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Peter McKinnon
Peter McKinnon 4 mesi fa
What is your favourite feature of the new R5? GUESS MINE! Ok thats easy. 4K 120 LETS GOO!
Harry Vue Media
Harry Vue Media 2 mesi fa
The Overheating!!! Love that we are paying a premium price for this awesome feature :)
Kenneth Ybanez
Kenneth Ybanez 3 mesi fa
the overheating issue
Joe June
Joe June 3 mesi fa
Hey peter what lens did you use on the r5 to film your super dope broll shots?
Sub Optimal
Sub Optimal 3 mesi fa
I love the pocket warmer feature
mark wilson
mark wilson 3 mesi fa
Keeps your hands warm and toasty!🤣jk
Chris B
Chris B Giorno fa
the release of the decade would make it the release of 7 months into said decade.
Judah Yarsho Keishing
Is it worth buying Canon 77D?
Ken Survival
Ken Survival 3 giorni fa
R5 and R6 are my dream camera ever, but it would be so hard to afford the price as my country has cheap currency. In my life photography and video production is my dream job. Is there anyone know how I can get sponsor? THANKS A LOT
Boz Tos
Boz Tos 9 giorni fa
This is called putting lipstick on a pig.
Julian Burrus
Julian Burrus 9 giorni fa
this video didn't age well.
Allan Davies
Allan Davies 10 giorni fa
Hello Peter, does the Canon R5 mirrorless body have a portal for a cable release ??? Question: Peter if we have image stabilization in the camera and our lenses should we keep both on or switch one off? What would your advice be ???
43 Seven
43 Seven 11 giorni fa
Nice hoodie. Mind sharing it?
Urban Rump
Urban Rump 12 giorni fa
I recently used the Canon R5 for a high volume dance photo session and I can definitely tell you that the R5 is NOT a studio camera and it absolutely can't be used for fast-moving subjects due to the EVF lag. Additionally, the battery life is extremely poor even though I was using the Canon LPE6NH. I was using the battery grip and two batteries lasted 3 hours. And I'm also very concerned about the overheating issue since the temperature warning indicator appeared after an hour of shooting photos (not video). The camera never shut down but it was very warm to the touch the entire time I used it. This camera might be a great location camera for wedding and portrait shooters, but it totally fails in the studio. I will be using my 5D4 in the studio from now on.
Max Rush
Max Rush 13 giorni fa
Save your time and start to watch from 2:15
GARDEN HUT 14 giorni fa
mahal la bro camera ni. belanje la satu :)
Ralf 18 giorni fa
Can't afford it.
Jordi W
Jordi W 21 giorno fa
Where tf can I get it I’ve been waiting like 5 months for it where can I get it
Miguel Capelo
Miguel Capelo 23 giorni fa
Awesome video Peter... well done.
666hobart 26 giorni fa
Jeebus, back to the street corner with my kneepads...
Lukasz Debowski
Lukasz Debowski 27 giorni fa
I have a feeling that this review is biased. Is he being paid by canon?
gjaeigjiajeg 28 giorni fa
Can you demonstrate how quick the EVF responds when you pull it up to your face (or video camera)? It takes a whole second for the EOS R and it bugs me.
Thapa’s Vlog
Wow amazing camera I love it thanks for sharing
dave c
dave c Mese fa
Hi Peter, can you tell me ,how many shots you got out of a battery?
Samuel Grimard
Bruh Overheating
Scott Carey
Scott Carey Mese fa
Please, more camera and photos and less person.
Amazing Kids! Ronny
Do you know what I more amazed for? I'm amazed how Samsung s20 ultra could manage 8k quality in such a small device.
Kevin Vo
Kevin Vo Mese fa
I'm not a canon shooter, but is this seriously the first canon camera that has electronic shutter? Peter McKinnon was like its such an amazing feature. I'm like yeah like I have in my 5 year old camera....
Ryan Powell
Ryan Powell Mese fa
ahhhh definitely not in my budget
Andrew Gallavan
Do you know if it record an hour podcast without overheating?
Jean-Marc Plantiveau
Hello and thank you for the review. So this means that this huge sensor does allow to shoot in dark places ? I did not see any hint in it.
Andrew Phipps
I've got a quick question regarding the EOS R and R5: Is there a software setting to turn off the front self-timer lamp during a 2s/10s timer? There was a custom function on the 5DIV to do this, but haven't been able to find anything on the R5.
FireSun20 Mese fa
Anyone know where his hoodie is from?
Matthew Berg
Matthew Berg Mese fa
5:40 🤣
Dylan Leach
Dylan Leach Mese fa
Had no clue you watched John Hill! Good stuff!
Maxi Billion
Maxi Billion Mese fa
Love the video!!! What lens did you use on this camera?
