Fortnite Storyline For Dummies

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So, I wasted my last 4 days going through the entire storyline of Fortnite. The video was over an hour long. This is a shorten version covering the most important 101 things every player should know.

From the rocket event of 2018 to the rolling cubes of chapter 2 season 8 and everything in between.


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23 nov 2021




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Joel Turner
Joel Turner Mese fa
Jason mamoa literally is my mums fav 🤣🤣🤣 she even got his picture on the wall in her room 🤣🤣🤣
Wright Blan
Wright Blan Mese fa
@Joel Turner I guess she hasn’t read any of the Dune Books, eh. Oops, spoilers!
Joel Turner
Joel Turner Mese fa
Even tho*** not the Ben 🤦‍♂️😂😂
Joel Turner
Joel Turner Mese fa
Wright Blan nah she got sad when he died 🤣 the Ben tho it was a epic death
Joel Turner
Joel Turner Mese fa
tastyinksacs I related to a comment PlayStation Grenade made other than that I have no idea 🤷‍♂️😂
Wright Blan
Wright Blan Mese fa
You mum must’ve loved Dune.
It's crazy to think that things like the Loop, what the Zero Point really is, and Fortnite being "Reality Zero" weren't even known before Chapter 2. I'm excited to see what new mysteries are unveiled in Chapter 3!
Alex Gunderson
Me too
gaming watch
gaming watch Mese fa
@Short I don't think the ice and fire king are linked to the cube queen i think they we're just 2 inhabitants of a universe and that they ended up on the island and then trying to take control but both failed
Britney Roby
Britney Roby Mese fa
Chapter 2 season 7. Start of the trailer. Kaboom 💥💥💥💥
Microtjuh Mese fa
@Lucky Flame oh okay
Lucky Flame
Lucky Flame Mese fa
@Microtjuh I think they meant how exactly it works
a human
a human Mese fa
Theory: season 12 went on longer and longer because midas needed the storm to close directly on him and the agency so his device could push the storm back at the time of reset
natenate natenate
I dont really get how that would effect the length of the season it prob was just long
gunner Mese fa
No, it was delayed once because of issues and then again because of the BLM stuff that was happening
natenate natenate
horrible theory
Goth Moth
Goth Moth Mese fa
@a human actually that’s incorrect. Yes Covid was a thing before but the pandemic started around march which is closer to the end of chapter 2 season 2
a human
a human Mese fa
@Waddle dee yes when not looped according to my theory remember he was trying to get a good storm and he was using the weather station to predict the storm but IO saw this and when the event was delayed would be when the IO changed the storm until someone messed up and let midas get his perfect storm
victor Mese fa
I honestly hope they do something with all the side story stuff like the coral crustations going through evolution, the gnome and misfit war, I want nick furry with a helmet in a tank on my back
DedSec Mese fa
When the side stories are more interesting than the main one
I just realized that the reason Tony Stark was building things and keeping his memories throughout Season 4 is because his suit is self-contained. It’s kinda crazy how new lore can explain things that happened so long ago
Abstrex Mese fa
Wait, if airtight suits prevent the effects of the loop, doesn’t that mean that crossover characters like Master Chief know what’s going on?
@Typhoon Lex An "Odd One Out?" My favorite halo animation omg!!
LadyGhee Mese fa
Likely that means he remembers how he got there and he remembers why he's there and also how to speak
WorldCreator Mese fa
Sorry I was wrong only The Batman who laughs mentions the materials of his visor. The Foundation just has a very strong self contained suit.
Lazer The Best
Wait another theory, doesn’t that mean master chief revealed his face in Fortnite? Also what if the cyclo suit was Midas’ suit to get in the loop and only uses his memory in the loop and goes under that map for protection
Shadowmere Playz
No, it's a special type of device that they have in their suit
Nugzin Mese fa
Props to iron man for literally hacking the entire loop in a single season
Koka Studios
Koka Studios Mese fa
This is a great story video but there’s one part that I think might be wrong. I think the snap shots aren’t just created when you leave the loop but every time the loop ends. I think this because there is a snap shot of Jones in a cow suit hiding from the I.O. Because memories from each loop are forgot, he does not know what he is hiding from but because emotions do carry over between each loop. He know that he has to hid. If snap shots were only created when you left the loop, I.O wouldn’t still be looking for Jones. This would also explain why there are many snapshots of characters that have not left the loop yet. For example, meowscles has not left the loop but there is a shadow, ghost, and toon snapshot of him. So how are the snapshots different? I think that because there is a new snapshot of every character at the end of each loop, that some of the copy’s change their appearance during the loop. For example, a normal Jones snapshot got turned into slurp but the normal default Jones is still playable because a snapshot of the default Jones snapshot was turned into slurp. This would explain why a default Jones can fight another default Jones because they are both snapshots from the snapshot of Jones. I hope that makes scenes and I’m not sure it’s true. Thanks for reading this and I love your videos.
