Hermitcraft 8: Episode 1 - LET'S GO!

Mumbo Jumbo
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HERMITCRAFT SEASON 8 HAS BEGUN in Minecraft 1.17: Caves and Cliffs! Hermitcraft Season 8 Episode One has Mumbo joining Grian on some early Hermitcraft Server adventures. Then building a Minecraft Starter Base in the Hermitcraft village with GoodTimesWithScar, ImpulseSV, Grian and PearlescentMoon. We also build some Tiny Minecraft Farms, add a Noteblock song, a Minecraft Super Smelter and do some Mining using new Minecraft 1.17 Mining techniques.. All in one Hermitcraft episode!

Filming channel: itvid.net/u-ThatMumb...
Instagram: instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

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19 giu 2021




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Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo Mese fa
As you can probably tell, a lot of play time went into this episode! So I really hope you appreciate it, and look forward to oncoming Hermitcraft Shenanigans. This is going to be FUN!
Andrew Cheng
Andrew Cheng 16 ore fa
22:54 Sustainable
P4rd0n3d Ph03n1x
P4rd0n3d Ph03n1x 17 giorni fa
Gamer Sharky
Gamer Sharky 18 giorni fa
It was a really good video but you should try cooking by PLACING(not dropping) potatoes on the campfire
Xander 47
Xander 47 19 giorni fa
Neh heh heh
Onyx MairylandCookie278
How did you get the item frames without killing cows to get leather?!?!?!
SquiglyMc 2 ore fa
Hippy mumbo
Leander Almeida
Lektik 7 ore fa
There are so many hermits to watch this season! It takes some time to make all the rounds, but this is truly epic!
Isabelle Wilson
Isabelle Wilson 10 ore fa
Γιάννης Κωτούλας
Upon closer inspection, I have concluded that mumbo, when he talks about love peace and plants, sounds like Korg from Thor. You're welcome.
Midnightcat 12 ore fa
I feel really dumb right now. when mumbo was building his starter base and was talking about how he hopes it turns how he wants it to, I thought "huh why is he not doing the thing Lizzie did on with her base on empiers (but with his base not a giant presmerine tower)?" and I thought the same thing with the note block song. I just now relised this is hermitecraft not empiers smp.
Ben Walsh
Ben Walsh 13 ore fa
Have i been ignoring hermit craft more than I thought or was last season short? I didn't watch much of it but feels like 6 lasted a hell of alot longer
Green Foods
Green Foods 7 ore fa
I think season 6 was just really long
KC 14 ore fa
I normally only watch Grian's stuff, but I'm glad I came over to check out Mumbo, even if I got wonderwalled.
Mailcs06 18 ore fa
Episode 1: Peace Love and Plants Episode 5: Double mega farms Episode 6: (end crystals in thumbnail) My new weapons!
Mailcs06 18 ore fa
“Grian was slain by iron golem” “Etho was slain by iron golem”
daw 20 ore fa
What happens to the other worlds are they deleted?! Hope not
Fire Dawg
Fire Dawg Giorno fa
If the world is infinite...then how can the sun revolve around it? Top 10 unsolvable mysteries
Benediktus64 Giorno fa
somewhat okay person
13:06 i love how he just ignores the advancement in chat
Whiiffed Giorno fa
31:30 Guys can anyone explain to me how to get a dropper elevator like the one for his supersmelter, working? Im not great with redstone. The items either get stuck on the 2nd or 3rd dropper, but whenever it does work it'll somehow break shortly after and items get stuck on the 3rd or 2nd dropper again, I've been trying to come up with something that works for a good 2 hours lmao
Westin Anderson
Westin Anderson Giorno fa
If you put thorns on your armor would that count as killing
Jack Anderson
Jack Anderson Giorno fa
Jumbo is now a vegan in minecraft
Merry Widjaja
Merry Widjaja Giorno fa
5:42 why is this so funny
Infinitchins Giorno fa
Alternative title: “Mumbo becomes a pacifist”
corbin hedrick
corbin hedrick Giorno fa
So is this modded or no
Ada Adit
Ada Adit 2 giorni fa
Subtitle Indonesia lah :V
Tuxedo Dogs
Tuxedo Dogs 2 giorni fa
mumbo takes weeks to learn chords to put them into minecraft *but vanilla tweaks got a texture pack for that*
Rover 2 giorni fa
Maybe I can catch up..
