High IQ plays but they get increasingly more clever 

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Hiding on the sideline is one thing but hiding behind the opposing coach is just 4d chess😂
Poor Goran Dragič
man when i saw that all i could think was it wasnt that serious lol
@petewilko79 Anno fa
A very strict interpretation of the rules (if his hiding was off the court), would be gaining an unfair advantage whilst off the court and be T'd up. Given how funny it was would be a harsh call - no idea what the scores were when this happened!
@@purplemashedpotatoes8886 okay
Prime Rondo in Boston is the one who made me fall in love with basketball, he was always performing in playoffs
@dripkingg12 Anno fa
same man we pretty much best frens now
@ralph7077 Anno fa
Playoff Rondo is real
@bobdole4916 Anno fa
He may be a mean, cantankerous, son of a gun, but he's a dang smart player.
Yeah rondo don't get his credit he's a coach on the field.
@@whogotbarslikethese7563 ig it was a field and not a court for rondo considering he played in TD Garden during his prime lol
Rondo directing traffic on defense was beautiful to watch. That was pure art on defense, read everything, and had every possible outcome of what the Hawks were gonna run in his head planned out.
then leaves korver wide open the last person on the court you want to give a shot. just fumbled the inbound and bailed the kings/rondo out.
shows what IQ rondo had, NBA mastermind
@@Dreamagain11 Korver had to step inside the three point line for the pass, and Rondo was closing out to him before the ball reached his hands. There weren't clear passes to him either. Korver would have less than 2 seconds to step behind the line, turn around, adjust from where he got the ball, and hit the shot with rondo closing out from the front and potentially someone from behind. Also didn't seem the play was designed for him anyway, all in all good job Rondo.
@meganega123 Anno fa
Honestly, every kid should know how to defend in that situation
@afasia2341 Anno fa
he basically told them to zone.
The best iq play ever is that drink spilled by Jason Kidd
Ngl that was some grimey shit but smart coaching that’s a coach that’ll do anything to win.. 😂
@JB19121991 Anno fa
"Hit Me." :D
@sangun123 Anno fa
its almost exactly like using the coach to get a tech, lmfao brilliant, you gotta try to bend the rules in your favor
Hope it was worth the fine lol
@@codyeble6764 they still loose 🤣🤣
is it just me, or is beautiful passing with just the most creative amazing assists more satisfying than 3pters or even some dunks
@floijd Anno fa
I read that as "3Peters"
You and all of Europe
I feel like almost everything in basketball is more satisfying then a 3pt shot.
@@jacobsvetich8735 not when Curry shoots it
@@jacobsvetich8735 Nah
Rondo at 5:45 legit knew the play that the Hawks were gonna run. Dude’s mind is insane. Get this man a coaching job in the NBA
There's no other play but a 3pt shot. Casspi almost fvcked that one up chasing Bazemore behind. Hence, Collison going after Baze and leaving Korver wide open. Luckily, he missed that pass.
@@allanruiz5790 I agree, Casspi nearly blew it up.
Imagine if rondo was 6’7”
@wavy2k Anno fa
Its amazing to me how some people aren’t playing valuable minutes in the league anymore. Like rondo can still ball he just needs the right situation
rondo has high iq but common that's just common sense, they're leading by 3 with 2secs remaining
@paligula. Anno fa
Jason kidd had like 35/15/18 in that game. Dallas came from 18 down in the fourth to win, kidd and bibby both hit 3 straight 3s at the end of the fourth, dallas won in overtime. kidd had a sick alley off the backboard to shawn marion EDIT: kidd had 19/16/17 dirk had 38 itvid.net/video/video-aB8J4jy2qQY.html
19/16/17 and shooting 7/18 from the field. Still good though
@BGrizzy24 Anno fa
That’s good context lol
@@davidhummel8386 that's a hair under 40% which is an "ok" average from the field for a guard so I'm not sure why you mentioned that.
Still can’t believe J Kidd had those numbers late in his prime
@Star-pl1xs Anno fa
@@yoursportsnow9729 no it is not lmao, not in the nba
@LAHWF Anno fa
These vids are fire
@CoshReport Anno fa
Thanks a lot! I’m a fan of yours, been watching your videos for years!
