GiANT CLUE GAME in Real Life to Win $10,000! (Game Master vs Hacker Battle Royale) Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo
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Rebecca Zamolo plays a giant board game challenge of clue in real life at the Hacker mansion to win $10000. After Rebecca was on a chase from the Quadrant, she found the best hiding spot and escapes to the hacker van where Matt and Daniel are waiting. The boys transformed the van into a control room to spy on Rebecca at the Clue in real life party. As Rebecca gets into her disguise while Daniel hacked the spy cameras. The Red Hood says no one can reveal their true identity and someone is a traitor. The guests get trapped inside when RH orders lockdown as they play a clue game to win $10,000. Colonel Mustard trades places with Daniel and escapes through a hidden tunnel. The first challenge is don't chose the wrong cup. Green wins before they get trapped in an escape room and must solve clues and riddles to get out. The floor is lava challenge is the next game they play and use the spy gadget glasses to get across. Once we get inside the final room we learn that Mr. Plum has framed the others and it turns into a hide and seek chase through the mansion. Rebecca and Daniel call Matt and they all meet up to search for the game remote to stop E3. We hypnotize Kurt and it turns into a battle royale against the spy hackers to escape. Should we have him take a lie detector test so we can get more information to stop E3? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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8 giu 2019

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Rebecca Zamolo
How many ITvidrs did the Red hood say was coming when I Became SPY HACKER in Real Life for 24 HOURS to attend Secret Meeting about Game Master Network itvid.net/video/video-9BBPwQsWr20.html
Asih Eko
Asih Eko Giorno fa
Do you no what i Rite roben
Muhammadsubhan Amir
Muhammadsubhan Amir 23 giorni fa
I think the last one is kart
Nadia Hyppolite
Nadia Hyppolite 26 giorni fa
Rebecca Zamolo
Cloey7 27 giorni fa
Rebecca hi
Fabiola marin
Fabiola marin 27 giorni fa
Rebecca Zamolo. Hola
Scarlett The Starlett
Katherine Cant
I think it's Kurt is professor plum.
Emily Luna
Emily Luna 2 ore fa
Yesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! that totally looks like Daniel 😂🤔😭
Martha Pena
Martha Pena 3 ore fa
Tell Matt. I love Matt
Matilda Powell
They r all cluedo names
Galaxy Unicorn123thatsme
The Scarlet girl kinda looks like a you tuber i know
Taylee Riley
Taylee Riley 4 ore fa
Cheyenne Playz
mrs .green looks like gracesharer
leo barajas
leo barajas 6 ore fa
it is kear
Diego Ramirez
Diego Ramirez 7 ore fa
Professor Plum is karte
Dobro gamerx D
He is curt
Michael Orwin
Michael Orwin 7 ore fa
khs is mr.plum
Taylor Kline
Taylor Kline 8 ore fa
I don't know how to 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🕵🕵🕵🕵🕵🕵🕵🕵🕵
Drawings For life
Just to save subscribers and to stop them from hacking youtubers
Drawings For life
I can’t believe youtubers are risking they’re life
Emmett Denholm
Emmett Denholm 10 ore fa
Kurt is professor plum .
Sherry Powers
Sherry Powers 10 ore fa
Tell daniel that I saw his clone
Princess Nyla Rose
Professor plum looks like Kurt
Sarah Samlal
Sarah Samlal 13 ore fa
Yes it looks like him
Emily Garcia
Emily Garcia 14 ore fa
He looks like kurt
Lauryn F
Lauryn F 14 ore fa
Professor Plum is KHS Kurt Hugo Shineghder
Mari Mar
Mari Mar 14 ore fa
It is only one youtuber and it is e3
Mari Mar
Mari Mar 14 ore fa
Rebacca the youtuber is E3
Sarbjit  Kahlon
Sarbjit Kahlon 15 ore fa
I think. Miss Green
lila slimer friend
wait why does mrs green look different when daniel and matt are talking about her than when she talks to becca
That Odd one
That Odd one 15 ore fa
Rebecca the game master is working with the red hood
lila slimer friend
mrs green looks like grace sharer and plum is kurt
Len Zayenchenko
Len Zayenchenko 15 ore fa
16:08 Daniel said rebecca what do you see and green said nothing merp
Rhylee McCavitt
Rhylee McCavitt 16 ore fa
How many youtubers did the red hood say was coming when i Became Spy Hacker in Real life for 24 Hours to addend Secrect Meeting about Game master
Eman Alsulaimani
I love mysteries that’s why I love you
Princess Unicorn
kurt is the secret youtube
Caleb Guthrie
Caleb Guthrie 16 ore fa
Princess Unicorn
plum looks like kurt like if you agree
Bella Neyman
Bella Neyman 17 ore fa
Destiny Jones
Destiny Jones 17 ore fa
I think Matt is the game master put Addy and Maya
Tahseen Ayaan Islam
I knew it! Kurt Hugo Schneider is Prefessor Plum Like if you agree 👇
Jessica Frank
Jessica Frank 18 ore fa
I saw kurt already
Alondra Perez
Alondra Perez 19 ore fa
brooke jeffery
brooke jeffery 22 ore fa
Daniel has a rz twin
sanna vy
sanna vy 22 ore fa
Banu Sharifzade
Banu Sharifzade 22 ore fa
I knew it was kurt
Benezuela Mohammed
Milo cake watch is The Game master
Emmett O Kane
Emmett O Kane 23 ore fa
I’m making a guess conel mustard with the rope in the dining room
josh hopper
josh hopper Giorno fa
Plum is Kurt
P M Giorno fa
perfisom plum locks like kurt
Matt Tozer
Matt Tozer Giorno fa
Rebecca kept on calling conel mustid daniel
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