Fortnite - Season 7 Trailer

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Takes to the slopes and skies in Season 7. A mysterious iceberg has smashed into the island, bringing new frosty locations and gameplay, including a new flying vehicle: the Stormwing. Jump in now and start playing.
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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6 dic 2018

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Commenti 13 516
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 44 minuti fa
Does anybody saw the pick axe in the chimney
Deuce Hitemup
Who else loves the laugh at the end ?
Eka Rajulati // Eka
Santa Take Over
Vlogger 23
Vlogger 23 4 ore fa
Sausscery 4 ore fa
too cute
Tattier Verbose456
Kevin is in the trailer. Can you guess where?
irmãos MLCS
irmãos MLCS 7 ore fa
0:10 cube? ¿? ¿?
TheProGamer 107
TheProGamer 107 10 ore fa
0:10 Santa Claus horror laugh lol
Benjamin Hernandez
godd work
pankitty709 ,
pankitty709 , 11 ore fa
Should’ve done an advent calendar
Canton Brown
Canton Brown 13 ore fa
Anyone like season 7?
Michael Kozák
Michael Kozák 13 ore fa
هادي plays
هادي plays 16 ore fa
WombatYoshi 16 ore fa
0:29 when he places the food and drinks the music gives me nostalgic chills
jook jook
jook jook 16 ore fa
Guys can someone explain the storyline for season 7 pls I'd really appreciate it
Cahangir Huseynzade
Howewer one time defaults ll be skins😢😢
Yologuyleet 2
Yologuyleet 2 20 ore fa
Tbh this is ome of my favorite fortnite season trailer
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson 22 ore fa
There was a weird laugh at the end
Aaron Rubini
Aaron Rubini 22 ore fa
How did we not notice the sword the Sargent Winter is holding
John Paz
John Paz Giorno fa
Santa has the infinity blade at 1:03
miguel hernandez
losiento medisculpo por de sir eso sorry lovvvvvvvvvvvvvve
miguel hernandez
coman mierda
miguel hernandez
epic games ya me canse mira ustedes en el pase el queteganas no tenemos esquins y somos unos estupidos nups son ustedes es gonoreas
NimbleChips Giorno fa
Kevin is back
ParraZition Giorno fa
there basically saying better watch out to rare skins
Hyper Giorno fa
InsanityYouTube Giorno fa
Red nosed raider? 🤔🔥
Jomi O
Jomi O Giorno fa
1:04 christmas plane ?
I want back the sword I cant play fortnite. Please comment me why you took it out. I am so sad.😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😫😫😫😫😫😫😞😞😞😞😞
DARK DUELIST 17 ore fa
Yeah but think to get this powerful sword you have to kill all the enemies around it. They are also trying to get it
Petar Nenkov
Petar Nenkov 19 ore fa
Yes it was ,it had almost no counters
DARK DUELIST 22 ore fa
No it wasnt
Petar Nenkov
Petar Nenkov Giorno fa
it was too op
Gold Gamer
Gold Gamer Giorno fa
Stop on 0:10 u will se kevin
Frozen Watermelons
It's 100% confirmed that the cube is coming back
Frozen Watermelons
Lol I'm a get ma ps4 gift card for christmas
Dani100Gamer Giorno fa
desbanearme hdp
Happy Toast
Happy Toast Giorno fa
Lol in the xmas tree have kevin the cube
Lopata SK
Lopata SK Giorno fa
Please remove the sword
goriko gameplay XX XX
Nice Epic games!:D
abu aayan
abu aayan Giorno fa
Launch fortnite on play store
Ray Kay
Ray Kay Giorno fa
StrikerXsarge27 Giorno fa
Fortnite should be a tv show
Klaus Roybal Archuleta
fugu99 - Gaming
fugu99 - Gaming 2 giorni fa
RIP Doggo
Jonathan Pernas
Jonathan Pernas 2 giorni fa
i know you know where that sword is from make another one of those games for us plez
BKGamez23 Games
BKGamez23 Games 2 giorni fa
Hey Fortnite help me im lagging in season 7
L.O. Fanboy 2018
L.O. Fanboy 2018 2 giorni fa
0:10 you can see the cube
Betsabe Nievas
Betsabe Nievas 2 giorni fa
GhostTitanGaming 2 giorni fa
I hate season 7 because of the dumb FPS drop on pc. Now I can't even play Anymore
+Shaun Maddison I got 50-70 FPS
Shaun Maddison
Shaun Maddison 2 giorni fa
mines fine what specs you got
Russell Elton
Russell Elton 2 giorni fa
The GloriousKing
The GloriousKing 2 giorni fa
a new trend
a new trend 2 giorni fa
most comments are cringe but this is pretty epic, epic games
Liamstevo Stephenson
Jodie Gladman
Jodie Gladman 2 giorni fa
This is the evil army, 👿 They have 1000 health, Let’s defeat them. 1 like = 1 damage 1 comment = 1 heal
KisiMC KisiMC
KisiMC KisiMC 2 giorni fa
This is amazing
Adam Mccartney
Adam Mccartney 2 giorni fa
yeah right blalalala Android user still waiting for game release
Phinehas Little
Phinehas Little 2 giorni fa
*So That's What that Sword Does*
Atorre717 2 giorni fa
Cube is coming back. When he threw the Christmas tree it was a cube present.
