Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers Full Game Highlights | Oct 18, 2022 | FreeDawkins

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17 ott 2022




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Commenti 987
FreeDawkins 5 mesi fa
I appreciate yall watching my edit, To support the work you can hit the 'Join' button and become a channel member 🔝
STEX 5 mesi fa
Hey @FreeDawkins! So good to see your work again! Great job as always and thank you for continual enabling for my addiction to the GSW basketball!
Archie Ubaldo
Archie Ubaldo 5 mesi fa
This is the most balanced Warriors I have seen. Klay, Dray and Curry doesn’t need to play big minutes anymore. I hope they’ll be consistent.
Deeze Nuts
Deeze Nuts 5 mesi fa
Don’t * not “doesn’t” learn how to speak bro
everglades & co.
@C 2000 why u paddling your anger? lol relax, gsw vs bucks in june next year is inevitable whether you like it or not.
Yuan Lee
Yuan Lee 5 mesi fa
Ketchupz Studio
Ketchupz Studio 5 mesi fa
Joseph Duckmanton
This is extremely well edited, thank you so much! I really enjoyed the audio continuing while the next play started and also the picture-in-picture for the free throws
Timmy Ggz TV
Timmy Ggz TV 5 mesi fa
Great game
Lama 5 mesi fa
Welcome to the channel.
Nomen Clature
Nomen Clature 5 mesi fa
Didn't notice the audio rollover at first. Big Props to the editor...
EMGxUSERx 5 mesi fa
J/L cuts
J K 5 mesi fa
Best editing I have seen. You got a new subscriber!
İki Elin Sesi
İki Elin Sesi 5 mesi fa
The championship confidence of the team really shined in this game. Even 11th player of the team played with such confidence. This also provides team much versitality that leaves opponents unprepared. Warriors would still win this game without Curry,Klay and Draymond on the roster.
Timmy Ggz TV
Timmy Ggz TV 5 mesi fa
Great game
yyonte 5 mesi fa
@Wesley Gama exactly same thing i said 😂😂😂😂 bro was doing so good till he lost me in the end
Exa 02
Exa 02 5 mesi fa
I doubt, Curry did the Job, without him it would've been a tight game
Tafadzwa Kelvin
Tafadzwa Kelvin 5 mesi fa
Gsw for another
Ain't no way boy
william tarezina
Poole's passes in this game were amazing. Man had the same number of assists as Curry tonight. GSW going for another ring this season 💥
Timmy Ggz TV
Timmy Ggz TV 5 mesi fa
Great game
Mike Ohtani
Mike Ohtani 5 mesi fa
If they stay healthy
Wes W
Wes W 5 mesi fa
Ball hog no defense.
Gregory Abad De la Cruz
That’s right
Đức Duy Nguyễn
DocHazard 5 mesi fa
This highlight video was so cleanly edited it deserves a thumbs up for that alone. Well done! I'm a fan of the Celtics but I remain impressed by just how well this GSW team plays together. They're a fun team to watch and they play beautiful basketball just like they did last year.
Niche Schmidt
Niche Schmidt 5 mesi fa
Man it is actually scary to see that they have wiseman healthy now
Yuan Lee
Yuan Lee 5 mesi fa
Lol better play
Timmy Ggz TV
Timmy Ggz TV 5 mesi fa
Great game
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 5 mesi fa
Loney play better
Pico Roa
Pico Roa 5 mesi fa
@FULLWHITE lol shush
FULLWHITE 5 mesi fa
Ryan Guillermo
Ryan Guillermo 5 mesi fa
The warrior's 2nd unit looks like they could be starters for other team.
Timmy Ggz TV
Timmy Ggz TV 5 mesi fa
great game
Sandy Shanks
Sandy Shanks 5 mesi fa
The way the 2nds blew out Portland in the preseason while the starters sat out and rested was *really* impressive.
