Food Theory: Can You TRUST Your Water?

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What kind of water do you drink? Now most of you are probably like... water? Some of you, though, likely subscribe to the alkaline water life. I've always wondered about the benefits of enhanced water. Does it really help or are you just paying more for some fancy science words? Today, we are going to do a deep dive into the world of alkaline water and see if it really is revolutionary or just a big LIE!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Stephanie Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Forrest Lee, Jerika (NekoOnigiri), and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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Commenti 6 916
better late than never
This must have been a dare. "Bet you can't make a theory about water"
DuckTooth250 Giorno fa
Thanks matpat I've stopped drinking water and am seeing impro
Finch Giorno fa
Bleach is basic so drinking bleach when you’ve got heartburn is also a good solution. Trust me on this. Please don’t do research on it
Prismatic Passion
The Mickey mouse laugh🤣🤣
Darien England
Darien England Giorno fa
I suddenly would love an entire episode about Dr. Oz
James Wright
James Wright Giorno fa
Cows milk is one that I've heard can actually be bad for you due to your body's need to convert it to a usable format of calcium. Would be an interesting idea for another video.
Henkka Henrik
Henkka Henrik Giorno fa
I have never trusted any type of bottled water. They all taste like stale plastic chemical slush. I have no idea what people do to bottled water to make it last, but the process sure makes it taste horrid. I could probably drink a bottle if i was overseas in a place without trustworthy water source, but i would never drink it daily basis.
JAKE123STER 2 giorni fa
I’m so happy that he did a water boy reference
Rc Baddie
Rc Baddie 2 giorni fa
dude all state school tests say that the fluoride in tap water is important and good for you, i can’t trust anyone
Mr. Wishy
Mr. Wishy 2 giorni fa
When Matpat accidentally find out that your a mastermind.
Miles Robinson
Miles Robinson 2 giorni fa
I liked this Water theory video and i'm sure Gatorade and Water is in my opinion good thirst.
shovah Minecraft
shovah Minecraft 2 giorni fa
FBI looking at his search history be like: He knows to much..
Frank Einfeldt
Frank Einfeldt 3 giorni fa
At 1:16 i just went Uuuuuuuuh
Luis Torres
Luis Torres 3 giorni fa
Hehe I'm gonna save this >:)
BLACK DÆMON 4 giorni fa
Then there’s me who survives on monster
shawn boyce
shawn boyce 5 giorni fa
sue them for lying about there water is not healthy???
Erin Isasheep
Erin Isasheep 6 giorni fa
Bro, I'm so used to watching this on the tv that I never realized I wasn't subscribed. I'm so ashamed that it took this long
Dean Edwards
Dean Edwards 6 giorni fa
Glad I found this one I was always suspicious but wasn't going out my to buy it anyway
Jonathan Simpson
Jonathan Simpson 6 giorni fa
6:48 This guy is clearly out of bounds
Your Local Waifu
Your Local Waifu 6 giorni fa
How does non acidic water help if your stomach acid is super acidic🤨🤔
Jix Animations
Jix Animations 7 giorni fa
This is why if somebody tried to talk about Matpat they would get mad
Bagel boy
Bagel boy 7 giorni fa
You just ate sweat popcorn dude
onekingdom1 7 giorni fa
Jared Hernandez
Jared Hernandez 8 giorni fa
"...unlocking Smash Brothers Characters." Shows DLC characters which can be bought any time.
Terror 9 giorni fa
13:24 phew, i somehow manage to survive with barely drinking even a glass of water a day but luckily most of my water comes from the tea and other drinks i drink
SorcererUB 9 giorni fa
Dude! Just saw Hero Mode. Did you hype your cameos and I missed it?
penyu 11 giorni fa
14:26 CBT?
Jeremy Mikhael Cogan
Okay, not more ions but more electron acceptor ions but okay.
Sarah McLeod
Sarah McLeod 12 giorni fa
Ayy Ponce De Leon and the Fouintain of Youth
Silent Robin
Silent Robin 12 giorni fa
Fun fact : you can get cramps from drinking too much water. I can approve because this has happened to me way to often
Forever xd
Forever xd 13 giorni fa
But what if I eat an Alkaline Battery?
Geno is the 1
Geno is the 1 13 giorni fa
The beginning makes me want to rip my head off
booklover78910 14 giorni fa
I have GERD that has been present since my toddler years. GERD is an acronym and is not named after any doctor. It stands for Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease. @TheFoodTheorists - now you know! Not named after any docs, I’m afraid, even though your pun was okay, I suppose.
