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(HE HIT THE DAB BRO!!!) Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) - REACTION

King KTF
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Travis York
Travis York 5 mesi fa
I need your reaction to eminems killshot bro im dying to see your reaction, mgk is banished to the shadow realm!! He said mgks daughters name Jade
D'glester Hardunkachud
Travis York. He said give jade a kiss. (Jadakiss) jade is Hallies middle name.
Andres Gomez
Andres Gomez 2 mesi fa
David Fleming
David Fleming 3 mesi fa
I made a twitter account just to watch the killshot reaction 😂😂 much love from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿✌️
jamonaish 4 mesi fa
Eminem daughter is Jade.... Hailie Jade... that's why he said give jade-a-kiss (also referenced to jadakiss the rapper because he mentioned the lox)
Jordan Pike
Jordan Pike 4 mesi fa
Guys he already tried to put it on ITvid but it got taken down the same day for copyright
Tushar Kerkar
Tushar Kerkar Giorno fa
Joyner is that dude.. Who can fuck up anyone in a brawl.
GTA SA Movies
GTA SA Movies 5 giorni fa
06:29 - 06:50 WTF ? XD
schindler91589 7 giorni fa
Joyner and Eminem album should be released along with the next bad meets evil album! The other perfect Eminem collab. Yo you should do some reactions to songs off Book of Ryan!
Caleb Pollard
Caleb Pollard 7 giorni fa
React to killshot
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 11 giorni fa
Man you gotta listen to winter blues by Joyner Lucas
Jake Dutton
Jake Dutton 16 giorni fa
can someone tell me what the intro song is please
Steph Curry
Steph Curry 21 giorno fa
Jesse Jewell
Jesse Jewell 23 giorni fa
Your reaction when he dabbed was absolutely priceless love it and love your reactions bro
Nimm Maina
Nimm Maina 23 giorni fa
Never seen one person that excited by a dab 😁😁😁😁😁
Rafael artiga
Rafael artiga 27 giorni fa
Juggler=jugular, clowns... Took me weeks to catch that one
Yeah Boiii
Yeah Boiii Mese fa
savannah Young
React to Medicine Man by Dr Dre ft. Eminem
rockrondo Mese fa
Lets get this Joyner / Eminem Album going asap, I'm with you!
Rafael artiga
Yo when i first heard this track I'm like oh snap joyner is really about to outrap em... Then em comes on... Silly me
Rafael artiga
This is like idk Zeus and Hercules on one track or some shit
Santo Niño
Santo Niño Mese fa
This was very fire
Alguem Anônimo
6:27 Is the only thing i need to say
larbi 2014
larbi 2014 Mese fa
What is his Eminem intro song called it sound lit?
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow 2 mesi fa
I'd kill for a full album with these cats. Can you please react to a little piece of heaven by avenged sevenfold?
hornets gospel
hornets gospel 2 mesi fa
Someone call the Guinness world record I just heard the longest HOLD ON BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH ever recorded
Auto Matic
Auto Matic 2 mesi fa
Black Thought- Conception
JinxThe King
JinxThe King 2 mesi fa
You predicted this too on the when your gone reaction bro
Keratov Tm
Keratov Tm 2 mesi fa
Sure he did hit a dap but to show you that stupid people (THOSE MEN IN BLACK) copy anything celebrity do.
Mac 2 mesi fa
Bruh you can't just put that song in the intro and not list the track
6:31 I always wondered whats his neighbors thinking when he does that shit
Mister Wolfe
Mister Wolfe 2 mesi fa
why you gotta be louder than the music??
Bigblack Monstercock
I dont think u understand the message when he dabed
Dustin Golla
Dustin Golla 2 mesi fa
Call it JoyN EM Now or Never
408fu 2 mesi fa
One of the best songs ever made!
miguel del peral
The best reaction video that ive seen , this song is amazing and you too bro, keep that shit bro
Kellie Cooper
Kellie Cooper 3 mesi fa
I watch alot of eminem reaction vids and yours are the BEST!!! There's nothing like someone who loves him as much as me!! 🔥🔥🔥👌
W4NƉƎR Mathers
Levels to this shit, I got an elevator You could never say to me I'm not a fuckin' record breaker I sound like a broken record every time I break a record.