SkilledSins Mese fa
Can't believe I've been playing since day one man. It's crazy how much a game can be apart of your life
LittleBadassGaming 14 giorni fa
@SkilledSins Yeah, I miss old StW.
SkilledSins 14 giorni fa
@LittleBadassGaming Yea! I do. I played stw since day one
Did you know STW has facts about how the BR even started to begin with? Or what the v in bucks stands for?
Sammy Butler
Sammy Butler Mese fa
@Julian Desa 18 not that it’s your business
Andrew Murphy
Since beta on and off
knatspray Mese fa
This is why I’ve stayed with the game the last 4 years, the story and ever growing lore has had me captivated since season 3. I WILL SEE THE END OF THIS EVEN IF IT KILLS ME
Kinereal Obren
So because of the new information we got from the comics, that means that people with suits are immune to the memory wipe. Would that mean Master Chief, Iron Man, and Mecha cuddle master are immune too? What about the characters in space suits, those are closed environment suits. What about robots? Are they affected too cause all those t-800 that were in the loop would be unaffected as they were designed for time travel, so there must be some defense to protect their data. And what about characters like Dummy, he literally doesn't have a brain organic or computer. He doesn't have anything actually, he's just a hollow plastic "doll". Donald explain.
Epic Galaxy
Epic Galaxy Mese fa
@Kinereal Obren Yeah, his biography states that the mind of an epic racer/ driver was put into that test dummy's head. So he does have a 'mind'. I think that anyone who is concious or has something that could be considered to have a mind can and probably will have their mind wiped in their loop and all it's other effects.
Kinereal Obren
@Epic Galaxy Master Chief's suit is self contained as he can be in space without any problems. And yeah I agree that it could wipe robot memories which is why I'm seriously confused when it comes to Dummy. He's literally hollow. And his bio was weird. A appreciate the points you brought up though thanks.
Epic Galaxy
Epic Galaxy Mese fa
Well, it specifically means self contained suits, which are suits that have zero connections to the outside world, no holes for air, no gaps in the suit, nothing. I'm not a Master Chief or Marvel fan, but I'm pretty sure Master Chief's suit is not self contained. And for characters like Terminator or Dummy, they may not have organic brains or whatever, but they still have a 'mind' for the Zero Point to wipe. And you'd think a Glowy orb that's pretty much god would have the power to override a robot's programming.
Moca Mese fa
Good video! One question though- How does the secret black hole message tie in? I always assumed that was from the Scientist, and the "others outside the loop" were the IO. This would imply that IO caused the meteor to crash into the Zero Point. Is there something I'm missing?
SirRaven_ Mese fa
Very good video! However I would like to say that the extra loop, or the places where the loopers who escape arrive at, are where the IO turns them into IO Gaurds. However due to season 6's spire, they weren't on surface to capture the remaining people that we saw in the comic. And the people we saw in the comic were the snapshots of them, not the original version of them, since we know that Fishstick states he hates the island, yet his npc in season 5 shows he is happily working at his own restaurant. Whenever a snapshot is made with the person just being on the reality zero island, as proven by drift, who in the loading screens is not inside the loop, they are brought to the reality zero island. When you leave from the loop, a snapshot of you is created on the island, as proven by Armored Batman Zero in season 7. Batman Zero escaped the loop, creating a snapshot on reality zero island, which that snapshot made armor, which created ARmored Batman Zero.
SirRaven_ Mese fa
@brickthecat it just doesn't make sense why they would have people be able to escape the loop and arrive at the island. Wouldn't that mean there will be millions of snapshots on one island? This is why they get the snapshots who escaped and turn them into gaurds. They didn't get raider after 4 years, due to how she clearly knows her way around the island, and with her fighting skills is able to not get captured by them.
brickthecat Mese fa
@SirRaven_the comic never went to the places the npcs spawned in season 6. so there could very well be npcs on the island still. also I have a hard timing believing IO couldn't find raider for 4 years. this must of known where she was because deathstroke found her.
