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Friends, welcome to the FINAL part of our FNAF Timeline, t's been quite a ride putting this all together! Sure, there may still be some unanswered questions but I truly feel like this timeline solves a lot of questions that we've had for a long time and honestly poses some really interesting new ones. I'm so excited to see where we go next with this franchise and you all know I'll be right here with you pulling my hair out trying to make sense of it! Thank you all for theorizing alongside me!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Tyler Mascola, JayskiBean, Pedro Freitas and Warak
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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dormammu so fat
dormammu so fat 2 mesi fa
Scott, Matpat and Markiplier made this franchise what it is in the best way possible for us to experience let’s be honest
VRabbit 2 mesi fa
I love them all
Scotthebot1911 2 mesi fa
kit kat ☆
kit kat ☆ 2 mesi fa
they really did
Kemuel 2 mesi fa
and cory
Alastor 2 mesi fa
MiIey Cryus 🅥 How on earth are you Verified 😂 Edit: My notifications are dying, guys I know it’s just part of the name, it was a joke Edit AGAIN: Everyone just leave me alone please?! It was obviously not Miley Cyrus, or MeatCanyon, they had like 60 subscribers and had joined a couple years ago, I know it’s not them. The check mark is legit just part of their name. You all think you’re smarter than me because I made a joke, see the emoji that is literally laughing? Joke.
GamePapa Mese fa
I love the idea of Clara Afton being the new main villain. She was just a mother who wanted her family back, the world be damned. In doing so, she became just as bad as her husband.
Couch Funny
Couch Funny 11 giorni fa
No she’s definitely dead it’s been like what over 50 80 years
Otaman Vasyl
Otaman Vasyl 11 giorni fa
@Couch Funny She can be an A.I. or Robot-clone (Ballora) of Mrs. Afton.
liternoir 10 giorni fa
the living tombstone needs to make "The Wife Behind The New Slaughter"
mayov 9 giorni fa
​@Otaman Vasylhow would she be able to get williams papers if shes documented dead and living through a burnt animatronic? Not to mention that ballora became ennard if she was indeed dead and haunting her.
ReptileRandy Krusha
ReptileRandy Krusha 22 giorni fa
Matpat: _"Finally... The Ultimate Timeline is FINIS-"_ The Mimic: *"I wouldn't say 'finished', more like... under new management."*
crusty man arms
crusty man arms 8 giorni fa
*bad to the bone guitar riff*
Mocha Mochi
Mocha Mochi 6 giorni fa
What's the mimic? I've seen a lot of comments mentioning it
capybara 5 giorni fa
@Mocha Mochiin the “true” ending of security breach, an animatronic-springlock something, looking like springtrap thing is there
WRPico 5 giorni fa
@capybarathat spring trap looking thing IS spring trap, but he is now called burntrap and he is fused with William Aftons corpse but he’s still alive cuz of remnant
Couch Funny
Couch Funny 4 giorni fa
Me afton also could have died at any point and the books
MatiNuva1700 4 giorni fa
The only issue I have with this storyline is the timeline (ironically) William Afton was alive around 1930s, and in here, Security Breach is set in 2030s. So unless Clara Afton was uncomfortably younger than William, She has to be around 100 years old if She's even still alive
Amani 18 ore fa
That's true... I can't shake the feeling that the Afton family is still intimately connected to Security Breach though.
MadDogB20 5 ore fa
Well he definitely mentioned how the reminant could make you immortal so y not do that to keep your family forever
Moonmoon Mese fa
I like how mrs afton despite how insane her husband was she still loved him enough to bring him back. I guess unconditional love really is strong enough to forgive flaws.
Mr Tuxedo
Mr Tuxedo Mese fa
From the events of this episode it sounds like she was just as crazy as he was
my diary ♡︎
my diary ♡︎ 8 giorni fa
i think she just wanted her to have her family back together
still here
still here 5 giorni fa
Not so small flaws
Guacre ™
Guacre ™ Giorno fa
Well then it wouldn't be unconditional
𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐞 𝐇𝐚𝐥𝐞
FLAWS the man was a full fledged child murderer 😭 love should not be unconditional
Dragon Plus
Dragon Plus Mese fa
I love how you turned it into a narrative. Having it has a complete story makes it so much more interesting and also satisfying. Great job Team Theorist!
L. D.
L. D. 2 mesi fa
Have I played a game? No. Did I watch every episode, some multiple times, because I love timelines and Matpats creative take? YES.
