Game Winners You Won't EVER Believe Happened

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In this video, we go through the craziest game-winners throughout basketball history, including the NBA, college, and high school. The shots people made for the game is actually unbelievable.

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Edward Norfolk
I had a high school win in 1984 when we were down by 2 with 3 seconds left. We'd just scored and were pressing hard. The other team sent a guy long and as the inbounder threw it our PF jumped up and volleyball style blocked it. The ball deflected straight into our basket 😄 we ran away with it in overtime.
Drago Obelov
Drago Obelov 19 giorni fa
​@BUFF MINER yeah. He made up a story where he didn't score himself just to mess with you. 😂😅🤣
Drago Obelov
Drago Obelov 19 giorni fa
​@brian massey umm are you seriously calling out clocks in 1984? 🤣😅😂 what are u 8?
Bobby Woods
Bobby Woods 29 giorni fa
@dattdamnac The internet has ruined you.
Bobby Woods
Bobby Woods 29 giorni fa
@Green Wave that’s a spike
David Schulman
The high school ones are my favorites... they often small crowds take the house down!
jBone 6 ore fa
Shiiiiiit not that small lol some of these high schools have pretty big (and packed) auditoriums!
Colin Dutton
Colin Dutton Mese fa
Jack Ralston
Jack Ralston Mese fa
Waverly Nebraska right by my house there
LeDoomer015 Mese fa
Robert Fiedler
Fantastic video. Clips to the point. One or two replays from alternate angles, good mix of pro and amateur, natural crowd noise and commentary, no terrible music dubbed over top. I give this all of the thumbs i have
Aljabir Xiju
Aljabir Xiju 2 mesi fa
fantastic? 1:40 ... the 3 pointer TIES the game. it is not a game winner.
Luke Anno fa
some of these were not game winners so no it's not perfect at all dude 🤦‍♂️
DankCoyote Anno fa
I appreciate the mix of professional and high school clips. Good basketball is fun to watch at any level.
Jaxson Bateman
Kawhi's winner for Toronto will probably always be my favourite. Favourite player, amazing play, and ultimately getting Toronto the title that year.
Gavriel Musheyev
@Mandolatron you don’t have to be a 6ers fan to see that he took 3-4 steps before dribbling
Mentally Handicapped
@Reggie Novenario Yeah, but his shot was a bit different than those due to the luck factor. You don’t often see shots like that falling in. Especially not in a game 7 of a conference championship.
Mentally Handicapped
He’s far from my favorite player. I can’t understand the reasoning behind him being anyones favorite player. That being said, it was probably the greatest shot I’ve ever seen. For the simple fact it was a game 7 in the eastern conference championship, was a three, and the biggest part, all those bounces before falling in.
Jaxson Bateman
Jaxson Bateman 3 mesi fa
@GuessWhoNot I did only get into the NBA in the 20-21 season, so after all the Spurs stuff happened. As far as I'm aware, largely from Secret Base videos, there was beef on both sides.
GuessWhoNot 3 mesi fa
Imagine your favorite player being someone who bails on a team and doesn't want to play half the time. Couldn't be me.
Scott Larson
Scott Larson Anno fa
As a high-school basketball coach, we rarely practice those situations... but, we DO practice them! One drill is basically making 10 shots from each typical spot at 15 and then 20 feet, and ending with two half court shots. It gives most of the drill game type situations, and the last portion a fun possible, but not normal game type situation. Anyway, those shots are practiced.
Gordon Love
Gordon Love Anno fa
We were on the wrong end of a last 2nd shot in out high-school state championship game. It was a crazy year. Our 2 best players were out for most of the season and we barely made the playoffs. They came back our last game of the season, we needed that game to get in. We won that game and every game after until the championship. The first and second round, we won on free throws from the same guy. It was an absolute Heartbreaker to go through all that and lose, but the kid hit a great shot and that day they were the better team.
Kevin Bernhardt
That first one was so hard to see especially in real time. I’ve officiated games and a bang bang play like that to end the game is so hard. That looked like a tournament too. I know high school doesn’t have replay, but maybe for tournaments they should. That one is brutal to try to get right in real time. Great compilation. Good video
68air 2 mesi fa
@Michael I watched it 15 or more times. Impossible to tell. I don't envy the refs at that game.