Artician Mese fa
The people in the comics *are* the original versions. You forgot the fact that the snapshots create/develop their own personality (separate from the personalities of their original version) after losing their memory. That's why the original version of fishtick states he hates the island, but the *snapshot* of him likes/doesn't hate it.
SirRaven_ Mese fa
@Artician we know that the snapshots are a perfect copy of them, however with their memories erased they will develop new ones. Not every person that is in the extra loop is the original, since what are the chances that the original person escaped, while none of their infinite snapshots escaped? We would of saw more of them around, but only one of a select few.
SirRaven_ Mese fa
@brickthecat she clearly was hiding with the rest of them, since they are the last remaining people left. We would of saw all the npcs and such, but we didnt.
Delfar FN
Delfar FN Mese fa
Probably the most complete and brief compilation of the history of Fortnite. Great job! Incredible video, great to share with the new players!
Jayden Cook
Jayden Cook Mese fa
I just realised this so you know how the visitor was in season 4 and the scientist and the pardime was in season x and the foundation arrived in early season 6/late season 5 so if they were based on 6 years apart that means we might be getting the fifth member of the 7 in chapter 3 season 2 and I think some of the seven could be Genoa and the sisters
[Jelly]K Mese fa
Theory: The blue cube is alive BECAUSE it hasn't moved yet. All of the purple cubes are controlled by The Cube Queen, obviously. and WE "purified/rebooted" that cube. Maybe we can control it somehow...
Thank you Adamaru for all these lore videos! I love watching them and I always learn something new about this game and it’s lore :)
G-T-DUB!!! Mese fa
If Dark Matter does help the people on the island retain their memories, then that means The Flash has his memories still.
10 days until the Chapter 2 map leaves us forever! Where will be your final drop spot?
Ray Mese fa
Your mother bed
maybe the pyramid
Corey Love
Corey Love Mese fa
The centere
The Diamond Knee Plate
The convergence
Caleb Leonard
3:03 so technically master chief hasn’t had his memories wiped because he’s in a self contained suit
uwuMiki Mese fa
big props to you for making these man, you do one every end of major season
PixelTree13 Mese fa
It would be cool if important characters had special voice lines, even if it's like a crazy laugh from the Batman who laughs once and awhile.
John Roxton
John Roxton Mese fa
Maybe they will add that in chapter 3
Newbie Noah
Newbie Noah Mese fa
Since I'm a relatively new player (Chapter 2 Season 6), I'm surprised that this chapter is wrapping up earlier than I thought, not that's a bad thing.
Brayan Lopez
Brayan Lopez Mese fa
We need now the story from beginning to end of the gnomes
Sanjaya Godagama
You missed a part: in the Batman/Foundation comic. When the Batman who laughs was in the loop and Tomato head jumped him. Batman who laughs stabbed him with his visor. But Tomato head did not get the elimination animation. Instead blew up meaning Batman who laughs can kill inside the loop.
ender gaster X
Very excited for chapter 3, can't wait 🙌
Singularity is definitely the Paradigm. The audio logs from chapter 3 show that she betrayed the seven somehow and now the Foundation doesn't trust her. Singularity did cause the first island's destruction and used the zero point to power Neo Tilted, that's pretty bad
McLovin 99
McLovin 99 Mese fa
Really thankful you released a video today, they always bring me comfort for some reason. Keep up the amazing content!
Wet_HotDogs Mese fa
I think the paradigm was released as an indication that chapter 1 was ending, because a paradigm shift is when a massive change occurs.
gweaver2006 Mese fa
Yo playstationgrenade, I have a theory about the cubes SO, If you remember WAY back in season 5 chapter 1. The OG Kevin made a bunch of runes, which I see it as either trying to make more cubes are just power itself up more. it’s ultimate goal was to open up the portal and let the last reality destroy our island. BUT it didn’t have enough power seeing as it wasn’t a golden cube. In season 6 he took place over the zero point after powering up as much as possible from the other runes. As kevin desperately attempted to dig into the zero point he sent up a portal into the sky (JUST like the queens). while it wasn’t powerful enough to summon the last reality, It was able to bring up an army of cube zombies. Though nowhere near as powerful as the queens army. After exhausting all of its energy and destabilizing itself, the cube made one last attempt and destroyed itself in the process. TLDR: This event almost happened last chapter but kevin failed because he wasn’t powerful enough (i’ve always wondered what the point of kevin was in the story in chapter 1 and the new event really helps it make more sense)
another fun fact: the 2018/Ch1 Kevin didnt go straight to the queen nor make those little cubes with her, he just sits on a hill similar from when he first arrived in the Ch1 island but a tad smaller
the__wolf Mese fa
Correction for part of this video: We do know who Geno is thanks to the Batman Foundation comic, its either the leader of IO or a group of people who lead the IO.
