Her shot at the end 🫢

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13 giu 2022




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CalmCroissant 12 giorni fa
Wait a minute… If she’s an amateur but scores more than me from that angle…
Ismael Sarabia
Ismael Sarabia 11 ore fa
@Mikren if you're kicking it with your toes then you're a beginner not an amateur...
Nanda Putra Maiga
Then you must be premateur
erik 22 ore fa
it’s fake
Badlynice Giorno fa
No u got backwards she was the professional.
PeleTheOrange 12 giorni fa
I'm sorry but she isn't an amateur if she can score a scoop turn goal and score like that from the corner flag 💀
Amyah 16 ore fa
@Sanzhar Seifullin we dnc
Ben Sor
Ben Sor 17 ore fa
@Sanzhar Seifullin 10 attempts 10
Josh 20 ore fa
Anyone not professionally playing is an amateur
erik 22 ore fa
it’s prob fake and a greenscreen guy is holding the ball carrying it into the goal
Fernando Hurtado
Then you should have never even touch a ball
Cristian ASMR
Cristian ASMR 2 giorni fa
Los goles de ella son mejores, espectaculares, para quienes son entendidos me entenderán porque, pura puntería.
Ankit Sood
Ankit Sood 5 giorni fa
She is the professional... You can see it in the final kick. She absolutely smashes it in from zero angle, with power and precision
I8LVM 5 giorni fa
i remember having a streak of this, the field was small tho, i think the most i got with out missing was 4, in a match 💀💀
ρɾιMα• 6 giorni fa
I’d love to be playing football with a scenery like that… looks stunning with those mountains around!
itsZaque 19 ore fa
Looks a lot like Utah to me, it’s a pretty sick skyline!
Toty Nation
Toty Nation 10 giorni fa
Nobody's talking about the ground what a view mountains plus the weather 😍😍😍
Animosityx 15 ore fa
It's utah, beautiful place to live, people aren't so great
Chayton_Conley 17 ore fa
@G IMU it is ogden
CPT Glowstik
CPT Glowstik 20 ore fa
@DuckWithHat you're basic
CPT Glowstik
CPT Glowstik 20 ore fa
@Eulogitos!!! no
Bacdafucup Giorno fa
@Eulogitos!!! in your dreams, buddy
Nixolas 12 giorni fa
She's not that amateur...
Stayniel Herbayn
@Nick I didn’t say that, but if not he’s not professional
Nick 19 ore fa
@Stayniel Herbayn so that guy has pro contract?
hartt75 20 ore fa
Just because someone is labeled as an “amateur” doesn’t mean you can’t have skill…
Jack The Slayer 7220
@Emperor Penguin To be fair the definition this video is using is clear.
Kukeniduken Giorno fa
@Lucas Franganillo Then he diesn't know what the word means
briliantino prihandika
She reminds me of my friend in highschool back then who dominates the entire female soccer competition. Her kicked ball can easily knock her female friends unconscious. Everyone's afraid of her.
MAK Productions
MAK Productions 12 ore fa
Even the one she didnt score was 110% effort 👏
Rick James
Rick James 2 giorni fa
That very last shot from the girl very well could have been an olimpico in a women's game. It had more power and bend on it than his last shot.
stjfv01 4 giorni fa
Her corner kick was further back than yours; and still hooked it! 🤘🏽solid
Ain’t-fooled Like the rest
Her technique at the end was class👌🏽
Tyler Giorno fa
He may have won but all her shots looked more impressive. The last one almost scored on the fly.
Texas Steel
Texas Steel 3 giorni fa
I was gonna say something ... but i cant hang in the sport of soccer ! Well done 💪🏽
محمد السند
The way she scored the corner kick She deserves to be the winner
Burrito Sexy
Burrito Sexy 3 giorni fa
Ella es magnífica!👏
Christopher Morales
Ese tiro final es el que hacía Beckham para que no salieran del campo sus pases largos, se llama underspin y hace que la pelota se regrese si esta mojado el campo o que se frene almenos y no salga.
rued siuu
rued siuu 3 giorni fa
Goddamn that last shot both of them. Simple perfection
Hoony K.
Hoony K. 3 giorni fa
She’s adorable with her celebration sounds
FootballHub 4 giorni fa
Amateur and score more then a lot of profis 👏💪⚽️
Omė 4 giorni fa
I love how she is genuinely enjoying it
RaiG 5 giorni fa
Her last kick was smoother than tha guy💀
Some Person
Some Person 2 giorni fa
That shot at the end was literally insane ngl.