Fatboyjr 2 mesi fa
Same I finally don’t feel alone I played the first one that’s it scared me when It first came out
L. D.
L. D. 2 mesi fa
@Fatboyjr i hate horror and jumpscares so yeah, those kind of games arent my type....but I love lore on all occations 😆
Jjjj Edis
Jjjj Edis 2 mesi fa
@L. D. I love a lore about old women becoming insane
Fizzy 2 mesi fa
Lmao same and its been more than a year since it was released :')
zeldafan 375
zeldafan 375 Mese fa
MatPats voice is both therapeutic and terrifying.. we need to have him be a voice over for a scary movie that has no voice lines, only story telling and sound effects
Camerabot Mese fa
Maybe the FNAF Movie?
Gavin Bailey
Gavin Bailey Mese fa
@Camerabot which comes out in october
LunarTSAMS!!! Giorno fa
@Camerabot oooo yea!
Zoloft_6669 Mese fa
The way you have managed to fit FnaF AR into the timeline is simply incredible. We'll done sir!
S0fizzy Mese fa
​@The_Game_Theorists_Nicegramshut it scammer
Zoey Hater 9000
Zoey Hater 9000 6 giorni fa
@S0fizzy yo mama
Maria Rose
Maria Rose 10 giorni fa
Revisiting these after the release of the first movie teaser, and I also wanna give a hats off to the editing team! Thank you for all that you do for this channel!
Xander King
Xander King Mese fa
Even though I loved the whole timeline, I just wanna say that the design for Mrs Clara Afton is super charming. She's so simple, yet effective; and she fills out the lore so nicely that this timeline - even if you're wrong about her involvement in the timeline - feels like the definitive route. Plus, Clara just needs a hug; and I'd love to cuddle her after hearing about how her family getting ripped away from her.
Xander King
Xander King Mese fa
Also, I can totally imagine her finding a Nightmarionne plushie, noticing its black and white stripes (reminding her of the wires and the nighmarionne-looking S.T.A.F.F Bots); and then promptly throwing the thing at a wall while screaming a british insult (remember, William is British, if the Sister Location introduction is anything to go by). I'd even imagine the insult being something like "You ol' timey TOSSER!" (went with 'old timey' because of the "black and white" Nightmarionne looking like a cartoon from the 1930s).
SunG0D420 19 giorni fa
But she abandoned her kids...
Bowie mtl
Bowie mtl 18 giorni fa
Idk, if you asked me I think that the fact that she’d carry on Williams plans comes out of nowhere. Any sane person would have thought that all the research from William was literal insanity
Lizzie 8 giorni fa
I literally grew up watching Mapat's FNAF videos on Game Theory. This series on FNAF was my entire childhood. I'm so glad I got to grow with these videos. It's nice to see a cohesive, mostly complete theory to put this franchise to rest. That is, until the DLC and the movie come out. Also the trailer--
Jordan Schoepke
Jordan Schoepke 2 mesi fa
Matt BETTER be in the FNAF movie as a cameo. He deserves it for all the work he's put into making sense of this franchise
Zach Balent
Zach Balent 2 mesi fa
He needs to be the voice of psychic friend fredbear
Jared Williams
Jared Williams 2 mesi fa
A background character conspiracy theorist trying to uncover the truth of the restaurant
Alexander Ortiz
Alexander Ortiz 2 mesi fa
Exactly! Wait, physic friend Fredbear? That would be funny…
Bee 2 mesi fa
@Jared WilliamsOMG YES
Amebee 2 mesi fa
A conspiracy theorist who's trying to call out fazbear entertainment?
Cianoo Mese fa
For those who didn't watch every episode of MatPats FNaF timeline, here's a summary: The Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) timeline revolves around a chain of pizza restaurants called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where animatronics characters, such as Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy, entertain children during the day. At night, however, the animatronics become unpredictable and aggressive, causing trouble for the night guard. The timeline begins with the opening of the first Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in 1973, which is later shut down in 1985 due to the disappearance of several children. In 1987, a new Freddy Fazbear's Pizza location is opened, featuring updated animatronics with facial recognition technology to prevent the incidents of the past. This is the setting for the first game. The second game takes place in 1987 at a sister location to the original pizzeria. This location features new animatronics, including the Puppet, and is also haunted by the spirits of the missing children. In 1993, a new owner takes over the franchise and opens a new restaurant called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Place. This location is the setting for the third game and features a new animatronic called Springtrap, who is possessed by the spirit of the murderer responsible for the disappearances at the first pizzeria. The fourth game takes place in 1983 and follows a young child who is experiencing nightmares about the animatronics. It is revealed that the child is the victim of the murder in the first pizzeria. The fifth game, Sister Location, takes place at a new underground facility owned by the franchise, where new animatronics are being tested. The main character, Mike, discovers that the animatronics are being used to capture and kill children. In the sixth game, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, the player takes on the role of a new owner tasked with running a new location. It is revealed that this location was a trap to lure in the remaining animatronics and destroy them. The seventh game, Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted, is a virtual reality game that features levels from the previous games, as well as new ones. Finally, the eighth game, Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach, takes place in a large shopping mall where a new version of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is located. The main character, Gregory, must avoid the animatronics and find a way to escape the mall. Throughout the games, it is revealed that the animatronics are haunted by the spirits of the murdered children, and the main characters must uncover the truth behind the murders and try to put the spirits to rest.