the__wolf Mese fa
@ClamsFX Yeah but in this video Adam specifically says we don’t know anything about Geno which is what I was correcting.
ClamsFX Mese fa
You said we know who it is and continued by naming multiple possibilities 💀
AquariuzYT Mese fa
Credit to Adam who took the time to recap the entire storyline for us
Flux _OA_
Flux _OA_ Mese fa
10:26 "And your mom's favorite superhero to arrive." Well you're not wrong
sad suitcase
sad suitcase Mese fa
Is crazy how a batle royal could have this deep lore I hope we can see the ice king or midas again
Destro 03
Destro 03 Mese fa
It’s been great watching you throughout the seasons, my favourite youtuber
Patrick Brown
Always the best lore videos ever and this is your best one! Incredible 😁
Inflated rat
Inflated rat Mese fa
Correction the cube from steamy is the cube from season 10 he was around during the end event the original cube from our timeline was destroyed and had no power remember the Stonehenge thing that was the original cube that was deactivated the other cube from a different timeline was on the island and it was sucked into the blackhole and the people that got to the island before us used him
Somewhat ok person
10:27 God damn it the 'No' and aquaman jumping backwards gets me every time
MechamoJureg Mese fa
This video was really good, i know everything i need for when i watch the end event.
ProBro Mese fa
The australia creative map was teased a lot. Australia is called the land down under, and the ch3 map is rumoured to be under the ch 2 map. I don't think epic would tease a creative map this much unless it was related with ch 3.
SpAce Mese fa
The Chapter 3 map is probably going to have every POI from chapter 2 on there, because it's 'too early to be removing POIs'
What if the blue cube was meant to symbolize a new beginning. It was purple meaning it had purpose but was then destroyed by another force (io). And us rebooting it was like it becoming brand new, symbolizing a new reality/island. Its a bit far fetched but idk
Tom Bomb
Tom Bomb Mese fa
Now THIS was a video that was greatly needed! Thank you!!
Personal Note: Having a British accent makes you sound smart, even when your explaining Fortnite lore.
Zachary johnson
so if having a sealed suit prevents the islands memory wiping effects, that means that master chief should retain his memories
Mr. doggy doggy
Midas has a lot of versions of him he has the ghost shadow in the regular version so that means he was out of the loop before am I right🐶
So hyped for this event!
Westonmon Mese fa
This really helped me with the storyline!
Autism Center
I feel like we’ll ever get a map with a destroyed mech from singularity
Wanted Pancake
If the paranime is a skin that means she has been in the loop and could have escaped the island or is still trapped after getting a W
Damien Vincent
Poor The Ice and Fire Kingdoms, not something "You Should Know" lore wise apparently. Nor that it was not only The Visitor, The Scientist, and The Paradigm, but all The Seven (including The Foundation) were in The Chapter 1 End event, as evidenced by there being exactly seven Rockets. Also, it seems whenever you talk about the Blastoff event you imply The Visitor didn't intend to open Sideways Rifts, even though all The Seven actively worked to make several during The Chapter 1 End event. I think you should've also mentioned that Chapter 2's island is the reorganized matter of Chapter 1's, The Scientist's tapes, Raz's use of Cube magic attracting The Last Reality, and Genō being mentioned in Batman: Foundation as having the Zero Point in his grasp, implying him as the Imagined Order's leader.