mikey gaming202
mikey gaming202 2 giorni fa
u konw the thanos sword we need more swords
João Victor
João Victor 2 giorni fa
vai toma no cu
gustavo resemde
gustavo resemde 2 giorni fa
0:10 Kevin the cube
Wekster's Geeky Stuff
That intro animation is soooo good :D
OJR 272
OJR 272 2 giorni fa
PLEASE VAULT THE SWORD IT IS SO OP Just played a match Me and my friend vs one infinity sword THE INFINITY SWORD WON so op Why in the world would you guys add something like that?
Hawp Media
Hawp Media 2 giorni fa
Put the sword in a winter ltm..... ruins fortnite! :(
Elite X Han
Elite X Han 2 giorni fa
The snow man at 1:00 look sick
Xeecute-order- 66
Xeecute-order- 66 2 giorni fa
Will they bring crackshot
BRAY ROBLOX 2 giorni fa
españoles :v
EvilDoggo505 3 giorni fa
0:03 On the very left, there is a small picture with Crackshot in front of the Durrr Burger when it appeared IRL all the way back in Season 4! Also, at 0:10, if you look closely at the presents falling under the tree, you can see one that resembles Kevin! Merry Christmas, Spirit Kev :>
Delano Lits gaming 29
Fortnite aka epic games u guys did a perfect job on the trailer
alynkiddxx 3 giorni fa
They’re going to add crackshot skin on 25 , at the beggining of the video it says “crackshot in santa’s pn hos way” sooo yup
Sniper Boys
Sniper Boys 3 giorni fa
GamingDivision 3 giorni fa
Buying the Season 7 Battle pass for someone who likes this & subs to me 💙🎁
Adna Ali
Adna Ali 3 giorni fa
DYH QSalt 3 giorni fa
Please give og crackshots like myself and og version of the skin like you did with skulltrooper if you do decide to bring it back to the shop
mana1460 mana1460
mana1460 mana1460 3 giorni fa
sup im a defult?
Lewys Cousins
Lewys Cousins 3 giorni fa
They removed the entire Infinity Blade trilogy from the app store and then added the actual Infinity Blade into Fortnite... WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!
Neko_cross_ sans7292
What happened to the runes? And the shadow cubes?
yeah ok
yeah ok 3 giorni fa
biting that cookie was a mistake
Brat Bart
Brat Bart 3 giorni fa
Season 7 and 6 trailer got 3 million views... They another seasons got so much... But why
Blanca Cruz
Blanca Cruz 3 giorni fa
I made gingerbreads and i made the merry maurader...
Meme Boi
Meme Boi 3 giorni fa
All the dislike because of the frame rate and the graphics lol
Cereal King
Cereal King 3 giorni fa
Candy axe 1:00 all the way to the left or right
Kidshotgun 3 giorni fa
1:04 Snowman Doing The Eagle XD
Gery Playz
Gery Playz 3 giorni fa
Fortnite where can i report problems becuz wen i launched the game my computer shut down im not trying to be negative but i want to play the game not my PC to shut down
Luka Lehmann
Luka Lehmann 3 giorni fa
My god... This is even worse than the Season 6 Trailer
Justin Koehler
Justin Koehler 3 giorni fa
0:59 craps his pants
Abir Bang
Abir Bang 3 giorni fa
Can someone tell me what this is about I do not understand it because the Santa is there and yeh planes come please respond and give me info??
Mohamed Alorgan
Mohamed Alorgan 3 giorni fa
please back the double pump
Jacob Jackson
Jacob Jackson 3 giorni fa
Leme gues the captain stole the sword from the ice king then the ice king will seek revenge
Trinical 3 giorni fa
0:10 Kevin present
pakigio13 3 giorni fa
Epic games fai cagare non sai fare giochi per bene
Aina Olalla
Aina Olalla 3 giorni fa
Hello fortnite is the best game of the world
AGuyWithGames 3 giorni fa
How did I miss the Infinity Blade of all things in this trailer? Made by the same company, no less?!
Shann Chua
Shann Chua 3 giorni fa
Sgt winter has the infinity blade
[TGF]Nexorous 3 giorni fa
Did u guys all see that Infinity Blade right there? 0:58
DJ YONDER 3 giorni fa
just ipul
just ipul 3 giorni fa
I need the refund tickets please 😣 my name is....just ipul
Savage Boy
Savage Boy 4 giorni fa
I hate e games he a b ch
Dat Orange Knight22
if u like fortnite sub to MEEEEEEE plz
XxSniperGodxX 05
XxSniperGodxX 05 4 giorni fa
Pause on 0:03 Crackshot is at the burger
TheGamingBee 4 giorni fa
All because mini crackshot ate santa's cookie...
William Paladines
William Paladines 4 giorni fa
Support My device pls epicgames Xiaomi A2 Lite
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