High IQ plays but they get increasingly more clever 

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12 PackersFan
12 PackersFan 9 mesi fa
Hiding on the sideline is one thing but hiding behind the opposing coach is just 4d chess😂
The Key To Life
The Key To Life 9 mesi fa
Aleš Pogačnik
Aleš Pogačnik 9 mesi fa
Poor Goran Dragič
Purple Mashed Potatoes
man when i saw that all i could think was it wasnt that serious lol
HappyDude 9 mesi fa
A very strict interpretation of the rules (if his hiding was off the court), would be gaining an unfair advantage whilst off the court and be T'd up. Given how funny it was would be a harsh call - no idea what the scores were when this happened!
BigDuddah 9 mesi fa
@Purple Mashed Potatoes okay
Unknown 9 mesi fa
Prime Rondo in Boston is the one who made me fall in love with basketball, he was always performing in playoffs
dripking 12
dripking 12 9 mesi fa
same man we pretty much best frens now
ralph 9 mesi fa
Playoff Rondo is real
Bob Dole
Bob Dole 9 mesi fa
He may be a mean, cantankerous, son of a gun, but he's a dang smart player.
Yeah rondo don't get his credit he's a coach on the field.
Kk Strap
Kk Strap 9 mesi fa
@WhoGotBarsLikeThese ig it was a field and not a court for rondo considering he played in TD Garden during his prime lol
nooobiechild 9 mesi fa
Rondo directing traffic on defense was beautiful to watch. That was pure art on defense, read everything, and had every possible outcome of what the Hawks were gonna run in his head planned out.
Dreamagain11 8 mesi fa
then leaves korver wide open the last person on the court you want to give a shot. just fumbled the inbound and bailed the kings/rondo out.
peenypotato 8 mesi fa
shows what IQ rondo had, NBA mastermind
Nima Hanna
Nima Hanna 4 mesi fa
@Dreamagain11 Korver had to step inside the three point line for the pass, and Rondo was closing out to him before the ball reached his hands. There weren't clear passes to him either. Korver would have less than 2 seconds to step behind the line, turn around, adjust from where he got the ball, and hit the shot with rondo closing out from the front and potentially someone from behind. Also didn't seem the play was designed for him anyway, all in all good job Rondo.
meganega123 4 mesi fa
Honestly, every kid should know how to defend in that situation
Afasia 3 mesi fa
he basically told them to zone.
Paligula 9 mesi fa
Jason kidd had like 35/15/18 in that game. Dallas came from 18 down in the fourth to win, kidd and bibby both hit 3 straight 3s at the end of the fourth, dallas won in overtime. kidd had a sick alley off the backboard to shawn marion EDIT: kidd had 19/16/17 dirk had 38 itvid.net/video/video-aB8J4jy2qQY.html
David Hummel
David Hummel 9 mesi fa
19/16/17 and shooting 7/18 from the field. Still good though
BG 9 mesi fa
That’s good context lol
Your Sports Now!
@David Hummel that's a hair under 40% which is an "ok" average from the field for a guard so I'm not sure why you mentioned that.
bruce lau
bruce lau 9 mesi fa
Still can’t believe J Kidd had those numbers late in his prime
Star 9 mesi fa
@Your Sports Now! no it is not lmao, not in the nba
ThaClancyFam2 9 mesi fa
Rondo at 5:45 legit knew the play that the Hawks were gonna run. Dude’s mind is insane. Get this man a coaching job in the NBA
Allan Ruiz
Allan Ruiz 9 mesi fa
There's no other play but a 3pt shot. Casspi almost fvcked that one up chasing Bazemore behind. Hence, Collison going after Baze and leaving Korver wide open. Luckily, he missed that pass.
ThaClancyFam2 9 mesi fa
@Allan Ruiz I agree, Casspi nearly blew it up.
Eye Conqueror
Eye Conqueror 9 mesi fa
Imagine if rondo was 6’7”
Ryan 9 mesi fa
Its amazing to me how some people aren’t playing valuable minutes in the league anymore. Like rondo can still ball he just needs the right situation
They're here.
