Formula one constructors winners rankings 1950-2019

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Formula one constructors winners rankings 1950-2019
The 2014 Canadian GP winner is Daniel Joseph Ricciardo. Sorry😥
The 2008 italyGP is toro rosso
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Alfa Romeo
Kurtis Kraft
Toro Rosso
Red Bull
Lotus F1 Team

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Commenti 100
davidmurray1dm 16 ore fa
It's quite clear that the British make best cars.
Dan 2 giorni fa
How about the same video but in constructor championship wins?
Jsis Uajw
Jsis Uajw 2 giorni fa
I thought red bull is was from thai
Ricardo Decend
Ricardo Decend 2 giorni fa
Totally annoying background music!
Stratowind 3 giorni fa
To think Alfa Romeo and Ferrari are battling each other after so many decades! Only at the wrong end of the grid.
Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel 3 giorni fa
We are the best.fuck you mercedes,you are nothing
Carl Marcus
Carl Marcus 4 giorni fa
I never watch F1 or know F1 too much But I usually thought mercedes has more lol
NiebloGamer 6 giorni fa
Maldonado The legend.
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 9 giorni fa
Mercedes's total peak started from 2014. 2014 also the REAL BIG peak for LoveLive Sunshine.
Greg Neighbors
Greg Neighbors 13 giorni fa
Insane to think that Rosberg was the first to get Mercedes a win in like 30 years
Uno Hindjou
Uno Hindjou 13 giorni fa
Every f1 fan: no one's gonna break Schumacher's wins record Hamilton: hold my beer
Stefano Martinelli
Stefano Martinelli 14 giorni fa
Ferrari stop at 238.
I don't get why lotus left the competition
Егор Цыба
Егор Цыба 15 giorni fa
Any competitions on F1: *exists* Michael Schumacher in 2000 - 2012: Competition? What is that? Lewis Hamilton since 2014: Competition? Only with Rosberg and Bottas
CT-8712 15 giorni fa
Wow, there you can see how underrated Rosberg was.
Alejandro Argacha
Alejandro Argacha 15 giorni fa
No acompaña el câmbio de motores
Marcello Piacentini
Marcello Piacentini 23 giorni fa
Vettel win with toro rosso no alphatauri
Gustavo França
Gustavo França 22 giorni fa
The same team
Paul Fennelly
Paul Fennelly 25 giorni fa
Aww Jordan ❤️
Lorenz Paulinho
Lorenz Paulinho 26 giorni fa
None says that Alfa Romeo, that raced only in 1950 and 1951, has stayed in top ten for 43 years.
Artur Filleul
Artur Filleul 27 giorni fa
Maybe if 2008 had the Marina bay circuit Massa could be champion ;(
Erick Burkle
Erick Burkle 28 giorni fa
it's wrong because the Brawn GP and the current Mercedes actually and the Tyrrell, has nothing to do with the Mercedes of the past
Edgar Niño
Edgar Niño 28 giorni fa
El rojo, el color de la pasión de la velocidad
Bruno Almeida
Bruno Almeida 29 giorni fa
Eu parei de avançar o vídeo quando vi o Senna rs...
Ohio gus 57
Ohio gus 57 Mese fa
benamara youcef
I remember Williams Renault 😢😢... lotus
Gil Reed
Gil Reed Mese fa
Ferrari..is.the.best.....thats.it .
Haroldo Avellar
17:22 It really seems Mercedes is going nowhere since its comeback to F1... oh wait
Elia Allegri
Elia Allegri Mese fa
Call me when someone will come as close to ferrari as mclaren/lotus back in the days ;)
sport lab
sport lab Mese fa
Helder Graça
Some errors in the video: 81 wins of Lotus, not 79! There are 2 in the 2000's which were no counted... There are some GP's who had no winning driver! Why?!
StreamC Noremorse
In 2011 RB Renault was more Renault than factory team itself.
SpeedLust Mese fa
Mercedes it there at the end only because of Hamilton
Giorgio Rizzato
Schumacher Number One
Skyhill53 Mese fa
1988 is amazing
Jay Hom
Jay Hom Mese fa
That choice for Mark Webber's photo...lol.
sport lab
sport lab Mese fa
Mark SJ
Mark SJ Mese fa
Not true no one has 100 wins
Nicola Dal Corso
1000 GPs, 238 wins... not bad Ferrari.
Neos59934 Mese fa
McClaren Honda with ayrton was an monstrous combination...
EquestrianGirl Y
Well, he won his last 5 races with McLaren powered by a Cosworth (Ford) V8. Had Honda stayed in F1 after 1992 and developed a new V10 engine (the V12 was too heavy) Senna probably would have stayed with McLaren and never went to Williams...
