Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 2 | Preview (HBO)

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Death has many faces.
The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO.

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15 apr 2019




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Commenti 16 381
FrankDelJobsen 55 minuti fa
allein das thumbnail ist ein spoiler!
Jimmy Chen
Jimmy Chen 55 minuti fa
Anyone else find dany a bit annoying She away quick to go into iam threating u mode
aped 55 minuti fa
Tyrion is about to get fired. He’s been doing a bad job as hand of the Queen. Dany night name Sansa as hand.
Autumn Brown
I just had this flash of Jon getting hit with the cold fire and it turning his hair white...Epic Targaryen moment
c20995 Ora fa
You gotta admire Jamie's bravery and growth as a Character.
Jaime: need a push? Bran: need a hand?
Al-ShAmi ❶
جايمي 😍❤️🔥
Austin Gore
the writers are having so much trouble with dialogue without source material. Poor Tyrion.
Bahadar Amiksh
bet ghost is as big as a horse now
Ece Ceylin & Brothers
Search Ece Ceylin & Brothers
Kyla Allen
Kyla Allen Ora fa
I like it so. vary
Gabriel Brito
Chicken Wing
Just watched season 1 to 7/8 in 5 days and this show is bad-ish I wouldn’t call it good I feel sorry for whoever watched it in 2011 because nothings really happened like a whole 7/8 years just to build up to one fight💀😂I’m lucky I’ve just started watching it now imagine someone watching this in 2011/12 for this
Exquisite Elephant
How come everyone has 1000 plus likes
Le Rigoureux
Le Rigoureux 2 ore fa
Not going to lie, I hated season 7 Daenerys and I genuinely want Aegon to take over the whole thing. Yeah, I'm calling him Aegon, come at me. 😎
Purple Magic
Purple Magic 2 ore fa
Im female and I dont feel like kneeling for Daenerys 🤔
Can Ceylan
Can Ceylan 2 ore fa
Please, Kill the Jamie!!! Jamie's sins enough in this show.
Oran f
Oran f 2 ore fa
Me when the Night king come through.... Ninja Cat itvid.net/video/video-GyWR88-uQcw.html
arctic 1878
arctic 1878 2 ore fa
Why do people want to watch these things, just spoils the next episode.
647JC 2 ore fa
Whens this bastard war going to happen...
Lenny 2 ore fa
Breaking bad Is still better
TheTassoul 2 ore fa
Jamie: Need a push?` Bran: No, but I could use a hand.
Mphajay 2 ore fa
Love Sansa this season. She seems to be channeling Cersei 's fierceness
A D 3 ore fa
Watching for the forth time!!!
jenrhea reyes
jenrhea reyes 3 ore fa
Entitled dany always bitchin about everything. Ugh annoying! Plus she and jonsnow has zero chemistry.
Hugo 3 ore fa
Im confused, i have never seen Game og Thrones. Like if you have neither
RED Picture
RED Picture 3 ore fa
Robert VanderMay
Danny is the other side of the coin with Cersie. She may be a good queen when she gets the throne. But it’s all about the throne. Where with Jon it’s all about people. Danny is going mad. And will not be good queen to have in the end. ( my opinion )
Kiefer Newman
Kiefer Newman 3 ore fa
:16 Look at the glare Dany gives Sansa, I bet she says something like good riddance or applauds Jamie for killing her father.
Alexanne McKenzie
Arra" nyam king slayer and find bron, did bron die already?
Matanya Holmes
Just realised the 7 Pointed Star and the Night King's mark are both 7 markings. Im not sure if it means something maybe he has something to do with it perhaps...
Clove 3 ore fa
Rant alert!!!!! A good dragon queen would not have let little Lord Umber go to the Last Hearth alone. She would have at least flown her dragons to escort him. He was no older than Bran when he became Lord of Winterfell. And why aren’t she and Jon out scouting on those dragons instead of flirting and kissing. WE DONT HAVE TIME 4 THIS !!!. Ok rant over!
Brennbox2000 _
Subscribe yo my ITvid channel Brennbox2000 _ everyone I would really appreciate it ❤️😃
satyam kumar
satyam kumar 3 ore fa
I am pretty sure the Lanisters will come to fight against the night king soon.
AStoryGood 3 ore fa
0:22 Things are going to get icy between them.
Son- Gohan
Son- Gohan 3 ore fa
Hab noch nie Got geschaut aber die blonde würde ich ficken allda
Irina B
Irina B 3 ore fa
Am I the only one who actually loves Jamie?
Jamie: rides into winterfell Bran: That’s Jamie’s fooking Lannister
Vijay Sharma
Vijay Sharma 4 ore fa
First episode was shit, looking forward to this one.
