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mike z
mike z 50 secondi fa
You and your family have contempt for the public and now you want acceptance from us? GO AWAY! You self-serving brat
Itzel Figueroa
Itzel Figueroa 3 minuti fa
Yes come back!!!! seeing your videos makes me genuinely happy. Not only that but it distracts me on what I have going on throughout my life !! 💕
Alina’s Place
Alina’s Place 4 minuti fa
damn, she just wants to change for the better but no one wants to listen.imagine if you made a big mistake and only wanted for people to accept you, but no one cared to give you a second chance?
Keith B
Keith B 6 minuti fa
She only did this video to make money off of youtube advertisements and views. She's not sorry one bit. If she had the chance to do it all over again, you know she would have,
Connor McMullen
Connor McMullen 7 minuti fa
Her parent bought the likes
B E 8 minuti fa
I really belive her family are selfish and privileged but having your mom taken away from you just feel awful
jeff Mac
jeff Mac 8 minuti fa
Ok. Enough is enough. Canada is officially not putting up with this Olivia bashing. Calm yourselves and act properly or face the wrath of Canada . We know how to treat folks with respect up here.
jarviscontracting 8 minuti fa
Crawl into a hole and stay there. Just come out when you can visit mommy in Alcatraz.
Notorious KGB
Notorious KGB 9 minuti fa
I’m definitely not going to watch the video. But I’m also definitely not going to miss these comments
jarviscontracting 10 minuti fa
Imagine if you woke up at 4am and practiced rowing and some spoiled c stole my spot. Get the F off you tube. You suck.
Kallie Delucia
Kallie Delucia 11 minuti fa
Yesssss bby! I’m so happy that you are trying to get your life and happiness back together. I will always watch you and I can’t wait to see your future videos and be updated on your life and how you’re feeling. 💓💓💓
Sam T.
Sam T. 14 minuti fa
She’s been in the spotlight for this college admissions scandal because she’s been so visible and she’s said some inappropriate things on camera. She’s getting all the hate, but think of all the other rich kids that are embroiled in this. They’re laying low. I’m in no way defending her, but please think about all the other kids at Stanford and other Ivy Leagues that took the bribes. Those kids are nowhere to be seen.
Lilly Peña
Lilly Peña 14 minuti fa
What happened is horrible, but people have been forgiven for far worse. I think it was a bold move to continue her passions regardless of the hate. I think the focus should be on Lori herself. I personally believe Olivia has partial blame for what happened, but not full🤷‍♀️. She is young, and was influenced by her mother to do a selfish thing. They allowed the life of luxury to get the best of them, and hopefully this was a awakening for them or at least Olivia. There is always room for improvement, and I hope she grows into a better person❤. This cancel culture is toxic😒.
cami 14 minuti fa
I am so sure she came back just for her iconics "CHRISTMAS LUXURY HAUL (WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS HAUL) (LUXURY)"
Jen Jacobs
Jen Jacobs 16 minuti fa
Olivia I'm really glad that you're back! I've always loved your content, your personality is super funny and open and I love that about you. People make mistakes, we are all human. I just say everyone should move on. No sense wasting the time to leave a hate comment :)
jarviscontracting 16 minuti fa
So when mommy said get on a rowing machine for pictures what was the reason? You’d look so cute? Go to McDonalds and get a friggin job. Spoiled bitch. Go f ur self.
Jonathan Palacios
Jonathan Palacios 17 minuti fa
Get the F##k offline idoit. Sick b###h! Lock her up! Lock her up!
Eliza Williams
Eliza Williams 17 minuti fa
no one will have any respect for you ever again.
Stefanie KB
Stefanie KB 18 minuti fa
Big yikes.
Eliza Williams
Eliza Williams 19 minuti fa
Like no matter what u say 85% of the world still hates u
Kathia Wilburn
Kathia Wilburn 19 minuti fa
We all make mistakes. The point is growing from them. Welcome back!! ❤
Eliza Williams
Eliza Williams 19 minuti fa
Lol we aren’t taking u back hun
KappaSmurf 23 minuti fa
Please don’t come back
Sky Becerra
Sky Becerra 30 minuti fa
What I don’t understand is if you don’t like it or agree with her move on with your life. Seriously leave her alone just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t make bullying her ok. Seriously LEAVE HER ALONE.
Goossens Maud
Goossens Maud 32 minuti fa
If I were her, I would chopp my hair, dye it, move to some unknown island and build a life there.
fullhouseyep 32 minuti fa
guys we know it wasn't right what happened but at the same time she didn't kill anyone cut her some slack
AsketchySkater 33 minuti fa
This didn't want to go to college, in the first place. So I 100% blame the parents...
big boo
big boo 33 minuti fa
My cousin Jacky just got information that Olivia and her parents hired a computer tech consulting firm SkyWare ( shes a computer engineer there, its a high end underground company not publuc yet) to take over her account and delete all the negative comments on this video and leave the positive comments. Which makes sense because 6 of my comments were deleted. Money can fix everything apparently, but not reputations lol Sneaky family of snakes..
DryWater 33 minuti fa
ITvid: “So in 2019 let’s see that people like” Everyone be like: let’s copy and paste everyone else’s comments
Propaganda Gerbil
Propaganda Gerbil 35 minuti fa
Hahaha imagine being so dumb your parents had to dish out half a million just to get you into USC.
sofia González
sofia González 37 minuti fa
Olivia, I’m sorry for all the bad comments that you have recieved, obviously what you did was wrong and you’re facing the consequences of your actions but everyones desrves a second chance as long as you’ve learned that the truth always comes to light and cheating is never the right path. You don’t deserve this much hatred its none of people’s bussiness to judge you, legal actions have been taken and thats what had to happen.
tony detwiler
tony detwiler 37 minuti fa
Who tf are you why you in the trending topic?
Nicholas Fron
Nicholas Fron 40 minuti fa
You and your parents are terrible people.
Hannah Monaco
Hannah Monaco 40 minuti fa
You all are crazy. The things everyone is commenting about this young woman is disgusting. Yall are acting like she murdered someone. Like shit theres thousands of rich kids who pay to get in to college and if you think otherwise you’re just ignorant to the real world. Shes not a bad person, she made a mistake that does not affect your life in any way. If you have enough time to sit here a bully a young girl for trying to make videos and do something positive with her life again than youre the bad person. But honestly yall aint ready for that conversation.
Scar 31 minuto fa
you one of them, soon to be stripers after HS bitches, aint ''yall''. Damn hillbillies...
JamesMitchell451 38 minuti fa
She took opportunities that should have gone to someone who actually deserved them. Many of us are in college so it does affect us. And just because other people commit crimes doesn't mean it's okay to do it yourself
maximus5841 40 minuti fa
You’re a piece of shit
The CertainTEA
The CertainTEA 42 minuti fa
Bird flipping and blind privilege. No better combination.
MixtapeX 43 minuti fa
nobody missed this fuckin trashbag
Color Emperor
Color Emperor 43 minuti fa
Karma's a bitch ain't it.
K Mcy
K Mcy 44 minuti fa
Sounds like u miss all the attention..advise, maybe try and find another career path where you use your brain, instead of it being all about what you look like.. you'll probably feel a whole lot better about your accomplishments
A S H L E Y 46 minuti fa
Can everyone leave her alone have some empathy oml y’all are so immature
JamesMitchell451 36 minuti fa
Oh have some empathy for the rich? No. Fuck the rich
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