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all gold with the sterling on the accent
bitch i’m from the go and you can hear it in my accent
if you know i rock with you then don’t be scared to tap in
bro front you the work and now you scared to bring it back in
rolling in the a i’m with my slime
got this pretty lil bitch i get up in it make it mine
nigga say he be finessin
i finesse him every time
nigga scaling all the work i tell that nigga take his time
i go send my bro a text and he gon sneak up from behind
ain't no cap it’s real deal
drank it got me real chill
bitches geeking i know shorty wanna pop some real pills
niggas solid real steel
feed her dick a real meal
know she down to off a bitch i call my baby kill bill
see the colors inside
i got big dope on my flight
i touch down she let me pipe and then she go about her night
see these rappers just be cap we shoulda came in here with pipe
if i stain you can’t apologize i need to eat tonight
like bitch i’m highlife to the grave
i talked to bro like yesterday
told me keep checking that bag and keep these niggas in they place
if i tap in with my niggas out of state they do the same
niggas rapping bout a move that i ain’t never seen em make
niggas cappin with a tool, if you gon use it let it bang
i can’t go out like no goofy
i maneuver out the way
ladies love me
when they see that sonny coming make it shake
boy we bussin down a paper route and take it to the bank
and that bitch chirping
she a bird
what’s the move like what's the word
boy we really from the city get it bussin in the burbs
how we staining him again?
like lil nigga what you learn?
bitches love to say they hate me but i love to see em lurk
like what’s poppin, what’s crackin?
let me know wassup i think the plug got his pack in
like what’s poppin, what’s raqin?
kill kill kill kill
bill bill bill bill
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