Lazer The Best
They also fogor chaos agent, ghost vs shadow, but only remembered midas
ByeLamanburg X4 [FADE - ONE OF THE SEVEN]
@Troll it does his an alien
Troll Mese fa
@Damien Vincent each name has a meaning but “The Visitor” doesn’t really make sense
Damien Vincent
@Troll Just because that loading screen of The Scientist dismantling a BRUTE shows him in his original armor doesn't mean he and The Visitor are the same. If The Scientist was still called "Visitor Volta", then I'd be inclined to believe you, but he isn't. Besides, The Visitor's voice in C1 S4's Blastoff event is different from The Scientist's voice in his tapes from SX, so I'm lead to believe they are different characters. At best, you can do what some people believe, say The Scientist is a snapshot of The Visitor. Nevertheless, The Visitor and The Scientist are separate characters. Even so, I want to know where you got this idea from. If they were the same person, why make both members of The Seven? When The Scientist was first revealed, his description stated he was "One of The Seven", then The Visitor's description changed to include that he was"One of The Seven", then when The Paradigm was released, her description showed she was also "One of The Seven", so it stands to reason that each of them are "One of The Seven", not that two of them somehow manage to be "One of The Seven" and each other at the same time. Your turn, explain how The Visitor and The Scientist are the same "person"
Troll Mese fa
The Visitor and The Scientist are the same person
Konnor Kar
Konnor Kar 7 giorni fa
I wonder if you get to use the zero point being them back from the dead so ghosts on the island can come back by creating a clone of them and infusing their ghost with it? but limited how they died. only if dead on the island.
Jacqueline Morris
Man I'm so excited to try this new shooter game with no story! Said everyone season 1-2 and mid 3
I can't wait for the foundation to be a skin in the item shop
Phoenix Zesan
Can’t wait for the event! I can’t wait for the annual season recap!
Gaming With Deen
Adamaru you must hear this… if self contained suits stop the effects of the loop then why is master chief still affected… 🤔
Fandom Ben
Fandom Ben Mese fa
2:57 So why is Master Chief still in the Loop? That’s the real question.
Ivan Smordal
Ivan Smordal Mese fa
Geno is, presumably, the actual leader of IO. As Doctor Slone is probably one of the ''sisters''. If you look at the style of Slones skin where she has that roboty IO suit on, you can see a symbol of sorts. That symbol is on the IO logo and makes her, assumingly, one of the six ''sisters''. That's why Agent Jones knows them, because he worked with them before. Makes sense?
lostking790 Mese fa
In the comic, the Batman Who Laughs loses the fight to the Foundation on purpose so he can stay in the loop with plans to access the multiverse his own way.
King Julien
King Julien Mese fa
I have a idea on the cube. So what if the alian had keven sent out to find the zero point but he died becoming a power source for the new island. In chapter 2 the alian had to find the zero now with more power than before.
Hard-core mode
It was fun being rickroled by the adamaru himself Note: it happened on discord
Dhruv Mese fa
Clarification needed please, so is it confirmed that Midas is Cyclo which means he didn't die?
Miri🔮 Mese fa
I just thought about it! Every 6 seasons a new member of the 7 is revealed
Zachatron Mese fa
I haven’t played this game since season 13 but I’m still hooked to the lore
Kenneth Campbell
I still really want the foundation skin to come out
Cristian Galindo
Theory; the zero point is in the blue cube. That would explain the blue color. I think that it used a cube as a shell to heal like you said. And it hasn’t moved because it is still trying to heal. Remember the aliens abducted the zero point and we still haven’t seen it, even though the ship crashed.What do you think?
Dencity Mese fa
You know what else explains the blue colour? the fact we goddamn rebooted it, and the signature colour of Rebooting is blue.
Marco Perugini
It's impossible
OliNotOliver Mese fa
Thanks for helping me out as there was still a few of these things I didn't know as I am as the title states, a 'Dummie'
Anny Music
Anny Music Mese fa
I like how the imagen order was controlling the island for so long and chapter2 season7 was when we talked about it
Falkrim Mese fa
Thanks! I stopped playing the game at the start of chapter 2 so this is useful.
bansheeno2 Mese fa
I haven't played Fortnite since Chapter 2 Season 3 but I do like to keep track of what's going on with live events cuz I won't lie, they are really cool. I just don't know if I wanna play again cuz the game got kinda repetitive
White Devil
White Devil Mese fa
Midas can control his power in the chapter 2 season 2 trailer but in the Summer Midas loading screen it shows he can't control the power
LiBear8 Mese fa
What if the last reality showing up was all part of Jonesy's plan to flush out the sisters and Geno.
