Heart of a Lio: The amazing animated short film by Gatorade 

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When Leo Messi has a dream to chase, nothing can stop him. Here’s Heart of a Lio, the amazing animated short film by Gatorade Enjoy it!
Cuando Messi tiene un sueño, nada puede detenerlo.
Disfruta del corto de Gatorade sobre Leo
Quan Messi té un somni, res el pot aturar.
Gaudeix del curtmetratge de Gatorade sobre Leo
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4 giu 2018




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FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona 3 anni fa
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Mihai Chițescu
Mihai Chițescu 5 mesi fa
Here after Messi won the World Cup a couple of hours ago. All the respect, definitely the best of all time!
Nas 5 mesi fa
After pele
Theseus 5 mesi fa
@Nas Nope, Leo has broken all Pele's record except winning 3 world cups which inbetween isn't even an individual record. So yeah Leo is the GOAT just by HOW he plays. He mastered the art of football like dribbling, chipping, free kicks, assisting, finishing, etc.
Edgaras Profas
Edgaras Profas 5 mesi fa
Messi won the we world cup😀
ABIR BG 5 mesi fa
Me after pele died :(
anan thu
anan thu 4 mesi fa
@Nas pele is a great 'Goal Scorer'. Like Ronaldo / Zidane . Hope you can differentiate them from GOATs like Messi. Maradona.
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 5 mesi fa
He chased his dream, and now he won the world cup 🏆 So proud of you Messi 👏 ❤️ The greatest ever.
Albin James
Albin James 5 mesi fa
He achieved finally
1 1
1 1 5 mesi fa
Nice 46 min ago
Arkin Aguas
Arkin Aguas 5 mesi fa
🇦🇷🇦🇷🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐The Goat
HRSH 5 mesi fa
He did it 🥰✨
joy girl 🙃
joy girl 🙃 5 mesi fa
Charaka Amayantha_CA
When he said : "When you have dream to chase nothing can stop you" I felt it... 💞✨️
Arthur 5 mesi fa
Ousman Jallow
Ousman Jallow 4 mesi fa
Garatu 4 mesi fa
He won the World Cup
Box 4 mesi fa
Sathvik kumar
Sathvik kumar 2 mesi fa
Especially the kid messi. It felt so emotional
Dommo Shelby
Dommo Shelby 5 mesi fa
Came back after this hero has won the world cup. What an inspiration and is truly the GOAT
Gibson Githaiga
Gibson Githaiga 5 mesi fa
Me too...I always remember the saying "Messi for all the glory"in this video by the commentator
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious 5 mesi fa
This video hyped him up so much for the world cup 2018. The tournament ended up as a disappointment, but now, finally after 4 years, he is in the final once more. Edit: And he finally did it. 🇦🇷🐐
OP sans
OP sans 5 mesi fa
Yeah all thanks to the ref
JJ Rubio
JJ Rubio 5 mesi fa
@OP sans he earned it
shawaiz khan
shawaiz khan 5 mesi fa
@OP sans cope.
Danger Zone
Danger Zone 5 mesi fa
@OP sans what an idiotic statement from a messi hater 🤦‍♂️ The man has earn his opportunity to be in the final stop hating , he and cristiano ronaldo are the biggest names of fifa federation and sport industry, i personally hope he wins this world cup, france already did that in 2018 so im not rooting for them .
PauloNova10 5 mesi fa
Hoy fuimos campeones del mundo, Lionel… Solo queda decirte gracias a vos y a la selección, gracias por todo! Te amo Messi, lo lograrte al fin, se hizo justicia 🇦🇷❤️
Iv4x 5 mesi fa
Um fã de Apenas um show
É mais vcs continuam pobres kkkkkkkk com inflação e tudo kkkkkkkkkkk
Stéphanie JRM
​@Um fã de Apenas um show 👉🏽🐵💩
•Visca Barça
*"Don't ever compare a great footballer to a goal scorer" - Johan Cruyff*
Zammtz Javi
Zammtz Javi Anno fa
in the case of Messi, it could be bought since he is a genius with his game and a goalscorer
Rubro Negro •
I've just learnt it on drums, nobody ever cared but im kinda proud.
