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9 lug 2020




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Peter McKinnon
Peter McKinnon 11 mesi fa
What is your favourite feature of the new R5? GUESS MINE! Ok thats easy. 4K 120 LETS GOO!
Elizabeth Alva
Elizabeth Alva 3 mesi fa
@Baird Thompson check out this. 7:58.
Pathummu Poker
Pathummu Poker 5 mesi fa
@Bad Wolf Media k
IFNY 5 mesi fa
@max max max goon watch my videos of the panasonic s5 and how to shoot internal 6k!
max max max goon
@Chandu s gowda watch my hack ..r5 hack max max max...Plz do reaction video in india
max max max goon
@ossme watch my hack ..r5 hack max max max
Will111ism 2 giorni fa
So wish I has that camera 📷 utterly sublime tho out my league 🙏
Scribbles Photography - Nature Images
Canon eos is the best. I've had a pen tax bridge when I first started but I've been with canon ever since.
V3NOM POISONOUS ENT 13 giorni fa
Cannon please send me a test so I can test it out
V3NOM POISONOUS ENT 13 giorni fa
@peter McKinnon you make me wanna have this camera 🎥
V3NOM POISONOUS ENT 13 giorni fa
I own a GH5 but I also need this camera in my life
Tito Hoffa
Tito Hoffa 19 giorni fa
you just sold this camera ..... ordering nowwwwww
the raj
the raj 19 giorni fa
I feel like I'm not worthy of watching this video. l am a poor man who dreams of buying a camera. 😢😢
NoOne Important
NoOne Important 19 giorni fa
Clutches 90D in anger.
Seakleng Song (DORA)
Am I the only one who think Peter sounds and looks like Phill from Modern Family? XD
SovereignCitizen 28 giorni fa
DAMN! where was this camera when I was a Hollywood Paparazzi? I could have shot so many more weddings, cheaters, and more, with that silent mode. ugh!
george stiros
Hi Peter!!! i just bought the Canon 5 R!!!!! Wow. I shot with it yesterday!!!!! My Sony 7 R stopped working and was going to get the 7 R4. But everything on this camera felt great. One thing .How do I set this to the highest J{EG resolution. And how do I record video ONLY on the CF express card. I recorded a clip I have no idea where this clip is? THANK YOU in advanced. G
x0311ofone Mese fa
That is a good price??? I Have tried so so hard but doubt I will be able to afford one of those. Would be a dream because I love Canon it is all I have used mainly. The financial issues of being a single Dad sucks.
MadNet12 Mese fa
Omg enough with the stupid intros! GET TO THE POINT
Vitor Guimaraes
I happen to shoot with Nikon (I’m not a videographer) and I’m excited when a photo exceeds my expectations, of course I love my D850, but some of the photos I like the most were taken with a D200, others with a D300 or D810 and of course with my D850, I don't understand how someone gets excited about a new camera, will they be a better photographer? I doubt it...
RyEvDee Mese fa
Oh she Thicc Thicc
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Mese fa
I still use the 5dmk2 😉
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Mese fa
This camera officially killed sony😉
James Keener
James Keener 2 mesi fa
That's the way to do a disclosure.
Daniel (Dekaai)
Daniel (Dekaai) 2 mesi fa
What lense are you using at 0:54 chief?
Aditya Ahir
Aditya Ahir 2 mesi fa
6:09, the fact that test frame itself is so good!
Michael Billerbeck
05:42 mins: Well, even if the shutter is silent, it’s the beep that is still annoying.
Domuneik 0
Domuneik 0 2 mesi fa
What camera did you use for this video? And lens?
Opie Roter1
Opie Roter1 2 mesi fa
I'm glad they fixed the noise problem. My T7 is so noisy wildlife is a problem. Of course there is about$4600 difference
Aaron Jarnigan
Aaron Jarnigan 2 mesi fa
Be ready to carry 19 batteries for it. What the hell is wrong with them releasing it with such poor performance in that department with a $4,000 price tag. People have gone off the deep end if they buy this.
TJuggs Productions
Do you have to be in C-Log to shoot 10Bit 4.2.2? Or can you use a regular picture profile in 10Bit or will it drop you down to 8bit?
Akiss Paraskevopoulos
What’s gonna happen to all people who bought the R5 Mk I ?
Bryan Baldanza
Bryan Baldanza 2 mesi fa
Nothing like having ur camera over heat every 10 minutes and telling ur clients they gotta wait till it cools off 😂😂🤪👎
Dominico Brent
Dominico Brent 3 mesi fa
Awesome!, I have accidentally recorded through automatic mode using my external mic which resulted in no audio, is there I way to override this maybe?, thanks so much
ordazmin 3 mesi fa
are you related to Mathew McConaughey??