Rondo had great bball IQ, but Kidd just legendary, that last clip was only one of his many clever plays- he even did clever tricks as a coach as well 🤣
One of my favorite things about this video is having announcers credit players on opposing team. I would love to see that compilation
I don't even watch basketball but I'll never get tired of this channel.
@dorfinn2196 Anno fa
Literally same. I only know basics never watched an actual game of basketball but like watching the channel
Hahaha u guys are goated I just started watching bc the team my family roots for is winning I used to be u… it’s easy to get into if u find a player u wanna follow
@khekkedupnate 10 mesi fa
After hearin my song u can go to da nba💫
@zepol1459 Anno fa
Jason Kidd is one of the greatest pure PGs of all time I’m glad he’s doing good with Dallas
Greatest PGs of all time????
@Biporian Anno fa
I’m not. Wifebeater
I want him to get another ring with them
@TheDonUrbas Anno fa
@@NOTAPLAYBOII Can you read?
@@TheDonUrbas he’s not one of the pg of all time 😹.
00:13 Donavon Mitchell’s face was like “dang he got you with that?”
@grit1 11 mesi fa
I'm so impressed not just by some of these actual passes, but that the second man is always right there to get it on the fly.
@Jet-iq3es Anno fa
4:30 this isnt even high IQ its just insane
@mzilber1 Anno fa
that was amazing!
Watch again, at first I honestly thought it was just a trickshot but look at the time. They only have 0.2 seconds possesion and that grandma shot is the only way to possibly make a shot and not flagged on time. If he had tried shooting it the normal way then the ball will stillbe in his hand after 0.2 seca has pass by. It's a very intelligent play
@joshuakim3734 10 mesi fa
@khekkedupnate 10 mesi fa
After hearin my song u can go to da nba🚦
@Weezy10580 8 mesi fa
That’s the best play on here
They play at 4:45 is crazy , how aware do you have to be to trick a team AT HOME under their own basket 😂
@devinlwoods 6 mesi fa
And nuts kobe had one dribble from half court to dunk it.
5:15 was a lane violation. That’s one of Wilt’s rule changes
High IQ plays separate the good from the great
@cjr728 Anno fa
that backwards luka pass was crazy holy shit 😂
I was expecting the "untucked jersey" violation that Chris Paul pointed out.
That layup after the football pass was beautiful
@meepp8281 Anno fa
That play by simmons on 4:00 might be a missed call. He caught the ball when he didn't step inside the court yet.
@cmidify Anno fa
Thank you for this. I watch it back slowly a few times it does look like his foot is still down when he catches the ball.
@@cmidify Watch it at 0.25 speed. He clearly hasn't establish in bounds yet
Can I just say I love how these videos are "follow the ball and you'll see the play"
The absolute dime that Wade throws at 1:46 made me start yelling
Notice how Rondo shows up so often. He's one of the smartest hoopers ever and would have a great coaching career ahead of him if he wanted to
@elayda93 Anno fa
Thank you for highlighting Huertas. Nobody probably remembers him, he was doing the stealth steal way ahead of his time.
Wrong, people remember Marcelo but sadly for that brain fart shot clock violation
@elayda93 Anno fa
@@boksugoks9312 it was a sorry ass time for the Lakers at that point. I had fun watching him. Through thick and thin #IBleedPurpleAndGold 💜💛
How can you not remember Marcelinho. He was amazing in his prime for Barca.
@sakaridis Anno fa
Guys like J. Kidd, Rondo, and Andre Miller have forgotten more about basketball than most NBA players will ever know. Their brains operate on a different level than that of the average pro baller.
@broncos435 11 mesi fa
putting andre miller in that list is an insult to the other two lmao
@joshuakim3734 10 mesi fa
Lingerie Midler is banished to the realm of midocracy
@khekkedupnate 10 mesi fa
After hearin my song u can go to da nba💫
Rondo’s knowledge is so good it’s blasphemy that no one has signed him this season
Don’t forget when Jason Kidd was a coach and he told bummed into one of his players with a drink so they had to mop up the floor
@etdgfhgdg Anno fa
Classic lol
didn’t he get fined for that
@miguelc6563 Anno fa
That Lonzo Ball play on the half court line is amazing.