They're here. 9 mesi fa
rondo has high iq but common that's just common sense, they're leading by 3 with 2secs remaining
Frevillinho 9 mesi fa
The best iq play ever is that drink spilled by Jason Kidd
Christopher Morgan
Ngl that was some grimey shit but smart coaching that’s a coach that’ll do anything to win.. 😂
Jan Br
Jan Br 9 mesi fa
"Hit Me." :D
James Brown
James Brown 9 mesi fa
its almost exactly like using the coach to get a tech, lmfao brilliant, you gotta try to bend the rules in your favor
Cody Eble
Cody Eble 9 mesi fa
Hope it was worth the fine lol
Frevillinho 9 mesi fa
@Cody Eble they still loose 🤣🤣
FOEKROKA 9 mesi fa
is it just me, or is beautiful passing with just the most creative amazing assists more satisfying than 3pters or even some dunks
floijd 9 mesi fa
I read that as "3Peters"
jacob svetich
jacob svetich 9 mesi fa
I feel like almost everything in basketball is more satisfying then a 3pt shot.
Edvinas Naumovas
@jacob svetich not when Curry shoots it
The Orignal Martian
@jacob svetich Nah
Casey Hardman
Casey Hardman 9 mesi fa
I don't even watch basketball but I'll never get tired of this channel.
DorFinn 6 mesi fa
Literally same. I only know basics never watched an actual game of basketball but like watching the channel
Lance Laurel
Lance Laurel 3 mesi fa
Hahaha u guys are goated I just started watching bc the team my family roots for is winning I used to be u… it’s easy to get into if u find a player u wanna follow
After hearin my song u can go to da nba💫
Zepol 9 mesi fa
Jason Kidd is one of the greatest pure PGs of all time I’m glad he’s doing good with Dallas
KTJ 9 mesi fa
Greatest PGs of all time????
Biporian Franco
Biporian Franco 9 mesi fa
I’m not. Wifebeater
Home Parsley
Home Parsley 9 mesi fa
I want him to get another ring with them
TheDonUrbas 9 mesi fa
@KTJ Can you read?
KTJ 9 mesi fa
@TheDonUrbas he’s not one of the pg of all time 😹.
29KKY 9 mesi fa
Rondo had great bball IQ, but Kidd just legendary, that last clip was only one of his many clever plays- he even did clever tricks as a coach as well 🤣
grit1 2 mesi fa
I'm so impressed not just by some of these actual passes, but that the second man is always right there to get it on the fly.
Dimitris Sakaridis
Guys like J. Kidd, Rondo, and Andre Miller have forgotten more about basketball than most NBA players will ever know. Their brains operate on a different level than that of the average pro baller.
ayylmao18 2 mesi fa
putting andre miller in that list is an insult to the other two lmao
Terry Mese fa
Lingerie Midler is banished to the realm of midocracy
After hearin my song u can go to da nba💫
Jet 9 mesi fa
4:30 this isnt even high IQ its just insane
Mike 9 mesi fa
that was amazing!
devil's advocate
Watch again, at first I honestly thought it was just a trickshot but look at the time. They only have 0.2 seconds possesion and that grandma shot is the only way to possibly make a shot and not flagged on time. If he had tried shooting it the normal way then the ball will stillbe in his hand after 0.2 seca has pass by. It's a very intelligent play
After hearin my song u can go to da nba🚦
Kendall Mallett
Kendall Mallett 8 mesi fa
To be honest the pass at 2:30 by Rondo is probably my favorite basketball play of all time
Unbound24 3 mesi fa
Block by James
Kendall Mallett
Kendall Mallett 8 mesi fa
They play at 4:45 is crazy , how aware do you have to be to trick a team AT HOME under their own basket 😂
Mukund Yadav
Mukund Yadav 6 mesi fa
Notice how Rondo shows up so often. He's one of the smartest hoopers ever and would have a great coaching career ahead of him if he wanted to
Deminus 6 mesi fa
Rondo was ridiculously smart and resourceful.
moniemaker27 9 mesi fa
One of my favorite things about this video is having announcers credit players on opposing team. I would love to see that compilation
Kelvin Mendez
Kelvin Mendez 9 mesi fa
Man i miss prime Rajon Rondo, the guy was a basketball savant
CJR 9 mesi fa
that backwards luka pass was crazy holy shit 😂
Mad Martian
Mad Martian 2 mesi fa
2:23 😁 Never gets old. He knows that dope will go for his big chase down block so, whoops, assist instead. Fantastic.