Notexxone Mese fa
I READ ALLAT 🔥 🔥 🗣🗣🗣
Lauren Malone
These last few timeline videos have been amazing. Not just how everything comes together but the way it’s narrated. I’d totally buy it if it was released as an audio book
Lady Lunamoon
Usually, some of Mattpats FNAF theories tent to be kinda far fetched, but really, the way this he explained it all and analyzed it makes this final timeline theory actually seem like a coherrent narrative! Especially considering this is FNAF we're talking about! The only big whole I currently see here is that, if you do the math, Mrs. Afton is most likely somewhere way over 70 years old, considering she was old enough to have a teenage son in the 1990s, which would most likely be somewhere between 30 and 50! Add 40 years up to Security Breach and you get an at least 70 years! Though I gotta say, since she had the formula for Remnant, and maybe even some leftover doses from William, she could've easily injected herself with that stuff! The Remnant let Michael live, move around, tamper with animatronics and (In FNAF 6) let him move such big robots into a building, for years on end, all despite being a literal rotting corpse! So I'd be suprised if that stuff couldn't keep an old woman alive and kickin!
Couch Funny
Couch Funny 11 giorni fa
Accidlly it was 1980s
Swordkid Mese fa
The dedication this man has for this franchise is immeasurable
PlatinumDoesVA 8 giorni fa
Everyone: "Thank you for solving the lore Matthew!" The Mimic, in the form of MatPat: "I wouldn't say *solved* more like, under new implications."
Nisa Bizahaloni
Nisa Bizahaloni 2 mesi fa
Watching Matpat's descent into madness in trying to solve or make a narrative sense of this franchise is a joy honestly.
VamossGaming 🅥
I have been waiting so long for this : itvid.net/video/video-5MobqBo1HqY.html
Not RickRoll 🅥
*Here is the full clip explaining why dad left you: (Making fun of bots)* itvid.net/video/video-TlBi_ZwmSWA.html
Ryan Soltani
Ryan Soltani 2 mesi fa
@Gus Ramos one can only hope
jimmy jones64
jimmy jones64 2 mesi fa
so for lore, in the sb cut lines gregory was told that he was bleeding but it wasnt told in the video that he has blood
Corinne Vella
Corinne Vella 2 mesi fa
Vatzey Mese fa
After 3 whole days I finished a collective 60 videos of fnaf lore my brain hurts but I’m glad I did it anyway s thanks MatPat
Joshua Seitler
Joshua Seitler 23 giorni fa
Same, honestly glad to be done. I can watch all his other stuff now.
WenWen 11 giorni fa
I am so happy I got to understand this whole lore so well. I was never allowed to watch game-plays or was too scared. My friend is a huge fan but couldn't find the words to explain it to me. We're going to see the movie as well when it comes out and I'm just so glad I understand this whole thing, sounds like a really cool story too! Thanks 🙏
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honestly this guy is amazing, constantly making and uploading these amazing theories for us and driving himself insane during the process
UndeadPlayer Mese fa
ok bot
The Grey Man with a Red Hat
I wonder how Kids will see this when this is a horror vid.
keymash Mese fa
@The Grey Man with a Red Hat you
Ivan Raykov
Ivan Raykov Mese fa
Where the V-bucks tho?
Ologyny Official
Crazy how it took years to finalize the entire timeline because of how intense and complicated FNAF is. It’s amazing
Absentia 2 mesi fa
The fact that this man, found a way to make Special Delivery canon is why I will forever be impressed with Matpat and his videos.
Eric Kamakeeaina
Special delivery itself already have an explaination for why it was canon
Gila Gal
Gila Gal 2 mesi fa
I mean that's not very new news, John actually did a lot of the work on that front in some earlier theories, it's been nice seeing Mat and John take bits and pieces from each other's theories and work alongside each other.