David Campbell
There is also one way to retain memory in the loop it is dark matter steel that is how Batman who laughs retained his voice and his memory in the loop it is a cool concept and I am pretty sure that that's how the foundation retained his memory and his voice because of the dark matter just like in the comics. Oh and yes it is dark matter 👍
ByeLamanburg X4 [FADE - ONE OF THE SEVEN]
And foundation most likely isn’t wearing dark matter
ByeLamanburg X4 [FADE - ONE OF THE SEVEN]
It doesn’t have to be dark matter though
Time Krafter
Time Krafter Mese fa
You have no idea how excited I get for your storyline videos, I grab food and sit back.
Mewtwo Mese fa
The only reason why we're ending this chapter so early is because Seasons 11, 12, 15 went on for over the usual 75-80 days.
Joel Ortega
Joel Ortega Mese fa
Just a theory but what if all of the seven members are snapshots of the foundation, and because of Midas we know that your snapshots can be a different gender so that explains the paradigm
A Peacock
A Peacock Mese fa
What if when The foundation finds john jones they bring more members of the seven.
Burpy Boy
Burpy Boy Mese fa
Still just waiting for that tree added to retail row few years ago to be cannon to the lore
Ah yeah that big tree
Kashiff Collins
Here is food for thought. What if the suit Midas created allowed him to escape the loop and he exists outside the loop right now planning a return....
John Roxton
John Roxton Mese fa
I mean he made a suit for himself u can see it in that joker and poison ivy paack that was in the item shop for so long
Archer Mese fa
I think in chapter 3 we will go back to the old island but it will be destroyed and there will be more buildings and shops built and parts of the map will be broken off from the map and that’s why the concept had a map with multiply islands on it
Conqueror Mese fa
when I say not only was this a lore video but also 15 mins long. I got so excited!!! got my popcorn with some hot coca. relaxed in my bed. And started watching! great video!!!
BH4VVY33T Mese fa
Its weird it's ending so fast, we haven't gotten enough lore
luke j
luke j Mese fa
@2:58,wait,wouldnt master chief be exempt too, retain memories? his armour is air tight as demonstrated the numerous times he's been in space.
Random Fortnite
So say we bet the foundation as a skin in fortnite but his armor is airtight dose this jean the storm and loop won't effect the user? Maybe the foundation skin will have a broken part of armor or his identity will be shown.
Liam Tunney
Liam Tunney Mese fa
Honest question, why would Doctor Slone order Jones to abandon the island and zeropoint if it's also connected to their world (and IO's headquarters)?
Rocque Music
Rocque Music Mese fa
Wait doesn’t that mean the Cube Queen no matter how evil she maybe will actually free us from the hold that IO has on the zero point and overall us as players?
The Invisible cactus
Honestly I wouldn’t mind an hour of PlayStation Grenade.
I will definitely show this to my “non story lover sweaty friends”
VSE Mese fa
defo do that XD
Tyler Jenkins
Imagine if the Mecha Team Leader comes back during the Chapter 2 finale event
What if the visitors repair the mech and the mech helps us during the event?
DJ Nikus
DJ Nikus Mese fa
The OG kevin the cube wasn't actually the one from steamy stacks because if you watch the FNCS analyst - map changes then they talk about the blue cube and mention something like "Our beloved has returned and now he's blue." 15:10
RainySkipper Mese fa
This is actually kinda sad. The lore is so deep and good yet the game is just a battle royale that you play over and over.
im gonna land where i first ever landed in chapter 2, sludgy swamps, on one of those roofs. (maybe it was the one near the giant slurp contiainer sign)
Mohamed Arabi
genos and the sisters of faith are well i know that the sisters are in control of everyones faith so what if the seven are trying to rewrite reality with help of the sister oh and genos kind of means gene so like conected by genes i believe that greek mythology is going to help us understand the lore even better because mustard loves books so who knows if he read some mythology stuff
CinderMellie Mese fa
i would love to watch the over an hour long video. lol. i love the puns and the jokes you do! lol
foxydapirate 09
The rift beacons from s10 were to lead the other rockets in
NewfieKidd Mese fa
Is no one going to mention how pop from save the world is in the teaser, I know epic doesn’t care much for save the world now but the save the world cast could try to help the island, considering during most events ray says that there’s a problem at home base and that’s why you can’t enter save the world it could make sense that they are affected by what happens in battle royal
EgamingTheDj Mese fa
Cant wiat for the coming event! Also, love your vids PSG
Ri Ban
Ri Ban Mese fa
What happened to the FoxClan storyline? The last notice we had after Vi was that FoxClan tracker pack thing.
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