Jack Ikenberry
Jack Ikenberry 9 mesi fa
That Rondo pass on LeBron was so underrated, glad it was included
HerbertElayda 9 mesi fa
Thank you for highlighting Huertas. Nobody probably remembers him, he was doing the stealth steal way ahead of his time.
Boks Ugoks
Boks Ugoks 9 mesi fa
Wrong, people remember Marcelo but sadly for that brain fart shot clock violation
HerbertElayda 9 mesi fa
@Boks Ugoks it was a sorry ass time for the Lakers at that point. I had fun watching him. Through thick and thin #IBleedPurpleAndGold 💜💛
manuel Schobloch
How can you not remember Marcelinho. He was amazing in his prime for Barca.
Sour Apples
Sour Apples 9 mesi fa
I love how rondo hit the ball the same way wade did
Meepp 9 mesi fa
That play by simmons on 4:00 might be a missed call. He caught the ball when he didn't step inside the court yet.
cmidify 8 mesi fa
Thank you for this. I watch it back slowly a few times it does look like his foot is still down when he catches the ball.
Kevin Barrett
Kevin Barrett 4 mesi fa
@cmidify Watch it at 0.25 speed. He clearly hasn't establish in bounds yet
Miguel C
Miguel C 9 mesi fa
That Lonzo Ball play on the half court line is amazing.
William Delee
William Delee 9 mesi fa
woozie 8 mesi fa
@William Delee yep, risky split decision that not many would consider. Gotta give it up to the Ball brothers.
(Un)Genius NBA
(Un)Genius NBA 3 mesi fa
I have never ever in my life seen someone do that it was incredible
mnnm 6 mesi fa
I know people in general do not like Campazzo but he had lot of smart steals, out of bands saves and passes his first 2 seasons in the NBA. He has shown how smart he can be. Sadly he is having a lot of troubles by not been a good shooter and losing confidence for that reason but he really is a smart player.
NBA Informatics
NBA Informatics 9 mesi fa
High IQ plays separate the good from the great
Pınar Sunca 🍥
Yayındaymış itvid.net/video/video-poEOMZ4pDtg.html 🤔
klyffjohnson Mese fa
The Simmons' play at 0:46 was clever because no one expected Ben Simmons to attempt a shot. He should try that more often.
Double R TV
Double R TV 8 mesi fa
Can we all take a moment to respect Ramon Rondo and give him his flowers. That man’s basketball IQ was excellent
launchbase 6 mesi fa
who's ramon
brpeterson612 2 mesi fa
Lol talking about respect, don't even know the dudes name
Richard Thompson
Rondo’s knowledge is so good it’s blasphemy that no one has signed him this season
Elhanan Hardaway
3:59 that's out of bounds. Simmons touched the ball without stepping inside first.
jhay cii
jhay cii 8 mesi fa
TNice tutorials is really well done Mike, thanks for putting the ti and energy into tNice tutorials.
Razer Garcia
Razer Garcia Mese fa
Lebron's no look pass against the Lakers is just an insane highlight
Sankofa NYC
Sankofa NYC 9 mesi fa
Out of this long series of “increasingly more” clip compilations… this might be my favorite 😂😎👍🏾👏🏾
Gilbert Vazquez
Gilbert Vazquez 9 mesi fa
The absolute dime that Wade throws at 1:46 made me start yelling
Martiniano Izquierdo
CP3 getting in the way to avoid the foul on Deandre is underrated
Scratchy Human Beatbox Archives
For real I had to replay it a couple times to understand the many layers on that play in over time with 1 point lead. That was a hell of a great move to get in the lane instead of Deandre's bad Shooting percentage ^^
MartianMurray 9 mesi fa
5:15 was a lane violation. That’s one of Wilt’s rule changes
Kiki M.
Kiki M. 9 mesi fa
Damn, as a Bulls fan always respected Rondo's game.
