Funny Reaction Of Husbands To Tiktok Leggings #11 #shorts

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▮ Funny Reaction Of Husbands To Tiktok Leggings #11 #shorts
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15 mar 2021




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Funniest Viral Couple
Thank you for following along and giving us suggestions. I hope you can watch our videos everyday. You can see more funny videos here: itvid.net/group/PLvuzweyc8NvrUOc_ny2ftBOGORBR9fZlf
Amir Yaman
Amir Yaman 8 ore fa
Saba Efrem
Saba Efrem 5 giorni fa
Anar Muhkejeihjeamad
Stephanie Butler
Stephanie Butler 12 giorni fa
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali 14 giorni fa
ممكن اعرف
Sheena Anderson
Sheena Anderson 9 minuti fa
The second Guy was happy 😂
SillyTube 23 minuti fa
I'm gonna buy dollar tree toothbrushes and sell them as ITvid toothbrush for $5 🤣🤣
Tanya Davis
Tanya Davis 25 minuti fa
God bless her for havin a husband who wants to "tap dat ass" lol! You GO girl!
Carpe Diem Akuna matataa
Tenía un vecino que decia que con los leggins estaba buena hasta su mujer jajajaja
Banch Ora fa
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle 2 ore fa
Ok this is enough internet for today
Michael Squires
Big respect
50cent 50cent
50cent 50cent 2 ore fa
Hay enjoy ✌️😉
J.S.S. G
J.S.S. G 3 ore fa
Babe it's for you ! Low key it's for all the guys to look at 💯
Narancia Ghirga
Stupid video.
Der Entscheider
Arme Menschheit, sonst gibt's dazu nicht viel zu sagen...
lilian zurita
lilian zurita 6 ore fa
😂🤣😆una tiene trasero la otra no, gracias diosito por bendecirme con el trasero más hermoso...🥰🥰🥰...
John Stempien
John Stempien 6 ore fa
Joshua Izzo
Joshua Izzo 7 ore fa
So I guess I'm not the only guy who slaps his wife's booty every chance I get
Misa 8 ore fa
So this is youtube now i guess
Siham Ham
Siham Ham 8 ore fa
Oh even foreigners have these mentalities 🙆🙆🙆
Simp825 poop
Simp825 poop 8 ore fa
Now imagine 10 year old kids watching this shit.. 😌
dopex2xdeath 10 ore fa
Tf is a tiktok legging? Its just leggings
Kas 10 ore fa
What booty ?
MrHunter830 11 ore fa
Imagine what would happen if the men did nothing and said nothing 💯
Jason E
Jason E 11 ore fa
First of all why the hell are they calling them Tik Tok leggings they're just leggings?
bahar 11 ore fa
I hope noone wears that outside
Jordan Gray
Jordan Gray 11 ore fa
Second one was better.
Aodmodify Boonwan
Let's go baby Arrange one flower first.
Demarkus Jones
Demarkus Jones 13 ore fa
Why he hit her but like that lmao
Kronos Mitchell
Kronos Mitchell 13 ore fa
Why do guys not hype up their girls anymore it's sad honestly and I've seen some baddies bros be dating and they ain't even care or appreciate it dam rude
Big Ben
Big Ben 13 ore fa
Second one... 🔥🔥
BakedPo Tato
BakedPo Tato 13 ore fa
Rest assured she is sending naked pics to other guys. U need to leave her, bro.
The girls are showing off for other guys though.
khano kay raaz
khano kay raaz 13 ore fa
Ya ALLAH har Insan ki Hifazat farma Or apnay siwa kbhi kisi ka muhtaj na karna meray Malik.
ucnhtmenow1 14 ore fa
If she doesn't say "ow" you ain't slapping it right lol. Have to go from a top to bottom motion.
Daniel Zepeda
Daniel Zepeda 14 ore fa
This is by far the most stupid video I’ve ever seen in my life I feel ashamed of myself reviewing this garbage
shaun brown
shaun brown 14 ore fa
My wife knows it’s dangerous to wear leggings around the house. They’re like a magnet.
Adnan Abdic
Adnan Abdic 14 ore fa
What's the point once u take them off it goes back to being a blob of lard
bizarre nadsat
bizarre nadsat 14 ore fa
Straight up harassment
Bluebird Bluebird
OwlShadow 15 ore fa
Its funny how peoples go crazy about them now... And no one cared when they was few years ago on aliexpress for like 10$
Rubezz 246
Rubezz 246 15 ore fa
That first girl was so flat that guy should have just toldher the truth
Channy CH
Channy CH 16 ore fa
Idk how many kids out there use tiktok and watching this
Milito Baby
Milito Baby 17 ore fa
A mi me distrajo el cuchillo de la segunda pareja. I got distracted by the knife 🔪 of the second couple.
