Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

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Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro breaks down the various ways we communicate non-verbally. What does it mean when we fold our arms? Why do we interlace our fingers? Can a poker player actually hide their body language?

Check out Joe's book "The Dictionary of Body Language"
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Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED


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21 mag 2019

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Commenti 17 714
Tintswalo Shiburi
Tintswalo Shiburi 59 minuti fa
Imagine him as a teacher...
J A Ora fa
In at 3:10 Flower Power.
J Oakley
J Oakley Ora fa
He's just trying to sell his book
sirhana Ora fa
his pose if about sick spine, pain in butt and legs.
Sebastian Leonard Dima
I read his book years ago!!! Such an awesome book!
HowYesNo 2 ore fa
What a joke! In East Europe (and probably in every other part of the World) everybody hold flowers up!
Now what the hell do I put here? I ship frerard
Me: _takes a step with the left foot first_ FBI: THIS GUY'S A RUSSIAN SPY
Kike Bautista
Kike Bautista 2 ore fa
In my country you kiss in both cheeks when meeting someone. You cant get more close to a stranger in a first meeting lol.
Bryant Vick
Bryant Vick 3 ore fa
Me: sips tea with pinky out Him: he’s a British spy, where did you hide the bomb
Bryant Vick
Bryant Vick 3 ore fa
Secret service is cooler
DoeEyedFaun 3 ore fa
Some people are just nervous by nature. I have a hard time looking anyone in the eye while talking to them. That doesn’t mean I’m a spy it means I’m uncomfortable.
MrKhronics 4 ore fa
Virasman 5 ore fa
Do more!
Carlos Mejia
Carlos Mejia 5 ore fa
🔊 Thanks... I'm applying this right away on my wife...
Amir H
Amir H 5 ore fa
That scene in inglorious basterds when you order booze with the wrong three fingers....
Wow, I have sleep apnea. I rarely get enough sleep as I should. I hope this guy never has to question me. LOL
Radford Healsworth
Chickens clucking
Radford Healsworth
Humans are lowsy at detecting deception eh!🧐
They carry flowers like that in Holland and they're not spies...not all of them.
Aaron Lowe
Aaron Lowe 8 ore fa
You don't need to be taught this stuff. It's common sense. I guess the only thing that isn't common sense is how to verbalise what you see in an objective way that other people can understand.
bxt.ch_ 8 ore fa
*I'm loving these comments*
Itija Gorelick
Me: *sneezes* FBI: "AHA! You killed Richard the florist!"
Grand Ace
Grand Ace 8 ore fa
Me: born black Him: Yup, he’s up to something
bxt.ch_ 8 ore fa
Armin Prnjavorac
George Carlin: Government doesn´t kill people, they "neutralize" them
Mr. Caligos
Mr. Caligos 9 ore fa
Body language aint real. Just a propaganda for labile slaves.
Alex Fraser
Alex Fraser 9 ore fa
Bogus lies... If we are lousy at deception how the F!! Does this man have a job LMAO
Mahzabin Naruse
He said we, humans, are lousy at detecting deception not lousy at deception.
Tzar Boris III
Tzar Boris III 10 ore fa
Me: takes a step Him: you’re going through a divorce and she gets the kids
blossom 10 ore fa
“Crossing your arms is like a self hug” Me: *cries in lonely while crossing my arms*
Landon Thomas
Landon Thomas 10 ore fa
Similitudes. I love that new word I've never heard before.
Bart Peters
Bart Peters 10 ore fa
He’s lying.
Alex Lim
Alex Lim 10 ore fa
So flowers guy, probably dead now? Lol
MyessYallyah Americus
there is no way that i can survive if they don't pay me the money they owe me
Asperger Peddler
A European Guy
A European Guy 10 ore fa
tips to avoid getting caught by fbi .*mp4*
TinkDayzeepetal 10 ore fa
Jeff V
Jeff V 10 ore fa
Crossing your arms is a defensive posture during an interrogation when someone is feeling the pressure. Some people cross their arms to be comfortable. I look for changes during an interrogation outside the norm of their normal behavior. I've seen people turn their whole body in the chair when I make a soft accusation, then I know they're breaking. One woman started smiling all of a sudden, one guy sat up and put his shoulders back trying to look confident. They like to drink water, or yawn/cough to give themselves a moment to make something up. Also looking up to the left or right doesn't mean anything, everyone is different.