That One Ampharos
@Rubro Negro • good job man
Hail to the King
Well said CULÉ 💙❤
Raz1685 Anno fa
@Rubro Negro • I care
allegory 5 mesi fa
"When you got a dream to chase, nothing can stop you" Last dance of Lionel Messi, Two more for World Cup Glory
Benjamin Friedrich
one more❤
nomoYT 5 mesi fa
sb 5 mesi fa
One more 🇦🇷🇦🇷
Alone Lover 💫🧿
Experience lionel Messi's glory in Argentina's jersey for the one last time
LucasLira 5 mesi fa
Só mais um
Sebastian Gottardo
Well, this aged well. Congratulations Messi🎉❤️
WeSync 5 mesi fa
Finally you did it Lio You won the world cup You your team the back story of yours I mean How can you not win this cup? You deserved it Thank you for everything 💙 A humble fan From India...
M Bros TVee
M Bros TVee 4 mesi fa
It's lio
Johnny Bun Bin
​@M Bros TVee 🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓
Espiritu, Nael Ian B.
That's a lot of ,🤓
Ruben Beltran
Ruben Beltran 4 mesi fa
Parte 2 por favor, con el mundial ganado para coronar la historia del mejor del mundo.
Stéphanie JRM
La 2da parte será cuando se retire, lloraremos sinceramente porque estará más en el suelo 😢😔😭
emad wiki
emad wiki 5 mesi fa
I am here after Messi actually won the World Cup! What an incredible story to tell!
Hail to the King
He's the one and only GOAT! M: Magic E: Extraordinary S: Spectacular S: Special I: Incredible
Jaranis927 2 anni fa
in your dreams. Ronaldo's skill makes messi look ordinary.
Mouad RAJIMI 2 anni fa
@Jaranis927 good joke
Jaranis927 2 anni fa
@Mouad RAJIMI Lol what did messi achieve that ronaldo couldn't do?? Ronaldo has more goals and won the world cup unlike messi...
Imtiredofthis 2 anni fa
@Jaranis927 Ronaldo never won the world cup???
Imtiredofthis 2 anni fa
@Jaranis927 messi has ballon dors more golden boots more assists more goals without penalties
Ahamed Rifat 🅥
He chased his dream. Now he is a world champion. ❤️ We're very proud of you *Leo* 💜✨ The greatest of all time 🔥
Dopey 76
Dopey 76 5 mesi fa
The greatest of all time the goat HAS WON THE LAST TROPHY, thank you for being the greatest hero of our childhoods 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🏆🏆🏆🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
Abdullah Imran
Abdullah Imran 5 mesi fa
Watching this after 2022 world cup hits different
Armani Adams
Armani Adams 5 mesi fa
Ousman Jallow
Ousman Jallow 4 mesi fa
I know right
capricorn 5 mesi fa
And he has done it in FWC QATAR as the champions of the world on 18th Dec, 2022. Nothing left to achieve for him to prove that Dreams are always Achievable and worth Chasing 👑 Vamos Argentina 🇦🇷
NotChrisRivera 5 mesi fa
I want an updated version of this, our boy is a world champion now ❤
Venzzy Anno fa
“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona is the most heartbreaking moment in sports history. I still can’t believe it. 💔
Kvn Morales
Kvn Morales Anno fa
No llores por que termino, sonrie por que paso.
stax 74
stax 74 Anno fa
MrPreprio Anno fa
Same 💔
user_9876 Anno fa
Ronaldo is the best
ghetthu_boy Anno fa
Messi 🥺
okaykay 5 mesi fa
This perfectly describes him in the world cup. Messi holding the cup in his hands: if you have a dream to chase, nothing can stop you
João Victor Cardoso Lima
"When you got a deram to chase, nothing can stop you" Today 18/12/2022 Messi realized his dream World Cup Champion 🏆❤️
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 5 mesi fa
Watching this again, it feels like a movie!!! Like Messi is the main protagonist on a journey throughout his life, and keeps trying until he achieves everything he can possibly imagine.
