FULL VIDEO: Edo Governorship Debate 2020 (Obaseki VS Ize-Iyamu)

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Strong disagreements over approaches to governance and records took center stage during the governorship debate between the governorship candidates of the All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party on Sunday.
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13 set 2020




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Commenti 100
United Kingdom of Africa
What baffles me is how they forget Obaseki was bright enough to secure a place in Columbia university in America where the standards are much higher (than the premier university Ibadan where he graduated), passed with flying colours and ended up working as an investment banker in the US and they really doubt his academic prowess? Meanwhile Oshiomole was a tailor and burnt down an entire department to cover up having no records to show. Now people who actually had academic records stored in that ministry have now had their certificates burnt, thanks to Oshiomole. In a country where the law works Ize-Iyamu would be serving jail time for his misdemeanor whilst he was back at the university as well as for misappropriation of public funds to the tune of 700million naira alongside Oshiomole in connection with the arson attack. But because of gross injustice and a judicial system in need of an overhaul the case is still trapped amongst a backlog of numerous cases awaiting trial, meanwhile he can put himself forward for governorship even whilst his character is questionable in the eyes of the court. It makes no sense at all. This is exactly why Obaseki is smiling and saying it's a shame, because he has been exposed to a civilized society and knows that under normal circumstances these shouldn't be the calibre of people who should be debating the governorship of a state with him. A BSc holder questioning an MSc holder from Columbia University America about not getting enough credits at the earlier part of his life, it's laughable hence the grin on Obaseki's face. It's also annoying as well to be honest.
Bright Ayemere
Bright Ayemere 15 ore fa
The God of Obaseki too much
Akortsaha N.
Akortsaha N. Giorno fa
It was a somewhat nice debate that was well anchored. SEUN, I appreciate your sagacity to calm down the nerves when there was a kind of aggressive attack on the governor with some level of arrogance and disrespect. I give you credit for that, however, the continuous use of the clause "Your Time is Up" was a kind of monotonous. But on the whole, it was a very good outing by the facilitator. Great Job and Kudos to you!
Akortsaha N.
Akortsaha N. Giorno fa
Just watched the debated now. All I can say is that Ize-Iyamu's offensive tactic did not work. He ought to have realized that from his opening speech where he failed to sell his S.I.M.P.L.E agenda to the people. In 2016 He used the same tactic and was on top of the game. On the other hand, Governor Obaseki this time round, deployed a very calm approach that shielded rather on selling out his candidature. He, Obaseki, rather than been boastful decided to equally appeal to conscience of the people. Humility of Obaseki actually won him the debate and by extension his re-election.
Agbonifo Oba Galore
I love obaseki
Benson E Obabueki
I appreciate the maturity displayed by the Governor. He spoke mainly about himself and his plan. Mr Ize-Iyamu spoke well but was often about what his opponent could not do. It is wiser to sell your product rather than tell people not to buy the product of others.
adejinmi afees
adejinmi afees Giorno fa
How i wish Ize Iyamu can be allowed to lead this nation as president
adejinmi afees
adejinmi afees Giorno fa
i love ize iyamu.full of wisdom. he will transform the state
Anyah Orji Michael
Iyamu scored zero,here just attacking Obaseki.i think green light should be giving to Obaseki.and red card to Iyamu.
EDWARD SAMUEL 2 giorni fa
Too arrogant POI
Ugochukwu Nwalue
Ugochukwu Nwalue 2 giorni fa
We've done it 💪💪
Olagoke Olufadeju
Olagoke Olufadeju 2 giorni fa
from all indication, APC candidate is about criticism without cogent means of improving the state. whereas, the PDP candidate dwelt into the basics of governance, development and management for better economic growth in the state.
Kelechi Iwuagwu
Kelechi Iwuagwu 2 giorni fa
Debate is necessary, but Buhari chose not to.
Preshvevo tv
Preshvevo tv 2 giorni fa
The hates in Ize Iyamu heart is too much....
Preshvevo tv
Preshvevo tv 2 giorni fa
Even in national anthem who saw ize Iyamu opens he's two legs, that to show that he's not competent and do not even know how to stand when reciting the national anthem?
