He was straight chillen 😂💀 (via duggiesdad/TT) 

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He wants to know when it is time to go home 😂😂 #shorts
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29 mar 2023




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TeamCALI 2 mesi fa
He's definitely being forced to play 🤣
Yacob Mese fa
As a kid who wanted to play little league so badly but parents couldn't afford it, this hurts to see. I do hope this young man finds his passion soon though. There's nothing like excelling at a skill in your younger years that you can take with you into adulthood.
N Hussain
N Hussain 2 mesi fa
Bro swings at 0.5x speed 😭
E. 2 mesi fa
Bro barely moved 😂
ProofintheDoof 2 mesi fa
I was half expecting him to knock one out of the park on the next pitch.
E "play" Smith
So was I 🤣
Musk Mese fa
he is literally the definition of “we do not care”
E-LOVE Mese fa
Bro’s controller died mid-swing 😂😂😂
Ra-Neter666 Mese fa
That boy too young to be that big. This that"my baby gets what he wants" parenting.
Jon Martin
Jon Martin Mese fa
It's also "that baby got type 2 diabetes" lmao
larry mccauley
This is exactly what happens when your kid plays VR all day
Smurf Garrett
Tc Bowen
Tc Bowen Mese fa
Mad props to Curtis for at least giving it a damn try. You'll find your passion buddy!
jose arias
jose arias Mese fa
Y'all didn't see it, but Curtis knocked it out da park in that next one
Jay777 Mese fa
He has a good coach
Sanz Rich
Sanz Rich Mese fa
Come on Curtis, you got it😅
Richard rawlins
Word on the street is Curtis is still standing there
d woods
d woods Mese fa
dawg has a softball bat😭
Zeus & Rico Chant
I like how he tries to motivate him. Knock it out of the park
Tyrell Washington
His ma want him out of the house cause he eats to much 😂😂
Jon Martin
Jon Martin Mese fa
Well you're definitely not wrong
CamoMonk3y Mese fa
Curtis = Legend
Ethan F
Ethan F Mese fa
I mean, at least he's out trying to play. This could be a first step in him getting into a more healthy lifestyle. Kinda sick to see so many people clowning him.
Jon Martin
Jon Martin Mese fa
Yea I'm sorry but he is not trying at all. This is 100% my parents are making me do this and I don't want to be here so I'm going to put in absolutely no effort at all
Steven Hunter
Let's do better, parents. Stop sabotaging these children's development.
Smurf Garrett
Little buddies health is soon in jeopardy!!!
JUNTAO Mese fa
Already is.
Jon Martin
Jon Martin Mese fa
Smurf Garrett
He could get it together
Sandra Betts Art
My child acts like this when u remove batteries from toys. 🤣🤣 Master parenting. He acts like we are committing a crime against humanity every. single. time.
Herb H
Herb H Mese fa
Bad parenting to let him get that big, too much junk food and no exercise. I truly feel sorry for this kid.
Cruz_the prodigy
Curtis the goat
Nemo Mese fa
He still loading into the game.
Stinky Finger 🤢
That's terrio? Ooooo kill'em 😂😂
Roor Organek
Roor Organek Mese fa
Frito Lay is killing our kids
Uncle Jesse
Uncle Jesse Mese fa
In the movies the fat kid usually hits dingers
Shawn Lockett
He just cashed in the no fucks given coupon
Edward Foggs
Edward Foggs Mese fa
I watched this 5 times on mute wondering what we weren't expecting?? That's exactly what I thought was gonna happen...
Rick Duenas
Rick Duenas Mese fa
Bro rather play MLB "23 on PS5 than that real life bullshit lol
Yxddi Mese fa
Me when I'm drunk but thinking I'm not 🤣
Drew’s Highlights
Bro doesn’t wanna be there💀
Not the lack of a swing😂
Nathan Dean
Nathan Dean Mese fa
Best swing of the year.. The Cincinnati reds win the world series. The runner on 3rd scores, the pitch got past the catcher.
MH12™️ Mese fa
That is a bomb 😮
Caine Corleone
Waste of space on the team 😂
saucy05 Mese fa
Stop feeding him!
Larry Galano
Larry Galano Mese fa
Looks like he was swinging at a piñata. Lol
Jon Martin
Jon Martin Mese fa
Na bro he would have put some effort into a pinata it has candy that comes out
Clinton Kildepsteen
If he makes contact, then what? He ain't leavin that box
M Wilson
M Wilson Mese fa
You need to put Him on a diet
sirlukre 2 mesi fa
Nathan Bonnett
Is that Jamal trying to play baseball
Al Lopez
Al Lopez Mese fa
Tell Curtis there's a chocolate sundae with his name on it if he hits a homerun and I guarantee you he'd turn into Babe Ruth in a second.
banana Mese fa
bros body shaming
Jon Martin
Jon Martin Mese fa
I'm going to step out on a limb and say that his parents are making him play because of all the chocolate sundaes he's already eaten!!!
Tc Bowen
Tc Bowen Mese fa
Al Lopez
Al Lopez Giorno fa
​@banana Who's body shaming?
Jeff Fournier
Future Hall Of Famer? Don't think he cares about baseball much.
Mike Mcnamara
There's a trophy in there somewhere....there's a truffle in the sonewhere.....read that 10x fast and eat dome chocolate pudding this'll hit different.
L. T.
L. T. Mese fa
Wasn't expecting what??
VC 23
VC 23 Mese fa
Does he said. Something about Curtis wanna be in the side of the kitchen???
Elyxir555 Mese fa
Same place where 2 people were shooting guns
C-Bo Mese fa
Should say I’ll get you a Big Mac if you hit a home run. He’d average 4 a game
Is that a child?
Keaton W
Keaton W Mese fa
Is this the biggest bird league
Maria Harris
Maria Harris Mese fa
Hahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahaha
Luis Cherena
Luis Cherena Mese fa
Catcher is cheeks too
Uncle Jesse
Uncle Jesse Mese fa
Bro lmao😂
Rodrigo V
Rodrigo V Mese fa
Can the catcher not squat down or are they taught to kneel now? Are kids so out of shape nowadays?
Delio Mese fa
Oooooo Oooooo Oooo killa Oooooo killa
Amanda Ellis
Amanda Ellis Mese fa
Neisser Guerrero
Dang, that's one fat batter. He crowds the plate no matter what!! 😱🤯
trick0206 2 mesi fa
Richard McKinley
Why post this.
Look at lil mark Henry 😂
Daniel Harris
Beetlejuice that you
Randy Loomis
Randy Loomis Mese fa
Straight chillen? English, please
Zay Dogs Hobbies
Tristan Moore
Tristan Moore 2 mesi fa
Can I please get pinned?
Begging for a pin is super embarrassing.
Tristan Moore
@Hjälteomslag and commenting on someone's comment to just hate is embarrassing
@Tristan Moore Yeah, I agree. I commented to guide you onto the right path in life.
Tristan Moore
@Hjälteomslag to what? Not minding my business and telling others what to do
@Tristan Moore No, to having enough sense to contribute something worthwhile, topical, and creative.
Joe Donahoe
Joe Donahoe 2 mesi fa
That catchers form was straight out of Ohio
Csnow2008 Mese fa
Just sad.
sirlukre 2 mesi fa
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