Scripts 5 mesi fa
Rohan 5 mesi fa
Update 18/12/2022: Finally, MESSI & team won the FIFA world cup Final 2022...GOAT (@1:11 "Don't give up on your dream bcoz when u have a dream to chase, nothing can stop u") ⚡ Love from India
Siraj Kalra
Siraj Kalra 2 anni fa
Sonali Mate
Sonali Mate 2 anni fa
When you have a day to sleep nothing can stop you - Me
TB Century!
TB Century! 2 anni fa
When you have a day to leave for PSG like Neymar nothing can stop you
Rukawa Kaede
Rukawa Kaede 2 anni fa
T11 2 anni fa
Never give up
dark lord
dark lord 5 mesi fa
Watched this 3 years ago Here again after world cup Truly a goat with heart of lio ❤️‍🔥
LucasLira 5 mesi fa
Esse vídeo vale pra copa de 2022, vamos Leo, nothing can stop you
Giorgi Khomasuridze
One more step amigo
Giorgi Khomasuridze
LucasLira 5 mesi fa
WE winnnnnnnnnn
Arcue1d 5 mesi fa
Hoy más que nunca, felicidades Messi. El más grande de todos.
Roberto Carlos Solis
Increíble fenomenal, el dios del fútbol Messi querido eres un genio ❤️🇲🇽🇦🇷
TheHazem 5 mesi fa
Here after him winning the World Cup and realizing that no player will ever be greater than him
MAIR Ali Anno fa
Who is here after our greatest ever player has sadly left the club . Football will never be the same , i hope he wins many title wherever he goes and then come back to barca for one last season . Visca el Barca ! Edit : Finally the GOAT has done it and completed football
Shashwat Madhukar
I am here after he left Barca
Slake_leon3526 Reyes
He left 😞 for good
Heartbroken 💔
Anandu Anno fa
mehdi rahmani
mehdi rahmani 5 mesi fa
“When you got a dream to chase, nothing can stop you” Now he’s won Copa America and Finalisma with Argentina and is one win away to win the World Cup! God please make it happen
Usaid Moin
Usaid Moin 5 mesi fa
It happened🇦🇷🥇🏆
It happened
Ashish Hemnani
Ashish Hemnani 5 mesi fa
Gamerboys13 3 mesi fa
Watched this video after the World Cup Congrats Messi The goat of football chased his dream and earned it The best of all time lio Messi🎉
StoryRecaps 8 mesi fa
José Andrés
José Andrés 3 mesi fa
Recuerdo que esto salió antes de la copa del mundo 2018, sin saber que en el 2022 la ganaría ❤
KrisCresta Anno fa
M - Magical E - Entertainer S - Sensational S - Spontaneous I - Inspirational
number one
number one Anno fa
Rayax oP
Rayax oP Anno fa
@Rayax oP malalyali ividem vanno malayali poli alle😂⚡️
Rubro Negro •
John Williams
John Williams 5 mesi fa
Finally he has achieved his dream of winning Fifa World Cup 2022 The best ever Leo Messi His life is the best story ever written
Nikhilesh Singh
Nikhilesh Singh 5 mesi fa
He won. He got the missing piece. He got the missing trophy.
Goodson Mwense
Goodson Mwense 5 mesi fa
Watching this after Messi won tho world cup feels so much better 😢😢😢
Leo Messi¹⁰
Leo Messi¹⁰ 4 mesi fa
Messi ❤️ 💙🇦🇷🐐 "When You have Dream To chase nothing can stop you" Thank You Leo You in my heart❤️
Blockbuster Battles
Love From India Sir ❤️
Xojiakbar 2 anni fa
*If you have a dream to chase nothing can stop you* -Animated Messi
Why I Am Here ??
