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French Montana - No Stylist ft. Drake

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"No Stylist" available at smarturl.it/NoStylist
Directors: Glenn Michael & Christo
Cinematographer: Kelly Jeffrey
Producers: Ryan Hahn & Vince Tran
Production Company: HPLA
Post-Producer: Julien Nieva
French Montana online:
(C) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


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9 ott 2018

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Commenti 21 641
PutterLee 52 minuti fa
This is uninspired music made by experienced people who know how to approximate.
pac tz
pac tz Ora fa
from Tanzania TZ japokuwa sielewi kilichoimbwa lakini French Montana na Drake nawakubali ile mbaya nyimbo kali funga mwaka hii unaweza omba mkopo bank kwa kutumia huu wimbo
Kombo Music
Kombo Music 2 ore fa
No status
Rafique Findley
Not bad
FavJam 2 ore fa
French Montana 🔥
Aline official
Drake ✌✌✌
M Lloyd
M Lloyd 5 ore fa
How come French is slim now but still looks fat?
qwertychili24 qwerty
so good!
h l
h l 6 ore fa
Floyd More
Floyd More 8 ore fa
I'm in London got my beat from London!
Chris Galicia
Chris Galicia 8 ore fa
Sippin tea after the 350 line 😂
Angel Tenorio
Angel Tenorio 9 ore fa
Yo vengo por Ori de mierda
Dawson Moore
Dawson Moore 9 ore fa
damn, don't like drake but damn this is a nice verse
PegLegGreg 10 ore fa
What if i told you you couldn't rhyme 'back' with 'back' 4 times...
Johndoe Team
Johndoe Team 11 ore fa
Allie Champagne
Allie Champagne 11 ore fa
Steven Clark,Jr
Steven Clark,Jr 12 ore fa
Cool 😎
fish titties
Middle School Squad
That was on my birthday!
Rebel Image
Rebel Image 13 ore fa
how come French Montana dont know his lyrics 😂
11 Time
11 Time 13 ore fa
In this so French says to drake .. can you save my career drake .. hold my bear 😂
Johndoe Team
Johndoe Team 14 ore fa
Roses are red violets are blue fortnite made creative and Minecraft will sue
Sandeep Kaur
Sandeep Kaur 15 ore fa
Decemberrrrr anyoneeeeeee !!!!!!
Sandeep Kaur
Sandeep Kaur 15 ore fa
Love u
Maria Flores
Maria Flores 15 ore fa
Alguien por ori de mierda?😅
Patrick Ster
Patrick Ster 16 ore fa
Who came back after Ye's tweets??????????
justin stuyck
justin stuyck 11 ore fa
Patrick Ster what it say? Lol
Muneeb Manaf
Muneeb Manaf 16 ore fa
0:48 "Fuck they talking bout"
Tmaziing Starrs
Tmaziing Starrs 16 ore fa
Wow slick rick
Masambo Egberth
Masambo Egberth 16 ore fa
I'm in London got ma beat from London....
Shelley Bless
Shelley Bless 17 ore fa
Hi Drake I love you😍
Kool Ka'Ron
Kool Ka'Ron 17 ore fa
Wtf was that 1:57
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez 17 ore fa
Drake 💪
mark garrison
mark garrison 18 ore fa
1:51 is that luka from blackish?
Cristian Rosales
Why it sound like you jump off the battle bus on 0:16.
Manar Lezaar
Manar Lezaar 18 ore fa
cant believe french montana is moroccan
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Skip Ad 18 ore fa
Those of you who haven't ( Need to play this in y'all car!)
Matthew Magana
Matthew Magana 18 ore fa
Ebrima Bojang
Ebrima Bojang 19 ore fa
No stylist lol! Gucci bag
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Skip Ad 18 ore fa
This song makes me wanna give my teacher homework!
Tutt Aaron
Tutt Aaron 20 ore fa
I told dont wear dem 350's round me
Άγγελος Μετουσι
Bad bitches getting wet heree💣🔥
j pedro xavier
j pedro xavier 21 ora fa
drake thank you for the secret , ASTRAL, = millionaire
Stephen Trainer
Stephen Trainer 21 ora fa
French Montana looks like the good value brand drake
Jessica La yeca
Jessica La yeca 22 ore fa
No Spanish 🤑
Bigfred 818
Bigfred 818 22 ore fa
Listen here,,these people ain't smart as u think they are! They now have the money to start there own lable and publishing/marketing and allllll! They get gold and cars with prostitutes to make them think there happy.but behind the closed doors the real ones making all artist $$$$$$$$$ is the ones behind the doors.not the artist.just look at how they get played and told what to do and say! Stupidity all over the videos. Look at lil pump and 69 always filmed outta one bedroom apartment.but sent to keep performing and bring $$$$$ in !!
Bigfred 818
Bigfred 818 19 ore fa
+Mr Mac Melon sorry,that's who I am,lol I'll keep it to a minimal next time.I'm sure u very intelligent man with more important things to do than to deal with me .have a nice day
Mr Mac Melon
Mr Mac Melon 19 ore fa
+Bigfred 818 if I say anything u are gonna write a full paragraph , which is very unnecessary
Bigfred 818
Bigfred 818 21 ora fa
+Mr Mac Melon I have freedom of speech,but I get paid to clean,disenfect,dump trash keep lunch ereas clean for kids at school site.IMA janitor and do my job with pride ,because I have kids myself.you need mental support ? I'm sure online there many outlets.
Mr Mac Melon
Mr Mac Melon 22 ore fa
+Bigfred 818 u paid to give mental support ?
Bigfred 818
Bigfred 818 22 ore fa