Sebastian Daunno
In 2015 seb was the only driver who won,instead of the merc's
Nicholas nklsn
I like this song 00:10
Joao Gomes
Joao Gomes Mese fa
Where was the european gp?
Alwan Tamalus
The best Era of Formula 1 was when MacClaren-Mercedes, Williams-Renault and Ferrari were fighting for the title.
Andy Mese fa
I know I should know what song that is.. What is it?
sport lab
sport lab Mese fa
Song name is RUN
Mert Asalet Karaagac
Schumi is a F1 Legend
Dev Patel
Dev Patel Mese fa
Get in there Lewis
Gökhan Mese fa
i love how 2013 goes after belgium 17:56
Sebastian Neil Basister
2003 Kimi:Hey Wazzup
Squirrely Bird
I think Mercedes' goal is to chase down Ferrari.. Someone at their water cooler must have said "Nobody will ever catch them" and Mercedes said "Oh Yea?"
Robby Maria
Robby Maria Giorno fa
@EquestrianGirl Y Mercedes is not the best ever F1 team. The thing that they did was simply entering F1 when they were able to win. Keeping money for years to invest all in a few season. Ferrari has nearly won the Championship in 40 of the 70 seasons, but won only 16. This is a great team. Ferrari will always be the best team, because inherited the passion from a great man like Enzo Ferrari
Danilo Vilas Boas
Danilo Vilas Boas 6 giorni fa
Making to #1 place is easier than keeping it. Rules changes times to times, you have to adapt to it or go home. Ferrari (3x), McLaren (2x), Willians (2x), Renault, Red Bull, all of them had undisputed domination and then fell off due to rules changing. Don't think Mercedes will be there forever.
Giulio 29 giorni fa
@EquestrianGirl Y Rules never were the same. Let's compare apples with apples.
EquestrianGirl Y
Considering that Mercedes has only competed in F1 as a team 13 seasons while Ferrari has competed in F1 for 71 seasons I'd say Mercedes is the best team ever in the history of F1. Seriously, nobody has ever won 7 straight constructors' and drivers' titles. And the competition is much tougher today.
rahul kurup
rahul kurup Mese fa
mercedes: activate scenario 7
Alex Bi
Alex Bi Mese fa
16:08 Alpha Tauri didn't exist in 2008
@Alex Bi no no its not redbull its torro rosso or a team which start with m not redbull my friend
Alex Bi
Alex Bi Mese fa
@sport lab Ok dude it was just a small mistake. It was Red Bull of course 😊
sport lab
sport lab Mese fa
裴雪華 Mese fa
Kimi 14:41
red Mese fa
So merc still need another 130+ wins to be pair with ferrari.. 6 years to go baby... Win every races from now on.. Or you will still a junior even from McLaren
Nameless' '
Nameless' ' Mese fa
Williams passes Mercedes lol
Stonks are ugly English
Alfa never got a 11th win lol
LoLster Mese fa
I want the bane for the 2nd music
oof o
oof o Mese fa
17:24 the last time williams moved
Matthew Gunawan
listen to 0:30 and then straight to 19:33 bruhh XD
Ge Vi
Ge Vi Mese fa
that music is just "stupid"
BeH Mese fa
11:10 that sad day...
MilBras Mese fa
Alonso in a McLaren racing suit, the only team for which he never won a race. Same with Massa who appears in a Williams suit.
Hisham Yassar
Minardi too
Mattias Mese fa
Milan Perera
Milan Perera Mese fa
In the beginning there was Alfa romeo and in the end there's.... Still Alfa romeo......
oreogamez Mese fa
The amouth of wins Mercedes made with Lewis, Rosberg and Bottas is just a joke
frombrum Mese fa
excellent - so many names and teams i had forgotten can you do it as a percentage of races entered to show relative success?
Manu Korhonen
This could be re-made with 2 additional versions, which also are as much correct as this one. Few of the top teams have always been known with their names that still exixt, yet some teams have changed names quite a few times, and become something else. I think 3 different teams have raced under Lotus name and current Renault team has nothing to do with the late-70's Renault, and the history of current mercedes is something else than what 50's mercedes was... It is very interesting stuff and can sometimes be quite confusing.