Michael Falkner
Michael Falkner 9 mesi fa
@Michael Nope.
pulykamell Anno fa
I was looking for this comment too, because it did seem to me, going frame by frame, that the ball was in his hands when the backboard lit up (and when the clock got to zero.) It's not the best quality video, but it sure looks that way.
Jason Vyzer
Jason Vyzer Anno fa
It didn't look like he got it off in time :( ... would have been epic
Cory Spang
Cory Spang Anno fa
My favorite one is at 4:07. The winning team (Clayton Northmont, OH / Green) is a conference opponent of my high school (Centerville, OH/ White). I'm pretty sure this game was from 2011, before my time at high school. That game went to double overtime, and the opposing team only had like 3 point something seconds, and as you see, they were able to beat the buzzer with a deep-range three-pointer. That must've been a different Clayton Northmont team in the early 2010s than what they have been recently, and Centerville has changed from a nobody to a nationally ranked powerhouse with one of the top prospects in the country.
Musickt196 Mese fa
I was at that game, it was my freshman year at Centerville! I was in the pep band and the band director actually had us play the fight song because we thought we had won at first. Then it was decided it would go in to overtime, and later double overtime. I’ll never forget the moment that basket was made; we were all completely shocked. I’m glad to hear the Centerville basketball team has been so successful in recent years!
Reggie The Commenter
3:22 Best teammate of all time. He was off the bench celebrating when the ball was still 30 feet from going in. You can really see it here 3:35.
Chubby522 17 giorni fa
Great Video
Roger Plummer
Roger Plummer 3 mesi fa
The player on the bench's reaction is very funny, but this is from the NBA Rule Book: "If the ball is... in play with one team having six or more players on the court, a non-unsportsmanlike technical foul will be assessed on the team with too many players and such team would lose possession if it had possession at the time the violation was discovered." Simply put, Tyreke Evans' awesome shot should have been disallowed, and the Grizzlies would have shot one free throw with 00:00 on the clock, already leading 98-97.
Bruce Cowgill
How the hell did he know? lol
Kyle Kaker
Kyle Kaker Anno fa
I said the same thing, he was celebrating before the ball even peaked. That's pros for you, when you know you know, lol!
Robert Vantine
I would assume too many players on the court. He was now the 6th man.
Mrsynister Anno fa
Every.Single. Shot. Had my hands sweating and heart racing. Good video 👍
Poochie Collins
Might want to get that checked out by a doctor lulz
Jamal Banks
Jamal Banks Anno fa
Bro no it didn't lol
John Nelson
John Nelson Anno fa
Missing Miami heat Ray Allen's notorious corner 3!
David Brooke
David Brooke 2 mesi fa
The joy the winning team feels. INCREDIBLE!
Sharon Lycorish
Basketball is life. Filled with ups and downs. Incredible Joy and incredible despair.
Denver Felina
Denver Felina 2 mesi fa
1:52 1:57
DM7 Anno fa
First clip is my high school!! This happened my senior year and the press around this shot went absolutely crazy!! And the guy that made the shot was the starting QB on the varsity football team that won the state championship the same year!! #NewRoStrong!!
crazy part is Mount V also lost on a half court buzzer beater in the quarterfinals 4 or 5 years earlier to Newburgh. Being on the wrong end of something like that twice is insane
John Galt
John Galt Anno fa
Glory days…
Bruce Tyler
Bruce Tyler Anno fa
Should’ve never counted
BlueYoshi537 Anno fa
It would have been a close one to call I couldn't tell
BlueYoshi537 Anno fa
I think they counted it yeah
Lymbe06 Anno fa
You should have included Zoran Planinic’s ridiculous game winner when he was playing in Turkey. He didn’t shoot, he threw it while his body was at a weird angle, with defense, almost from full court. People lost their minds.
Spanky McCallister
One you left off was Gary Carter of Univ of Tenn intercepted an inbounds pass at half court and fired up a shot at the buzzer, making it. This was against American Univ. in the early 80's and won the game. Never give up.
Elderly Imagination
I was hoping to see the Villanova victory over UNC in 2016 with a 3 pt buzzer beater by Kris Jenkins for the National Championship. One of the most exciting games I've ever seen.