Budi Silaban
Budi Silaban 5 mesi fa
@Fandium especially number 95 he can build a wall with that bricks
restituto quintayo
Every player who went to Gsw became an instant all star
Malique Mings
Malique Mings 5 mesi fa
@Al mac pre-season proves nothing most of there starters played les than 20 mins
Jay Davante'
Jay Davante' 5 mesi fa
Davis is very important to what the Lakers are trying to achieve. The Warriors look really good and focused considering all the drama with Poole and Green.
Yuan Lee
Yuan Lee 5 mesi fa
Mad_Intalect 5 mesi fa
Klay looks like he's fully healthy now. He's got the rhythm back in his jumpers, so smooth.
eba john
eba john 5 mesi fa
The ball moved so well. Damn I've missed warriors basketball so much lets go dub nation
yakoudbz 5 mesi fa
Lakers were far from ridiculous on this one, while this Warriors team is the scariest I have ever seen. It looks like AD is getting back, and Lebron is still a beast. I thought they were going to be terrible, but I am actually impressed.
Saif Mohamed
Saif Mohamed 5 mesi fa
@Graham Wilshaw Oh has to be. In less games no less. An incredible accomplishment for a guy who's best attribute is his playmaking. But yeah man, when everyone was talking about Westbrook, toward the end of last season, the guy was playing well, he was shooting well, making adjustments. But AD is never healthy. Every time he bangs a bit you're afraid he's hurt. but it's only 2 games in, let's see how this turns out.
Graham Wilshaw
Graham Wilshaw 5 mesi fa
@Saif Mohamed 100% pal, a healthy AD is an MVP candidate but when is he healthy. I feel sorry for Lebron in a way as it is clear he's passing Kareem's a;; time scoring title but appears he'll be doing it with a losing record and team not in contention which is a shame for someone who has been to 10 NBA finals. I'm sure it will be a momentous occasion nonetheless.
Saif Mohamed
Saif Mohamed 5 mesi fa
@Graham Wilshaw I agree with you, but look when you have an aging superstar, you have to go for broke and try to win now. They did manage to win a championship, so they haven't failed completely, but yes some of the moves as of late have been questionable. The problem with AD is his fucking health man. The guy passes gas and he's out for months. I honestly would've looked at trading him this past off season, you would've gotten a solid package from a team.
Graham Wilshaw
Graham Wilshaw 5 mesi fa
@Saif Mohamed I hear ya brother, he deserves better but let’s be real about the situation in LA these passed 5 years. They’ve traded away all the young assets for a chip, which they won, but at what expense. Now the team sucks. GM needs to surround Lebron with better players and AD needs to step and be the no 1 guy really. Leave Lebron then do what he does best even at 38. Man he’s unbievable
Saif Mohamed
Saif Mohamed 5 mesi fa
@Graham Wilshaw yeah 9 straight finals will do that to you.
Phoenix Ko
Phoenix Ko 5 mesi fa
3:58 "POOLE to GREEN" every Warrior fans have been waiting for in this opening game
Double Up Wes
Double Up Wes 5 mesi fa
Both teams looked great, the Warriors simply outpaced and out scores from 3. They we’re also hitting a lot difficult shots you usually don’t see go in. It also didn’t help that the Lakers weren’t that great in a lot of pick n roll scenarios but hopefully they tighten up throughout the season. Can’t wait to see this matchup again
Edwin Poon
Edwin Poon 5 mesi fa
Wow the whole Warriors starting roster is positive on the +/- stat. So inspirational!
Moderator 5 mesi fa
It's almost always '+' for starters on a winning team
J Loo
J Loo 5 mesi fa
Poole and Wiggins played so well! The Warriors' future are in great hands.
Denilson Fernando
The team looks great, Defense needs a little bit more of work but offensive game is tremendously fine.🎉🎉 Go warriors
Earl_Richter 5 mesi fa
GSW is not my favorite team but they’re my favorite team to watch right now. It’s like watching the old Showtime Lakers. You have to appreciate how good they are.
bajanconcepts 3 mesi fa
ok, that Curry play on AD toward the end.....damn people, this dude is insane
Davide Nisi
Davide Nisi 5 mesi fa
Wiggins is worth all the money 💰 good game Dubs!