Jeff V
Jeff V 10 ore fa
Everyone who watched this, now thinks they're an expert.
selective outrage
Nice to know that Keanu Reeves isn't lying in interviews. He always touches his mouth and chin. If it means self soothing, he is probably nervous
Daniel Cortez
Daniel Cortez 11 ore fa
selective outrage whats the difference between fbi agent and a cia agent?
Ντέρεκ Uzel
Me: forgot to tip FBI: Russian targeted
kalbs89 12 ore fa
Learned this as 35 mike
malvarez1991 13 ore fa
what if you got weird body ticks and twitches tho and a voice in your head that occasionally takes over your body?
balakumar9 13 ore fa
Are they paid actors??
Noodle 14 ore fa
*now I have an idea on how to give off the wrong signs*
Martin Tramil
Martin Tramil 14 ore fa
One thing I noticed: Zero black males in this video....hhmm I wonder what that "says" Mr. FBI man, just saying.
Hannah 14 ore fa
women with botox be like: he he he i have a poker body
Crystal Dream Animates
Tbh some times reading body language is like wrong. Like I was taught the sit with my legs crossed and one time while i was sitting in the car I felt clam and ya know, normal. But them my mom was like "why are you mad". I wasnt mad and like hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Wolfs Edg3
Wolfs Edg3 15 ore fa
Very lengthy conversations... He had trouble speaking after we removed his tongue and his half of his fingers but eventually we found out what we wanted to know.
Apples. that is all
FBI agent: *spends years learning how to catch spies by the way they hold flowers* FBI Agent afterwards: *is poker mastermind*
Aniyah L.
Aniyah L. 15 ore fa
everybody on here making a mockery out of what hes saying, but not realizing that hes saying the truth
M Kupcha
M Kupcha 15 ore fa
I move in a lot of weird ways and now I feel like I'm gonna get arrested
T Mia
T Mia 15 ore fa
Long story short...DON'T DO BAD THINGS...AND LAWYER UP!
Keith Brandson
Keith Brandson 15 ore fa
"You're with the FBI?"Yes."Then I know everything you say is a lie." The FBI and the CIA are the biggest enemies of the American people on the planet. Pure evil run by the antichrist and his system.
Encoder Fashion
Encoder Fashion 16 ore fa
Thanks that’s very interesting information👌💕
David W HENRY 16 ore fa
Dan Danieks
Dan Danieks 16 ore fa
He was nervous during His presentation with his gestures
Rodrick Wimberly
Plot twist: The camera man was studying the agents body language
Dan R
Dan R 17 ore fa
I bought flowers 2weeks ago and carried them out upside down 😬
Paco Hantos
Paco Hantos 17 ore fa
If WE are using fair technology and technical wonderworks to further us and the world in and around our room called earth, then No one must or has to lie!
BP Lup
BP Lup 17 ore fa
Me shifting in my seat Him: "Obviously you regret most of your life decisions, wish you hadn't given up on your high school girl friend and pursued higher goals. Now you're too insecure to commit to any kind of serious emotional relationship. Also you're a Mossad agent."
Carina Lastname
Carina Lastname 18 ore fa
Did anybody else do all the movements when he mentioned them?
LSU615 18 ore fa
What does it mean when my wife gives me the bird and punches me in the face?
Addik Otter
Addik Otter 18 ore fa
This is why i have a "autistic adult"warning on my car, i don't want to be shot for not doing something i didn't know i was supposed to be doing
Master of the Universe
So many ads. I won't come back.
Angela F.
Angela F. 9 ore fa
Buy ITvid premium, no ads ever 😊
Satanlovesmilkk 18 ore fa
Me: *has ADHD* Him: this man is very suspicious
Mr. Caligos
Mr. Caligos 9 ore fa
ADHD doesn't exist nor anything written in psychology
Master of the Universe
So no one is going analyze him.
Thea Atanasova
Thea Atanasova 20 ore fa
He is right about the flowers. We carry them that way in Eastern Europe to preserve them.