Aliendog 14 giorni fa
I've never drank water from a ready water bottle XD
David Rahd
David Rahd 14 giorni fa
water sux, I drink only Gatorade.
Penniless Panda
Penniless Panda 14 giorni fa
I live in Texas so no I can’t trust my water
December Sfy
December Sfy 14 giorni fa
Alkaline water legit does nothing different cuz once it goes through your system it's no longer alkaline.
Lobsterparty 15 giorni fa
The thumbnail be like: DO NOT DRINK That one guy on tik tok: 👈🏿✋🏿👉🏿
Archina 15 giorni fa
One thing I'd like to see is a study as to whether bottled water is actually healthier than tap water (Stuff like mineral content, pollutants, microplastic content, etc.) Though I feel like the study would be hard to perform due to both bottled water factories and residential water systems having varying levels of quality.
Shane Parks
Shane Parks 16 giorni fa
I can't stand his voice
The Saints of Gold
The Saints of Gold 16 giorni fa
You may not be ready.....
Madison Korn
Madison Korn 16 giorni fa
My old friends used to bully me saying “she’s so basic you could throw her in a vat of acid and the pH would balance out”
Eksa Stelmere
Eksa Stelmere 16 giorni fa
I remember when I was younger and more athletic and still never drank eight ounces of water. I feel vindicated for not drinking unless I'm thirsty.
Anna Yako
Anna Yako 16 giorni fa
I don't pay attention to how pure it is I just like the way certain water tastes
time. 16 giorni fa
3:26 cool youtuber
aldan he
aldan he 16 giorni fa
pH is high school chemistry? I lernt it in primary 6 (in Hong Kong) is education slower in U.S.A?
Rick 16 giorni fa
Ooh learnt that i have gurd apparently 😂 never knew that word. The more you know😂
OCD - Gaming And Tutorials
PureHyper 17 giorni fa
Please don't say "oh my G", saying his name as a reaction to something is taking his name in vain. Please respect my beliefs, and say gosh instead. And think if what your saying is wrong or not, just because it happens a lot doesn't make to ok.
Alex's Adventures123
UwU 18 giorni fa
So are you telling me, that drinking water... is bad for me?
TheAdvertisement 18 giorni fa
As a hydrohomie, I approve of this video.
Kyriaki Lago
Kyriaki Lago 18 giorni fa
Mat pat in my country we only have bottled water
The Jakester
The Jakester 19 giorni fa
I’d like to get some of that alkaline “fountain of youth” water, but I’m broke
Smiling spork
Smiling spork 19 giorni fa
I learned ph in elementary school?!
Alexander Levy
Alexander Levy 19 giorni fa
He kept saying Gatorade is basic, and that koolaid is alkaline like Gatorade but with less sugar.. but both of them are very strongly acidic, not a base. Kinda defeats the point of all this explaining he's doing right now about this basic drink being good for athletes.
Marty 19 giorni fa
Me and my family was on summer vacation and the place that we were staying at had its own water dispenser and I think it was broken so half of out family had food poisoning and we knew it was the water since my sister found that the water was a bit foggy and ever since then whenever we go anywhere we ask for bottled water.
Marty 19 giorni fa
Did I say anything wrong I'm bad at english
shadpadilla 19 giorni fa
Pee is high Ph...
Ariee Potter
Ariee Potter 19 giorni fa
I didn’t even know alkaline water had so many supposedly good things to it I only drink it cause I think it tastes better since I don’t like water otherwise…
emily stalk
emily stalk 20 giorni fa
Eviscerated 20 giorni fa
Fun fact. the water coming out of my tap is yellow, for about 10 seconds. sometimes brown, if I go a week without using the faucet. I inquired to my city health department and they said it's probably just rust from old pipes, and since my apartment is very old and owned by a state entity, it doesn't have to be fixed. Just let the faucet run for 60 seconds before drinking from it, and it will be fine. THAT'S why I drink bottled water at the moment.
Eviscerated 20 giorni fa
Water. the most addictive substance on the planet.
Phillip 20 giorni fa
Thank you doctor erma.
Willby64 20 giorni fa
Just_Simon 20 giorni fa
Well then its good im a tap guy and have never bought a bottle of water ever
HenwyBOMB 20 giorni fa
I like tap more than bottled
baked beans
baked beans 21 giorno fa
So that's why people keep ordering TWENTY JUGS OF MF ALKALINE WATER.