Jimmy Cupples
Jimmy Cupples 3 mesi fa
What is the song in the intro?
gerard garay
gerard garay 3 mesi fa
When you gonna cover some King Iso?!
Andrew Gonzalez
Andrew Gonzalez 3 mesi fa
I'm waiting for Eminem and Rittz...😎
Andrew Gonzalez
Andrew Gonzalez 3 mesi fa
Did you ever hear Spend Some Time brother???
Johann KingRed
Johann KingRed 3 mesi fa
dono if anyone caught it, but all those guys wit red eyes n black was supposed to be portrayed as the rest of rappers in the industry, em n joyner basically saying there aint no1 in the game like them n the others just trying to copy them, so dope
beyond infinity
beyond infinity 3 mesi fa
8:54 your reaction. That was funny
hunny bunny
hunny bunny 3 mesi fa
Love all your reactions but, this was my favorite so far!! 👏👏👏
Ar Az
Ar Az 3 mesi fa
i love you king ktf😍😍😍
chateucaddy 3 mesi fa
This song has now gone Platinum is Joyner Lucas's first Platinum record hopefully this will help Joyner Lucas blow they're now doing a song together on his next record if he does blow up maybe they would do a record together only time will tell🤔
Megan Lynn
Megan Lynn 3 mesi fa
I absolutely adore your reaction to this video! Out of all of your reactions, this may be my favorite! You're the best Preston! 😊 I also lost it when Em hit the dab and then hit the Milly Rock! 😂 So much yes!!!
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne 3 mesi fa
@Preston What's the name of the motivational speaker who appears at the start of most of your videos bro ?
Jon Mccracken
Jon Mccracken 3 mesi fa
Preston was very excited to see Em DAB
Michael Dickson
Michael Dickson 3 mesi fa
Agreed with the killshot reaction. Like Nike, just do it.
Michael Dickson
Michael Dickson 3 mesi fa
Em, should put Joyner in slaughterhouse
B Boss
B Boss 3 mesi fa
I was like yeah also...... lol Em
I have listen too every Eminem song ever and I feel like this song top 5 ever my top 3
Nick Welcher
Nick Welcher 3 mesi fa
do tupac baby keep your head up for the ladies
Courtney O
Courtney O 3 mesi fa
I'll sign THAT petition....they bring out the best in each other man 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✌👍🏻
Diurno MX
Diurno MX 3 mesi fa
dude the best lines are from em > I got a couple of mansions (mentions), still I dont got any manors (manners)
bden19 3 mesi fa
they both killed this shit
Robert Mitchel
Robert Mitchel 3 mesi fa
Got my signature on that petition bro....
Don Master
Don Master 3 mesi fa
You mumble rappers better stay away from genius work like this!!!🔥🔥
Jacob Cumberbatch
Dis song lit
Chad Wells
Chad Wells 3 mesi fa
Please do 'the ringer' as I've looked and don't see your reaction on here
generik1981 4 mesi fa
U should check out 97 Bonnie and Clyde by Eminem. Looks like u didn't react to that one.
BASS MINT 4 mesi fa
Here in Colorado, we hittin dabs errday tho
Ayere Ebegbare
Ayere Ebegbare 4 mesi fa
React to black thought new joint twofifteen
Mira Petrella
Mira Petrella 4 mesi fa
You start the petition for a colab with Em and Joyner, I'll be the first to sign it!
XANDER 4 mesi fa
Love your vids: constructive criticism though, the sound of the video you're watching is way more quiet than your voice so it's annoying having to change in order to hear the video then lower it quick when you react/say something
Die Eier Von Satan
- I'm a Tool fan either, but this is a good and honest song. 👍 Cheers from Mexico bro.
austin kennedy
austin kennedy 4 mesi fa
I sound like a broken record when I break a record... love that line
PaPa Het
PaPa Het 4 mesi fa
New subscriber here.....you are the man bro. Love your dedication and reaction videos. You can feel the love you put in to music!!!