Xojiakbar 2 anni fa
Wasn't expecting that would be hilarious
𝓒𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓪𝓷𝓸 🐐
@Xojiakbar isn't tho
•Visca Barça
•Visca Barça 2 anni fa
The only GOAT
Xarcotic Anno fa
Yo You Copied This Comment
Leandro Lima
Leandro Lima 20 ore fa
O melhor da história tem COPA DO MUNDO!! O verdadeiro GOAT 🐐
Mega Noam
Mega Noam 4 mesi fa
When he said : "When you have dream to chase nothing can stop you" I felt it... 💞✨
Leandro Lima
Leandro Lima 20 ore fa
Para mim o maior jogador da história do futebol mundial!! Uma lenda viva
MrCACIQUE22 5 mesi fa
After today this video warms my heart. He finally did it
Darendra Lazuardi
If a dream to chase No body can stop you 🔥🔥
Legion StandLoud!
Un dia como hoy se fue... Adios Leo siempre te llevaremos en nuestros corazones
ChryKillYou -_-
Gabo PTM
Gabo PTM Anno fa
Man si no se a muerto :v solo se.fue al psg y ya🍷🍷👺
Joshua Pacheco Cruz
@Gabo PTM Però nmms Messi,es el barca k bron,desde morro le voy al Barca de Messi,no al Barca sin Messi,ese bato tiene la camisa de el Barca tatuada difícil verlo con otra que no sea esa
DIEGO H Anno fa
Se va porque quiere "PESSETERO"
parthiv chakraborty
And then there was only one. Here, after his world cup victory. We are pleased to witness such a GOAT. Humbled and honoured and the debate for the goat herein rests.
José Afonso Vargas Filho
Melhor do mundo e não é a toa, jogaço esse da Argentina na copa
Um fã de Apenas um show
2 melhor do mundo
FusionSplitz 5 mesi fa
“Don’t give up on your dreams, because when you have a dream to chase, nothing can stop you” let that sink in for little
Mshal_Alahim 5 mesi fa
I am now here on the 17th of December 2022 on Saturday morning a day and a half before the match.. It is a difficult feeling, the feeling of anticipation, the feeling that time is long, with the fear of losing at a stage in Messi’s career that he cannot compensate after. Now is the chance to make amends after losing the 2014 final. I will come back to this comment after the match…
In The Zone
In The Zone 5 mesi fa
Nothing to fear anymore!
Santiago Ayala
Santiago Ayala 5 mesi fa
please come back and say your impressions now that he won the final!!! ♥
Ousman Jallow
Ousman Jallow 4 mesi fa
Basket Beast
Basket Beast 4 mesi fa
This film has actually a deeper meaning...💭 At first,it was easy for Messi to beat his opponents, since he had a unique talent at this sport.But,in order to make his dream come true and be the best football player ⚽️ in the world 🌎 ,he had to work hard...This film gives everyone a powerful message;At first,you can easily beat your opponents "using" your talent.But,over the period of time, some others gain the same talent,so you have to work more on your talent ,in order to become the best in this sector
Babychen Paulose
"Messi doesnt owe a World Cup to Argentina but football owes a World Cup to Messi." - Jorge Sampaoli
Aron Joy
Aron Joy 2 anni fa
GgSinkon 2 anni fa
Soo true mate
Joshua Jomy
Joshua Jomy 2 anni fa
Football owes no one nothing lol shut up
FANGIO 2 anni fa
It was said by Sampaoli right?
Four Football 90
“You can overcome anything, if and only if you love something enough”- Lionel Messi (GOAT)
petrosvps 5 mesi fa
I think that this was meant to be made for the 2022 world cup! I hope with all my heart that Leo make it on Sunday! What a story for the ages that would be!
Joaquin Varela
Joaquin Varela 2 mesi fa
0:06 en ese momento nacio una leyenda del futbol
usman usman
usman usman 4 mesi fa
'When you have a dream to chase Nothing can stop you' That hit me hard
Akshay 5 mesi fa
"When you have a dream to chace, Nothing can stop you" Finally he won the World Cup🏆😍
Eedeat Likkle
The fact that he won the Copa America despite the heartbreak makes this trailer that much better 🐐🇦🇷
NoeLM Anno fa
I was goin to write the same 😅
F.B.I. Anno fa
Copa America is a second class tournament though He needs to win the world cup
Ger 11 mesi fa
Imagine Netflix make this Messi documentary after Argentina wins the World Cup
Usaid Moin
Usaid Moin 11 mesi fa
@Ger I was thinking the same.
