Heat Win INSTANT CLASSIC In 7 Games | 2013 NBA Finals FULL Mini-Movie

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Take a look back at the 2013 NBA Finals mini-movie where we look back at an INSTANT CLASSIC 7 game series

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28 apr 2020




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Atilua 2 anni fa
This was one of the best finals series in NBA history.
Big M10
Big M10 8 giorni fa
Trevor Winn
Trevor Winn Mese fa
@Salmane Bennani because before 2014 the Finals went 2-3-2
Jose A. Lucas
Jose A. Lucas 8 mesi fa
@Jovawn Johnson nope. 2016 is overrated. Each games were blowouts except for game 7 where Curry and GS folded. Spurs vs Heat was pure basketball without jacking up 3s
Salmane Bennani
Salmane Bennani 9 mesi fa
Can someone explain why Game 6 and Game 7 were both played in Miami ?
Jesus Laneave
For a fact
This was one of the best 7 game series in the history of the NBA, no question about it. Ray Allen clutched it so perfectly
Gio Armani
Gio Armani 3 mesi fa
@bballNeverEndsthat’s a dumb argument cause yeah you’re right but it was the right decision to sit Duncan since the heat needed a 3 to tie and Duncan wasn’t a good perimeter defender
Blazing Exil
Blazing Exil Anno fa
@bballNeverEnds a 7 Game Series is a fluke? One team won one time and the other won the other and it’s simple as that. The Spurs got better a year later while the Heat got worse. People also forget how close the first two games were in 2014. I guess the Spurs got lucky that LeBron got cramps. Stop trying to undermine a good performance.
danicavs Anno fa
no, the best is cavs vs gsw 2016 and lebron's comeback 3-1
Isaiah West
Isaiah West 2 anni fa
In my opinion 2015-16 Was the best game 7 in NBA history.
Fingering Things
Ray Allen had the clutchest shot of the decade
Lovemy3babes 5 mesi fa
Clutchest shot in NBA history for sure. Corner pocket 3 to tie. Down 3-2 to the friggin’ Spurs. No one has ever done it like that? Kyrie’s shot was so sick in 2016 but they weren’t down 3.
Matthew Joseph
Matthew Joseph 9 mesi fa
Fingering Things it’s the greatest shot in NBA history
Nicole Muse
Nicole Muse 10 mesi fa
Jalh Anno fa
All time
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi Anno fa
@j Joe nope kawhi was tied 2013 they were down
Freedom Exalia
Freedom Exalia 2 anni fa
This Finals series was truly one for the ages. Both were legendary teams. Bench proved to be productive and crucial. Star players showing their worth and their might. Also, the first Finals series I've watched, and it was a pleasure to see them go back and forth. Proud of our Miami Heat roster here. 👌 #HEATNation #WhiteHot #LetsGoHEAT
Splash 2 anni fa
Commentators in finals - "No one has ever came back from a 3 - 1 deficit in the finals" Lebron - "hold my taco"
Taco Tuesday
Ace aLamis
Ace aLamis 5 mesi fa
.. Nice one
Shaq 9 mesi fa
@Brentwaun Gordon jerry west also got finals mvp even tho he lost the series
LeBeautiful 2 anni fa
Game 6 was a rush of adrenaline. The Spurs played their hearts out.
Tyler W.
Tyler W. 2 anni fa
LeBron’s dagger over Kawhi is so underrated
Edgar Coronel
@eXwhY Z Gaming they both missed one and the heat maid them pay
Edgar Coronel
@eXwhY Z Gaming so did manu
kevin 2 anni fa
MAN UTD no it won’t💀 and who gives af. You’re weird af for commenting this
eXwhY Z Gaming
eXwhY Z Gaming 2 anni fa
Kawhi choked the free throws in game 6 lol
Justine Candelaria
@M if soccer is the more important? then why you shoud say it now?? triggered?
Santana 901 Parker
Bosh's rebound, assist to allen and block on green is underated
Corpy Hogan
Corpy Hogan 2 anni fa
This is arguably the greatest 7 game series in finals history
Mtdub Da Champ
Second, 2016 was epic. But this series was a better series in my opinion. Yes lebron came back from 3-1, however he was already established at that point and 2 rings in.. he fought harder in 2013 cause had he lost that series we not talking about lebron or the heat now.