Jensen Hess
Jensen Hess Anno fa
As a UNC fan I'm grateful it wasn't in this video lol. But I do have to agree with you, it definitely should've been.
Jeremy Thelen
Just the emotion of the team and fans after a close game ends with the last shot...
Micah Chaney
Micah Chaney Anno fa
How do you not have Derek FIsher's 0.4 seconds and Ray Allen in the corner against the Spurs? Come on, man! The high school highlights were fantastic. Love the energy in a high school gym.
iess2006 Anno fa
The DrJ moment brought a tear to my eye...what an icon. Can't believe there wasn't at least one highlight from "Big Shot Bob" :(
iess2006 11 mesi fa
@Roy Goodhand Sorry to hear lol....Horry certainly isn't the GOAT but I think he deserves every ring he has. Lostsa guys including Shaq and Kobe would have fewer rings without BSB on their team.
Roy Goodhand
Roy Goodhand 11 mesi fa
As a Pistons fan, I am rather grateful Robert Horry is nowhere to be seen; he cost us the 2005 NBA Championship and what would've been the first back-to-back for a Eastern Conference team since the Bulls in 97 and 98. Western Conference has been so dominant over the past 25 years. The "Work Force" Pistons of 2001-2002 to 2008-2009 were the best the Eastern Conference has seen since 1998, so Horry didn't just beat the Pistons, he beat the entire Eastern Conference.
Mitchell Murphy
Hit a game buzzer beater 3 to win a match in a tournament in Middle School.. Not as impressive as these, but i can still remember the feeling afterwards like it was yesterday (27yo now). Few things in life beat that feeling
Ken Gourdin
Ken Gourdin Mese fa
Congratulations on the buzzer beater, Mr. Murphy. I have kind of the inverse of that situation. I'm disabled, and I'd been able to walk with a pair of forearm crutches or, until lately [the muscles are getting stiff and the bones are getting creaky! ;-D] to walk short distances without them. I was always the last kid picked, only because there wasn't anybody else left. My church sponsors the rough equivalent of intramural basketball, between congregations. My team was getting killed, down by, probably, at least 20 (if not more) [which, probably, was the only reason *I* was even on the floor ;-D]. I caught the ball at the top of the key, and there was plenty of time for someone to come out and defend me if anybody thought it was worth the effort, but I guess they took pity on the crippled kid, so I thought, "What the heck?" and let the three-pointer fly. I hit it, and as I turned to head back down on defense, the buzzer sounded ending the game. Now, if only we'd been down by *two* instead of *twenty*! Heh!
Adam Klownzinger
They waved off 2 GAME WINNERS before the “actual” game winner went in around 6:00…INSANE
frank luciano
I was lucky enough to be at the Heat game where wade hit the running 3 against the bulls for the win. I’ll never forget that game.
Cam Springz
Cam Springz Anno fa
7:00 is my favorite...seeing that boy fall to his knees...plus the perfectly timed steal.. emotions through the roof on this one
Metal Head
Metal Head Anno fa
How can you forget Derek Fisher’s winning buzzer against the Spurs with the Lakers in the PO game ????? Incredible.
Forsaken Anno fa
@airkuna yes
airkuna Anno fa
@Forsaken no
Forsaken Anno fa
@airkuna it’s literally the very definition of unbelievable. .3 is the bare minimum to get a shot off.
airkuna Anno fa
@Forsaken ??
Forsaken Anno fa
@airkuna 🤦🏼‍♂️
Geez Junior
Geez Junior Anno fa
I caught my self smiling a couple times without realizing while watching this video, just so satisfying and awesome especially when all odds are against you
Garett Wolff
Garett Wolff 8 mesi fa
I swear one of those high school games is for develyn high school in Colorado at the 3A state championship tournament. It looks identical to how I remember it and I also remember the short point guard who was incredible making the last second shot to move on to the next game. I was in the stands as a 7th grader or 8th grader (develyn was a middle and high school). Please confirm. That's crazy if that's the case. This would have happened around 2000
MrFb65 Anno fa
Love the High School Games last second shots 👍👍🏀🏀
Brian Arbenz
Brian Arbenz 2 mesi fa
In the 1980 Indiana high school final 4 Stacey Toran (future Oakland Raiders player who died in a car crash) of Broad Ripple High School in Indianapolis hit one of the best long court game winners ever. Search for it online. It's spectacular.