Preshvevo tv
Preshvevo tv 2 giorni fa
End of lion and tigers Agberuism Reign in NIGERIA.... this election has changed the mindset of the citizens of Nigeria and the beginning of PDP after this presidential seat is the next?
officialchizzhy tv
officialchizzhy tv 2 giorni fa
The way u waste money 💰 is not d same way I waste money 💰 😂😂chaiiiiiiiiii😰😜😜😜
Charity Nosakhare
Charity Nosakhare 3 giorni fa
Na God- Win O
Ziddacx Realtors
Ziddacx Realtors 3 giorni fa
I never knew this Governor Obaseki is this sound! Congrats His Excellency on your victory and re-election into office. God bless your administration.
Ibrahim Muhammad
Ibrahim Muhammad 3 giorni fa
REDKEYZ.TV 3 giorni fa
Why is all APC leaders and aspirants always playing blame game and arrogant? Well i like the fact that iyamu is opposing some fallouts in obaseki's leadership but it's so sad that he has no real leadership plans for the people of Edo. He's only attacking here...
Lukman Ubandoma
Lukman Ubandoma 3 giorni fa
This so called ize iyamu is a fool!! Why is he complicating the response of obaseki about the university certification issues?? Imagine saying that obaseki response was referred to the channel's television interviewer. I cant believe this... is a shame he calls him self a pastor. Anyways much love to the edo people because am married to your benin sister & I'm from adamawa state.
aloh monday
aloh monday 3 giorni fa
4+4=8 togba
Osadebe Mbamalu
Osadebe Mbamalu 3 giorni fa
I wish our president had a mustard seed of Obasekis in depth brilliance. Edo state kudos on organising what our fraudulent primary six/ agbero federal government couldn't do.
Bolatito 3 giorni fa
Seun is a top notch moderator. You did very well
Enoch Seun
Enoch Seun 3 giorni fa
Is this a pastor or parasite,ize iyamu is a disgrace to all lawyers in Nigeria.he doesn't flow as a lawyer at all,this APC government na real one chance...
ASINE JONATHAN 3 giorni fa
Brawn versus brains. Ize Iyamu: Brawn. Godwin Obaseki: Brains.
Marklli Callon
Marklli Callon 3 giorni fa
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Babatope Davis
Babatope Davis 3 giorni fa
Do anyone noticed the woman in the background doing the sign language? I think she out shine the two candidates all together 😀
Quinate Akukwe
Quinate Akukwe 3 giorni fa
Opening Speech Pastor: Well thank you Seun for arranging this debate, thanks to Channels ....... Opening Speech Obaseki: Thank you very much Seun, I give thanks to God Almighty and to the people of Edo state. . By their fruits, you shall know that. The so-called pastor thanked everyone except God. Matthew 6:34: Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you.
Nosakhare Osayande
Nosakhare Osayande 3 giorni fa
See the way he take stand self
Umukoro Bright
Umukoro Bright 3 giorni fa
I'm ashamed of A P C aspirant, he has nothing to say here, so all he is doing is to keep on attacking Godwin Obaseki, Debate is supposed to be a platform where you can make your point know to the world
Christ Ambassador
Christ Ambassador 4 giorni fa
This is the type of pastors redeeem church produces. Iyamu is agbero, not articulate at all. It’s clear that he is coming to loot the edo treasury with oshiomole. Obaseki is well educated and articulate
bimbola ALUKO
bimbola ALUKO 4 giorni fa
olodo iyamu
keelecie 4 giorni fa
Kpẹlẹbẹ Pastor
PUWOV extort money from transporters, they do no other thing..
destiny ovbiebo
destiny ovbiebo 4 giorni fa
Anyway, I enjoyed the debate!
destiny ovbiebo
destiny ovbiebo 4 giorni fa
Mr. Iyamu, learn how to talk to people, please!
destiny ovbiebo
destiny ovbiebo 4 giorni fa
Iyamu is very aggressive, look at the way he is throwing words to Obaseki.
destiny ovbiebo
destiny ovbiebo 4 giorni fa
Iyamu was trying to make great Governor Obaseki looks bad before the people of Edo State, but God did not let that happen.
destiny ovbiebo
destiny ovbiebo 4 giorni fa
“For a project “, that sounds like chorus.
destiny ovbiebo
destiny ovbiebo 4 giorni fa
Obaseki is a gentleman; he is not like them.
destiny ovbiebo
destiny ovbiebo 4 giorni fa
Iyamu is complaining instead of giving solutions.
kelvin osamudiamen
kelvin osamudiamen 4 giorni fa
Obaseki is more educated, smart and time cautions, Pastor is just a local man.