Artchi Nolastname
Dont forget the editors
Calvin Noire
Calvin Noire 2 mesi fa
Chocolate bunny and Shamrock Freddy is now cannon guys.
Fun fuxi 1
Fun fuxi 1 2 mesi fa
It’s kinda been common knowledge in the fnaf community for awhile. Because of the emails.
307ike Mese fa
Whether the theory is correct or not, you tell a great story! Thanks for the dedication!!
It sounds crazy but it all makes sense! Thank you MatPat
Richard Martin
Couple of things I hope you consider. First, in your timeline, William sold his ownership stake (at least a significant percentage of it) in the Fazbear Corporation. So the trademarks, patents, and all other IP would belong to the corporation, not Mrs. Afton upon his death. Also the company went bankrupt, so that stuff would have all been sold to pay off corporate debts. Now given that a decent percentage of his research is about child murder, those probably weren't listed as corporate assets, so maybe she found that stuff while going through his belongs or something. The IP needed to reopen the pizzeria, however, she would have had to purchase from the bankruptcy. Given that it was associated with child murder, she could have gotten it on the cheap. But she wouldn't just inherit it. Second, as for the emails referencing management trying to stop the spread of the Springtrap virus, I have two potential explanations. She could have only wanted to target Vanessa, but prevent it going anywhere else. Or she could have been replaced as the head of the company. Not sure how that fits in the timeline, but it's possible one person approved the plan to scan the boards, but a new person replaced her (or whoever) and ordered the scanning stopped. Food for thought. Keep up the great work. I'll never play these games, but I feel like I know plenty about them from your videos.
Shreya Mese fa
Matt, this was honestly the best I could ask for. I've been keeping up with your FNAF theories since Dream theory, but everything started to get too complicated around FNAF 6. I kept up till there but then lost touch. And now when I wanna watch any of the newer theories I had no idea what was going on. This caught me up really well and now I can go back and watch the theories I missed. Thank you for giving me back a part of my childhood again
Yeetus Fetus
Yeetus Fetus 4 giorni fa
My last 2 hours have been filled with chills and uneasiness but at least I know a little more about the fnaf lore now.
Buzzb 2 mesi fa
I love that Mrs. Afton has a bigger role in the story now. She’s always just kinda been there for the fact that Afton had a family. I think it’s so cool that she serves a bigger purpose in the lore now!
Wendy O. Koopa
Wendy O. Koopa 2 mesi fa
Yes this has got to be one of my favorite theories!
Atriax 2 mesi fa
what dou you mean by "I love that Mrs. Afton has a bigger role in the story now." matpat is not writing the lore. We dont know if this theory is %100 true
Sn3aky g4m3r
Sn3aky g4m3r 2 mesi fa
@Atriax 3rd grade comprehension be like
-Rollet- 2 mesi fa
Jaxson Bateman
Jaxson Bateman 2 mesi fa
A bigger role in the story *according to MatPat*. There's just no actual evidence there - he's looking for an explanation that makes pieces fit, but he's conjured that explanation. Not only that, but it creates a dilemma in who is/was inhabiting Ballora.
amb0n Mese fa
i’m so happy he decided to add in Clara to the main lore because she’s always been a character forgotten about..
annieee 3 giorni fa
i binged all of the episodes and they were so interesting: i think the way mat narrates the videos like he’s reading a short story makes it all the more interesting and now i’m invested and i can’t wait for the movie
Truce Truce
Truce Truce 3 giorni fa
Putting those theatrics to work. Regardless if it ends up standing or not, I LOVE this story you’ve written from the pieces.
Jasmine Rowe
Jasmine Rowe 28 giorni fa
Personally I love that mrs afton in your theory has played such a huge role it’s really nice that she’s finally getting some actual attention
Noble Six
Noble Six Mese fa
You know the more you watch this channel you can see how much madness That's in Mat's mind.
Robert Halbert
Robert Halbert 2 mesi fa
If the live action film ever comes out it needs Matpat as a conspiracy theorist warning everyone about the pizzeria
Kanel- 2 mesi fa
literal thought the same
SC 2 mesi fa
what do you mean if it ever comes out? It is literally almost done filming and will probably be out this year
SC 2 mesi fa
Not too mention a bunch of youtubers were seen on the set like a week ago
RK217 2 mesi fa
Yes, just yes
Good reasons to get a better internet connection
​@SC Wasn't the project announced even before Covid? One can't be sure when it will be done. There are multiple films that even if they were almost complete took years to actually be released.
dyl 10 giorni fa
love watching these videos because FNAF is so entertaining with its lore, im not a big fnaf fan but god damn this game franchise has made the most entertaining lore!
lethal murrder
This man never ceases to amaze me with how well put together his work huh.