Jud Cledera
Jud Cledera 5 mesi fa
05:30 That Dunk is straight up a Travelling Vacation! 😂
Nissi Halunajan
Nissi Halunajan 5 mesi fa
This Warriors team I wouldn't take over The warriors when KD was there, but this one is just as deadly. Poole and Wiggins who we know can deliver in high pressure moments and deliver big time can switch around with Steph during the regular season and even early playoffs should they have easier rounds. Plus Wiseman is back and getting up there, still got Klay who's even more hungry to prove everyone wrong again, Dray there to show he still got it. Man this team if they just continue to rotate their roster should stay healthy
Faka 5 mesi fa
I think these warriors have more depth than those ones whose relied on starting five way more
777skiiii 5 mesi fa
Mannn u can hear the excitement in the announcers voice after every bucket, it’s like he’s a reflection of how everyone else feels now that the NBA’s back
RVD 5 mesi fa
First off, FreeDawkins is hands down the BEST! Your edits are superb my man.*bowsdown* It's why your channel is the ONLY one I've subscribed to and bookmarked for my NBA highlights. That said, the '22-'23 Warriors team is a MONSTER!! And I'm loving the Wiseman-DiVincenzo connection!!! Also, the sublime passing off the bench has me convinced that the a repeat is not only possible, but imminent. And yeah, it's only the first game of the season, but it's against a team that we should never have been up 27 points on!! (LeBron, AD, and Westbrook) GO WARRIORS!!
Mariah Lin
Mariah Lin 5 mesi fa
Warriors have the most "balanced" team since KD left. Wiseman adds a totally new dimension. Poole/Divincenzo/Moody will allow Klay and Curry to rest more. Kuminga/JaMyChal are added sparks off the bench. Green doesnt have to be burdened at the center position. Wiggins is solid as ever as a 2-way player. Looney is looking really polished now too.
Prince Hamdan
Prince Hamdan 5 mesi fa
@Risal Mustafa that's the game. Dubai will love to host a Dubai invent soon
Risal Mustafa
Risal Mustafa 5 mesi fa
Wiseman really need to practice his FT shoot
Prince Hamdan
Prince Hamdan 5 mesi fa
Yes you are right
Pappy Chulla
Pappy Chulla 5 mesi fa
This would be the game other teams sample for the season on how to play the Warriors. Good win GSW. Championship to go
kebs 5 mesi fa
Curry with the defensive masterclass. LBJ still killing at Season 20.
Ivan Seet
Ivan Seet 5 mesi fa
Great to see AD in good shape and no update on injuries.
Oranjevoe Solnce
Dawkins, my man! The best highlights editor EVER! Have a nice season my friend and thank you for your job
Boy d Xplorer
Boy d Xplorer 5 mesi fa
Amazing play by both teams. Better luck next time LA👍
Brandon 5 mesi fa
8:27 when Anthony Davis fell, even the casters couldn't believe he didn't get injured. "He came down... but he's ok...?" 😂😂
marcell 5 mesi fa
Adrian 5 mesi fa
bruh i didnt even catch that the first time watching😂😂😂
Evans Asiedu
Evans Asiedu 5 mesi fa
I was like 'noooo AD not this time' while watching the game. Wishing he keeps fit for this season
hira hira
hira hira 5 mesi fa
Watching Warriors is really a pure joy
Jamo 5 mesi fa
This is the most loaded team I’ve seen in my lifetime. Crazy
Ron Brown
Ron Brown 5 mesi fa
Yes!!! Excellent basketball by the Warriors! So much fun to watch!
Wayne Brady
Wayne Brady 5 mesi fa
5:31 The season is still very young but the referees are already overlooking LeBron's travels.
Musashi 5 mesi fa
If ever I was given the oppurtunity to play in NBA, I’d really want to play for the Warriors! The way they develop players is amazing.
seward2222 5 mesi fa
This just shows you how far ahead the Warriors are compared to the Lakers. Even up until the 3rd Q, the Warriors were cold from deep but during that stretch managed to go ahead of the Lakers by 25. For the Lakers, I wonder who they’re going to blame next after Russ. I just hope that they aren’t going to sacrifice Darvin Ham for this cuz he’s a damn good coach.