Silvesta 11 mesi fa
@F.B.I. He made a WC final with a terrible Argentine side back in 2014 which is insanely impressive. Obviously there’s so much luck in knock-out tournaments, but I don’t think they deserved it as much as Germany that year. Football is a team sport after all and Argentina were HARD carried by Messi that World Cup. I think the idea a player ‘needs’ a World Cup to be considered a true great is ridiculous
Zarif 5 mesi fa
2018 world cup was painful but this hits so much harder in the feels right now
imran hussen
imran hussen 23 giorni fa
He chased his dream and now he won the world cup 🏆 Messi you are the greatest ever ❤
Asif 5 mesi fa
This guy deserves all the love and respect an athlete can get. He may not be a God, but even Gods stop their work and watch his dance when he has ball in his feet. Thank you Leo
Shamim Hossain
Shamim Hossain 2 mesi fa
part two is very much expected as he won everything 🥺
Genilson Nunes
Genilson Nunes 3 mesi fa
O Messi agora pode se chama como um dos melhores jogadores de futebol da história por ter ganhado uma copa do mundo incrível
Samiran Gohain
Who Came Here after Copa Win ❤️? There's only one KING in Jungle and that is LION-el MESSI ❤️
ino test
ino test Anno fa
Angry Cat
Angry Cat Anno fa
He is G.O.A.T
‍ㅤ Anno fa
hoang lam van
GOAT! Not lion 🐧
Hugo Poma
Hugo Poma 5 mesi fa
Gracias por tanto futbol Leo Messi!!! Campeón del Mundo!!!
OP JUGAL 4 mesi fa
He finally achieved his dream ❤️
Itzmatt55 *
Itzmatt55 * 5 mesi fa
Who’s here after Messi finally won the World Cup 🐐🐐
T. Essakki Raja
T. Essakki Raja 4 mesi fa
When you have a dream to chase, Nothing can stop you. - Lionel Messi The World Champion🏆
Ken 5 mesi fa
When Messi said, "When you have a dream to chase, nothing can stop you,". He really felt it. ✨ I can't believe he just already reached his dream.
This the only club where all legends had played and started a new journey.
more fenix
more fenix Anno fa
itsten Anno fa
@more fenix yes
Sanaul Haque Sana
Legends hav made this club , but The club hasn't respects them . Ends of a sad Finishing career at the c.lub🙄😊❤
Joaoamcmyt Anno fa
Cristiano Ronaldo:🤡
alex Anno fa
Ajijur Rahman
Ajijur Rahman 3 mesi fa
And now The GOAT won everything 🔥💥❤
Arnold luwang
Arnold luwang 5 mesi fa
This video is just perfect he's that kind of player born with talent n his hardwork makes him a legend till today n in d future too . G.O.A.T(GREAT OF ALL TIME)👍
Lipe Oliveira Singer
É preciso atualizar esse desenho, agora com títulos da Copa América e Copa do Mundo!
TheWildCard 5 mesi fa
Messi may be short but he is the greatest soccer ball champion we have all seen 🥰❤️‍🩹🥺
easy M.L
easy M.L 5 mesi fa
We need a part 2 now after he achieved his dream
Shamik Pandey
Shamik Pandey 3 anni fa
*M = Mind Blowing* *E = Extraordinary* *S=Superb* *S= Simply Unbeatable* *I= Impossible* Messi the G.O.A.T
Lappentrader gmbh
Shamik Pandey
Shamik Pandey 3 anni fa
@Lappentrader gmbh seriously?