MSN_Clan 2 giorni fa
Jumbo: just starts building his house The chat: Grian had made an achievement (Free the end) Guys a legend
Building Up
Building Up 2 giorni fa
After watching season 1, it made me happy to see Khoralis and ZombieCleo still here.
Itsfrupi 2 giorni fa
TheEnderkid 2 giorni fa
f sharp minor
nitza Gomej
nitza Gomej 2 giorni fa
mumbo few episodes later : if i push grian of an edge, i tecnically not kill him, gravity does !
QueenFeen 2 giorni fa
Mumbo: Mining is so painful without a beacon. Me: never had a beacon
Fery HĐ
Fery HĐ 2 giorni fa
Tutorial on this smelter please
Salomé 2 giorni fa
Can I just say, Pearl is a delight, a real gem for this new season ! I can’t wait to see more of Gemini too !
The Galaxy
The Galaxy 2 giorni fa
The fact that diamonds seem more scarce makes them more valuable than before. Before, you guys had stacks upon stacks of diamonds. I think it's better
stawbery_cake 2 giorni fa
8:04 - 8:06 : my freind groups existence
Sami Sami09
Sami Sami09 2 giorni fa
Every season episode 1 DIAMONDS Episode 2 big consturction Episode 3 FULL NETHERITE ENHCANTED
TheDankMenace 2 giorni fa
I love super cut mumbo
Sami Sami09
Sami Sami09 2 giorni fa
7:39 is my fav part cuz Griaan
Sixty5Notch 2 giorni fa
Grian…! is going to become the “dinkleberg…!” Of the server
Paulo emanuel rosa simões
6:46 hipster
Greek001 2 giorni fa
Dwarf gourami
Dwarf gourami 2 giorni fa
Mando _the_kid
Mando _the_kid 3 giorni fa
Struggling with diamonds eh welcome to bedrock edition
Tomas Alexander Sabella-Capuano
23:06 could that be Mumbo’s new theme song?
JujuT 3 giorni fa
As a professional musician you attempting to understand chords is hilarious to me
Melanie Fowler
Melanie Fowler 3 giorni fa
Mumbo: peace love and plants Me looking at mumbo's chimbey giving of carbon emitions: hypocrite
Bladen M.
Bladen M. 3 giorni fa
8:05 epic rap battles of history
Tomas Alexander Sabella-Capuano
Hey.... isn’t Pearlescentmoon on an smp with Grian?
Missing.In.Action 4 giorni fa
I got tanned like Mumbo's shorts it's really strange 😂
Ellesauruss 4 giorni fa
For diamonds you need to go to level 16! new update :)
S21S9 4 giorni fa
All these things I thought were normal to know are bizarre to mumbo and scar but pearl gets me
English Penguin
English Penguin 4 giorni fa
I had too ok go listen to wonderwall to make sure that was correct and it is for the most part but mc music is hard
Alessandro Darcy
Alessandro Darcy 4 giorni fa
Love your vids
Aubrey E.
Aubrey E. 4 giorni fa
As a pianist, Mumbo trying to figure out music is extremely hilarious.
Buckcraft 5 giorni fa
What is the audio mod they're using ?
Thomas Paddick
Thomas Paddick 5 giorni fa
15:08 - I'm rly rly pleased Me: wait WHAT.... Me: WhAt!!!!! Me: *crying* Me: I wanted you to say chuffed to bits :( Me at the very end: AYAYAYYAYAY! Chuffed to bits!!!!
BenjiBean 5 giorni fa
Damn I absolutely love the style of base Mumbo chose to build :3
Seb Hobeijn
Seb Hobeijn 5 giorni fa
Mumbo: as you guys see, I started a bit in this world Me: sees nether portal, skeleton farm and op diamond pickaxe Also me: starts a minecraft world and has diamond pickaxe in 30 minutes Me again: i suck in this game
Birb uwu
Birb uwu 5 giorni fa
Guys I'm simping over a potato
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 5 giorni fa
Jesus Christ is king
Y337 n3ss
Y337 n3ss 5 giorni fa
"i'm bored, bored, board, floored, stored, reassured (pronounced re-a-shore'd)."