Chip yard
Chip yard 5 mesi fa
James is 4000 years old and still playing like this - jaw dropping.
Padre & Son
Padre & Son 5 mesi fa
Asi empiza la NBA!!! vamos con todo!
Ciro Gonzales
Ciro Gonzales 5 mesi fa
Azril Syazrin
Azril Syazrin 5 mesi fa
that pass from Poole to Draymond was 😘👌
Tobias Zwicknagel
Team Basketball at its finest🤩. Hats off and respect for the Warriors... as a Celtics Fan
Prince Hamdan
Prince Hamdan 5 mesi fa
Yes you are right
Symphony L
Symphony L 5 mesi fa
FreeDawkins has had the best highlight edits for years, HANDS DOWN!!!!!
Ruther Ford Myler Ang
I almost expect Steph to win that jump ball haha
André Cardoso
André Cardoso 5 mesi fa
Haha I was thinking the same thing!
Evans Asiedu
Evans Asiedu 5 mesi fa
We'd have sat AD out for the rest of the season 😂😆
Edward Kim aka ballislifekim ____E1
Warriors looking very good let’s go ❤🔥🔥
R Sayson
R Sayson 5 mesi fa
The Warriors just got the most fearsome, balanced, deadliest, and deepest version of its Championship self! Barring any untoward incident, it's only a matter of what team has got half of what Warriors have for any team to be the Challenger for this season's ring!
demoman87 5 mesi fa
even with the new roster, Warriors played very well. Like they've been playing for years
Doffy Donquixote
@kaitsu there is no joining superstar team right now or atleast prime franchise player joining each other...so yeah the warriors is okay
zinny999 5 mesi fa
There is hardly any changes
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor 5 mesi fa
New roster.. Divincenzo.. these guys been together for years. 1 or 2 players won’t effect the way the play
Kevin 5 mesi fa
Being a Nets fan, I still don't think they have a chance against this team, man!! warriors literally on a different level
kaitsu 5 mesi fa
But let's see if they manage to face injured teams in the playoffs again
Erwan Soyer
Erwan Soyer 5 mesi fa
Le fameux 3éme 1/4 temps des Warriors,il y a des choses qui ne changent pas !
McFishヅ 5 mesi fa
I just think the warriors have a really high chance of winning this season as well, there just insane. Each player is playing really like Curry, Klay, Dray and players that are becoming real good like Jordan Poole etc.
Aetius Montresor
91-66 at the end of the 3rd… Omg and not even a night night from Curry 😂 Lets go Warriors!
Bruuhh 5 mesi fa
This is the lakers game where I can say they played really well.
J Society49
J Society49 5 mesi fa
This was game was fun can’t wait to see more of this team
J R 5 mesi fa
Wiggins was also great in this game. 20 pts 6 reb 4ast 1 stl 1 blk 57%FG 57% 3pm
P A 090589
P A 090589 5 mesi fa
Dawg JaMychal Green was a very nice pick up for the dubs, the squad depth this season looks great
Evans Asiedu
Evans Asiedu 5 mesi fa
Yh JaMychal Green and Divicenzo will really be valuable to the Warriors come playoffs
Anton Chizhov
Anton Chizhov 5 mesi fa
That’s what Strength in Numbers is all about! Contributions from every player on the roster, effort and ball movement
Fallenangel_19 5 mesi fa
Divicenzo too
Sams0npanda 5 mesi fa
He was a beast when he was on the clippers. Him and Kawhi were good together
Cebu Islander
Cebu Islander 5 mesi fa
it’s a jackpot man, he’s one that I admired
2l d colt
2l d colt 5 mesi fa
😱 Golden amassou ❣
jimmy castro
jimmy castro 5 mesi fa
See how the Warriors are on the Road. At home they look solid!🏀
Yann Alphée
Yann Alphée 5 mesi fa
curry's fadeaway was soooooo smooth as hell !
sparrow lee
sparrow lee 5 mesi fa
I hope they are all healthy untill the end of the season 🙏💝💯👏👏👏 Congratulations Warriors!💍💍💍💍
Path Boy Tv
Path Boy Tv 5 mesi fa
Im just excited about how far this season for the warriors! Lets go warriors..