Mick Brady
Mick Brady 3 mesi fa
5:25 of course you don't hear anything as it's a mirrorless!
THIS IS JINU 3 mesi fa
I am surprised about the fact that he just totally ignores sony ALPHA cameras. Did you even try using it..? Why don't you try using a sony a7s iii or a7r iv or a1 for a month ..?
THIS IS JINU 3 mesi fa
No offense to Peter , I'm a huge fan of his work. Been watching his videos since past two years but not a fan of canon cameras . Desperately waiting for him to switch to Sony so that I could finally proudly say that my idol and I use the same cameras.
THIS IS JINU 3 mesi fa
Matti and Chris already gave their reviews
THIS IS JINU 3 mesi fa
@Paul Loth he still didn't get one😂😂 LOL..!
Paul Loth
Paul Loth 3 mesi fa
Look at the release date of the video wtf
Carl Bishop
Carl Bishop 3 mesi fa
This has got to be the worst review ever
joe kelly
joe kelly 3 mesi fa
Two blacked out during heavy use , not good ,
Nian Nolan
Nian Nolan 3 mesi fa
That costs more than my car............
Thomas Leach
Thomas Leach 3 mesi fa
Have ...love..had over a year. Let's u focus on the purpose over function
Piep Flitze
Piep Flitze 3 mesi fa
I still have love and use my 5d mark II. Its ten years old and still a professional tool for photography. Video lacks a lot, even with magiclantern. Image quality in both photo and also video is still amazing though. Lenses make the difference. This said, i dont like mindless consumption and only need tools to get a job done. The R5 is that one camera that makes me want to switch to mirrorless, finally. Some of the best lenses in decades need to be switched too, which makes me kinda sad. But its time to move on.
Matthew S
Matthew S 4 mesi fa
My 5d mk2 is still going strong.
Riggsy79 4 mesi fa
It wasn't really a review tbh.......
Valerie Beegan
Valerie Beegan 4 mesi fa
Can’t wait to get mine, you make me so excited to get my hands on one 👏
Luke Marriott
Luke Marriott 4 mesi fa
I shot a cinematic wedding video with the R5 on my ITvid recently! Love the camera, it handles what I do really well!
ploD1 4 mesi fa
My goodness , XQD card in canon after 10 years hahaha NIKON had that since D5 was introduced with 2 slots for XQD and 2 slots for SD,D500 1 XQD slot and 1 SD slot ,i was canon shooter in the first years when i start shooting weddings, noise problem with canon is just that makes me angry,camera cost arm and leg plus left kidney and have pixels like coffee cup in the low light situation when you have to increase ISO ,,, with Nikon D500 that cost $2000 can handle the noise up to 20000 ISO and imagine when you drop the ISO to beyond 100 and do some long exposure... I'll never go with canon ever again,the only thing that canon have is the printers,i have in my business Canon image runner advance 7500 series and i am so amazed with quality printings,but the cameras will never compare with NIKON...
WiThErD 4 mesi fa
$5K WHYYYYYYYYY :/ sad broke boy times
Kato Leonard
Kato Leonard 4 mesi fa
All the motion of the text in this video made me nauseous.
Varun 4 mesi fa
Sir, please make a tutorial on those cool texts popping style how we can create that.
Stephen Ngala
Stephen Ngala 4 mesi fa
Is this camera made in such a way that you can still use it while charging it at the same time?
Charies Bergero
Charies Bergero 4 mesi fa
at 8 k this camera is over hit.. not a good camera...
Alexander Winkler
There is no other like its actually more than good. Its still the best in its class on the market and, with the recent release of Sonys A1 which costs around 3000-4000€ its even better then this (better video, better IBIS, better AF and much more). If you are actually able to record 20-30 minutes of 8K in RAW (which the Sony A1 cant even do...) you will need a lot of very expensive storage. Don't forget this is a hybrid camera. Its not a video camera. If you want more recording time at that quality level what you need is a dedicated video camera. There are many out there like Canons C70
Skeena Media
Skeena Media 4 mesi fa
Great review!
Ana Morales
Ana Morales 4 mesi fa
Dején de suscribirme sin mi consentimiento, jamás he visto sus contenidos.
Ravi Rajah
Ravi Rajah 4 mesi fa
I remember Vincent! he even used the Panasonic HVX 200 before the 5dmk2
ben landro
ben landro 4 mesi fa
will this camera load to iPhoto hi jpeg? Not photo but iPhoto.