@woozie___ Anno fa
@@williamdelee1954 yep, risky split decision that not many would consider. Gotta give it up to the Ball brothers.
I have never ever in my life seen someone do that it was incredible
To be honest the pass at 2:30 by Rondo is probably my favorite basketball play of all time
@unbound2424 Anno fa
Block by James
Rondo was ridiculously smart and resourceful.
@SankofaNYC Anno fa
Out of this long series of “increasingly more” clip compilations… this might be my favorite 😂😎👍🏾👏🏾
@ShayMiz22 7 mesi fa
Westbrooks off the back buzzer beater is really crazy because the ball leaves his hand at the exact transition between 0.1 seconds and 0.0 seconds.. you can see lke 10 molecules of air between the ball and his hand, and at the same time see both the 1 and the 0 while they are changing on the shot clock
CP3 getting in the way to avoid the foul on Deandre is underrated
For real I had to replay it a couple times to understand the many layers on that play in over time with 1 point lead. That was a hell of a great move to get in the lane instead of Deandre's bad Shooting percentage ^^
02:25 that execution was so slick. Awesome play
@Yt-qi9ot Anno fa
That "grandma shot" was legendary
That Doncic pass looked like a glitchy shot pass you'd see it 2k 😂🤣
Goat video but missing the “his jersey’s untucked” sequence
@mo533 Anno fa
I'ma need a link fam
@@mo533 itvid.net/video/video-dEQ_UsvM5As.html
@Kapullus Anno fa
@Kapullus Anno fa
@@mo533 itvid.net/video/video-dEQ_UsvM5As.html
@dmkazich Anno fa
@@mo533 itvid.net/video/video-dEQ_UsvM5As.html
Bro Cleveland LeBron no-look passess are INSANE 🤨😳
@KiveonKM Anno fa
6:07 Rondo smart af but why on earth did Darren Collison leave Kyle freaking Korver for Kent Bazemore 35 feet from the basket.
Lol good catch. If Korver catches that he almost certainly scores
@bartelR Anno fa
I like it that you left out all the Jason Williams shenanigans to make an extra video ;)
Jason Kidd with his sideline antics is so funny!
Man i miss prime Rajon Rondo, the guy was a basketball savant
Can we all take a moment to respect Ramon Rondo and give him his flowers. That man’s basketball IQ was excellent
who's ramon
@brpeterson612 11 mesi fa
Lol talking about respect, don't even know the dudes name
@hexterzerda 4 mesi fa
who Ramen???
@vibek681 Anno fa
How did the hornets deadass think they were on the opposite side lol come on shows everyday how the game is set up
@rstreet5537 Anno fa
The WHOLE TEAM though
Been watching this channel for awhile I love everything about it!
@s3dghost 11 mesi fa
Rondo pointing at the corner with such emphasis.... DeMarcus was like, "bro, there is no one there, what do you mean??"
@caseyb1316 Anno fa
Prime Rondo was a fun player to watch
@kalen1702 Anno fa
3:27 is a top 5 most satisfying basketball play of all time and I don't even like watching NBA that much
That Rondo pass on LeBron was so underrated, glad it was included
Brilliant montage of brilliant plays.
I love how rondo hit the ball the same way wade did
4:30 is pretty clever but it's also a damn miracle
Omfg elbowing the coach for being close to the line, HIGHLARIOUS!
1:18 luka with the superb dime
@CoachG96 Anno fa
Haven’t watched all the way yet, but I know Rondo, Nash & Kidd will be here. My personal favorite floor generals
@klyffjohnson 10 mesi fa
The Simmons' play at 0:46 was clever because no one expected Ben Simmons to attempt a shot. He should try that more often.
3:59 that's out of bounds. Simmons touched the ball without stepping inside first.
@tobznoobs Anno fa
kidd even intentionally spilled beer just to get an extra timeout. legend.