The I
The I 21 ora fa
This is fake.
pr0xZen 22 ore fa
Never underestimate regional or national culture aspects. Although, to to start realizing what they are, you need to expose yourself to other cultures. Until you experience and observe the differences, things are "just a thing you do".
that general guy from full metal jacket
Bill A
Bill A 22 ore fa
It's also amusing when someone attempts to use reverse psychology and you are there to tell them everything, and they think they were successful. Can you tell when someone uses reverse psychology?
Bill A
Bill A 23 ore fa
Loss prevention people are very obvious.
Bill A
Bill A 23 ore fa
Level, stature, ranking and position can make all the difference in how one reacts toward someone.
Kabyashree Pathak
I feel so dumb. Sigh
cam carlson
cam carlson 23 ore fa
joe: when we like things, we move our hands forward. when we don’t like things, we move them back me: well that explains why my hands are always back in school
The Hat-er Bros
The Hat-er Bros 23 ore fa
Imagine for aa living watching how people move there thumbs
Bill A
Bill A 23 ore fa
Much of this is not gospel. I had a pathological liar whom I did not believe, and he once proved me wrong.
The Hat-er Bros
The Hat-er Bros 23 ore fa
Me : Calls a friend Fbi agent : AHA so when you exchanging your drugs
Linda Lacombe
Linda Lacombe 23 ore fa
This was a very interesting video and I enjoyed it a lot. I’m going to investigate further into none verbal communication.
Sebastian Brinkmann
Wow, so progressive that there was not a single white male. I wonder (((who))) shot this video.
Tay Kim Yang
Tay Kim Yang 23 ore fa
When it's my turn to do the dishes 5:10
Gary Coolboobs
Gary Coolboobs Giorno fa
What if I always touch my face when I talk to people?
MakeupMaven89 Giorno fa
He pointed out the mannerisms during the poker game, but didn't tell us what they conveyed in terms of the game. When do I raise and when do I fold?!!?!?
VladoTraceur Giorno fa
I like how he sits with his legs crossed below the chair and is holding his fingers, and in other cut he is in starting position, so he is not very comfortable to sit there, and he would like to get away
Štefan Hnát
Štefan Hnát Giorno fa
I would love to have a longer version of this video. More cases and examples more of the man perspective. It really makes me feel better about understanding my own nature of expressions and others as well. Really would love to see more. Do you guys know about anything of similar quality?
Bill Nelson
Bill Nelson Giorno fa
Wow, all of the functions he speaks of certainly sound like CIA functions. What happened to the wall of China?
MrSerendipity01 Giorno fa
This guy would need to give his assessment of Kate and Gerry McCann.
Garrett Wilson
Garrett Wilson Giorno fa
If you have very lengthy conversations with anyone they will eventually say what you want to hear, whether it's fatigue, annoyance whatever. Lengthy conversations are not for good confessions
Joseph Marino
Joseph Marino Giorno fa
The FBI is watching me through ITvid or God bless them😉😉
Xander Guldie
Xander Guldie Giorno fa
3:30: I have a very hard time believing they caught a spy with that. I also carry them like that because I happen to know its better for the flowers. So it's either luck or they had other methods to persuade him to confess.
blacksheep7198 Giorno fa
Oh, he has a book to sale....
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith Giorno fa
All designed to put pressure on people to make it easier for them to put you in a state of fear.
captain5104 Giorno fa
Yet, woman would carry flowers upright to admire their beauty and fragrance.
Ross G
Ross G Giorno fa
This is not a hard science. This fellow speaks as though he is explaining chemistry. For the most part it is largely nonsense. Folk psychology at best.
Giorno fa
The meme is dead now. Stop trying to be funny
Blazing Rose
Blazing Rose Giorno fa
I've never understood why people need body language tutorials. It's so raw and instinctive that we should all master it naturally--both reading others and being aware of our own.
O01X Giorno fa
Bullsht XD
Perky Pinky
Perky Pinky Giorno fa
Just have to say there's not specific way us Europeans hold flowers surprisingly 😂👌
D F Giorno fa
we have 13 big anatomical joints - and much more gestures. So one gesture can mean many things ; ))
Patricia Nield
Patricia Nield Giorno fa
I wonder what is brown shoes with a grey suit says about him :)
BlackJaGuar Giorno fa
Me: scratching my butt FBI Agent: i needs to know all the informations about that man
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