BK 5 mesi fa
But... Does it has Red-Eye Remover?
Some Dude
Some Dude 5 mesi fa
Okay... Now I just need money..
4:18 until got hot and say : The camra is to hot need to shodown and wait until get cooled. All camara. What i dont understund why dont put some heatsink or make the body in aluminum with some finss to make better disipation.
Alexander Winkler
All that things are already in there but you not have to forget that it has to weather sealed etc. ITvid makes it seem like people use such cameras mainly for video work when that's actually just a minority. People who use such camera have different priorities than what people my think. Being able to record in 8K at full frame RAW is amazing. But it produces a lot, really a lot of heat. The thing is it also produces a Hughe file size. The costs of required storage is big so you probably reach storage limit before reaching any heat limit. People who actually record videos most of the time buy other cameras like Canon C70 which has dedicated heat sinks, and fans and much much more options dedicated for video usage.
Alex Toys
Alex Toys 5 mesi fa
Still happy with my Lumix G80, but thanks for a review
Dan Stephens
Dan Stephens 5 mesi fa
The overheating concerns me. Otherwise, it looks like a great camera.
Noah Sohacki
Noah Sohacki 5 mesi fa
How is the low light?
arogya reddy
arogya reddy 5 mesi fa
Good presentation
Severe Tire Damage
Think aboot how sexy this guy is
mark elroy
mark elroy 5 mesi fa
rewatching. awesome camera
Moritz Taylor
Moritz Taylor 5 mesi fa
Still my favorite till I started! it's just an unreal cam, for real.
A M 5 mesi fa
Costs 5 grands body only after import fees here. Yikes.
Varun 5 mesi fa
How long does battery last when one shoots at 4k 6p FPS ?
Bobby Stefano
Bobby Stefano 5 mesi fa
if is the grail, why are you using the 1dXMK2?
Mitcho (Travel Blog)
This is a step in the right direction, but I definitely don't think this is worth spending that much money on it. I would wait another few years until they iron out some issues, especially overheating. If you are serious about 4k or 8k filming you defiantly don't want to be stopping every 20 minutes or so for the camera to cool down. You may as well get a professional video camera.
Alexander Winkler
If you are serious for video you, as you already said, wont buy a hybrid camera. That this camera is even able to record in 8K full frame RAW is absolutely overkill. But all this in such a weather sealed closed body will have limits. No hybrid camera is good enough for dedicated filming. For this there are dedicated video cameras out there. I think for the price and what its offers, the R5 is literally cheap. Canon has the C70 which would be an option for video work at such size. So there are more then enough options out there.
Downlink_x 5 mesi fa
I‘m now using my 2x R5 with 85L RF and 28-70L RF since release (5 months)....and those combos are INSANE. The R5 is the camera I’ve been waiting for years and i‘m very satisfied.
JetterVision 6 mesi fa
I think this may just be the upgrade I was looking for. I am currently using a Canon 80D and Looking to upgrade! I was having a hard time choosing between the R5 & The R6. I think I've made my mind.
JetterVision 5 mesi fa
@Aqil Homaili Only overheats if you are consistently shooting at 8K, or 4K 120. In my case, I rarely will need to shoot in 8K but it would be fantastic to have that spec!
Aqil Homaili
Aqil Homaili 5 mesi fa
I was thinking the same as you but the overheating is it still a big problem ? I was considering this and SONY A7S3
Louis Goodman
Louis Goodman 6 mesi fa
Is this better than Sony cameras
Pascal Media
Pascal Media 6 mesi fa
I had the honor to test this beast of a camera a few months ago and I absolutely loved it. In combination with a 70-200 f2.8, 15-35 f2.8 and a 24-70 f2.8 the Photos are razor sharp and also the 4k 120 fps and the 8K Video mode are my favourite features on this beast
Renee Gross
Renee Gross 6 mesi fa
What do you think about the canon Rebel T100?
Which one is better ? R5, 1DX mark iii, 5d mark iv ?
김기우 6 mesi fa
Is there a hole under the part where the r5 lens is worn? There is a hole at the bottom of my r5.
penguinfighter 6 mesi fa
I literally had a nerdgasm when he showed it was silent. 😂😂
Andreas Abrahamsson
Hi Peter, as a Canon shooter I really value your opinions and inputs in regards to camera reviews. I've followed you since day 1, but when it comes to mirrorless I must admit I am confused by your enthusiasm as the digital viewfinder is so inferior compared to an optical one. Yesterday I tried shooting with the R5 and I was shocked how bad it was. I would like to understand more of your thoughts on this. Why would you prefer looking at a screen instead of reality, especially when the screen really look and feels like a screen and there are so much missing in the digital representation of the real world? Please keep in mind that I'm not questioning the camera itself. It's a beast.
harrr53 6 mesi fa
Why no 1080p 129fps?