Espectre 1
Espectre 1 Mese fa
Will the R5 have a price drop sometime this year?
Juan P
Juan P Mese fa
Amazing video as always.
Juan P
Juan P Mese fa
Hello. Is it true that overheats?? if so, what camera should I get on this price range?
That's Adrienne ツ
if i have that i use it for a decades.
Overheating grail you mean?😂
Kunda Rahate
Kunda Rahate Mese fa
10:40 😅😅 Got me
Kizito Ononuju
peter McCannon
Zeppy Mese fa
I am trying to wrap my head around as to why Canon would go from an older model EOS R6 to a better newer camera called the EOS R5 instead of the EOS R7? Makes no sense whatsoever! Please enlighten me if you can!
Brett Cruickshank
Love the video. What about the heat issues ? My only blocker from buying.
Wait that's John Grismo's shop...
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke Mese fa
Nice camera .... but, Sony A7S iii .....
TJ Demonte
TJ Demonte Mese fa
This video did not age well. Sorry Pete.. not your fault.
Klab Mese fa
Wait, so 144p is out of the game? Dang it, time for an upgrade...
Outright Skateboarding
Thanks for the amazing review, Peter. Dear Santa.....
mark rigg
mark rigg Mese fa
There's banding at highish ISOs. Mines going back.
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Christine Starlight
Veo Veo
Veo Veo 2 mesi fa
Craig Sands
Craig Sands 2 mesi fa
The sad thing is , as vloggers and now really the defacto testers for a lot of people the Blaise approach to the whole fiasco regarding the R5 from Pete is rather disappointing to me and I’m sure a lot of his followers. Pete touted the R5 as the “THE GRAIL CAMERA” Canon ambassador or not he has at least a moral responsibility to his subscribers to either follow up his video from 2 months ago or push Canon as an Ambassador for an official response on a fix for all the issues with the R5. Remember your subscription base is built on the relationship with your fans and I’m sorry but the mess with the R5 is leaving a really bad taste in a lot of peoples mouths. posted on Matti’s site as well seeing as you both have a show
Vinh Huynh
Vinh Huynh 2 mesi fa
Meh canon
Romer Pedron
Romer Pedron 2 mesi fa
Hi Peter ! What font are you using for the information in the bottom? Would greatly appreciate the info!
Mr BOBO 2 mesi fa
What aspect ratio the video is in?
SE NPI 2 mesi fa
Yo wtf 👁👄👁
kavya thotada
kavya thotada 2 mesi fa
I never seen atleast one video recommending this camera to consumers
Ryker Inc
Ryker Inc 2 mesi fa
This is a good picture camera..... unfortunately that’s all it is unless they fix the heating issues.
Brian Zaste
Brian Zaste 2 mesi fa
Defintely a problem for me... I'm a las Vegas youtuber so it would burn right up
Gunnar Blomquist
How is the dynamic range for this camera??? I shoot a lot of landscape and need good dynamic range. Canon has been a little behind other camerabrands like Nikon and Sony.
Happy Elephant
Happy Elephant 2 mesi fa
It's a shame such a godd camera us so expensive.. thanks for the revoew though it looks lit🔥🔥
Kenji Burtley
Kenji Burtley 2 mesi fa
Great review. Will definitely get one soon.
j c
j c 2 mesi fa
Does it over head if so why would any one want to buy it
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 2 mesi fa
What camera did you use for this video?
Mohammed Shan
Mohammed Shan 2 mesi fa
Anyone from kerala? Mammooty?
Mohammed Nawas
Mohammed Nawas 2 mesi fa
മമ്മൂക്ക വാങ്ങിയത് കൊണ്ട് അതിന്റെ റിവ്യൂ കാണാൻ വന്നതാ
Jacob Castle
Jacob Castle 2 mesi fa
VR Essentials
VR Essentials 2 mesi fa
Hey bro music for me is too busy, couldn’t finish watching the video. Just my personal opinion, maybe something calmer would be more suitable.
VHC Baka
VHC Baka 2 mesi fa
Your assessment/thoughts on the heating controversy?
eric guizzetti
eric guizzetti 2 mesi fa
is there a PRIME fisheye for this by Canon?
Aaron Weiler
Aaron Weiler 2 mesi fa
FYI FCP X users... Today, Canon has announced the release of the Canon RAW Plugin 2.0 for Final Cut Pro X.This enables the import and editing of Canon RAW(CRM) clips within FCP X. It is also Metal-Enabled which should bring speed gains for supported cameras: EOS C200, EOS C300 Mark III, EOS C500 Mark II, EOS R5, EOS-1D X Mark III
Chris Parayno
Chris Parayno 2 mesi fa
Canon...nah I'll pass
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen 3 mesi fa
I didn't know you shot skateboarding. That's dope!