Lu. Xino
Lu. Xino 17 ore fa
Y i
Meme King
Meme King 17 ore fa
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 17 ore fa
Day 6 tictok cancer find a cure
Vic 18 ore fa
Stop smacking it n grab tht shit
ماه عسل للفنان جنابيه
نتم هاتسحون
Turtle 18 ore fa
Mês que idiota. Até parece que nunca viu uma bunda antes.
Charles Shiringane
Jay Cavazos
Jay Cavazos 19 ore fa
This is your husband why are you show your ass on the internet... This is why the world is ending.
Neutron technology SBA
अबे!!!! क्या चलरहा है !
George Reginald
George Reginald 19 ore fa
The second ass bought the black out of dude😂😂😂
Business tehnics
Они это любят
Queensryche 20 ore fa
Cachondosss !!! Posoyee.
Aisyah Icha
Aisyah Icha 21 ora fa
Lg trend
Djegohhiv ghjubFernando
N B 22 ore fa
LOLL every guy
Jmoney_ Savage35
The last one 👀👀👀
Ma. Isabela Tresvalles
Y'all getting too comfortable,huh?
pro rzm
pro rzm 23 ore fa
Fintastrophe Giorno fa
She has a very long back
The One
The One Giorno fa
When they bought the leggings for their husbands but they also bought it for us.
Bruh Tofu
Bruh Tofu 21 ora fa
But we don’t get to slap it thou
Aaaa\ mukesh
Aaaa\ mukesh Giorno fa
Moj aavi jayaa
Dites bonjour quoi
The first one disgusting me
Newoo Oppo
Newoo Oppo Giorno fa
) fjvj
hw w
hw w Giorno fa
just imagine when u got married and saw ur wife’s old videos
Manvel Rubenyan
Manvel Rubenyan Giorno fa
Overly Fatman
Overly Fatman Giorno fa
Where the Apple pants at?
avian cypress
avian cypress Giorno fa
First girl had a long back
Inger Jackson
Inger Jackson Giorno fa
2nd one is my husband minus knowing where they came from. He could careless lol
Sahil ji
Sahil ji Giorno fa
H Saadani
H Saadani Giorno fa
Stop slapping the spaghetti
Anonymous Mcghee
First dude looking for a new girlfriend second dude stopped playing the game as much and his posture got better😂😂😭😭
Dman4901 Ora fa
The first slap changed his life 😂 he forgot all about what they were initially doing 😂
50cent 50cent
50cent 50cent Giorno fa
Pas lock good 🇬🇧
Chris Moses
Chris Moses Giorno fa
I know even you felt like smacking them
Shadow 21
Shadow 21 Giorno fa
I swear #2 cuts my hair 👀
Texas Rewired
Texas Rewired Giorno fa
My girl got some of them and umm.. Lets just say what you see here is how I was but x2 the reaction lol YOU MEN NEED TO LET YOUR GIRL GET SOME
Jun Jun's World
Jun Jun's World Giorno fa
The second guy said fuck this brisque, I got this piece of ass right here
Gautam Thakur
Gautam Thakur Giorno fa
Its fucking cancer
Javi Salcedo
Javi Salcedo Giorno fa
No sé que hago viendo esto... Comenze con un vídeo short de warzone y de repente me salió la reacción de los esposos hacia sus damas tocando cola xd
Poison Jarl
Poison Jarl Giorno fa
They don’t look great on everyone but when they do they do.
WildBill707 Giorno fa
Yeah smack it !!!!!
ABRIHEM Rz Giorno fa
cesar julio Quimbaya
Posa deras
Eri Mont
Eri Mont Giorno fa
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hay pobre que plana
My man's in the blue shirt was trying to get it in the kitchen🤣
Chris Carter
Chris Carter Giorno fa
Nothing there 😂
vivo v11
vivo v11 Giorno fa
Ok.kuon (kuoni inthanex omni.អ៊ុំ នី is in morthet khmer ankhor .ok.
BOT army
BOT army Giorno fa
Disgusting 👎👎👎😡❌❌❌🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮
Ricktard Watchaself
1st clip the downfall of the millennials (needs validation) trust me I know I am one 2nd clip how everyone should react both parties involved
The first one well.. can we say 🥞.. second one junk in da trunk only it's not real Becky..it's the Amazon leggings😝🤣🤣
Tanece Miles
Tanece Miles Giorno fa
Poor tink tink! Lol!
DARKCAVE Giorno fa
Bro was trying to get it jiggling
Ebube Okafor
Ebube Okafor Giorno fa
Hmmmmm enjoyment
Theo Chry
Theo Chry Giorno fa
Stop objectifying your body people!
Jack Parkansky
Jack Parkansky Giorno fa
Bro you should get that excited to see your girls booty regardless... this shit is a joke 😂
black yellow
black yellow Giorno fa
Girls have got maniacs about their ass..the wake up and sleep thinking about their ass
Gang6an6 Giorno fa
These pants dont make your butt physically bigger. It makes it appear bigger js
Sweet Bunes
Sweet Bunes Giorno fa
Me they just have too slap you Sis dont even start with
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