Wick John
Wick John 6 mesi fa
Canon R5 defaults to 1/1 full power flashes consistently when TTL and HSS used at any shutter speed faster than 1/250 sec. In addition, Bracketing of any kind is not successful-be it flash bracketing or AEB, as the Z cameras are able to do with flash. Gear tested: Canon R5 Flashpoint PRO2 MK2 Trigger Flashpoint AD1200 PRO Flashpoint AD600 PRO TTL Flashpoint AD200. All gear on latest firmware. Submitted for user testing,consensus,and hopeful reporting to the manufacturers.
Forestcore 6 mesi fa
Didn’t know Harry Mack got into photography
William Wonser
William Wonser 6 mesi fa
Hey Peter I have a 2015 MacBook Pro what CF card reader do you recommend ?
Desmond Zion Albert
What lens are you using to shoot the bike?
Desmond Zion Albert
Hey brother been following you for a while and you have help me so much, 1 Question? how do you set white balance to shoot video. i use a gray card on my gh5 take a shoot in video mode works great but not sure how to with canon?
Jennifer Bunay
Jennifer Bunay 6 mesi fa
Which canon do you recommend if you are in a budget but want close images like the r5?
Joseph Kal
Joseph Kal 6 mesi fa
I say YAY my bank is like hold up !
Truth BeTold
Truth BeTold 6 mesi fa
Can I use my 5d mark iv lenses on the r5?
monibstar 6 mesi fa
Very nice would like to get my hands on 1 soon if i can afford it lol.. Now going to take a look at R6 .. I hope tht will be affordable :) im a Canon guy too and i like it yes 👍 📷🙂
C B 6 mesi fa
the release of the decade would make it the release of 7 months into said decade.
Judah Yarsho Keishing
Is it worth buying Canon 77D?
SAONA FOOD 6 mesi fa
R5 and R6 are my dream camera ever, but it would be so hard to afford the price as my country has cheap currency. In my life photography and video production is my dream job. Is there anyone know how I can get sponsor? THANKS A LOT
Boz Tos
Boz Tos 7 mesi fa
This is called putting lipstick on a pig.
Allan Davies
Allan Davies 7 mesi fa
Hello Peter, does the Canon R5 mirrorless body have a portal for a cable release ??? Question: Peter if we have image stabilization in the camera and our lenses should we keep both on or switch one off? What would your advice be ???
43 Seven
43 Seven 7 mesi fa
Nice hoodie. Mind sharing it?
Urban Rump
Urban Rump 7 mesi fa
I recently used the Canon R5 for a high volume dance photo session and I can definitely tell you that the R5 is NOT a studio camera and it absolutely can't be used for fast-moving subjects due to the EVF lag. Additionally, the battery life is extremely poor even though I was using the Canon LPE6NH. I was using the battery grip and two batteries lasted 3 hours. And I'm also very concerned about the overheating issue since the temperature warning indicator appeared after an hour of shooting photos (not video). The camera never shut down but it was very warm to the touch the entire time I used it. This camera might be a great location camera for wedding and portrait shooters, but it totally fails in the studio. I will be using my 5D4 in the studio from now on.
Max Rush
Max Rush 7 mesi fa
Save your time and start to watch from 2:15
GARDEN HUT 7 mesi fa
mahal la bro camera ni. belanje la satu :)
Ralf 7 mesi fa
Can't afford it.
Jordi W
Jordi W 7 mesi fa
Where tf can I get it I’ve been waiting like 5 months for it where can I get it
Miguel Capelo
Miguel Capelo 7 mesi fa
Awesome video Peter... well done.
666hobart 7 mesi fa
Jeebus, back to the street corner with my kneepads...
Lukasz Debowski
Lukasz Debowski 7 mesi fa
I have a feeling that this review is biased. Is he being paid by canon?
gjaeigjiajeg 7 mesi fa
Can you demonstrate how quick the EVF responds when you pull it up to your face (or video camera)? It takes a whole second for the EOS R and it bugs me.
Thapa’s Vlog
Thapa’s Vlog 7 mesi fa
Wow amazing camera I love it thanks for sharing
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