Ignacio Cabrera
Ignacio Cabrera 6 giorni fa
Goddamn that last shot both of them. Simple perfection
gum 5 giorni fa
if she’s an amateur then she has more talent than most pro women football players
Aditya Walter J
Aditya Walter J Giorno fa
She’s too good with an “Amateur” label on her. I’d be the Amateur because I probably just put 1 out of 4 🤣🤣🤣
oogway • há 30 anos
Com cortes é fácil, tava demorando tanto pra acertar que escureceu rápido
Jay Boyle
Jay Boyle 2 giorni fa
That final shot was perfect 👌
YiTao Philipp
YiTao Philipp 3 giorni fa
When you see there celebrations, you know that they have made a lot of attemts
Her happiness was priceless.
Z Lin
Z Lin 5 giorni fa
love how happy she is
Hanna Smolej
Hanna Smolej 5 giorni fa
Love her excitement, so joyful
Lee Gutierrez
Lee Gutierrez Giorno fa
She plays at the collegiate level
Manii Hatii
Manii Hatii 12 ore fa
La profesional pareces tú Sam ten más confianza en ti … el último tiro fue mejor el tuyo
Khalid Mohammed
Khalid Mohammed 22 ore fa
Nice view. Bliss Also, lots of people don’t know what the word amateur means. They only know what it implies in some cases.
Rusl GG
Rusl GG Giorno fa
Похожим читерским ударом, "компьютер" забивал гол в игре про футбол на денди, мяч вокруг штанги обкатывался и залетал в ворота
Mockz Giorno fa
guys I don't think he meant that she's an amateur in football 😏
Average Commenter
if u dont understand this joke, please stay as innocent as u r :)
TNT Giorno fa
Keep her! She’s a diamond!
Oguz Han
Oguz Han Giorno fa
The shots ive tried and made 30 years ago. You can give sick spins and curves to a football, nothing special here. But its a nice vid. The last shot is well executed
Josh G
Josh G Giorno fa
I’m not gonna lie if you’ve played football for a few years, you can easily do this.
carlos eduardo materan diaz
Muy bonito el campo de fútbol 👍
Zizou 3 giorni fa
Sooo no one's gonna talk about how he looks like alexis Sanchez
;; Damian
;; Damian Giorno fa
Fax lol
Mohamed Iyad
Mohamed Iyad 3 giorni fa
Imagine playing football here ❤️
prince edwin
prince edwin 10 ore fa
Beautiful ground ....will love to play there ...it must be amazing to play there and after the match just sit there in peace with mountains on front of you...
MrRoztoc Giorno fa
Football in every kind can make you happy :) A ball, a goal, have fun!
marcos raiponeri
Que genia!!! 👏👏👏👏👏
Seth Antonio Rodriguez
For the love of god I just want a gf that likes football but if I get a girl that LOVES football and plays it with me like this?? I’m wifing her up
Shuvo 77
Shuvo 77 15 ore fa
@I'm sadly a Turner female ballers 🤨🤨📸📸
Wallace Sousuke
Wallace Sousuke 22 ore fa
You gonna turn her into wifi? :'v
Valgo YT
Valgo YT Giorno fa
U can always convince a gym girl/ athletic girl to play football with u and trust there’s plenty out there :)
igzema 2 giorni fa
@I'm sadly a Turner istg couldn't have said it better
I'm sadly a Turner
I'm sadly a Turner 3 giorni fa
you guys say you want this but then demonize pro female ballers🤣🤣🤣
Ana Khayif
Ana Khayif 17 ore fa
“Amateur” seems better than the professional LMAO
Mientras regates y amagues rapidos hagas y te salgan seguido son los que te salvaran de ganar un partido de manera temporal
Just Random Stuff
Just Random Stuff 6 giorni fa
To be honest her shots were better😂 she's the Pro I'm guessing
DX_XD 7 giorni fa
Is it only me or he looks like Alexis Sanchez💀
She definitely whipped that last one in like a pro
Aqibzz Reck
Aqibzz Reck 10 ore fa
Im real semi pro than her because I score from corner with a gk and she score it “without” a gk I score and help my team through the final at last we won tho 🏆
HackHunter 2 giorni fa
В России, если в 10 лет ты этого не можешь сделать на поле, то ты всегда стоишь на воротах😹
Mr. Sig
Mr. Sig 2 giorni fa
Her corner kick was impressive.
Shrijan Shrestha
Shrijan Shrestha 5 giorni fa
Me thinking: "If she is amateur, what am I?"