Uncle Rico
Uncle Rico Anno fa
Jeff Pryce
Jeff Pryce Anno fa
J4ys0n 2 anni fa
Darlene P
Darlene P 2 anni fa
Two of the Best overall teams of all-time, one of the best shots of all-time, two of the greatest franchises of all-time, some of the greatest players of all-time and one of the greatest finals ever.
Fiction Veluz
Fiction Veluz 2 anni fa
As a Spurs fan, this still stings. But great back to back series. 2013 & 2014 were the golden years of NBA finals.
Cedric Asdfghjkl
Agree as a Spurs fan to (though Wade is my favourite player all time). But I enjoyed these 2 finals so much more than all the finals since then together.
Kai D.
Kai D. 2 anni fa
I think the best thing about this and the 2014 series was the mutual respect both teams had for each other.
NurseGamer 3 mesi fa
Way back when defence is the key. Very good series. I enjoyed watching these two team collide in finals.
L PY 2 anni fa
Honestly, it's really hard to pick up the mentality after losing a really likely winning game like this but they still put on fight to play it so tight in the game 7, that's why there's no doubt that the Spurs is the best team in the previous two decades. And they even held the attitude to strike for the revenge in the WHOLE 2013-14 season, that's really crazy
Tyler Buck
Tyler Buck 2 anni fa
I love these finals mini movies
LXBRON 2 anni fa
Danny Green’s best moments of his career started and ended here sadly. Boy was a monster in this series
@Nicole Muse Mad at another man's success. You have some problems dude
Nicole Muse
Nicole Muse 10 mesi fa
Yea I was mad when he surpassed the all time ray allen in most 3 points in a finals game smh
LXBRON Anno fa
@Mtdub Da Champ yep. I wanted the Heat to win but I couldn’t help but be impressed by his shooting. The Spurs were a relatively boring team but he made them fun to watch. Whenever they shot 3s it was honestly the best thing to see.
Mtdub Da Champ
He still managed to snag 3 rings so I'm sure he cool with that lol. But he was a beast in these finals
Akshay Sharma
Akshay Sharma 2 anni fa
When LeBron lost the headband, THAT WAS IT for Spurs!! #Legend
Mark Lawrence
The intensity tho🔥 One of the most competitive series to date.
Ignacio Paulito
Ignacio Paulito 2 anni fa
By far, one of the best Finals series ever.
yes 2 anni fa
That Ray Allen shot in Game 6 was legendary.
Akosi Ching
Akosi Ching 2 anni fa
This is the NBA finals I always love to watch ❤
Cedric Asdfghjkl
16:27 I love these moments. SpursNation. 13:29 George Gervin is right. The fans stick with the team no matter what, we still support them. GoSpursGo. That makes me love the team even more, though we missed the playoffs. Love you Spurs, #SpursNation
Reginald Mclendon
One of the best finals, I've seen since Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls vs the Utah Jazz with Karl the Mailman Malone in the finals. Epic finals
L & G
L & G 2 anni fa
LBJ's block on Splitter...OMG 😱👏💪🏀
Gurdeep Singh
Gurdeep Singh 2 anni fa
Can we get my boy Bosh in the HOF?
Dylusional Anno fa
Hes there now
GamingKing08 Anno fa
now he is headed to the HOF
Orchardgamer511 2 anni fa
@CRMdrifter Exactly! Really unfortunate. If Bosh hadn't been forced to retire Miami may have been able to make conference finals in 2016. Would've been interesting to see LeBron fight his old team.
CRMdrifter 2 anni fa
@Big 3 he didnt have an option blood clots forced him to retire
Vins 75
Vins 75 2 anni fa
Don't worry bro he is going nest year !!!!
Zeldon Singh
Zeldon Singh Anno fa
Victor Ruiz
Victor Ruiz 2 anni fa
One of the best seasons/series/team ever
Ryan Willis
Ryan Willis Mese fa
You must have missed the next years finals LMAO
Joshua Cezere
Joshua Cezere 2 anni fa
This Finals series is hella nostalgic for me personally.
jaryz Paradise
jaryz Paradise 2 anni fa
the most intense finals so far., and let’s not forget allen’s 3 points.!
Matthew Joseph
Matthew Joseph 9 mesi fa
Uncle Rico the 2016 finals will always be rememberable for the Cavs comeback but the 2013 finals is way better. 6 of the 7 games in the 2016 finals were blowouts. I believe there were 3-4 good games in 2013 finals.