Hamoudi Kaya
Hamoudi Kaya 4 ore fa
Can not wait to see this 😭
Calinescu Alexandru
This is the part where the elephants come? Just askin'...
the action director who is aaryan
Why is Dany getting more and more unhinged episode after episode? I mean initially she was this underdog protagonist and now she’s so f*****g arrogant and self-entitled (when, actually she shouldn’t be) that she deserves to die or at least not become the queen But the lazy writers probably won’t choose either of the options because CROWDPLEASING!
music kashmir official
can anybody tell how is grey worm getting laid🤔
Patsfan 4life
Patsfan 4life 4 ore fa
Just waking up like what’s for breakfast 🤔
S Markovic
S Markovic 4 ore fa
My opinion what will happened... white king will get for.what he came for, they will give him anything to keep peace and both side need each other... when zombies return home then all hell will get lose for throne in kings landing...
Aze 4 ore fa
Oh lord
Yusuf Yılmaz
Yusuf Yılmaz 5 ore fa
Türkler nerede tek benmiyim bu diziyi izleyen🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
MLHKSKN 5 ore fa
Sikicem danisini jon vur masaya artık hanımcılık biyere kadar kış geliyor kış topların doncak it
Winnie Morton
Winnie Morton 5 ore fa
I can’t wait 🥳🥳🥳
Faisal Ibrahim
Am I the only one who hates Daenerys?
Dj hotdawg
Dj hotdawg 2 ore fa
Read the comment section that's all people are taking about
janek kowlowa
janek kowlowa 5 ore fa
Kiedy 2 odcinek?
Outlas 0-0
Outlas 0-0 5 ore fa
se viene lo buenooo jovenes!!! v:
Neo Luthuli
Neo Luthuli 5 ore fa
If that was Khaleesi's brother meeting Jaime "fooking" Lannister. He would be dead without uttering a single word that dude was crazy as fook.
Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali 5 ore fa
Whether Jon is the rightful ruler of the seven kingdoms or Dany, one thing is for sure, if they both survive then their first born son is the rightful ruler.
Loïc Burgat
Loïc Burgat 5 ore fa
daenerys will be mad and die
0 5 ore fa
Death Is Highly Overrated
محمد خلف
تحيه لكل عربي مر من هنااا🤚🌹
Eshan Perera
Eshan Perera 5 ore fa
Ohh this is getting better
Isabella Ross
Isabella Ross 5 ore fa
anyone else never even seen game of thrones yet? oOps
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Angeena *Memento Mori*
_A girl wants another episode as soon as possible_
DeityFree Dee
DeityFree Dee 5 ore fa
I loved the lack of reactions in episode 1. Daenerys learns one of her children is now a zombie-no reaction. Sam makes some sniffling sounds after learning about the deaths of his father (the jackass) and brother ... otherwise really no reaction. Jon finds out he’s in love with his aunt...really not much of a reaction. Such a great series...but I guess they got bored with it and are now rushing to end it. And it shows.
Karlovy vlaky
Karlovy vlaky 6 ore fa
Sub to PewDiePie
Merlin Arthur
Merlin Arthur 6 ore fa
If arya kills a whitewalker or carvs their face off, could she become them or does it only work for humans?? Someone answer plz xD
TatsuPlay 6 ore fa
Procurei comentários brasileiros não achei, deixo o meu aqui pra vcs conversarem!!!
Bobby Kahlon
Bobby Kahlon 6 ore fa
"It is said: A bleeding star will announce the arrival of the Azor Ahai, it is said that the sword thorn was forged from a fallen star." On the last ring, which is shown in the intro of the first episode of the eighth season, you see two dragons, the ice dragon and a comet, probably this comet is a sign of the upcoming prophecy.
Wolfgang Von Zubaz
Daenerys early in series: ... I'm a humanitarian interventionist white savior liberal Daenerys late in series: ... I'll deplatform you if don't agree with me... and by deplatform I mean burn you alive
MrRunen1 6 ore fa
Its fucking incredible to see how much Lord Royce of the Vale hates the Lannisters!
I hope Sam interupts Dany during her speech at Jaime ..."You literally just told me you burnt my father AND brother alive..so yea.."
Dj hotdawg
Dj hotdawg 2 ore fa
But alas Sam is a coward
Kauri Wilson
Kauri Wilson 6 ore fa
Did you know the dragon girls' partner has a brother who is married to someone within their family and that someone else is an aunty to the dragon girl and her man. ABIT INCESTUOUS
Heythem Eagle
Heythem Eagle 6 ore fa
But your father was mad killer who burns people alive , you arrogant bitch .