Otoskire The great
Vormos Zuke
Vormos Zuke 3 giorni fa
That last kick was 👌
Dovah Of The North
Dovah Of The North 3 giorni fa
I've never seen an MLS ball used when it's not in MLS
med bendi
med bendi 2 giorni fa
She's really great ^__^ and him of course 🤍as well👌
Anthony Cortez
Anthony Cortez 10 giorni fa
If that was my girl hands down I would marry her I have a hard time having my friends play my own girl training with me doesn’t get better than that
Nudwell P.Hayong
after 100 times try but he edit only those who got goal😂
Sied Sakous
Sied Sakous Giorno fa
I love thay girl...she is a keeper❤️❤️❤️
george m
george m 3 giorni fa
Bro! She a keeper don’t mess that up
Axel Velazquez
Axel Velazquez 2 giorni fa
Professional? I don’t recognize him😭
Mo も
Mo も Giorno fa
Alexis Sanchez
hoshywashy 2 giorni fa
That nervous ahaha at the end lol
Nurse EarRape
Nurse EarRape Giorno fa
Yo she won that last kick was amazing
quick s
quick s 4 giorni fa
Her second one is amazing
Angry Hooder lul
I once accidentally scored a corner bruh 💀
fishing L.M
fishing L.M 5 giorni fa
Nah that aint no amateur u can tell by the way she shoots
Frederic Martin
Frederic Martin Giorno fa
He s no professional either. Who the f**** is he?
exxstasy Giorno fa
damn bro it aint that deep
Mason 3 giorni fa
at my high school we have a set play that i shoot off the corner kick 😭
Eustakio Trajano la HIPERGAMIA EXISTE
Athletic club juvenil masculino 6-0 Athletic club femenino profesional
Lxon 2 giorni fa
Que buenos tiros, yo ni en pedo ajajaj
Big cheeseburger 59
My friend scored a goal from a corner in a real game the other day
Kevin Steve
Kevin Steve 12 giorni fa
Ken Lawrence
Ken Lawrence 4 giorni fa
Literally 😂
J040PL7 7 giorni fa
The difference of effort to power was just crazy.
Jay Ashton
Jay Ashton 2 giorni fa
I wouldn't say she an amateur I would be an amateur at doing that they both have excellent ball control
Angus Tang
Angus Tang 5 giorni fa
if you'd play football you'd know it's easier to score from the corner
Glenn Fernandes
Glenn Fernandes 9 giorni fa
Guy after getting 20+ kills : excuse me I am just an amateur
Wilson375 3 giorni fa
Bro I need this tune!!!🔥🔥 Someone?
Humberto Cisneros
Humberto Cisneros 2 giorni fa
Party- Bad bunny ft rauw alejandro
el santii
el santii 4 giorni fa
el primer tiro no vale si segun tu es profesional pegenle bien al balon
Wesley Touré
Wesley Touré 20 ore fa
Magnifique paysage!!!
Anton Levii
Anton Levii 2 giorni fa
That last kick from the girl great curl on it
Adriano Lima
Adriano Lima 6 giorni fa
Quantos chutes pra acerta esses aí kkkkk🤣🤣
Mehdi ⵣ
Mehdi ⵣ 4 giorni fa
Thoses who ask for the song : hoy se quiere soltar no quiere amarrarse // Bad Bunny x Rauw Alejandro - Party (Letra/Lyrics)
swaap Giorno fa
bad bunny is one of the best singers ngl his album is really good
the0UTkAST 20 ore fa
She lost but to be honest bro, her angles look cleaner
Amin Rouchdi
Amin Rouchdi Giorno fa
Muy buen golpeo de balón tienen los colegas 😉
Unspeakingful 16 ore fa
Yo that last one was a godly shot
Clikzyyy 6 giorni fa
Bf ain’t no pro anyone can do that💀
F W 10 ore fa
This field is a danger for every ankle ^^
Rxspect 2 giorni fa
she looks so happy bless her
Josh House
Josh House Giorno fa
Worlds greatest sport 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brinth Stacey
Brinth Stacey 5 giorni fa
1st to 3rd shot is from herself and the 4th one tried the kick like from fran
proud man
proud man 11 giorni fa
Every guys dream girlfriend. 🥰
Steven Villegas
Steven Villegas 14 ore fa
@Byron & ahmesk Kilic isn't For Your LmmfaO
Steven Villegas
Steven Villegas 14 ore fa
proud man You Should Read Your Comment More Literal, It's More Hilarious!
Byron Giorno fa
Too indigenous for my taste
Exploring with Rene
20 KayDee
20 KayDee 2 giorni fa
You are down sooo bad!
Prodideji 4 giorni fa
The final shoot 🥵
FARA FARA 2 giorni fa
It took them like 10 thousand times to shoot that clip lol
Martin Contreras saldaña
Los mejores son los 2 del final
I Don’t Know
I Don’t Know 12 ore fa
A lot of people seem to not know what an amateur means. It doesn’t mean that they’re untalented at the subject, they just don’t get paid for what they do.
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