Uncle Rico
Uncle Rico Anno fa
Billy Wright
Billy Wright 2 anni fa
I'm not even a fan of either of these teams but I think that this is one of if not the best NBA final series of all time
thegreatkgatsby b
This might be my favorite 7 game nba finals series during my life time
Jack Davis
Jack Davis 2 anni fa
John Ang
John Ang 2 anni fa
Greatest NBA Finals series game 🤙🤘
Fmj-j 9 mesi fa
One of the best nba finals series 🙌
If You See Kaye
I'm still having goosebumps by that of Ray Allen
adam* 2 anni fa
11:30 one of the greatest block you’ve ever seen yet
Skeet 11 mesi fa
38:43 This gotta be the best scene here, the three kings smiling on their savior 😁😁
Matthew Joseph
Matthew Joseph 2 anni fa
U guys need to stop saying that Ray Allen “saved” LeBron, he saved the Heat from losing that game and preventing the Spurs from winning the championship, LeBron scored 32 points that game, 30 of those came before OT, without LeBron’s 30 points and without him showing up in the 4th quarter, the Heat get blown out and Ray Allen would’ve never hit the shot
Cedric Asdfghjkl
@Kofi Fordjour idk if you're a fool, but taking the last shot, doesn't mean making the last shot. It means to be willing to take it. LeBron definitely took the potentially final shot but missed. Many would have missed that. But Ray made it. Just because LeBron didn't make it, doesn't mean that he didn't took it when the potential moment arrived.
Matthew Joseph
Sure he did
Matthew Joseph
So I guess if Ray Allen saved LeBron’s career, then I guess that means he saved everyone else on the Heat’s career as well, u have no common sense at all and yeah I know I’m replying to your comment over a year later but that doesn’t matter, also Ray Allen who “saved LeBron’s career” had 0 points in the last game of the series when LeBron scored 37 points I believe and led them to the championship, there’s no Game 7 without LeBron going off in the 4th quarter of Game 6 which was the reason why the Heat were able to get back in the game and make the Ray Allen play happen
Matthew Joseph
Matthew Joseph 2 anni fa
Andrew Isenberg forgot about that one
@Kofi Fordjour 4*
Ricky El Diablo
Ricky El Diablo 2 anni fa
“No one has ever came back from a 3 - 1 deficit in the finals”... YET
WEST WAN Anno fa
zontwos Anno fa
@ElSacamostroPR UH KD??
harel hoshea
harel hoshea 2 anni fa
@ElSacamostroPR yes they worked very hard taking an advantage of an injured team and recruiting KD to a73 wins team very hard work
Ethan Pasok
Ethan Pasok 2 anni fa
@ElSacamostroPR either way there are a lot of rigged series and no they didnt rigged this one lol
AaSports 2 anni fa
One of the best finals match up.
Kaiden Gervais
I feel bad for ray ray he didn’t get acknowledged as much on true heat as he did on the Celtics he had won of the most clutches shots in finals history
Deby Setiawan
Deby Setiawan 2 anni fa
Rebound by bosh and shot by allen and BANGGGGG,!!!!!🔥🔥 MIAMI still alive
Fingering Things
Man this Heatles team was so good
Jake Sillan
Jake Sillan Anno fa
Rip Commissioner Stern. So happy the heat were his last trophy ceremony
Danny Boy
Danny Boy 2 anni fa
Ray Allen was brought onto this earth to shoot that clutch shot in game 6
Youtube Watcher
Youtube Watcher 2 anni fa
Tim Duncan: This is going to be your league in a little while... Little did Tim know that LBJ would have a near ten year reign of final runs scorching every team in the east.
Michael Lio
Michael Lio 11 mesi fa
Actually tim did know thats why he said that lol?
DraftMagic Again
DraftMagic Again 10 mesi fa
What a Finals! 2 Juggernauts. Each team basically had 4 All Stars in their starting line ups. And Many HOFers appear in this series. Unreal level of play. This is basketball at the highest highest level.
Cedric Asdfghjkl
Best finals of all time.
Uncle Rico
Uncle Rico Anno fa
Nah. Warriors cavs 2016
Jeff 2 anni fa
Bro the 2013 heat are underrated, their one of the best teams ever.