SKI5150 3 mesi fa
I was looking for that first clip forever. My dad showed me this back in 2012-2014 and ever since I’ve been searching for it. Your the best. Thanks dude.
Benjamin Blair
Probably late but “GOOD GOLY MISS MOLY HE DID IT” the most underrated line in this whole compilation.
Tropic Island
02:32 why I love this one is the ball is still some metres into its descent and the shooter runs off because with every fibre of his being, he knows that ball is going STRAIGHT in.
DJ ASLAN Anno fa
Kawhi's shot took me back to the amazing times
General Buck Naked
Took me back to the opposite, yet still amazing in some ways.. My Sixers had a greatly assembled team, but that squad only stuck together for 1 full season.. So that Kawhi shot killed our hopes and dreams lol. We would have won the Chip that year... So stupid for getting rid of Jimmy Butler smh
I was at the Jazz game where Gordon Hayward beat the Cavs w/ Lebron at the buzzer. Not a crazy shot, but the place went absolutely bezerk
Michael Coughlin
Damian Lillard is always making great shots as with Curry of Golden State. The high school ones are the least expected. The statistics behind making a 60 footer to win are very large, that is probability.
Dude Anno fa
I’ve always wondered on the Tyreke Evans one how did the teammate prematurely celebrating know it was going in
KingK Tv
KingK Tv Anno fa
Mr. Whit
Mr. Whit Anno fa
@Hands Of Gawd Nah, that shot only tied the game. They ended up losing in overtime.
Hands Of Gawd
Lmao I came here to say this!!!! All those family members went home salty af!!! 😂😂😂
ron rubicon
ron rubicon 3 mesi fa
2:28 Watch him start to run. He felt it. He knew it was good before it even got close.
I Only Speak Facts.
Just to see Khawhi reaction after hitting that buzzer beater gave me life.
DIY Dave
DIY Dave Anno fa
This is awesome! As a fan I've been on both sides of these, sad heartbreak and crazy elation!
Chris Brunelle
Chris Brunelle 16 giorni fa
One of the best ones that could be on this list happened recently between Portland State and Northern Arizona.
Back in the late 80s Hersey Hawkins won 2 college games in a row with only 1 sec on the clock. I love basketball.
R Voit
R Voit 3 mesi fa
I LOVE when the FINAL score is 90-90!!!!
Stephen McAllister
if i was on the losing team and seeing someone make a shot like these. i’d be going nuts and cheering and jumping around
Dustin Bridges
I had a teammate who stole the inbound pass that sealed our win with 2 seconds left and he threw it up and behind him making the basket for the other team! So we lost🙄 worst ride home ever!
Jonathan Winfield
Oh my god! If that was my game I would probably be upset but right now I am laughing
Kanye West
Kanye West Anno fa
@pinkdarksky lol fr
pinkdarksky Anno fa
Greg heffley In big shot lol
Joshua Greenwood
Tbh it’s probably more memorable…
Sonicmixer85 Anno fa
The Luka 3pt floater should definitely be on here. That one was insane for an NBA game.
Eric Willett
Eric Willett Anno fa
This is nice, but you're missing one from RI High School Basketball. It happened on Feb 29, 2016. Chariho vs. Burillville. Last second lob from half court that won the game and the state championship.
John Persechini
I know it’s not a 3 point shot but birds steal vs pistons in game 5 is one of the best game ending plays ever in a big series.
Kevin Fisher
Kevin Fisher Anno fa
Full length of the court after the free throw miss, epic....lives forever.
Seth Bledsoe
Seth Bledsoe 5 giorni fa
Physically impossible in .6 seconds, but these are highschool refs and no replay.
Austin Raley
Austin Raley 3 mesi fa
I was at that game
G Money
G Money Anno fa
The most remarkable part of this entire video is at 6:15. It's hard to believe Westbrook actually made a 3 pointer.
woody Anno fa
basp 2005
basp 2005 Anno fa
After watching the same thing happen over and over, I'm starting to believe it's possible.