+Mr Mac Melon .true,I made it,I'm alive,I have a family,stay away from fake friends,all talk behind your back,trust no one but take care of the ones u love,work,invest and enjoy life but doing it rite! Being educated or rich won't save you Mr Mac. Jesus saves And I'm Proud to say that And that there are a lot who are Proud of me.thanks
muigah philip
muigah philip 22 ore fa
Kanye is promoting this song in his rants without knowing! 😂 next 100 million views!
sherica brown
sherica brown 23 ore fa
2k1 and
nikoli barashnikov
Mumbling shit.
alex agranados
alex agranados 23 ore fa
don't wear no 350s round me!!!!!!!
Eric Wright
Eric Wright 23 ore fa
I told her don’t wear no 350s round me😬yikes
Thiago Nascimento
Thiago Nascimento
I thought hes been saying no status for like 5 months now.
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Skip Ad 18 ore fa
Ikr Those of you who haven't ( Need to play this in y'all car!)
Steven Clark,Jr
Steven Clark,Jr Giorno fa
Drake do you smoke
Mr Mac Melon
Mr Mac Melon 22 ore fa
Do u think hes actually gonna answer u
Ana Anzures
Ana Anzures Giorno fa
Drake is 🔥🔥
Evelyn Soto Cruz
This song is lit they should put this on pandora
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Skip Ad 18 ore fa
Ikr ..Btw Those of you who haven't ( Need to play this in y'all car!)
Kai Shiplett
Kai Shiplett Giorno fa
Stop wot da bigass gold the rope all dat stop lmao. What a buzz steal #jeeesus
April fools
April fools Giorno fa
That Saab is LIT
Adontus Smith
Adontus Smith Giorno fa
The nigga drake really hard fuck what you think
Donna Goyette
Donna Goyette Giorno fa
Told the bitch ding don't call no shit NOTHING im styling now frrr gtfo im getting mines AB
Donna Goyette
Donna Goyette Giorno fa
Fucking dope yea bitches remember that bitches go find it SMH dnutts fkn crazy dope shit yea bad bitch don't call me till the checks clear
Itz Will
Itz Will Giorno fa
y asap in the start of vid?
Mehdi Rahmouni
Mehdi Rahmouni 21 ora fa
FAT Goofie
FAT Goofie Giorno fa
everybody talking about drakes verse wtf im the only who skip his gay ass part
Little Panda bear
Has bars but tiny cars
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Skip Ad 18 ore fa
Haha.....Those of you who haven't ( Need to play this in y'all car!)
myuhdidas Giorno fa
Sincerely tired of culture vultures. I know every race wants to be black but damm bro. Shits getting old.
Tony Hossein
Tony Hossein Giorno fa
Young thug is on this
Morpheus Vernon
Morpheus Vernon Giorno fa
2:27 A$AP Rocky??
Leaviro Giorno fa
damn french montanas voice changed
The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker Giorno fa
She said i ain't got no heart. Bitch, find it😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂
The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker Giorno fa
Legend Max
Legend Max Giorno fa
Frenchy stylist 🔥🔥🔥 can't stop playing this song 😍
Kiran Johny
Kiran Johny Giorno fa
Drake came harddd!
Sullivan !%
Sullivan !% Giorno fa
Диас Муратов
hi girls
Ghebrehiwet Giorno fa
1:49 What u came for
_.kiouskas._ Giorno fa
What is going on with the elephant??
Megan Olivi
Megan Olivi Giorno fa
Y’all gonna sleep on the fact that slick Rick was in the music video?
Heinz Dampies
Heinz Dampies 3 ore fa
Exactly what I was saying though. A legend in the video and no one saying shit about him. Dude looks good too.
Sadick abubakar
Sadick abubakar Giorno fa
Love from West Africa Ghana
spongebob ryan
spongebob ryan Giorno fa
Does anyone know the dimentions of this video cuz its like really wide
Dreambig listen to my mixtapes
Who singing?
Childishbihh Giorno fa
Anyone notice Luka Sabbat?
Kim was dancing to this... Kanye - WHERES MY TWITTER!!!
Mike Gaarder
Mike Gaarder Giorno fa
5446mk Giorno fa
Fuk Drake Yeezy's all day G's Up Hoe's down. Stop Bullying people with mental health you porn star impregnating dirty rat
Jay D
Jay D Giorno fa
This thing mean...Drake let that shit air!! Dont where them 350's round me 😂😂😂😂...What up Slick Rick still stuntin!!!! French✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
asap spacecraft
asap spacecraft Giorno fa
Can someone explain why he doesn't like 350s? Cause he doesn't like Kanye?
mae geddes
mae geddes Giorno fa
best drake song lol
the homeboy
the homeboy Giorno fa
im high as fck and i thought french montana was drake
adedeji oluwadamisi
WristOnFroze Giorno fa
I feel like this has a heavy Wiz Khalifa vibe or it’s just Montana
oh sket
oh sket Giorno fa
love from Italia! ad'opera d arte
saints row
saints row Giorno fa
from pop style to no style💀
BolorKam Giorno fa
So let's ignore the fact that there's a fake flying "yeezus" right after the Kanye subliminal.
Zevien Partee
Zevien Partee Giorno fa
Montana, when you get the chance, ask Drake why he killed X
It had to be Moroccan hhh
Mikey May
Mikey May Giorno fa
Left eye
skills NEtview
skills NEtview Giorno fa
French Montana voice mm you God
CMPLXVZN Giorno fa
By the way...not cleared
Elias Rossios
Elias Rossios Giorno fa
is this a diss to asap rocky?
DarkmelC'z Giorno fa
hot spanish?xd
el topo de HEITer :v
1:11 aprobaste,te podes ir
71JJW Giorno fa
SLICK RICK with the eye patch ..poss? Proper old skool 👌
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