Chibueze Uganeme
Chibueze Uganeme 4 giorni fa
I really enjoyed this
Prince Obos
Prince Obos 4 giorni fa
Ize iyamu you are a bag of disgrace to the nation
Kingsley Christian
Kingsley Christian 4 giorni fa
I think Obaseki is the Pastor here, this other guy doesn't even make reverence to God
Vivian Aigbokhan
God bless you brother. We have same thought.
Matthew Ehikioya
Matthew Ehikioya
francis buchi
francis buchi 4 giorni fa
Obasike is an educated person...he knew what is doing is a man
Chibueze Uganeme
Chibueze Uganeme 4 giorni fa
It’s over now
eghosa igiebor
eghosa igiebor 4 giorni fa
Shehu, this fake pastor is a dumb .
Nusa Martins
Nusa Martins 4 giorni fa
I'm so disappointed in Pastor Ize-Iyamu You failed woefully in this debate all because your heart is very bitter. Congratulations on your victory Governor Godwin Obaseki.. May God empower you to do well
feddy konyes
feddy konyes 4 giorni fa
Oh our politicians are now doing debate before elections to know who best represent the people's interests,,, and you know what? this is good but we all should be grateful for Omoyele sowore for making us realize this during the last presidential election ..
infini771 4 giorni fa
Too bad playing videos is not allowed
Kelvin Eazl
Kelvin Eazl 4 giorni fa
Who what obasik to win
Ifeoluwa Oginni
Ifeoluwa Oginni 4 giorni fa
Ize Iyamu isn't giving us technical, clinical and economic analysis. Just attacks. Y?
Marcus Ojiefoh
Marcus Ojiefoh 4 giorni fa
Governor of Edo happy new four years
Best Ehigiator
Best Ehigiator 4 giorni fa
Is won today 20/09/2020
Iriabo Ehiwe
Iriabo Ehiwe 4 giorni fa
APC 👎👎
Iriabo Ehiwe
Iriabo Ehiwe 4 giorni fa
APC 👎👎
Iriabo Ehiwe
Iriabo Ehiwe 4 giorni fa
Governor Obaseki you are so Blessed🙏🙏🎵🎸🎻🥁🎤💃💃💃💃
Prince Emmy Ent. TV
This man Pastor or what he calls himself should go and seat down. Simple question that he should answer he is there attacking Obaseki what is wrong with this APC people self they only know how to lay blames rubbish
Okwudili Nwatu
Okwudili Nwatu 4 giorni fa
Azuka Iwuchukwu
Azuka Iwuchukwu 4 giorni fa
Obaseki should now stop selling out his brothers to Fulanis , killing and arresting the IPOB members These are the people who have stood behind him in this election.
Karim Emmanuel
Karim Emmanuel 4 giorni fa
Governor obaseki is best
Karim Emmanuel
Karim Emmanuel 4 giorni fa
APC you are a liar😭
Kriss Okaro
Kriss Okaro 4 giorni fa
Very disappointed at Channels TV for this shambolic crowd/audience they have in their employ. Very loud and unruly. After watching the Edo guber debates, they need to up their game if they want to be taken seriously by the international media. This is a travesty of journalism. Unruly and noisy audience that can not be reasoned with. Very very wrong. Disappointing.
Isla Mayborn
Isla Mayborn 4 giorni fa
The Pastor deflected quite a lot, and he was depressing..
Jude Osagie
Jude Osagie 4 giorni fa
Digita info where there's no light?
Uyi Igiehon
Uyi Igiehon 4 giorni fa
APC is the real agbero Nigeria have
Aghahowa E. Victoria Victorious
Who notice the way poi was standing with the 2 legs open 🧍‍♂️u can even see the back when the national Athens was going on from the beginning of the debate to the end poi / mallam, failed woefully he sand so arrogant
ABBA GAMBO 4 giorni fa
Nice debate
dora anyaso
dora anyaso 4 giorni fa
Mr Ize you are not talking like a lawyer at all, you talk like a taut .Obaseki is more sound and mature in his presentations. He gradually dishing his points and hits points. Ize is talking any how, you can't even be governor even after Obaseki, you don't have the charisma to be governor.
KXNG KXNG 5 giorni fa
Both talking rubbish and feeding to your sentimental beliefs. What has obaseki done for the people of edo state? Free health? Adequate school and education? Proper social infrastructures? What really? Black people are so simple minded. Obaseki was very and extremely vague in his answers .The other politician sounds like an uneducated buffoon.
