Heated Exchange Between Andy Murray And Fabio Fognini! | Shanghai 2019 Day 3

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8 ott 2019




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Commenti 80
E_07_Shubho Das
Fogini being Fogini, and Andy being Sir Andy
golpesar 3 mesi fa
You know if Fognini wasn't a Tennis player, he would be picking pockets in Rome!
Kai _
Kai _ 3 mesi fa
Your humour is england
Zac 3 mesi fa
Fognini is a proper child
Winters 3 mesi fa
Fogninis a bitch, end of.
Spalletti Merda
Spalletti Merda 4 mesi fa
Che poveretto fognini
tobo86 4 mesi fa
Cheats then tells an understandably annoyed opponent to have a sense of humour about it. No dignity whatsoever.
James Landon
James Landon 4 mesi fa
What is Andy arguing about?
izhabellissima 5 mesi fa
I read "heated argument" I already know Andy Murray will be involved 😂
Ammaar Dawood
Ammaar Dawood 5 mesi fa
ah fognini my favorite arrogant italian
Jay Roland
Jay Roland 6 mesi fa
Murray was right , Fognini behaves like that in most of his matches.
Ryan Su
Ryan Su 6 mesi fa
fognini sbsbsbsbsbs shut the f uo forgnini
George Stone
George Stone 7 mesi fa
0:34 😂
David Bowie
David Bowie 7 mesi fa
Shut up good old Andy
Dhameer Govind
Dhameer Govind 7 mesi fa
Spoiled brat sport
A N 7 mesi fa
Opposites, these 2. Douchebag & class act. The "shut up" did feel pretty good.
James H
James H 7 mesi fa
That has to be the classiest way of saying “Shut Up”.
Basil Carpenter jr
Fog is always doing something he needs to grow up
Louis Jamin
Louis Jamin 7 mesi fa
So much talent, wasted by being just a jerk. What a shame =(
Max Frenchy
Max Frenchy 7 mesi fa
Murray the whiner is back...
Adam Blister
Adam Blister 7 mesi fa
This umpire is the worst. He never does anything. Just sits there like a dopey leprechaun. Then when he's questioned on his shitty umpiring he snaps back at players.
Adam Blister
Adam Blister 7 mesi fa
Fognini is an arrogant pos. Would have been great if Murray punched that asshole in the face!
Rock Tommason
Rock Tommason 7 mesi fa
Murray lost the match because he heard a noise.
billthestinker 7 mesi fa
Andy should have said Fabio this is funnier, and then broke his stick over Fabio’s skull ✨
IL TUTTOLOGO 7 mesi fa
After this, they'll probably be like best friends in the next Laver Cup, with hugs and stuff like that... Or maybe I should better call it Faker Cup?
Maverick 7 mesi fa
Fognini is such an idiot !!! He’s always clashing with all the other players.
Ivan Pardo
Ivan Pardo 7 mesi fa
Murray is a jackass and a crybaby but he was right in this one
David Heywood
David Heywood 7 mesi fa
Why is there such a small crowd? Murray should still get a packed out stadium..
m4nvr 7 mesi fa
Is there ever a "heated exchange" video without Fognini or Kyrgios?
MINDRIGHT 7 mesi fa
Fognini always walks around all high and mighty thinking he’s all that and a bag of chips but what he doesn’t realize is that if he weren’t playing on tour no one would miss him. His attitude sucks, he’s a brown stain on the game of tennis (next to Nick Kyrios) with his antics and he isn’t someone I would want my tennis kids to imitate. Andy Murray rightfully put him in his place.
Rene Quintanilla
Karma Is a bitch...
Fognini is a great player, and an utter twat.
churchman195 7 mesi fa
Andy's used to dealing with toddlers 🤣
david glover
david glover 7 mesi fa
Murray is such a wanker.
PrkrMc 7 mesi fa
Fognini is pure garbage. He's been garbage for as long as he's played tennis. There's a concerted effort in the tennis world to "normalize" and accept his shitty behavior because from time to time, for about 3 seconds, he plays above his shitty level. Just off the top of my head: he wished a bomb would blow at Wimbledon because they dared put his shitty ass on a smaller court. Called an umpire at the US Open a whore and cocksucker because he was losing... Fognini is just absolute human garbage. Andy, on the other hand, is a fucking class act who has worked very hard to be the champion he is in the era of 3 GOATS. I hope he makes a full comeback.
kurt jung
kurt jung 7 mesi fa
Murry's "SHUP UP" was hilarious and he said it so politely, but Foggini is a very funny person and the same time a shit disturber, but I like Foggini I find him really funny!!!
Sri Kri
Sri Kri 7 mesi fa
murray being back is good for the game
Chris Kallis
Chris Kallis 7 mesi fa
Ignorant Fognini has to start a stupid fight,in order to put Andy off- you don’t shout in the middle of the point unless you are trying to put your opponent off!!!! Fognini demonstrating ‘how to cheat’ yet again.♥️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
David Price
David Price 7 mesi fa
Fabio is a douche
JorgitoYokiro 7 mesi fa
"shatch appp" bien a secas, jaja. Este Murray.
ricky kamal
ricky kamal 7 mesi fa
What baddd charactor Fogniniii
adam2eve 7 mesi fa
It's ironic that Fergus Murphy was same chair umpire many years ago now, when Murray and Del Potro got into an argument.