Hadi Mohammed
Hadi Mohammed 5 mesi fa
Lakers fan but these Dubs are an unstoppable, amazing shooting team. 2022-23 belongs to Warriors vs Nets, hopefully.
Al mac
Al mac 5 mesi fa
@undertakerblaise256 the Lakers were trash again today. I guess pre season does mean something because the Lakers were trash in pre season and continued the trash today. Look at the Lakers roster and tell me you think they are good. I see trash! 👀
@Al mac preseason dont mean shit bro. Majority of minutes are played by 3rd string players (g league players for a roster spots) so they don’t count.
Al mac
Al mac 5 mesi fa
@Evans Asiedu dude you are a complete clown. I don't hate GSW at all. I simply pointed out that beating the Lakers is no achievement as the Lakers are trash. The Kings blew out the Lakers twice in a row in the preseason!
Evans Asiedu
Evans Asiedu 5 mesi fa
@Al mac you're back again in a new season? Haha very long night for you to be hating on the Dubs on a 82-game journey
Al mac
Al mac 5 mesi fa
@Jordan Davis that was last season. Everyone starts from scratch. Anyone can beat the Lakers so that proves nothing.
Aeru 5 mesi fa
8:15 You can see the strangeness that only happened only 1 time in this match
STEX 5 mesi fa
I know it's the highlights, but man, the Dubs are firing on all cylinders. Wigs are playing like an extension of the Splash Bros. The Next Gen maybe can use more time to synch up but everyone just look great playing together, it's going to be an exciting season!!!
hikENShoot 5 mesi fa
A healthy warriors! Is all I want for Christmas!!
Jhud Leosala
Jhud Leosala 5 mesi fa
so no ones gonna talk about Jamychal Green hes a Good addition to the team .♥️
Prince Hamdan
Prince Hamdan 5 mesi fa
Yes you are right
Bonginhlanhla Ngema
Most well edited highlights I have seen in a long time.
Rob Manzano
Rob Manzano 5 mesi fa
8:43 that was sick 🔥
American Muscle
American Muscle 5 mesi fa
They let up and make mistakes then when the game gets closer the Warrior's step back on the gas.. Their to experienced and chemistry is insane.
Kelley Eidem
Kelley Eidem 5 mesi fa
The Dubs could set a record for the most different teammates to score at least one 30 point night in a season.
Greg Hunt
Greg Hunt 5 mesi fa
Hey man appreciate this mega edit job you done. Best highlights out there. Liked
taesang 5 mesi fa
new roster looks great. still missing gp2 though 😭
Achim Witcoustic
100 mil for JP and it wouldve worked....
Cris P. Bacon
Cris P. Bacon 5 mesi fa
Right.. too bad they can't pay him..
Achim Witcoustic
Carlo N.
Carlo N. 5 mesi fa
When LeLAKERS went on a run but Wiggins KILLED it with a back to back 3s. 😅😅
J YOO 5 mesi fa
골스 조직력 미쳤네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이번 시즌 존나기대돼~
Sona Yudistira
Sona Yudistira 5 mesi fa
Yes sir Chef Stephen Curry MVP! Three pointers made all-time, Legend's ✍
Jerome 5 mesi fa
This wasn’t a bad game from lakers. Considering they are a completely new team. Defense is better and shooting won’t always be that bad. Especially once they really know Waco they and know their rotations and roles. Warriors have played with each other for a long time. I think if we can get 10 solid games with a consistent rotation and players knowing their roles lakers could become really good. Against the champs, this wasn’t as bad as you think.
nickDOTbloc 5 mesi fa
0:56 that recovery was nasty
Cajatron 5 mesi fa
Picking up right where they left off. 🔥
JayA 5 mesi fa
Damn warriors back where they left off and look even better with everyone back at it.