CosmicAngmar Mese fa
Love how Scott put himself in the game lore, very cool
Josephine Delvalle
This was my childhood, I’ve been watching Matt since I was seven. I cried after watching this series because I feel like Matt finally did it, and most importantly, he’s happy. 9 whole years, and Matt’s happy with a fnaf theory. He changed the narrative we all knew, but in a logical way. Congrats, Matt, Steph, everyone on the team. You did it.
StrawberryGlitter XP
Just wait until the FNAF movie comes out
LucasLikesBread 2 mesi fa
Imagine if Scott just throws random lore at us, waits for MatPat to make a timeline that makes sense, then uses it as the actual lore, wouldn't that be funny
VamossGaming 🅥
I have been waiting so long for this : itvid.net/video/video-5MobqBo1HqY.html
woogha 2 mesi fa
I've just assumed that was it from the beginning.
The Tan Tiger
The Tan Tiger 2 mesi fa
Isn't that what happened with Hello Neighbor?
Lady Onikara
Lady Onikara 2 mesi fa
Either that or Scott does the exact opposite.
Sawr Kasmm
Sawr Kasmm 2 mesi fa
*knocks on wood*
Fonsly Mese fa
I would argue it would make alot more sense for afton to have built a ROBOTIC version of his wife, and she’s the one that took over with relentless determination
Breno Basso Cenci
Clara being the architect of this new era of fnaf is something I am quite interested about.
Logan Kimball
Logan Kimball 6 giorni fa
I’m not a fan of FNAF but the lore has always been interesting to me. Absolutely loved these videos.
Mike the Goo
Mike the Goo Mese fa
... I'm pretty sure that even though he has plenty of other things to make videos about, MatPat will feel that thing we're all familiar with when ending a series you love or being done with a huge project you loved working on and then going "Finally, done!... Now what?"
TheRedBaron Mese fa
As for the mom suddenly turning back and trying to stop her husband from coming back after opening the pizza plex, I can see it being out of fear of the puppet. That fear could have even led her to reprogram gregory herself to turn against william and undo everything she had done up until that point.
5MadMovieMakers 2 mesi fa
Security Breach is one of those games that just creeps up on you. Unnerving when you find a spot on the map you've never been... that post-it room is quite freaky!
1.1 Million subs and no replies?Lemme fix that.BTW I LOVE your vids.
Axeeco 2 mesi fa
please ignore the NPC comment above me
jan Forwards
jan Forwards Mese fa
man i love how charlotte and michael just continue on as long as william existed, and how each character eventually turns to the destruction of the franchise.
Ravi Appadoo
Ravi Appadoo Mese fa
Matpat: I've finally completed the fnaf timeline! The mimic: hello there
KhonoJeya01 8 giorni fa
I feel like this timeline makes sense. I can see another filling in that position of the CEO for FF LLC, but I have to agree that it is the mother. I feel like after everything the family's been through, I wouldn't be surprised if the mother had a psychotic break and made everything happen. And it's too much of a coincidence with the parallels between everything already covered and what's happened in Security Breach.
Silveris Nežinomasis
You don't have to believe in the theory, you need to feel it. Amazing work! keep it up!👍
Sander Hoefsloot
Sander Hoefsloot 10 giorni fa
Congrats on this video series matt. Incredible work.
Magical Eraser
Magical Eraser 2 mesi fa
MatPat is so focused on this series I wouldn’t be surprised if he became the next afton
ThePieBeam 2 mesi fa
Underrated comment
The Muffin Man
The Muffin Man 2 mesi fa
He gave birth to springtrap in the books so he would be the grandfather afton if he were to become one
Knightia Fletcher
Ah yes, MatAft.
Warfu_ 2 mesi fa
With the insane way the FNAF franchise went meta and used VR to make Scott Cawthon an "indie rogue game dev" and AR made Markiplier its intro presenter, it would be awesome to make MatPat the next real life person to be part of the lore!!❤
ZGenoX Mese fa
you did a great job on this everyone! Congrats :)
Joe Karman
Joe Karman 7 giorni fa
Let this be a lesson to all of us. Always expect a person who was least seen or heard from to be the main villain of a franchise. Be it movies, shows, or GAMES.