Bobby Bobson
Bobby Bobson 7 mesi fa
Any player that also smashes a racket should get a hefty fine. Not the rackets fault that the player is having a bad day. More players should be like Borg was. Always cool as ice
Bobby Bobson
Bobby Bobson 7 mesi fa
Fognini is a hothead. Argues with a lot of players. He should be more mature and cut the bs. Its a frigging game. Your life does not depend on it
pavel brodskiy
pavel brodskiy 7 mesi fa
Actually their lives do depend on it since it’s how they make money.
Mark J
Mark J 7 mesi fa
What a warm welcome back to Andy by Fabio
shamie biharie
shamie biharie 7 mesi fa
Not at all you are called sir..well act like a sir ..do not complain as a little child look what you have achieved man...
Ad e
Ad e 7 mesi fa
Fucknini is such a piece of shit
Abi Jake
Abi Jake 7 mesi fa
Good on you Andy Murray stick up to bullies
G F 7 mesi fa
Arrogant Murray is always cranky and touchy. That's because he is used to people not liking his arrogant demeanor. Go Home !!
G F 7 mesi fa
Glad Fognini shut Murray's mouth by sending him back Home !!
G F 7 mesi fa
Brits / scottish people don't understand sense of humor ...unless it is convenient to them...and btw, NOBODY likes Mr. Arrogant Murray anyways ! Glad he got his ass kicked by Fognini ! Go Home Murray !
Riverzala 7 mesi fa
Mate? Is that an English term or Australian term? Looking alot like Nick - (hes good friends with Nick) Jack Sock - went straight downhill - (good friends with Nick) Seems like Nick is a great lol friend. 😀 Cry baby tennis ❤
Kevin Rubink
Kevin Rubink 7 mesi fa
Murray is such a baby. #govegan
Harrold DJANI
Harrold DJANI 7 mesi fa
0:33 "shuh tah" 😂
Professional Dickhead
Fuck fognini is focking jerk
Zoran 7 mesi fa
Andy is right. C'mon Fabio don't be trying to cheat.
YoursTruly 7 mesi fa
Fognini plays mind games and isn’t afraid to play dirty. Everyone knows that. No ones is going to be sad when he retires.
camel toe
camel toe 7 mesi fa
So basically Andy made an arse of himself. Again!
camel toe
camel toe 7 mesi fa
@widM Andy is an Ass. Always will be an Ass!
widM 7 mesi fa
Andy made an arse of himself? He was totally right, can't blame him for being upset after Fognini's idiotic behavior.
Younes Mirkabdi
Younes Mirkabdi 7 mesi fa
lmaaaaaao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the frist part with Rosol : '' No one likes you on the tour '' the second part with Fognini : '' you say the same to everyone '' & '' shut up ''
Miguel Freitas
Miguel Freitas 7 mesi fa
This murray is a child, always confronting the others with their own behaviours... He knows about the others so he doesn't has to know about himself. By the way: no one makes a noise during a point??? That's what we most hear in these days.
Karen Mata
Karen Mata 7 mesi fa
fabio is clearly a candy ass
shinka 66
shinka 66 7 mesi fa
They should play all matches like they do in team tennis. People in the stands can do whatever the hell they want. They don't need complete silence and no motion in the stadium to play frigging tennis
Michael Pacini
Michael Pacini 7 mesi fa
Fognini's being outplayed so he resorts to bullshit tactics . Good for Andy for putting him in his place
Lanese Douglas
Lanese Douglas 7 mesi fa
I love Andy Murray....lol
grigor raev
grigor raev 7 mesi fa
Andy is a legend, i wonder if english media still call him the scot when he loses and the brit when he wins.
Chris Kallis
Chris Kallis 7 mesi fa
grigor raev of course they do!!!!! It’s hilarious,never a mention for the lower ranked players from Scotland,Wales,NI, just flippin typical.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Simshine95 7 mesi fa
As an italian i would like to say that Fognini doesn't represent me
Was everyone else waiting for the handshake at the end of the match? Video editor dropped the ball on this one
Grazia Sassetti
Grazia Sassetti 7 mesi fa
Shat ap? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ed Robinson
Ed Robinson 7 mesi fa
As most are aware, Murray has had major hip surgery. If you look at past history, no player has been able to competitively return to tennis after hip surgery. If Murray starts to win again, he'll be the first to be able to do this. As much as so many would like to see it, the odds are heavily stacked against him. But there are glimpses 🤞
afshin zyaei
afshin zyaei 7 mesi fa
Murray cant match himself with nadal djokovic and federer , so he feels angry , sore loser
Nick Audain
Nick Audain 7 mesi fa
gberchier 7 mesi fa
Fognini, not much to say about him. Good tennis player. Selfish. Pretentious. Childish.
louise PP
louise PP 7 mesi fa
There’s a bitch inside fognini
MrDominic152 7 mesi fa
Show him your trophy cabinet, Andy... 💪🏻
sanna rob
sanna rob 7 mesi fa
Toilets papers
Fognini is just an ignorant and unpolite dude.
Chib Rajput
Chib Rajput 7 mesi fa
Murray lost the match!
Turk99 7 mesi fa
The ATP didn’t miss you Andy Murray. Please retire
Mucci Sebastián
Murray is a prick
Graeme Paul Masson
Shut up ha, go Murray
Jan Merc
Jan Merc 7 mesi fa
These Umpire’s are stupid !! You are telling me what I know !!!
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