Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks Full Game Highlights | Nov 29, 2022 | FreeDawkins

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28 nov 2022




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pico Enzo
From 2018 to today Luka Doncic has made 51 triple doubles. The Cavs, Kings, Clippers, Bulls, Wolves, Magic, Blazers, Suns, Hawks, Celtics, Hornets and the Pistons have made 44 - all together adding them up... Amazing
pouu ktin
I am a Warriors fan but I really enjoyed this game, I will take the loss and move on. Great stuff from both teams, real show of resilience! Congrats and well done to the Mavs!
Mr G
Man that game was the best I've seen this season and Luka just throwing everything he has including the kitchen sink. Those no look passes, the shot off the wrong foot, the steals in the passing lanes and the 3's, wow that guy has the whole game!
norest wicked
What a great game. Felt like playoffs
This was so much fun to watch! Now I want to watch the whole game too.
Rhyan Emmanuel Ortaliz
This is so far the best game of this season
This is what basketball is all about! Great scoring, unbelievable passes on both sides, change of the lead! This is like a play-off game in the first half of the season. In the end, you gotta give it to Luka! 41-12-12 against the reigning champion! Simply stunning!!!
oren mizrachi
Luka's passing is something I've never seen
Leo yao
What a tough game. No doubt this was best game of this season.
Game of the year. The amount of nice passes there were in this game is unreal. Luka had at least 3, Josh Green did a 360 and found a perfect corner pass from under the hoop. What a crazy series this could be 6 months from now
Diamond Hands
Pay attention to how Dallas neutralizes Curry - there are always two defenders on Curry and he can't throw 3s, fantastic!
Best game of the season already
Imagine if this was the Final
Evans Asiedu
Doncic's passing ability is unmatched
lr bell
Playoff atmosphere! Great effort by both teams. Possible preview of the Western Conference Championship? Still alot of basketball to be played. Lukac and Steph put on a show for their respective teams. Go Warriors Go!
Mehul Patel
The pace, ball movement, and passing in this game was just beautiful.
New to this channel, this game recap editing is amazing, capturing the insane level and energy of the game. Oh yeah, Luka is on a different planet.
Fahmi Fauzi
Feels like a playoff! What a great game!
Daaaaaamn!!! What a game‼️‼️‼️
Guy Prieto
Lukas ability to shoot no matter who's in his face is wow. Jaw dropping.
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