EMPress 9 giorni fa
These videos always had amazing quality but this series blew me away! 10/10
Ackerfuck Mese fa
no but honestly the concept of springtrap still freaks me the hell out after all these years. i think it was my first introduction to any sort of body horror and left me forever horrified :'D
Dobei Kwan
Dobei Kwan 13 giorni fa
i pray that the new devs decide to prove his theory wrong and yet make it link, that way continuing this chaotic masterpiece which is mat pat’s FNAF series
Bread Baron
Bread Baron 2 mesi fa
I’m glad that Mat made this whole timeline story. I don’t even care if/that he got something wrong here or there, it’s just a story and I’m here to enjoy hearing it come from MatPat.
Quinn Hindley
Quinn Hindley 2 mesi fa
It’s called a theory for a reason and it’s fun theorizing!
Fr3dM3rc0ry 2 mesi fa
fnaf theorists breaking their heads to build the most close to the canon lore possible being forced to hear from the biggest theorist a bunch of nonsensical headcanons
@Fr3dM3rc0ry well maybe the shouldn't be breaking their heads on a fking game.
Kien Aldrine Bactung
Well this is just a theory a Game Theory !!!
Bob the nob
Bob the nob 2 mesi fa
Wait… if mrs afton is still alive…. Who is ballora?!??
Izzy Marie
Izzy Marie Mese fa
I love this entire timeline sooooo much
B. Mese fa
LOVED this series, great job !!
Iceyowly Mese fa
And then a new book comes which changes the timeline entirely. MatPat takes another 11 years and it repeats.
Volumist Mese fa
Matpat after "solving" fnaf lore over and over again for non-countable amount of times: 🥰
KosterMoltas 24 giorni fa
I'm really proud of you for figuring out the timeline, Matpat! But I feel like now that there's nothing to speculate about I feel… empty? Can anyone else relate? It's not like one of those "I mIsS tHe OlD fNaF" situations, it's just that back when nobody knew who Golden Freddy was we had something mysterious to talk about at shcool, college, heck even work. I really like the lore and timeline you’ve all created, yet I still don't feel satisfied I don't crave more, I wish there was less, I just feel empty inside now that theres nothing to speculate about.
AA_Battery Bloomin'
The fact that no one tried to fit the mom into any of the other theories outside of Sister Location is wild. She's part of the main family yet the one we know/seen the least so it makes since that she's been influencing the world behind the scenes
yea Mese fa
it’s not that surprising no one cared to include her
Adriel Alonso
​@yea To be fair we barely have any information about her, though that makes this theory make more sense as she wouldn't want to get caught.
I LiKe PiGeoNs
Scott said she wasn't important
AA_Battery Bloomin'
@I LiKe PiGeoNs Scott lied and trolled constantly....
I LiKe PiGeoNs
@AA_Battery Bloomin' have you even seen the entire post when he said that in a steam post clearing up things?
nanajune Mese fa
It actually makes so much sense, I’m honestly surprised you managed to put FNAF VR into the timeline because I couldn’t myself think of this game possibly being an important and relevant part of the lore. I knew some infos were important and were not here for nothing but I never could come up with something. You did an amazing job Mat, we’re proud of your work and how you made all of this. Also the editing is always on point, great job to everyone who worked on this video 🙌🏻
Sir Blackwood
This entire video was proven completely wrong btw. Matpat even knew that some of his information was completely false but chose to ignore it and litterally yeah "yeah but I don't like that" when someone brought it up on a livestream.
Jakub Grono
Jakub Grono Mese fa
​@Sir Blackwood can you explain whan is wrong with the timeline? like i am not saying your wrong i i am curiose what is wrong in this timeline that i don't know
SolarWolf 11 giorni fa
@Jakub Grono bro mrs afton is close to 100 years old in this theory
Cedrick Hernandez
I look forward to the fnaf movie and see how well they capture this series
Tomabtt 8 giorni fa
I’ve only recently got into the lore of fnaf and am loving it the bite of 83 spring trap everything it’s so interesting
Nintendope 26 giorni fa
Woo! Finally, the end! This series of videos has been phenomenal !
EE Ee Mese fa
I used to dislike security breach as I struggled to understand it. Until this video. And I am once again satisfied with the fnaf lore 😎
Nulizor 2 mesi fa
I can’t believe Mat somehow made FNaF AR a part of the timeline and also made it make a relative amount of sense is honestly impressive, great job Mat. :)
Kurtis Goodrich
Kurtis Goodrich 2 mesi fa
Which furthermore proves markiplier is canon
pikax 2 mesi fa
@Kurtis Goodrich YES
ForsakenBonnie 2 mesi fa
Fr. I didn't know there was a way to make it fit. Not even the devs themself consider the game to be fully canon
Merlin Mese fa
You said youmll either love or hate this. I guess i’m a lover. I like the narrative circle that having the mother be the CEO forms. The fazbear story has always been about 2 families. It’s thematically fitting that the one to rebuild would be a part of one family, with the other still present trying to dismantle once again
R 4 i n #
R 4 i n # Mese fa
My childhood feels complete, now I feel like a happy sad Scott, matpat, markiplier and more have made this franchise what it is today
Megan D.