Jeffrey Resa
Jeffrey Resa Anno fa
@nadaianis I mean they were a dynasty so yeah I'd say they are one of the best teams ever
Respectfully Anno fa
@Fabi n the Spurs weren't 🤔
Fabi 2 anni fa
i know im a bit late but: nobody was underrating them. they only wanted to see them fail BECAUSE its a superteam
Irithel Jungle Heart
Miami Heatles
nadaianis 2 anni fa
That means the spurs 2013 are also one of the best teams ever, both teams played at the highest level.
L A Nation For LIFE yy
This is the greatest nba finals series I’ve ever seen along with the 2016 now I’m. A huge worriers fan but the cavaliers earned that finals championship
angell 2 anni fa
One of the best Finals ever.
Ashley Moreau
Tony Parker was such a problem!! Doesn’t get enough credit or love for how good he really was and how the spurs aren’t winning two of their championships if not for him and he’s play.
One of the best finals ever
Irithel Jungle Heart
You gotta also credit Bosh's defense especially blocking Danny Green there
Uncle Rico
Uncle Rico Anno fa
Had the clutchest assist and rebound
Jieqi Ooi
Jieqi Ooi 2 anni fa
Lebron James without headband turns into Super saiyan mode 😂. No doubt this is one of the best finals of all time.
Weijian Liu
Weijian Liu 2 anni fa
The best game 6 of all time!
Khalil's Art
Khalil's Art Anno fa
As greg said "don't leave miller and allen anywhere" because those two are the miami's most pain in the ass 3 pointers
Hassu Anno fa
Damn 8:10 imagine the energy in that circle
SPLASHHbro 2 anni fa
Lebron’s block on Splitter is like Bam’s block on Tatum
sonicsprint3452 2 anni fa
@J4ys0n as far as trying to convince you, i'm done. I said my piece
J4ys0n 2 anni fa
@sonicsprint3452 I can’t believe your trying to convince me a random block on the nba finals is more important than a game saving block💀
sonicsprint3452 2 anni fa
@J4ys0n Okay. So you dont understand, then.
J4ys0n 2 anni fa
@sonicsprint3452 I take it nothing woulda changed if lebron didn’t make that block,
sonicsprint3452 2 anni fa
@J4ys0n I take it you know the game wasn't over if Bam didn't block Taytum's dunk, correct?
Official mighty Notorious aka gdubb
San Antonio Spurs sweeping a 22-yr old LeBron James and Cleveland cavaliers in 2007 NBA finals, in 2013 LeBron James had got their payback and revenge?🏆🏆🏆
LALA CHAN 2 anni fa
What a classic
Lalnunpuia chhangte Puia
I love the way d wade hyped his teammates
Christian Roy Lammawin
If Spurs have won, Danny Green would've been ng FMVP but Lebron and the Big 3 can't just be beaten that easy..
Lester 2 anni fa
I love my Heat but you can't skip how they came up short in 2011 😂
jason moukala
@Lester wades knees were nonexistent in 2014
jason moukala
@Big 3 not 2014
Lester 2 anni fa
@zobr sa8eer what..? What does 2014 have to do in this..? Video was made up to the 2013 Finals 🤔😂 plus.. they weren't injured in 2014. Wade was given insanely amount of days off to get him ready for the playoffs and Bosh didn't show his blood cloth problems until 2015. You may be talking about 2015 with the Cavs when Kyrie and Love got hurt 😂😂
zobr sa8eer
zobr sa8eer 2 anni fa
Big 3 in 2014 wade and bosh were injured of course lebron couldn’t win
Lester 2 anni fa
Thomas Sankara well they already did a 2014 mini movie 😂😂 but you do get tho. The movie is about LeBron vs Spurs and should show how his actions and choices got him back to play them again in the Finals. If they would had won in 2011, YOU KNOW they would had included it 😂😂
Scag & Jude
Scag & Jude 2 anni fa
Bruh drake was literally on the sidelines rooting for the heat. Bandwagon 😂
SI LENT 2 anni fa
Still the best mini movie.
Tre Williams
Tre Williams 11 mesi fa
Man I was 12 years old watching these 2013 finals when the spurs lost I remember just being mad 😂
OTFCV12 2 anni fa
32:05 Bronny in 2013: James 6 in Miami Bronny In 2020: 🌬💨
Zayne 2 anni fa
lol, they did splitter dirty with those 7 replays
Damore Gardner
Damore Gardner 9 mesi fa
That three by allen though 😮
Jason SkyWalker
Never gets old
GameTime 2 anni fa
Great matchup between 2 great competitors. In my opinion Tim D should be in the Mount Rushmore or goat convo. U can’t touch his resume !
