GDPR for Photographers - TiB Expert Live with Suzanne Dibble

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GDPR for Photographers - A Q&A session with small business law expert, Suzanne Dibble!
Suzanne knows her stuff when it comes to GDPR. She has been breaking down the complex regulations inside her Facebook group and in online workshops - telling small business owners like you in simple terms what you REALLY need to know and what to do. Without the hype and myths.
How well are you running your photography business? TAKE A QUIZ! - togsinbusiness.com/photographers-gdpr/
Join Suzanne's FB group here - facebook.com/groups/GDPRforonlineentrepreneurs/
You can find her checklist here - suzannedibble.lpages.co/gdprchecklist/
And you can buy Suzanne's extremely affordable GDPR pack for £97 here (going up in price next week I think) - www.suzannedibble.com/gdprpack/
Access Suzanne's two hour training session on GDPR here - itvid.net/video/video-g6hB9P6-MvI.html
Download our FREE CODB and Pricing Workbook - togsinbusiness.com/codb-workbook

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Alex S
Alex S Anno fa
I agree our data should be protected and opting out is great, to be able to request removal of your data being stored. But I think the bit about photographs is totally ridiculous.. what ever happened to freedom of press? What if you take a photo of a crowd? Its just not possible to work under many of these conditions . How can people expect privacy in a public setting? Aunt Doris might be ok with having her photo taken at that moment, but what happens if a few months later aunt Doris decides to take action and sue the photographer because she isnt getting along with the couple for whatever reason? And what if you take a photo with loads of people in the background? You dont have time as a wedding photographer to run around and ask people for their consent, especially if half of them are drunk. Something tells me this is the beginning of the end of photgraphy. There are too many loopholes in this crazy blanket gdpr law.
Cosmic Oak Media
Thank you for this great video- we have just begun a new very small business and we feel much clearer about GDPR
Togs in Business
Oh, that's fantastic Cosmic Oak Media! Thanks for watching and good luck with your new venture!
Ross 2 anni fa
Really excellent video, it answered a few questions for me and was packed full of useful information. Plenty of notes taken :-)
Togs in Business
Thanks for tuning in Ross!
Togs in Business
Are you prepared for GDPR compliance?
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