Ismet Dere
Ismet Dere 3 mesi fa
dear Peter McCanon, i have trusted you, you have wasted my money! never again.
messiah complex
messiah complex 3 mesi fa
Was that the Grimsmo knives shop i seen in there?
Merville&Cherry VLOGS
Giveaways please
windriver456 3 mesi fa
This guy is such a joke. To trust anything this guy says is a mistake. He lets the sponsor money do the talking and does not do justice to his followers that are not more well versed with all the issues this camera has. Shame on you dude.
Little Eonze
Little Eonze 3 mesi fa
Who’s here after the overheating issues ...give a 👍🏼
DBTV 3 mesi fa
Still happy with my canon 7d
Nathan Miller Video
Looking at this camera as a potential next step after my Canon 70D breaks. I've had that since it came out and still going strong. Things I love about Canon, the durability!
Nick Joy
Nick Joy 3 mesi fa
Love you boss
L. D.T.
L. D.T. 3 mesi fa
Another video hands on for what is essentially a very good still photo camera with too much video features that it cannot handle well. So please concentrate on the photo specs.
Ivan Kovac
Ivan Kovac 3 mesi fa
“I don’t think it will be anything drastic or to worry about” Canon recalls all cameras due to chronic overheat issues.
Krane 3 mesi fa
No, just people using them beyond their capabilities. These are still camera with video capability. NOT video cameras. Always keep that in mind.
ThinkVlog_ 4Life
What about the overheating ? I was going to get the R6 but now I'm worried about the overheating issues
Luca Galletta
Luca Galletta 3 mesi fa
ChordFunc 3 mesi fa
Loooks freakin amazing!
Peter Wolf
Peter Wolf 3 mesi fa
Hey Mr CANON Ambassador! Can you try out one thing for us, canon lovers in the world? We're trying to convince them for YEARS to roll out a new series of firmwares for all the HDMI capable, older cameras to make their sexy image come across CLEAN on that cool HDMI feed. Can you be our voice, and maybe nudge them with this a couple of times? Seems like they won't listen to us, but they might do if "us" is compressed in your voice, if you know what I mean. I love my 80D, but I can't use it the way I like it because of the focus assist square in the feed, and there are thousands of others struggling (and probably leaving Canon) because of this. Will you help us make them became a true 21'st century business who listen to their customers feedback? Thanks bro! (A film maker who became a film maker (and a serious Canon user) because of your videos from the beginning!)
Born Boy
Born Boy 3 mesi fa
do a video of it VS A7S3
Steven Iceton
Steven Iceton 3 mesi fa
No wait... I think he said THE GRIDDLE CAMERA!
Gowtham Bhat P G
Hey Consider reviewing the Sony A7 camera Lineup Or any other mirrorless camera! 📷
Maybe you can do a review about PANASONIC LUMIX DC-S1H?
Little Eonze
Little Eonze 3 mesi fa
No real full-time filmmaker would buy this camera with the overheating issues like come on man...Try shooting a all day wedding with this crap impossible
MBG-TECH 3 mesi fa
Nikon is no good ?
Ivan Divine
Ivan Divine 3 mesi fa
I just did a fake 360 flip nosegrind to manual to shove it out.. switch
shubhdeep khanna
Canon salesman.... 😕
NUJ X 3 mesi fa
5:42 so true and it hurts!!!
Cheryl Moore
Cheryl Moore 3 mesi fa
I was so hoping that Canon was going to launch the 5D Mark V but alas everything I read says no. I am an amateur photographer (family and church events) and I don't shoot video. However, I so want the IBIS, the flip out screen, as well as more MP than my 5D Mark II has. I guess I will continue to wait and see if the problems with the R5 get ironed out in 2021.
FPV Media
FPV Media 3 mesi fa
“With this YOURE not even sure you shot the photo”😂😂😂
fourwheelerjock 3 mesi fa
I know this is a little late, But i got my canon eos r5 and i am shooting video and cant view the files? All my drivers are updated and i even downloaded the canon HEVC avicator and still no luck, I can't even view photos in lightroom or premiere pro but i see jared polin and peter mckinnon and others can? So i'm wonder if some one out there can help me, Thanks.
The new Sony smokes this :D
Darrell Wood
Darrell Wood 3 mesi fa
remember. 5dmk2 and then Nikon release theirs and killed them
Patrick Drahman
Patrick Drahman 3 mesi fa
9:31 HOLY CRAP the guys hair standing up, WOAH
KNOWARE 3 mesi fa
For $6k you get the bonus feature of being able to cook your dinner on it when it overheats after 10 Min at 8k Get a Panasonic S1H
The Rock Hour
The Rock Hour 3 mesi fa
I just said to myself, I think I would be really good friends with this Peter Fellow, and afterwards, I'd probably just go home and sleep
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