Cartography Anno fa
Офигенно. Я тоже один раз запулил издалека и выручил нашу команду.
steven bauer
steven bauer Anno fa
chrisler arena 1986. My h s with 3 secs remaining inbounded the ball from opposite end and threw up a shot from the free throw line that went in as time expired that not only won the game but a state title. In the excitement after the game the opposing coach said the shot was after the buzzer (clearly wasn't) and refused the runner up trophy throwing it to the ground and left the court. The winning coach fainted right there in all the excitement on the court during the celebration. Craziest ending to a game i have ever seen.
Chance Shuman
That’s flipping insane. I’ve tried to shoot from that far before I would get nowhere near close
Luis Gomez
Luis Gomez 11 mesi fa
Hey, lots of people suck at free throws, bro. Just keep practicing.
Mark Miller
Mark Miller Anno fa
I still get goosebumps every time I hear "an the blazers win the series for the first time in fourteen years "
Don Guild
Don Guild 2 mesi fa
There is no way I could throw a baseball the far. Incredible
A Rob77
A Rob77 Anno fa
4:20: The stunned look on the mascots face is priceless! 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭
Dhimani Harris
Dhimani Harris 9 mesi fa
Itchy Goober
Itchy Goober Anno fa
Larry Bird said it best when he said taking that shot when the game is tied is one thing, shooting that shot when you're down a point or two is a whole other story
Kenneth Paulley
The one that broke mt heart when Derek Fischer made the game winning shot with 0.4 left against the Spurs to win the Western Conference Finals for the Lakers
ollopa otcer azodnem axie game play
I miss my high school life it's insane that I make that buzzer winning shot also💖💖
Jedi Wookie
Jedi Wookie Anno fa
DXMMY S Anno fa
kawhi’s game winner in game 7 still haunts me…..
Nick Adkins
Nick Adkins Anno fa
Too bad this was made 3 months ago! Great video. Would've been dope to see DeMar DeGOATzan's back to back game winners to end 2021 and begin 2022!
iPhone6 S Plus
Keep up the Great content🎉
These videos are the true meaning of never give up or stop on a play until you hear that buzzer 🤞🏾💪🏾💯💯💯👌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
evan horner
evan horner Anno fa
The triple game winner shot video at waverly high school happened my senior year there. Such a crazy game to be at
a2 Anno fa
Cheryl Templin
What great baskets, would love to have been there!!!
Luis Gomez
Luis Gomez 11 mesi fa
These buzzer beater vids never show when Nick VanExl shut down the Celtics in the last game to be played at Boston Arena with a game winning 3 before the buzzer. One of the greatest buzzer beaters I've ever seen.
Ken Gourdin
Ken Gourdin Mese fa
"Boston Arena"? That would be the "GAH-den"! Just sayin'! 🤤
Mike Rotch
Mike Rotch Anno fa
All I can say about all of these clips is. HE’S ON FIRE
Wyatt Anno fa
I had a few in high school. Always a good feeling
Areyem Anno fa
I expected such great clutch plays from the NBA so much that I’m not as impressed as I wanted to be.
mental asylum escapee
the college clip when the crowd started chanting "na na na na eh eh eh goodbye" and then he rebounded and hit the game winner = priceless on all levels.
26bisket Mese fa
Miracle shot team lost in ot
Reggie The Commenter
2:27 Props to number 42 for knowing to duck.
Im not even a basketball fan but I love buzzer beaters and the roars of crowds
Beezarath Anno fa
My favorite part of these is when everyone in the crowd's hands go up at the same time, so satisfying
Crazy Larry
Crazy Larry Anno fa
Mo Pete’s silly ass pass in the air is still my favorite blooper 😂
Billy SR
Billy SR 2 mesi fa
That Devin Harris shot was crazy I remember it like that was yesterday
armybeef68 2 mesi fa
Would you like the list of the multiple ones that weren't game winners?
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Anno fa
5:27 The Jeremy Lamb shot is just gorgeous.