Learn More Earn More
The ball is shared by everyone on GSW. Good lesson for Lakers.
JONIX 274 5 mesi fa
Plenty of shooters in that GSW team😎🎯
Rene Salvana
Rene Salvana 5 mesi fa
Even those rooster from LA was there...Wow GSW had tremendously exciting and impressive...GO DUB NATION TO WIN😊
dharshi ren
dharshi ren 5 mesi fa
@8:34 you see the beauty of curry's technique. the arc curves ever so slightly. truely the greatest shooter alive
Klemzius Klm
Klemzius Klm 5 mesi fa
Lebron runnin like those youngsters wow respect !
BeForGod 5 mesi fa
Glad the DUBS didn't lose on ring night. I also forgot about Pat Bev for a while - it's clear that Pat can't stop STEPH. STEPH is THAT GUY!! DUBS looking bigger height-wise!
lebroncurry 5 mesi fa
was at the game today, complete fucking dominance man. warriors have so many dudes that can put the ball in the basket need to clean up the passing a little bit some sloppy turnovers made but damn did they look good today. excited to see what they can do the rest of the season
beastmry 5 mesi fa
The goat of basketball highlights doing his thing
Matthew Tan
Matthew Tan 5 mesi fa
Jamychal green is a perfect fit and really solid !
Rizky Riv Alhamid
Honestly this is warriors in my mind 🔥
nelson 5 mesi fa
8:47.. that was wonderful move...
BeForGod 5 mesi fa
Glad that DRAY & POOLE thing isn't derailing the playing and high-calibre of this team!!
MagFrom Rags
MagFrom Rags 5 mesi fa
iso bron chasing that 36k once the lead was too big , I LOVE IT
Lucky889 S
Lucky889 S 5 mesi fa
@Cain Marco you gonna mark this comment, until LeQueen retires? Bet on it
Lucky889 S
Lucky889 S 5 mesi fa
@Nerviniex you never watch games kiddo? When the game is lost or won before end of 4th, star players usually sit out to rest and avoid injury. Unless LeQueen wants points, injuries, or avoid handshake. Fack, he left games before buzzer too. That punk ass move
Cain Marco
Cain Marco 5 mesi fa
Cain Marco
Cain Marco 5 mesi fa
@Domagoj Hrgovićmaster padder with several MVP and FMVP. sure sure MANURE. LOL.
Nerviniex 5 mesi fa
@Lucky889 S Yes, with ur small brain every NBA superstar should stop scoring when the game is almost fully lost, hell if they aint winning by the start of the 4th quarter just leave the arena.
Michael 5 mesi fa
Professional basketball team.They make it look easy 👌 😎 👀 wow
Godwin Rubombora
Just imagine having three splash bro's. Absolutely abysmal man. This team is lethal.
Wes W
Wes W 5 mesi fa
Wig shot near 40% three leading the team last season.
franco zhang
franco zhang 5 mesi fa
Three slalsh bros? I am seeing al least 5 bros...
Wawa Arcenio
Wawa Arcenio 5 mesi fa
Wp dubs. Just appreciating lebron. 20 years in nba still strong and giving highlights.
Pappy Chulla
Pappy Chulla 5 mesi fa
Curry is clearly the best player in the NBA currently. Take it or leave it
dudezriv 5 mesi fa
Wow! The Dubs built a tough player this season,stay healthy and you're gonna champ again
Francesco 5 mesi fa
is unbelievable how even our bench is as good as the starter five of some NBA teams😂
JC.sniper 5 mesi fa
Warriors bench is so deep ..thats why they have a high chance to B2B
pp232323p 5 mesi fa
Well, at least the spacing of the Lakers is much better than last season
Dad Doingstunts
Dad Doingstunts 5 mesi fa
Most concerning part is that most of the times Davis is breaking his own ankles. No adapting balance. Just falls to the hardwood like a teabag.
Allan Dupale
Allan Dupale 5 mesi fa
The best Lakers game judging from the way the announcer commentates!
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