Logan Nearhood
Logan Nearhood 5 giorni fa
You should use sugar cane and observer blocks to change which music tracks play, have 3 different ones set up and have it change throuvgh the grow cycle!!
Rando Redstone
Rando Redstone 5 giorni fa
16:10 um how did he do that thing with the crafting of the doors
Little_Caleb 5 giorni fa
Oddly enough Mumbo singing Wonderwall by Oasis has been the highlight of my day (23:07)
zWuiK 5 giorni fa
Mumbo: "Skin colored shorts" Me: *Scrolls through comments, sees nothing* Also Me: hm interesting
Ff Ff
Ff Ff 5 giorni fa
It’s not racist
echoticz 5 giorni fa
Does anyone have a tutorial for that specific smelter?
Jack Shafer
Jack Shafer 5 giorni fa
At some point someone is going to kill a mob that had one of those notes in their hand and feel bad
KiaronChan 5 giorni fa
i know this probably won't get seen but i was wondering if anyon knew what he uses for the proximity chat
Sylpher 5 giorni fa
Aii how do I get that voice chat thingy?
Martin Power
Martin Power 5 giorni fa
Im playing mincraft and just got 10 dimonds and good vid
Bodi Merkus
Bodi Merkus 6 giorni fa
Mumbo on Netflix there is a show called tiny house nation
Justin Loves You
Justin Loves You 6 giorni fa
So mumbo has gone vegetarian
Hudson Kerr
Hudson Kerr 6 giorni fa
Mumbo: describing his delicate house Grian: beating the game
HeyItsJet !
HeyItsJet ! 6 giorni fa
who made the skeleton farm?
Lucky Lorenzo
Lucky Lorenzo 6 giorni fa
u really is good at redstone i wish i were u
Adamimoka 6 giorni fa
Nestoons 6 giorni fa
3:10 Was that Grian making the Zoidberg sounds?
G M G 6 giorni fa
I haven’t even finished S1
ItsKurozz 6 giorni fa
8:04 This was the best part
UglyNewt 6 giorni fa
Go to -50 trust me
ivana vlade
ivana vlade 6 giorni fa
OmG u SaiD SKin coLOred ThaTS Rasit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AllGameYT 6 giorni fa
This Video Is Titled In The Name Of Dababy
Robert Kamminga
Robert Kamminga 6 giorni fa
Man this made my -day- _-week-_ _MONTH_
BloodRed 6 giorni fa
“I did not kill that squid, he made a sacrifice and I just happened to be there”
Brad 6 giorni fa
Pleb Head
Pleb Head 6 giorni fa
Cant decide who to watch between Mumbo and Grian...
TheHippieDrood 6 giorni fa
Joey Seale
Joey Seale 6 giorni fa
I play on bedrock and I find diamonds a lot more than I did before 1.17 25:13
Scooter Lounge
Scooter Lounge 6 giorni fa
I got back in minecraft few days ago and saw hermit season 8 so couldnt miss out also i get inspiration for my own worlds out of this series
Andrew Bloom
Andrew Bloom 7 giorni fa
I'm confused about the Wonderwall, cause mumbo is exactly my age, and I only vaguely know of Oasis as "that band that broke up before I entered secondary school that my older cousins liked". I wouldn't think he'd be so into it
Not Nobodi
Not Nobodi 7 giorni fa
Galactite 7 giorni fa
Mumbo if you don’t wax the copper blocks the copper blocks will get oxidised
MemerMcMemer 7 giorni fa
MemerMcMemer 7 giorni fa
Upscale Games
Upscale Games 7 giorni fa
34:02 WHAT TH-
TowndefenderYT 7 giorni fa
I need a complete tutorial of that super smelter
TowndefenderYT 7 giorni fa
8:04 So now we wait. I'm bored. Bored. Bored. Floored. Stored. Reassured.
Kip Jeffree
Kip Jeffree 7 giorni fa
Subzero K
Subzero K 7 giorni fa
I’m italian and wonderwall is my favourite song
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