Dx Dy
Dx Dy Anno fa
not only do I currently believe these happened, I knew most of them when they were being shown 😄 anyways, good video
EKalb tv
EKalb tv Anno fa
Man none form college ball March madness has some insane ones I was hoping to see… anyways the same time on vs thunder was a statement from him prolly my favorite one
Jason Anno fa
I'm sad you didn't have Mario's Miracle from 2008 in here. Literally directly led to a championship win that year.
what's crazy is Mt Vernon (losing team from first clip) also got knocked out of the state playoffs on a half-court buzzer beater like 5 years before that to Newburgh. Imagine being on the wrong end of something like that twice. That clip is also on YT if you search for it.
Eric McDowell
Eric McDowell 9 mesi fa
In our high school, we had one fellow who hit three 3/4 shots at the end of three quarters. And what I found amusing, is that the other school thought this fellows shooting skills were overrated. Guess he showed them.
Elijah McGeorge
8:11 Will be in every basketball fans mind forever truly one of the greatest shots ever
Joshua Burke
Joshua Burke Anno fa
lol lol at Kanter, he already knows it’s going in.
Sergio Valenti
This was a great video, thanks!!! I got goose bumps multiple times!
Daevyd Jae
Daevyd Jae Anno fa
There was a local team who were down by 6 with just a few seconds left. This one kid, who was an amazing long-distance shooter, got fouled while making a 3 and drained the FT. They immediately foul and the other team missed the one-and-one. The same kid gets the ball, sprints to half-court and drains the game-winner.
Roy Goodhand
Roy Goodhand 11 mesi fa
george tseng
george tseng Anno fa
Could’ve included Brandon Roy’s shot against the Rockets after Yao hit what seemed like the game winning and-1.
2:28 The entire length of the court, he was partially obstructed by a team mate, and it was *nothing but net* Ridiculous.
Bootyman124 Anno fa
@Todd Wynn true
Yeks Mi
Yeks Mi Anno fa
And its a hook!!
Todd Wynn
Todd Wynn Anno fa
The teammate having the presence of mind to duck is an underrated part of that play.
Thomas McKenzie
And he was running off the court when the ball was halfway to the basket. He knew it was good when it left his hand. LOL!
cart. Anno fa
Alejandro Fajardo
Can’t believe you don’t have Fisher’s game winner right after Duncan made the go ahead bucket in the final second
Ray Jemmo Pagtalunan
I feel bad for the players in the opposing team who decided to let their guards down. They would carry that burden forever. 😅
Dan Hill
Dan Hill 3 mesi fa
Just like doing a home run trot on a flyout or dropping the ball before you cross the goal line, you can never celebrate too early. It might be easier said than done, but you'll never regret hustling to the end.
iCommandYew Anno fa
can't blame them though, if i saw some dude chuck up a full court shot i wouldn't feel obligated to contest. but go hard till the time runs out though right.
Harlan Grove
Harlan Grove Anno fa
Granted little league baseball, but the best ending play I've ever seen was a triple play. Runners on 1st and 2nd, line drive hit right to short stop (1st out), runner on 2nd had started towards 3rd tagged out (2nd out), short stop throws to 1st with that runner also off base (3rd out). So much for the bottom of the 9th.
Shadow Kuhel
Shadow Kuhel 3 mesi fa
If it was zero outs then it’s terrible base running 😅
SKARFINGER 11 mesi fa
7:15 - 7:25 Not only does #4 red team lose in a heart breaking fashion but he cant be left alone to walk off the court in his own misery . Too funny!!!!!!
Brendan Whelan
Brendan Whelan 2 mesi fa
Nothing beats that full court high school shot
XxMrManxX Mese fa
The one at 1:30 was the craziest I’ve ever seen. I first saw this in another video and literally almost s*** my pants. He basically chucked that thinking it wasn’t gonna go in. That was all luck.
🙂 👍 nice.
5:30 Everyone’s hands going to there heads in the crowd just made me laugh
gentlemann Anno fa
4:19 even the Moose looks dejected and like there's nothing left for him.
Cory Spang
Cory Spang Anno fa
Actually, it's an Elk. And yeah, I totally agree, lol.
Joshua Frick
Joshua Frick Anno fa
A lot of these shots are ICONIC.
Patrick Estrada
And thats why I love basketball!
Owen Gohr
Owen Gohr Anno fa
Craziest thing in this video is kawhi having emotions
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