Golden Buzzer: Mayyas' Breathtaking Audition Captivates Sofia Vergara | AGT 2022

America's Got Talent
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This audition from Mayyas was so breathtaking that Sofia Vergara pressed her Golden Buzzer!

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The 17th season of America's Got Talent returns with a new set of aspiring performers looking to compete for the ultimate $1 million prize. Executive Producer Simon Cowell returns to the star-studded judging panel with global fashion icon Heidi Klum, fan-favorite comedian Howie Mandel and acclaimed actress and international superstar Sofia Vergara. The dynamic Terry Crews returns as host. This season promises to deliver some of the wildest acts to ever grace the AGT stage.

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Golden Buzzer: Mayyas' Breathtaking Audition Captivates Sofia Vergara | AGT 2022

America's Got Talent

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20 giu 2022




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Commenti 11 923
Minh Anh
Minh Anh 3 ore fa
So good ❤❤❤
Rene Kingfisher
That was mesmerizing! They were perfect!! Good luck girls!! America will be watching you!!
Byron McCall
Byron McCall 20 ore fa
That was surreal. I think they multiplied on stage at least twice. That was breathtakingly stunning.
luvk7777 3 ore fa
for all the 15 years I watch this series, thats the first time the crowd is so loud. honestly, I love everything about this audition <3
Panicked Antics
This was absolutely incredible! These women are so strong and so talented and I hope they make it far! Just...wow. That performance left me breathless...it was literally breathtaking!
Bill Ledbetter
Couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Had to watch it repeatedly,only to be mesmerized over and over again. Brilliant and visually stunning.
ProudSagittarius ♐
Beautiful dancing,they could eventually win if they did like some kind of dancing out a story line..loved this
MIBANG TV 3 ore fa
Audiences getting more excited for them after seeing the golden buzzer is kind the of support we all need in this life.
nick 3 ore fa
if one makes a mistake, it would be obvious. this is just perfect. an act that is never seen before. I'm sure they would go to finals.
The Lovely Wanderer
Amazing performance... Definitely a golden buzzer performance... And personally I really like that Cleopatra style look.. you all look so gorgeous 🥰
O B G 3 ore fa
Sofía no solo es hermosa, también tiene un gran corazón.
B 3 ore fa
Lost count how many times I’ve watched this. Absolutely stunning.
Stacy Musa
Stacy Musa 13 ore fa
This was just an outstanding performance, no special effects, no sophisticated gadgets, just pure talent created this visual wonder. Amazing!
Rahman Saleh
Rahman Saleh 20 ore fa
They deserve this, such a beautiful dance that they danced frm heart n soul. bravo girlz! 👏💃🏿🔥❤️
Donato Isaac García ovalles
Extremada mente extraordinario la ejecución del grupo impresionante
Delilah Pearce
Absolutely lovely!! Truly stunning ladies!!! Remarkable I loved every second of there performance!!!! I was hypnotized 😵‍💫 💗 love love love it!!!!!!!
Maravilloso se nota mucho q el tiempo que estuvieron practicando a válido la pena
Victoria Dopson
The timing and perfect coordination was astounding...but the fact that they made a dance that represents the "evil eye protection" so subtlety was genius. It's hard to express...Arabic culture is big with this. And that they know they are being criticized, judged by the whole world and you made a dance depicting protection from evil eye...absolutely brilliant 👏
Ofentse Mwase Films
This is the Best dancing i've ever seen on this show. Your Country is proud. I am proud.
Yep! I Said It
Stunning performance from beginning to end...worth every bit of that golden buzzer.
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