Rey Mysterio Gaming und Compilations
Williams has more wins than Mercedes
Hpesoj Ogladih
cool lotus and ferrari
LoStSky_Lory Mese fa
Sad to see Ferrari in its current situation
Jasper Daschot
18:20 when Ferrari could still battle with mercedes😂
Juan Pablo Hernandez Sierra
Los 4 equipos con más victoria 1 Ferrari arrastrandose por el suelo 2 Maclaren que desde el 2015 a 2018 fue una mierda en 2019 el mejor del resto con un podio en 2020 a tenido podio pero mejores resultados pero aún no ganan una carrera desde ase mucho 3 Mercedes el poderosísimo Mercedes imbatible 4 Williams que en 2017 ya no funcionaban igual pero isieron un podio y buenos resultados en 2018 comenzó a bajar bajar y en 2019 ellos parecían un f2 y en 2020 an mejorado
rAndy 883
rAndy 883 Mese fa
You missed the first 3 Daniel Ricciardo's wins 😂
Charles Damery
Quite amazing when you at the wins that way.
Der_Netherer Mese fa
2003 Malaysia is the oldest win of a driver who drive at the moment (kimi)
GmJ Mese fa
press f to lotus
Lunnaris01 Mese fa
Benetton single handedly carried in there by Schumacher :D
EquestrianGirl Y
Yes, and Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne and Flavio Briatore. Two of these followed Schumacher to Ferrari. I wonder if you know which ones? So what was this "single handedly" you mention?
Lunnaris01 Mese fa
When Ford was with 4 of the top 5 teams, but they all had names without ford in it :D funny
darwinism18 Mese fa
All but Ferrari are made in Egland. Mercedes is German and Red Bull is Austrian only in name and flag. The first is made in Brackley, the second in Milton Keynes.
Leg Humper
Leg Humper Mese fa
Hows that relevant, they are made in england but are not designed by british designers, its a mixture of guys just like every single team
DANILO Mese fa
botas, vetel and Hamilton isn't good Picture.
Schink Mese fa
Germany is getting on top. AGAIN
darwinism18 Mese fa
Yes, Mercedes is made in Brackley, England.
zivki GG
zivki GG Mese fa
R.i.p senna
Tim Roith
Tim Roith Mese fa
Dayum Alpha is really good :D 69 Years without a win haha
Lukas Wedde
Lukas Wedde Mese fa
bring back Lotus :(
El tío Peluca
Al pasó qué va Mercedes-Benz 100% seguro se queda 3° con más victorias. 💪
Mati Porto
Mati Porto Mese fa
Berger won the japan gp in 1990
euler Mese fa
2:59 The history of Honda F1 started here
Luka Jakimovski
Brawn Gp is technically Mercedes
Ahmed Enes GEDİZ
MISTAKE!!! Look at 17:39 2012 Abu DhabiGP winner was Kimi Räikkönen and Lotus but not counted as Lotus victory on chart.
Ahmed Enes GEDİZ
Ahmed Enes GEDİZ 6 giorni fa
@Dr KG All okay, I know already. But Williams Renault and Williams BMW on same statistics?
Dr KG 10 giorni fa
It was not Lotus-Honda of the old. The Lotus Kimi won in had nothing to do with Lotus of Colin Chapman. When Kimi won in 2012, it was Lotus-Renault.
rutherix Mese fa
2017 could've been vettels year but coz of some issues and verstappen and ricciardo always barging in when Hamilton had no chance is kinda unfair but still vettels was a vetteran in 2013 and before Mercedes entered the show
Ferit Çınar
First background music ?
sport lab
sport lab Mese fa
@Ferit Çınar itvid.net/u-audiolibrarymusic?ar=1599037070034&nv=1
Ferit Çınar
@sport lab couldnt find :/
sport lab
sport lab Mese fa
song name is RUN
Arnaldo Alegría
It's incredible what Mercedes and Red Bull had accomplished in 10 years
Senna has left the game :(
HosokiKazuko Mese fa
2014~ ??????
RF_GAMER Mese fa
Leonardo García
16:08 (2008 - Vettel in Alpha Tauri) lol
2222 333333
2222 333333 Mese fa
Kuzma is a great company, named by American narrator with russian roots Vasiliy Sakr. Also called "schwien" or "kuzma - svinya ebanaya, uoo, suka".
maêstro : /
maêstro : / Mese fa
F1: exist* Renault:we are a good team, but not enough. Williams:i do what the fu*k i want, if i want to loose i will loose. Mercedes:i'm gonna end this whole man's career. Redbull:redbull give you wings Ferrari:cry in a angle*
Korea... 16:54
ᴅᴀᴡɢ ઽᴇɴᴘᴀɪ
Just a question. Are both Michael Schumacher & David Coulthard considered as 2 of the greatest?
Leg Humper
Leg Humper Mese fa
Schumacher IS considered the best lol, if not who can challenge him
jawad ahmad
jawad ahmad 2 mesi fa
Lewis Wins because worthless Competitors( Drivers).
Pedro Vila cecilia
Esta mal echo
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