El Coqui
El Coqui 21 giorno fa
Just as the world was coming up with ingenious solutions to the water crisis. Microplastics: Allow us to introduce ourselves. 🥤 PFA's: Try getting rid of us. 🧪
Josiah Bahuaud
Josiah Bahuaud 21 giorno fa
*laughs in indigenous*. No. I can’t. 🤣
Matthew Talbot-Paine
If you want to reduce your chances of getting cancer the 2 best things you can do is lose weight and quit smoking. Obviously don't lose weight if you are at a healthy or unhealthily low weight as while that will reduce your chances of cancer you'll also have several other issues.
Matthew Talbot-Paine
Oh no my potassium levels are low, takes 1 small pill. Oh now they are fine. If you are low on calcium are you like lactose intolerant or something? Cheese is delicious and full of calcium
joel cartagena
joel cartagena 22 giorni fa
About to go to the next city over and start getting on tap water
Colorz Paintz
Colorz Paintz 22 giorni fa
All I learned from this video is that Matt pat is the king of 'I don't care have some scientific facts'
evangelina ramos
evangelina ramos 22 giorni fa
The “Erma Gerd” joke is top tier🤌🏼
Kylee Shellenberger
Kylee Shellenberger 22 giorni fa
RKB Kirin
RKB Kirin 22 giorni fa
"Instead of that putrid spigot juice that I've been choking down" Okay, that line really made me laugh. Great writing :)
BearJoyner00 23 giorni fa
GERD. The medical condition that brought you the iconic voices of David Draiman and CorpseHusband.
Sean Mcelroy
Sean Mcelroy 23 giorni fa
So you want to die ok
Katherine Wood
Katherine Wood 23 giorni fa
I don't if this is mentioned in the video, but to those who are afab with the parts still who read this, make sure not to use scented products or a large majority of soap, or soap at all, on your bits. Around is fine, just not directly on. Stay safe! Don't mess up your pH balance unless you want an infection!
Jennifer Ladd
Jennifer Ladd 23 giorni fa
Alkaline water is a waste of money is useless because your stomach has a pH of two
Caleb 23 giorni fa
hah bio is easy
Armaan Miah
Armaan Miah 23 giorni fa
ChristopherGTS 23 giorni fa
waterboy is a great movie
StawBury 23 giorni fa
Mattpat I hope you see this but what you said about the benefits of milk for bones at 9:55 is wrong. Adam Ruins Everything already did a whole video debunking this misconception. If anything milk does the opposite to bones. 😕 @FoodTheory
O K 23 giorni fa
One of the best Matpat intros of all time
Tide Detergent
Tide Detergent 23 giorni fa
I mean, I would bleach my ears as well if I was in situation as those girls
Sonofawil 24 giorni fa
So just stir a little slaked lime into your water. That’ll raise the pH and add calcium. Just make sure you get the dose right and don’t get any on your skin.
Emil Müller
Emil Müller 24 giorni fa
Gerd is a pretty normal German male frist name for everyone who is now over 35
JEFF SAMPSON 24 giorni fa
Kristian Ivan Ruinata
Is nawasa good?
JEFF SAMPSON 24 giorni fa
Chris Roxby
Chris Roxby 24 giorni fa
So far, it looks like Noom is only for those that want to lose weight. I'm one of the nerds that can't put any weight on.
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 24 giorni fa
Could you do a video on detox, and whether or not it’s a loaded concept?
wessideJoshh 24 giorni fa
Honestly. Idc what’s in my water at this point how am I gonna find any myself I don’t live anywhere near natural mountains. At this point if I stress over what’s in my water I’m gonna mentally ware myself out like there isn’t a million deadly things out there already
Sayori 25 giorni fa
Me watching this while drinking water that came from my fridge water dispenser hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Marble Cakes :P
Marble Cakes :P 25 giorni fa
Nothing like a good word doc for dinner
PeterHolmes 74
PeterHolmes 74 25 giorni fa
Funfact. Since my name is PeterHolmes74, it can be abridged in PH74. That mean my name is probably the most basic out there.
David. Vox Populi
David. Vox Populi 25 giorni fa
It's magnesium that makes your bones stronger. It was never calcium, it's a myth.
Catspaw Creates
Catspaw Creates 25 giorni fa
Dr. Oz's Grinch face... oh that made me snort!
Woof 25 giorni fa
Sooo tap water isnt that safe?
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