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6 giu 2020




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Commenti 80
amel3971 amel3971
2:51 Grandma....Is that...YOU?
Lauri Giorno fa
14:23 U see how he pointed wrong when the sog said "you" he pointed himself lmao
GhXsT矇 2 giorni fa
13:29 i am disgusted
noxabellus 3 giorni fa
stop making old people say cringey zoomer lines it physically hurts me
ShIfT_CoZmIk 4 giorni fa
ima go get some dinner be right back
zippy_ boi
zippy_ boi 4 giorni fa
TwT why...12:42
Boogie Man
Boogie Man 7 giorni fa
10:57 did he record that on an android???
Skar The Fuckin Dog
Anybody knows the 13:07 song?
GALAZY0 7 giorni fa
8:29 in to vid : does that mean cows in Minecraft are lesbians when u breed them bc they dont have bulls in Minecraft
GAMING live 7 giorni fa
The grandma bro
Its_Churro_Duh 7 giorni fa
Karlee Jones
Karlee Jones 8 giorni fa
Who even watches James Charles
XxdarkwingxX140 XxdarkwingxX140
wow....now this is funny
shrimpyboiz 8 giorni fa
where they supposed to be funny
Kenny.McCormick 8 giorni fa
2:23 is fake, sorry
whatever _
whatever _ 9 giorni fa
10:41 Its literally 11:04pm and I was just opening up ph on my laptop after saying good night to my parents 2 hours ago
KawaiiqutieLexi 9 giorni fa
1:21 prepare for the ride of a lifetime XD
Logan Trinh
Logan Trinh 9 giorni fa
13:15 walmart belle delphine
high speed gaming
high speed gaming 10 giorni fa
Yo hold up some americans have to google what a male cow is tf is society
jimbo jones
jimbo jones 10 giorni fa
What's with tiktok thumbnails?
cLoak 223
cLoak 223 11 giorni fa
"Lemme jus count it for ya"
Anthropomorphic Carrot
The girl on the front looks like squidward after he ate all the Krabby patties
Cooper Burnette
Cooper Burnette 12 giorni fa
brb gonna make a sandwich
Meme Lord.TANIMA
Meme Lord.TANIMA 13 giorni fa
2:31 she fooled her mom lmao
Recorpse 13 giorni fa
18:06 either she knew exactly what she was doing or she doesn't understand why this video got so much attention.
Diamond Robot
Diamond Robot 17 giorni fa
8:18 Actually, Odis is canonically trans, so him being a male cow makes sense!
Pickle God
Pickle God 17 giorni fa
13:09 Ahegao 19:29 Doggo
The Collector
The Collector 17 giorni fa
Is it just me that i feel bad for the grandma i would have given her the money back
Layamarie The great!
I am mixed. And to be honest. We kinda be like that though
Camojake001 18 giorni fa
What time is the girl from the thumbnail on the far right
Pickle God
Pickle God 17 giorni fa
Camojake001 19:29
perl harbor
perl harbor 18 giorni fa
3:40 he looks like Frank "The Crank" with hair
Kristy Maharaj
Kristy Maharaj 19 giorni fa
is it just me or did anyone else get scared at 16:21?
Evan Shoulders
Evan Shoulders 19 giorni fa
7:23 coolest mom award goes to...
Evan Shoulders
Evan Shoulders 19 giorni fa
Ajeanene Maxwell
Ajeanene Maxwell 19 giorni fa
At 13:23 why would you teach your grandma gang signs!?!?!?
Puff Pets
Puff Pets 19 giorni fa
Body acceptance girl feeding the dog human food. TRIGGERED ♀互
merrickdragon 20 giorni fa
"Cmon i was just joking"
DuMmY 20 giorni fa
The bug one thooo :0
Juicy Melon
Juicy Melon 20 giorni fa
At least show whats on your thumb nail
katsuki bakugou
katsuki bakugou 22 giorni fa
" I'm coming over" "Will you be long" 14:41 *long*
Mr.cool575 22 giorni fa
3:30 this is home cavetown
Mr.cool575 22 giorni fa
8:10 same thing
Breonka Garrott
Breonka Garrott 22 giorni fa
That grandma kinda hot soe
Create with Kindness
That vango shirt I have lol
Rich Uncle Pennybags
Zayne Hill
Zayne Hill 25 giorni fa
Mama bear got played
Ruben van Loo
Ruben van Loo 25 giorni fa
8:22 guess she's american
Tazerboy10 27 giorni fa
13:33 - 13:50 ---> Is this video even real?
Iam speed YT
Iam speed YT 27 giorni fa
Male cows are a bull
Keenan Phelps
Keenan Phelps 27 giorni fa
3:04 i felt so bad
0j33._ 28 giorni fa
12:36 Ill give you mine idk if youll like it though
The one gamless
The one gamless 29 giorni fa
As soon it hit little hubby Im deleting ITvid and the Internet
Hope Apex
Hope Apex 29 giorni fa
So nobody is gonna talk about 13:33??
Accident -.-
Accident -.- 29 giorni fa
0:45 : Yes i got in
Justus Gordon-Tilo
You should make a compilation of all the Pt. 2s we want to see
Lamar Mcguire
15:33 what song?
Vinny Didelot
13:12 I was contemplating powering off my phone and using my blender to kill then light it on fire so I could kill it more but with fire
Umai Draws
Umai Draws Mese fa
Chiara Mese fa
8:22 "recently found out male cows are bulls" ok never thought of the otis thing but girl........ RECENTY FOUND OUT??????
13:42 That wasn't verry Cash-money of youu
I subscribed bc of how good your content is :D
Please subscribe to me
Polo boyy 喫喫
YNW Ricch
YNW Ricch Mese fa
No cap hate these emo girls be tweakin.Damn get them off here
Teigan Paige
Teigan Paige Mese fa
iced coffee is fking discusting
Lauri Mese fa
If someone is thinking who is the girl at the left in the thumbnail, it's @snowwifexoxo in tik tok, and Haleyhewitt in instagram. I gotchu bois
Trevor Ward
Trevor Ward Mese fa
12:57 that's awkward
00 00
00 00 Mese fa
13:20 song ?
Onyon Baby
Onyon Baby Mese fa
Im tired of these thumbnails this channel use girls that are hot to get more people to watch it. This is disgusting and these poor girls are getting exploited. They dont deserve this. Thats probably why 80% of people arent subscribed and just viewers who want to see these girls so I recommend changing these thumbnails going forward.
Dino Mese fa
3:35 umm why is that so relatable?
X Mese fa
Kimberlina Salazar**
19:38 Im legit sippin on my 9th cup today!!!!!! . FYI the reason I drink so much coffee is cuz I literally only get abt 1/2 hours of sleep... yeah I have my problems I know....
Emma Dodson
Emma Dodson Mese fa
Grandma: Come on lets do it one more time I was just joking I was just joking
Hannah Basson
14:20 songggg?!!?!!
Son Goku 69
Son Goku 69 Mese fa
Bird passed the vibe check
Jallama Jazmine
Tiktoks that beat my meat
Brix Boi
Brix Boi Mese fa
0:26 Can someone please tell me what the name of this song is
Master30 Mese fa
13:03 what the heck is wrong with this guy
eisiq cole-shephard
3:09 - 3:14 dammit I am a freakin idiot
Heather Heather Heather
9:09 No...
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