Megan D. Mese fa
Round of applause for this! ♥ great work!
West Dekota
West Dekota Mese fa
Its even fitting with the title, the immortal is clearly William, and the restless would be Clara, refusing to rest until her family is all happy and under one roof again
Randomcam_VR Mese fa
Mat you have been through 8 years of fnaf lore and there is still more to be found
Just Dance Lore
Just Dance Lore 2 mesi fa
Mad respect for taking a risk against Twitters wrath by involving Mrs. Afton in this theory, I actually believe it's that "we don't talk about bruno" ish mindset that was keeping the fandom from understanding the afton family of its entirety, Especially since she has a whole animatronic that represents her she's definitely more involved in this story then we once thought
Super crispy Bro’s
My first thought before going into this video was “I can’t wait to see how twitter will react” lmao
Higuera ft
Higuera ft 2 mesi fa
Except... Scott himself stated she DOESNT have major relevance, years ago :V (This was after Sister Location by the way.)
Just Dance Lore
Just Dance Lore 2 mesi fa
@Higuera ftWell Remember Scott Did Plan On Ending With Fnaf 4, The Whole Ending Of The Story Changed Due To SL Or Heck Afton Still Being Alive Dispite Henry Roasting Him Like A Chicken Wing😭 So It Wouldn't Be That Hard To Believe Mrs Afton Is More Involved Now?
Higuera ft
Higuera ft 2 mesi fa
@Just Dance Lore 1, 3, and 4/World. The problem however is that, from what we know, pretty little HAS been retconned SL onward. Afton 100% was going to survive 6, as he survived 3 as well. Infact... 6 and UCN are simply the events of and leading up to 3 in reverse. William is trapped in Eternal Tormemt by Vengeful Spirits, until an Outside Force frees him. He escapes, and is burned. William is burned and trapped in Eternal Torment by a Vengeful Spirit, until an Outside Force frees him, he escapes. 6 includes doubt on Henry's notes on Remnant, that it MIGHT be destroyed by fire, or is at least affected by it. We know fire hasnt worked before, 3 and especially SL makes that clear. And if TOYSNHK IS keeping him alive, he wont die until their mind is changed, until they ALLOW him to die. Otherwise he'll keep coming back no matter what. And again, unless it's directly contradicted/confirmed, I'll stick with the Word of God on Mrs Afton's involvement...
DogeManLance 2 mesi fa
@Just Dance Lore it’s hard to believe after: A - They’re divorced and she likely hates him for getting the kids killed and ruining her life B - I believe she died lol C - Its never brought up and doesn’t fit reallu
VietnamBall Mese fa
Matpat: I'm done with the theories Scott: *releases more FNAF games* Matpat: *Finding FNAF theories*
Smiler Mese fa
I'd say for the part where they try to contain a bit of the Glitchtrap virus is for the Mom to want the family back together but not want William to go off and do his own stuff again. By trying to contain him to a single body limits his control and brings back the family. :)
D1N3 Mese fa
Matpat sounds like he’s just born to be a story teller
Ayra Mahmood
Ayra Mahmood Mese fa
ngl my best friend used to be absolutely obsessed with fnaf so much so that she would get me to play fan game remakes on roblox and minecraft. She isnt a fan of game theory but she suggested this series a few days ago incase i ever wanted to get interested in the series. i did a marathon of this with my friend and it was so much fun. thank you so much for making this series matpat!
Tony Warlow
Tony Warlow Mese fa
As much as I love this theory how old does that make Clara? In the first video Mat says that William was a child in the 1930s and Clara begins her work to ‘rebuild the family’ in 2035 so assuming she is around the same age as William she would be roughly 100 years old
erastie Mese fa
Yeah that's why I'm abit skeptical of this i doubt a 100 year old would be capable of any of this
Fart Time
Fart Time 15 giorni fa
I think it would be better if Williams freebear was a family airloom franchise that he got to control in 1960s or maybe something stupid like remnant keeping her alive
Cole Kiesler
Cole Kiesler 2 mesi fa
As much as complicated the FNAF lore has always been, we should all still give respect that this one man has never given up on making us intrigued no matter what. Believe me if FNAF never happened, then MatPat would have never gotten the respect and passion he made to create one of the biggest phenomenons on not just Five Nights at Freddy’s, but gaming history in general. So MatPat I just want to say thank you for always never giving up on your theories and giving us so much interesting content that impacted so much over the years.