Matanya Holmes
Daenerys expect everyone to be loyal to her when that's not how things are. Yes, without her the chances of defeating the Night King are almost impossible but even so if she doesn't want to help without everyone being loyal to her then as Davos said she'll just be ruling over graveyard.
Chris Rivers
Chris Rivers 6 ore fa
Hope someone kills Danny. Shes a massive tit
Laura 6 ore fa
When Jaime's grilled over killing the mad king, the person defending him will be... BRAN. Mark my words.
Matanya Holmes
Daenerys won't be mad at Jaime they are just showing you a glimpse of her whole speech she will probably even thank him. Can't wait to see Brienne/Tyrion/Brann with Jaime again.
Dj hotdawg
Dj hotdawg 2 ore fa
She may forgive him for killing her father but then there's the him trying to kill here at the loot train and killing olenna and if bran mentions being pushed out a window he would be in a really shit situation
Matanya Holmes
I don't think Daenerys will actualy be mad at Jaime for what he did and she will actually thank him. Don't think Bran will tell anyone what he did as well or maybe he will but will also say that because of him they are now able to defeat the Night King. Either way can't wait!
Elina Roselina
I am so sick of dany always talking about the thrones fathers is one war that matter get over yourself
Matanya Holmes
Brienne: He killed The Mad King and saved millions of lives. Daenerys: Very well I will be more merciful... Kneel or die.
Hayley Murphy
Hayley Murphy 6 ore fa
Oooooh dany boyyyyy 🎵 Your dad, your dads-a-wanker 🎵
Matanya Holmes
Please don't kill Jaime or Tyrion please...
Ally Jay
Ally Jay 6 ore fa
Tyrion will die taking an arrow meant for Jamie and then he will go to Cercei and kill her in revenge for all the terrible things she's done when he finally realizes he has always been just as much of a victim to her monstrosity. She cursed him to a life of secrecy and shame and ultimately got their children killed. Their forbidden love was a mistake from day 1 and the greatest tragedy that lead to his life of misery. Not to imply he is in any way innocent, he still deserves to die along with the Lannister name and bloodline. Tyrion is a dwarf for a reason, incest is a family tradition.
Maricel Forn Codina
why tf is this so fuckin intense?
Sheer And Sharky The Kids Show
"When I was a child I used to watch Game Of Thrones Kids Edition at our channel " ;)
Critical Canon
Boruto is the Night King. His eyes are bluer even than the Hokage.
Marian Attie
Marian Attie 6 ore fa
Sansa says/does something that shocks the room. She is the best player right now.
Messed Up Hina
You murdered that damn brother you dumb bitch
justice siwela
Worst show Overrated show It teaches nothing but taboo, half siblings having sex Teaching kids to avenge. Satanic things. But M just glad it's the last season.
peris snake
peris snake 7 ore fa
Είμαι στο 0,01% που δεν σας βλέπω. Θα σέβεστε
iRacing Rookie
The big question still remains.. Does cersie like a finger up the bum??!
Yogesh Mokashe
jaimie is dead
Danny seni tokat delisi ederim
Blessed Be The Holy Maple Leaf
"All the things we would do to the man who murdered are father"uhh umm two words "Samwell Tarly"
Carl Mingus
Carl Mingus 7 ore fa
MapaT Prosto
MapaT Prosto 7 ore fa
я - "наркоиграпрестоломан", блиать
Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan 7 ore fa
WHERE'S GHOST!,??!!!??!!!!??????!?!???
Jerome 092
Jerome 092 7 ore fa
I am the only one who was disappointed with episode 1? Is not that it was bad, its just that is the last 6 episodes ever! I expected like a season finale episode each of the last 6 episodes, they promised us almost 2 hour episodes and it was barely 50mins. The reunions lack more emotions, when Sansa and Jon reunited there was more emotion people almost cried of happiness , and we never saw Jon and Sansa together ever before, when Jon and Arya reunited it was a quick hey its been a while. No one talked about Bran and what he is, not Jon , Dany or anyone else, like if it was not a big deal he’s the three eye raven. We don’t see Jon talking about the white walkers at all, how scary and deadly they are. Barely anything happened, its down to 5 episodes to wrap the entire story of ice and fire!! The previews just show more of the same, and it looks like episode 2 is ending with the white walkers arriving at Winterfield, which means not much will happen in episode 2 and is all focus on talking and jaime.
Klein O'Neil
Klein O'Neil 7 ore fa
This is the best comment section ever 🤣🤣🤣
varun tiwari
varun tiwari 7 ore fa
NightKing is coming to tell Jon secretly, tht he is not a bastard bt king of seven kingdoms
Thomas Larsen
Thomas Larsen 7 ore fa
Can you increase the gamma? can barely see anything when watching this season at daytime :)
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