Jude Osagie
Jude Osagie 5 giorni fa
Where is Ekhiadolor college of education?
stephen cubbert
stephen cubbert 5 giorni fa
Malam Alhaji Ize-iyamu is displacing his thuggery nature like his failed principal(Clueless buharig, osho-Omo-ole and APC) at large. What a lobotomized fellows.
Ikenna Okpala
Ikenna Okpala 5 giorni fa
Edo is Obaseki, Obaseki is Edo. It is not as if Obaseki has perform wonders, but since iot is between two of them. Obaseki is better than this fake pastor.
Ishmael Ogboada
Ishmael Ogboada 5 giorni fa
This man don't look like a Pastor at all. He spent more time on attack rather than telling the masses what he intends to do.
Raph Mac
Raph Mac 5 giorni fa
Truly, Obaseki forgets he was part of his alleged failed past government, now wants to claim Sainthood. If PMB is described as slow, Obaseki is slower, the whole country needs proactive and vibrant leaders, not all these shaky shaky daddies. Obaseki 12 years of inactivity is clearly scandalous no doubt.
Murice Ekoma
Murice Ekoma 5 giorni fa
Obesike is the main of the moment therefore win without a question mark. Why i said this, fulani caliphate knows how to install governors of their choice. See what happened in imo state and how emeka ihedioha was removed and hope uzodinma installed. Edo people should not accept such election gimmick to ever happen.
Raph Mac
Raph Mac 5 giorni fa
Obaseki clearly doesn't have a grip of the factors against and for job creation even as being the sitting Governor. His facts are staggering and conflicts with his explanations. Obaseki loses his breath quickly due to stage fright and lack of confidence, evident in his shaking voice. He is only theoretical not practical to a large extent.
Raph Mac
Raph Mac 5 giorni fa
This is the biggest problem in Nigeria, articulate speech, use of grammar, ph.d, prof., MBA,etc.. yet little or no dividend of true leadership. We are yet to experience and validate the significant correlation between education and leadership hence the influx of political thugs at helms of affairs in all strata of our society. PITY
Osaretin Idugboe
Osaretin Idugboe 5 giorni fa
tell us what you will do and stop countering him
Osaretin Idugboe
Osaretin Idugboe 5 giorni fa
there is a very far line between who went to school for cultism and who went for studies
muazu jollings
muazu jollings 5 giorni fa
Congrats PDP
bunmi olu
bunmi olu 5 giorni fa
I hate this Apc man got no manners... And this how they lead Nigerian in worst way
Chris james
Chris james 5 giorni fa
Same way osibanjo failed Nigerians, ize-iyamu will fail the Edo people. The mistake the church is making is associating and paying loyalty to the heathen government that's pinning Nigeria to the ground
Franklin Omene
Franklin Omene 5 giorni fa
Great job Gov Obaseki... on point.... God Speed
Michael Godwin
Michael Godwin 5 giorni fa
U are not a pastor u called urself
Ike Chukwu
Ike Chukwu 5 giorni fa
What happened to EBS and ITV? Why is channel organising the debate?
Team chang
Team chang 5 giorni fa
Obaseki: “the first year alone will require close to N500b, where will you get the money from?” Ize Iyamu: “the way you waste money is not the way I waste money” 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ simple question you cannot answer. Where will you get the money from not how will you manage it!
Uche Odunzeh
Uche Odunzeh 5 giorni fa
I see a lot of substance in both candidates
George Happy
George Happy 5 giorni fa
God bless Obaseki, God bless Edo state, God bless Benin city, God bless the people in it, if you give a thumb up God bless you too.
Sunny M
Sunny M 5 giorni fa
Why is it’s only two candidates were debated?
Joy William
Joy William 5 giorni fa
Obaseki deserves 3nd term if God' is willing.
Lakez Oy
Lakez Oy 5 giorni fa
Obaseki is so matured and calculated
Fortress ede Tony
Fortress ede Tony 5 giorni fa
Lolzz dis pastor is very funy o 🤣🤣😂😂 can't u answer your question?
Okunbor Ugo
Okunbor Ugo 5 giorni fa
Obaseki congratulations
Agho Major
Agho Major 5 giorni fa
This guy is not qualified to be a counselor talk more governor
Ifeoluwa Oginni
Ifeoluwa Oginni 4 giorni fa
Which of them?
Fortress ede Tony
Fortress ede Tony 5 giorni fa
Agho Major
Agho Major 5 giorni fa
From this debate ize iyamu is no where close to obaseki
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