Josh Chase
Josh Chase 4 mesi fa
bruh, you get hyped as much as i do just seeing Em's name, or just before he starts rapping.. i love it. lol
richard deflorenne
holllllllddddddd onnnnnnnn 😂😂😂😂😂
M.E.S. RIVAS 4 mesi fa
eminem always the GOAT yo you screamed like a bitch, easy.
Dalvan Da Silva
Dalvan Da Silva 4 mesi fa
King ktf the best👍 brasil☺
heathera3210 4 mesi fa
I don't know if you've seen this before, but I thought you might enjoy it. itvid.net/video/video-LSaUJwsU4GQ.html
Mike Dugger
Mike Dugger 4 mesi fa
I just realized that the people floating behind him when em rapped fast was a reference to rap God when he said "never stating more than ever demonstrating how to five a motherfucking audience a feeling like it's levitating"
Jack Tolhurst
Jack Tolhurst 4 mesi fa
Eminem raps faster than my internet speed
408fu 4 mesi fa
Unless anyone has been under a rock and doesn’t understand the video everyone with red eyes represents today’s “rappers” how if they see one person doing something they will do it also. This reaction and video was fucking fire as fuck!
Veronica 4 mesi fa
I'll sign the petition
Hatem Sayhi
Hatem Sayhi 4 mesi fa
Ma boi em sounded like he's throwing a frag grenade lmfaooo he tried tho
richard thacker
richard thacker 4 mesi fa
that song was lucas joynar & he gave it to eminem to put on his album & did it with him
Kim Alexander
Kim Alexander 4 mesi fa
I got your back on petition and I agree for u to do a reaction on killshot, you’re literally one of the Reactors that I like
tady agha
tady agha 4 mesi fa
Hip hop gods are pleased with this reaction
tady agha
tady agha 4 mesi fa
Hip hop gods are please with this reaction
tady agha
tady agha 4 mesi fa
Hip hop gods are pleases with this reaction!!!!!
tady agha
tady agha 4 mesi fa
They should make 3 like buttons......
The Dude86
The Dude86 4 mesi fa
I was crackin up this whole reaction love your channel bub!!!
James robinson
James robinson 4 mesi fa
I need to see your reaction to this MGK diss by Chainz. It's called The Real Rap Devil. I think its the hardest MGK diss yet
Mattydub313 4 mesi fa
bj myers
bj myers 4 mesi fa
Man, keep doing what you do. Your videos are awesome.
Kjks Zpj
Kjks Zpj 4 mesi fa
Whqts the song at the start of video
veeru gujjar
veeru gujjar 4 mesi fa
I think ur rxn on Eminem dab deserves *oscar*
Tommy Håkansson
Were is your killshot reaction?
Bee Popp
Bee Popp 4 mesi fa
You got my signature They are fire together 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Fry Bich
Fry Bich 4 mesi fa
You were so happy it made me happy for you lmao :)
Safet Merdanovic
Every time eminem comes on, preston smiles really big
Asyidena _
Asyidena _ 4 mesi fa
Watching your genuine joy and excitement at this collaboration and I can’t help but feel that joy with you. Thanks for sharing this man!
Jamie ASHCROFT 4 mesi fa
"Ain't no love for the other side or anyone who ever want smoke, When I die I'm goin' out as the underdog who never lost hope.." I agree bro, best line on the whole track. This track is a banger. An absolute banger. I'm loving how Em's shoom the whole game up again! Old head hiphop guy speaking here now, a real dude who knows the game and what it's about, I appreciate these videos man because I know you a real one too!
Hatem Sayhi
Hatem Sayhi 4 mesi fa
Just look tto joyner covering his face when em goes in super fast lol
Igor Issakov
Igor Issakov 4 mesi fa
Hey man love your channel. If you want some awesome guitar work react to Steve Vai - Tender Surrender !
Yannick 4 mesi fa
the ringer pls
GTribeJive 4 mesi fa
Where do we sign?
thomasvlie1 4 mesi fa
EMINEM IS STILL IN IT BROOOO hes killshot was AIGHT BUT seeing this he can still go fcking fast WOOOW even at 45 hes still going at itt fck yeah the god stays the god
if Joyner and Em did album together it should be called Colourless
Damien Kriel
Damien Kriel 4 mesi fa
I'll join you on that petition for the em and Joyner album.
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