VamossGaming 🅥
Thommy aVV
Thommy aVV 2 mesi fa
"this one man" this one man and his team* I would argue is more fair
Learning Journey
I agree the impact is significant and respect to you, you had an amazing comment. :)
Lady Tsunade bot
Angelo Zone
Angelo Zone Mese fa
Really feel like he got a hold of the Fnaf script and is showing us what's gonna happen in the movies
Wynorrific 22 giorni fa
Can't wait to see if they take this story any further or if it truly is over with SB
TheTwoTasksGirl15 27 giorni fa
Mat’s dedication to piecing together this mother of a franchise is immaculate
LittleStar Gaming
Amazing, i agree with this timeline vid and it makes the most sense tbh, Keep up the great work Mtpat :)
Sister Snow
Sister Snow 29 giorni fa
i have something to say, because those security bots that jumpscare you, and calls for the other robots reminds me of the fnaf four animatronics, bc they kinda keep you away from there where you want to go, and the nightmares they were made to keep micheal in the room. thanks for reading this =).
Beezle GD
Beezle GD 2 mesi fa
I’m so happy that all your work finally paid off. You’ve done so much for this community, and I’m so happy that you have stuck around to do all this. Thank you.
ridho susandy
ridho susandy 2 mesi fa
Chadrick bot
ridho susandy
ridho susandy 2 mesi fa
True, been watcing his theorist since FNAF 4
Michael 2 mesi fa
@ridho 💀💀💀💀
itvid.net/video/video-K-oNwwPr9Vo.html Finally It’s Here🤠
Dan the dinosaur
But we all know this ain't gonna be the end lmao
SkyCreeper01 Mese fa
Very interesting conclusion to the Game Theory FNaF Timeline. Great work everyone.
GOD i love this its so cool! mrs afton being a linchpin is so interesting and fascinating! i cannot wait to see where this goes i am so exited this ALMOST makes me wanna refine my personal fnaf au but no i'm far past doing that but reguardless this episode is amazing and i love it
Catherina Ronayne
33 seconds ago, yes
Riku Wisteria
Riku Wisteria 24 giorni fa
So, curious question. Have you thought about doing a theory as to why Roxanne Wolf has unique eyes, compared to the other Pizzaplex animatronics? What was the point of making her eyes unique to all the other characters, other than plot convenience for Gregory giving Freddy new eyes? I've been looking around to see if anyone talked about it, but I didn't find anything. Or did you already explain it in an earlier video that I didn't catch it?
Alora Grossnickle
I think she didnt want glitchtrap to get out without her say. She didnt have any say when Afton was alive and now that he’s in a circuit board she feels like she holds the power over him. To be able to make sure the family comes back together she took the circuit board back once they found him on it so she could make sure he went into vanessa’s head so her plan could work and she could have the whole family there
Vini Ferreira
Vini Ferreira 22 giorni fa
To you who is asking ''How on earth Radioactive Foxy, Chocolate Bonnie and Swamp Balloon Boy are canon?'' thats easy: Ilusion Disks.
Tai 2 mesi fa
I honestly love the way you made Afton's wife as an actual character with narative importance! It tied her in quite well.
Atomic Heart 🅥
*Here is the full clip explaining why dad left you: (Making fun of bots)* itvid.net/video/video-TlBi_ZwmSWA.html
Nikci Minaj 🅥
Hadeks Marow
Hadeks Marow 2 mesi fa
*_B a l l o r a ._*
Rick Owens
Rick Owens 2 mesi fa
itvid.net/video/video--3DyBTUfPsc.html Finally it’s here🤠
ApexZilla Animates
​@Hadeks Marow Ballora is not his wife , Ballora is made after the vision of his wife when she left him
TheOnlyZone Mese fa
MatPat: Finally, it's been more than a decade, and I finally finish this god forsaken horror game franchise Scott: Are you sure about that? Also MatPat, when the movie comes out with its own lore (I know you are gonna be mad if that happens) you have to release the video here bc this is where the FNaF theories started, and will end.
Philip G
Philip G Mese fa
This was amazing but a really interesting take showing how William’s wife took the pieces that are left
Sintexys Mese fa
I wonder how much pain Mat will feel after knowing about the mimic lol
Amy Jones
Amy Jones 22 giorni fa
Magnum opus! 🎉 Well done you guys!
Yes Mese fa
We need Scott to confirm this, because it seems almost perfect
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