza tipica Napoletana, solo a San Paolo, Brasile! Quartiere italiano di Bixiga dal 1878.
Robert Scalchi
Robert Scalchi 18 giorni fa
Wow that prosciutto di parma looks amazing. I notice here they look more like Americana Pizza than Napoletana pizza with the fine dry mozzarella cheese and the way they flatten the pizza and cornicione and not the Napoletana pizza slap. Nice pies though.
Yolo 260
Yolo 260 18 giorni fa
Wood fired pizza? How will pizza get a job now
Pizza in Brazil e muito melhor
francesco zac
francesco zac 19 giorni fa
Romaaaa..ma quanto me manchi
Jhinine Kiara Melline Pascual
But if these people are from India, people would say that it's unhygienic because they use theyir bare hands putting the ingredients together and all. 😐 being dark toned does not mean that they are dirty.
Qasim Qurshi
Qasim Qurshi 19 giorni fa
Masha Allah
the redolenteagle99
the redolenteagle99 19 giorni fa
no one should ever eat pizza in Italy except in Naples. the pizza in the video looks like a frisbee😂
Mustafa Saado
Mustafa Saado 19 giorni fa
Hi hallo
Алексей Михайлов
Лайк за дедушку
top gear
top gear 20 giorni fa
Cmq non la sanno fare la pizza a Roma.
cristobal herrera
cristobal herrera 20 giorni fa
Maza estirada con rodillo y sin mozarella fresco un treh
Nico Cadena
Nico Cadena 20 giorni fa
Con uslero noo cn uslero no, un treh
Berenice Juan
Berenice Juan 20 giorni fa
Woww!! I love this video. I’ll need to go to this pizzeria some day. 🥰 I like the people also. Nice 👍 Saludos desde Mexico City 🍕 😉
Rajaa Salhi
Rajaa Salhi 20 giorni fa
Gigahertz77 20 giorni fa
Aooo fatela na pizza se ve va' .
Adelaida Rivera
Adelaida Rivera 20 giorni fa
7:10 🤔👞
Sasith Liyanage
Sasith Liyanage 21 giorno fa
Today saw how it's made.😀😀😀😀😀
Carmelina Amoroso
Carmelina Amoroso 21 giorno fa
Velocissimi!!!Che meraviglia!!!!!!! Come piace a me sottile e croccante
Kenneth Blachly jr
Ma cualcuno a fatto una scoregie
La Paloma Malévola
La Paloma Malévola 21 giorno fa
Jean Pierre
Jean Pierre 21 giorno fa
This pizza looks pathetic
Paulo Roberto
Paulo Roberto 21 giorno fa
Que delícia hummm ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Mehdi Hannaizi
Mehdi Hannaizi 22 giorni fa
Coronatissimo ?! hhh
John Taylor
John Taylor 22 giorni fa
The closest to italian for me is a Tuesday farfalle bolognese... very filling but delicious
Yasugi Lemon
Yasugi Lemon 22 giorni fa
wled tobe turna
wled tobe turna 22 giorni fa
No lo entiendo si son de italia la manera de como destruye la masa con el rodillo es equivocado
shobhit gujrati
shobhit gujrati 23 giorni fa
The chef are specialist in making pizza ...but we can't come to taste here because rome is far away from India.
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