This CGI is incredible it made Simmons look like he wasn't on the bench
@kikim.29 Anno fa
Damn, as a Bulls fan always respected Rondo's game.
@BeenBallin_ Anno fa
He's the reason we almost beat Boston in 2017
@@BeenBallin_ I remember that series. Game one he told the team “don’t worry about them, they’re finished “. The next game he gets hurt. Could’ve made some noise that year
@ChocStar99 Anno fa
Jason kidd the only person to pull that as player and coach
@fupalover Anno fa
No surprise Rondo is on here alot. He deserves more flowers.
You gotta put Jason Kidd spilling the soda on the court to save a timeout 😂
Bro na that luka btb was way too smooth wtf
i swear gobert gets his ankles broken everytime
@2Tuntematon 11 mesi fa
high high plays but they get increasingly more high jr smith editon
@_Py3 Anno fa
1:30 “ThATS A flOp”
@yingghit97 Anno fa
Smartest thing I have ever seen is when JKidd "accidentally" spilled his drink to get a free timeout
@ 4:30.... That reverse assist tip granny shot though 😲.. you serious right now
4:30 duped the entire arena 🤯
@MuSLipKnOt Anno fa
Needs the one vid where CP3 tells the referee that one opposing player had his jersey untucked to get a delay of game call.
@Stark_x Anno fa
Then Jason Kidd goes and does the reverse of that slimy trick play. Chef's kiss.
@ronaldcredo2689 11 mesi fa
3:48 I never thought this inbound play was alright.
Does anyone know what the track in the final credits is? Thanks!
Would the second one count as both a rebound and an assist in the same play?
@BlakkSimba 7 mesi fa
Mitchells Reaction to CP3 is funny
Lol running into the coach for the tech 🤣
@asdaasda432 Anno fa
Ben has all the gifts to be one of the great players, man lack of hunger
@Dracu13 9 mesi fa
can somebody please explain the "faking the timeout", how do you do that? thnx
@Hoxtonvox 11 mesi fa
Best compilation ever
@jumbokevin Anno fa
3:48 Doc Rivers being mad at Ben Simmons was some foreshadowing
CP3: Shirt untucked! That's a technical foul!
@moaz6395 Anno fa
Look at Simmons man. Bro is a shell of his former self now. So confident here.
@BishopGPT 10 mesi fa
these guys did the best
@NM-qo6cd Anno fa
Jason Kidd as a coach once had a player spill liquid on the court because they didn’t have any timeouts lmfaooo 🤣
@azznnj 9 mesi fa
If we can get a Coah Nash I'll be waiting for that Coach Rondo someday.
what about a 'wardrobe' related video? from torn jerseys, blown shoes, jerseys with typos, jerseys who dont match the player, weird headbands, etc
@nahiku8521 Anno fa
I don't watch basketball but these comps are so GOOD
Marcello Huertas walked so Jose Alvarado could run
@RaGe0rge Anno fa
I remember watching the Jason Kidd play live. Next level. lol.
@kingrodney441 9 mesi fa
The play by lonzo was brilliant.
“He hit me!” - Jason Kid “Hit me!” - Jason Kid
@dtmuffinman 7 mesi fa
Rondo was a generational talent when it comes to basketball IQ, pretty sure every player who played at the same time would agree with that.
@MrLakerfan2490 10 mesi fa
0:54 "The seas / Cs parted", if the commentator did that on purpose he's a legend 😂
@05weasel Anno fa
On the Simmons in bound where he bounced it off the defenders back, does he not have to step in bounds before catching the ball? Seemed like his feet never made contact with the court before he caught it. Edit: just went back and watched in slow-mo. At 4:01 he’s clearly holding the ball while his left foot out of bounds and his right foot hasn’t come down in bounds yet.
That fake layup oop pass is crazy!
@lpieleanu1 7 mesi fa
Luka's backward pass was like a glitch in 2k 🤣
Jason Kid had that coach mentality since then! Only a coach would come up with something like that! Same as when he asked one of his players to hit him 😂
@chaodck Anno fa
Always grateful when the fantastic “No-Looker Booker” makes an appearance.
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