cyber yua
cyber yua 5 mesi fa
And now he’s world champion. I love you Messi
Laísa Campos
Laísa Campos 6 mesi fa
Sinto tanta falta de ver o Messi jogar pelo Barcelona de novo 😭
리바체 5 mesi fa
"When you have dreams to chase, nothing can't stop you." What a great commercial which proves its catchphrase is true. ¡Felicidades! ✨🏆🇦🇷✨
ROCKY DarKnight
ROCKY DarKnight 5 mesi fa
He did it he did it . Messi now has won the world cup with Argentina in Qatar. Woot woot. So grateful to have witness it and what a game against France . Respect to legend.
silvia ruiz
silvia ruiz 4 mesi fa
Que nada te detenga, Capitán.
ieraHDTV 5 anni fa
He is the greatest of all time
Ик 5 anni fa
Maradona is better
Tiago Vieira
Tiago Vieira 5 anni fa
ieraHDTV do you forget cristiano ronaldo
stiven jimenez
stiven jimenez 5 anni fa
Messi is better than Maradona and Cristiano
Pucci World
Pucci World 5 anni fa
Tiago Vieira what are doing here madridogs
Sherald Noboa
Sherald Noboa 5 anni fa
Mahfuz Hasan Shoaib
Last month was crazy. Leo won the world cup. Destiny fulfilled. Life is good. Here I am watching this at midnight and crying my heart out. I am happy for you Leo. I have nothing but love for you my idol.
Abayomi Akingbala
Yup, he's done it! Leo is now undoubtedly the GOAT 🐐🐐🐐
Swatantra 3 mesi fa
When he juggles a water drop 💧, Goosebumps 🥶🐐
Deacon St. John
Deacon St. John 4 mesi fa
He is the best and will remain the best forever💫, The G.O.A.T. 🏆.
Shahmir Amir
Shahmir Amir 5 mesi fa
Who’s here after Messi’s WORLD cup win?❤️😭
FiNnEyCoM Anno fa
As a Ronaldo fan, I support Messi and his career. He is surely a goat 🐐!
Dunk¿ Anno fa
Vlad Achim
Vlad Achim Anno fa
Don't say a goat like there can be multiple of them. That's the definition of goat. GREATEST OF ALL TIME. Not two, no three, just one. Pick one, messi Ronaldo, maradona, Pele, etc. There can't be multiple goats.
Abubeker Nurahmed
Everyone 🌎is 🐐
ASH Anno fa
@Vlad Achim there can be more. U can only decide if the world is gonna end or football stops.
ÇrîßümíT R7
imma Ronaldo fan too... and i know messi is the G.O.A.T but is it wrong to have an idol who aint the goat ?
Daniel Castilllo
Daniel Castilllo 2 giorni fa
Waoo!! Que hermoso aver visto este video hace años cuando messi no avia ganado un mundial y ahora verlo sabiendo que es un campeón del mundo grande leo ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙
Crypto Hero
Crypto Hero 5 mesi fa
Petition to extend this animation with Messi finally winning the World Cup and 2 more international trophies. Indeed when you have a dream to chase, NOTHING can stop you. ❤️‍🔥🐐
Ajin Sajeev
Ajin Sajeev 5 mesi fa
Finally he achieved ❤️ A long await is come to an end⚽️
Usaid Moin
Usaid Moin 5 mesi fa
"When you have a dream to chase,nothing can stop you."Came here watching it again after Messi and Argentina🇦🇷 won the World Cup🥇🏆.
Ojaswi Bhatia
Ojaswi Bhatia 5 anni fa
I have no words to describe how brilliant this movie is...
Temirlan Adilbek
then go study
Ricardo Pérez
Ricardo Pérez 4 anni fa
The intention is quite good, but you cannot empathize with this Messi cause he looks more like a mix o CR and neymar, not real MESSI. Messi is small, messi is not that handsome and Messi is BRILLIANT
Fezzle 4 anni fa
Leonard can't agree more
Luis Oña Mora
Luis Oña Mora 4 mesi fa
Ahora gano el mundial Ya no se que mas le falta a este señor Un grande
moises 11 mesi fa
simplesmente o melhor de todos os tempo, nunca ira existir outro igual
john 5 mesi fa
Messi is the most inspirational footballer for me
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