Shane🦦 2 anni fa
@GameTime 😂😂😭
James Ndung'u
James Ndung'u 2 anni fa
@GameTime 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
James Ndung'u
James Ndung'u 2 anni fa
I KNOW!!!!! It's a shame how much he's underrated.
Marco Parulian
Marco Parulian 2 anni fa
Come on Heat keep the spirit high follow cavs 2016 footstep come back from 1-3 deficit against warriors
11:15 One of the best edits I've ever seen for one of the greatest plays in NBA Finals history
nelly Anno fa
Two top 10 players of all time facing off in the finals
Buhhhbye 2 anni fa
This just made Ray Allen's clutch 3 cooler!
JosephL31 2 anni fa
I want the whole series
KRAZe4KiCKS 2 anni fa
Lebron not wearing a headband makes me uncomfortable
LXBRON 9 mesi fa
@Vixter Mono basically. No headband in Cleveland kinda threw me off but I got used to it. His hairline had magically been restored so I guess that’s why.😂
Rakks 9 mesi fa
Vixter Mono
Vixter Mono 2 anni fa
He doesn’t look normal without it in this series. Now he looms fine with no headband.
Stephen Nguyen
Stephen Nguyen 9 mesi fa
37:23 This is the moment for Ray Allen
Tim Wing
Tim Wing 2 anni fa
Danny Green and Genobli cost the Spurs in 2013. Danny Green couldn't make a basket the final 2 games(1-7 & 1-12), and Manu had way too many terrible turnovers late in those games. 8 Turnovers in game 6. Along with the Heats role players shooting the lights out. Here are these players 3pt% from the '13 Finals - Allen(54%), Battier(44%), Mike Miller(61%), Chalmers(40%)
andulicious 24 giorni fa
i find it crazy that manu came off the bench! greatest 6th man ever. i hated the spurs because they were so good! glad i was alive to see that dynasty
Sittie Suib
Sittie Suib 2 anni fa
Giving the block to splitter is like the one on iggy. It felt much alike.
Livee Sunflower
Livee Sunflower 2 anni fa
Damn Ray Allen let that shot off quick as hell
Jeffrey Resa
Jeffrey Resa Anno fa
@Uncle Rico he was about to get double teamed he had to let it fly
Uncle Rico
Uncle Rico Anno fa
For real. Boy had like 5 seconds
HOTSHOT 2 anni fa
Heat is my favorite team and I love LeBron james. Stay home stay safe
Michael 2 anni fa
Congrats man, your heat face your lebron now
Davod Hashimi
Davod Hashimi 2 anni fa
D wade will give this video 9/10
Aykut 2 anni fa
26:02 '06 Wade feels like an older brother to me
albert galvez
albert galvez 2 anni fa
De lo mejor👍💯
Oğuzhan Bakan
Oğuzhan Bakan 2 anni fa
All time best NBA finals
Uncle Rico
Uncle Rico Anno fa
Nah 2016
pelejo rayn
pelejo rayn 2 anni fa
Ray Allen clutch shot of his life.
Arvin Amar
Arvin Amar 2 anni fa
Back when Danny Green doesn't throw bricks
Fracasso Pilosopo
Only team in nba history to came back from 3-1 deficit and become a champion
Lousy 2 anni fa
The time when Danny Green doesn't shoot bricks.
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy 2 anni fa
I just realized Kawhi and Danny green have been on a championship together twice and would’ve been 3 times if Kawhi went to the lakers because kawhi Lebron and ad would’ve been unstoppable
Salmane Bennani
Salmane Bennani 9 mesi fa
Tim Duncan will always be the best PF in history and I'm a Heat fan.
LSK Bros
LSK Bros 2 anni fa
This video got more views in the first 2 minutes than mine get in the first month😂😂😂😂
AbC Anno fa
So sad I didn’t get to watch this series live
Darlene P
Darlene P 2 anni fa
Great content NBA!
Mr. Cloak Of Dagger
Top 3 in the greatest nba finals of all time.
Nick 6 mesi fa
I love D Wade still bringing it for Miami too. Lebron is one thing, The Flash is another.
zyn 2 anni fa
c'mon man give chris bosh some damn credit with that rebound it will not be the greatest shot of all time without it
Uncle Rico
Uncle Rico Anno fa
Chris Bosh describing the greatest play of all time in the most boring way possible: “I got the rebound, then I passed it”
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