Been Ballin
Been Ballin 9 mesi fa
He's the reason we almost beat Boston in 2017
Teddy Mac So Fly
@Been Ballin I remember that series. Game one he told the team “don’t worry about them, they’re finished “. The next game he gets hurt. Could’ve made some noise that year
Can I just say I love how these videos are "follow the ball and you'll see the play"
00:13 Donavon Mitchell’s face was like “dang he got you with that?”
Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving 2 mesi fa
3:48 my favorite layup of all time
etmchrome 9 mesi fa
LBJ is seriously underrated as a passer.
biggrocc19 23 giorni fa
Lyndon B Johnson?
s3 dGhost
s3 dGhost 2 mesi fa
Rondo pointing at the corner with such emphasis.... DeMarcus was like, "bro, there is no one there, what do you mean??"
TJ 8 mesi fa
02:25 that execution was so slick. Awesome play
Tom H
Tom H 8 mesi fa
watching Westbrook draining 3s seems like an alternate reality right here 😂
Casey B
Casey B 9 mesi fa
Prime Rondo was a fun player to watch
Marcus Rondo
Marcus Rondo 3 mesi fa
No surprise Rondo is on here alot. He deserves more flowers.
Yasui Asian Store
THANK YOU!!!! you actually guide your viewers through soft, unlike so videos that rush the whole tNice tutorialng or talk too fast.
Nahiku 8 mesi fa
I don't watch basketball but these comps are so GOOD
Layers 9 mesi fa
i learned one thing from this: if ben simmons had a work ethic, hed be one of the best players in the nba edit: i also learned that rajon rondo has a high ass iq
Ethan Beverley
Ethan Beverley 9 mesi fa
Bro Cleveland LeBron no-look passess are INSANE 🤨😳
KiveonKM 8 mesi fa
Daniel Ally
Daniel Ally 9 mesi fa
Jason Kidd with his sideline antics is so funny!
Sizzurp 2 mesi fa
Ah yes. Very high intelligence basketball plays.
Yeah Right My Guy
Kids have to watch highlight reels like this to understand LeBron really is one of the greatest. His pass at 3:40 is nuts
Chris Tanada
Chris Tanada 9 mesi fa
kidd even intentionally spilled beer just to get an extra timeout. legend.
Yt 9 mesi fa
That "grandma shot" was legendary
You gotta put Jason Kidd spilling the soda on the court to save a timeout 😂
ill Fayze
ill Fayze 8 mesi fa
It's crazy how nearly 1/3 of the plays are either from LeBron or against LeBron. Kinda shows how LeBron even elevated the competition, let alone his teammates.
Dylan Mehalcik
Dylan Mehalcik 9 mesi fa
That Doncic pass looked like a glitchy shot pass you'd see it 2k 😂🤣
Alex Lowe
Alex Lowe 9 mesi fa
I love watching Melo play cause he’s still playing like it’s AAU ball 🥲
Anmol Singh
Anmol Singh 9 mesi fa
Would the second one count as both a rebound and an assist in the same play?
Sizzyl 8 mesi fa
Plays like this are what make watching basketball fun
Clevis Bernier
Clevis Bernier 8 mesi fa
That no look Luka pass is something Bob Cousy could do ten times a game.
Kenzo Fukuda
Kenzo Fukuda 9 mesi fa
6:07 Rondo smart af but why on earth did Darren Collison leave Kyle freaking Korver for Kent Bazemore 35 feet from the basket.
(Un)Genius NBA
(Un)Genius NBA 3 mesi fa
Lol good catch. If Korver catches that he almost certainly scores
Leo McCormick
Leo McCormick 9 mesi fa
The disrespect not to put a manu highlight, one of the highest iq players to play the game
Sweet Caroline Bom bom bomm
Been watching this channel for awhile I love everything about it!
Austin P
Austin P 4 mesi fa
Rondo is so underrated it’s criminal
Bill Alpha
Bill Alpha Mese fa
0:54 "The seas / Cs parted", if the commentator did that on purpose he's a legend 😂
Imu Lippo
Imu Lippo 4 mesi fa
Brilliant montage of brilliant plays.
Lyon Alec Fiesta
I miss ben sinmons trying to score.
Antonio Rizo
Antonio Rizo 9 mesi fa
Don’t forget when Jason Kidd was a coach and he told bummed into one of his players with a drink so they had to mop up the floor
Fetty Shane
Fetty Shane 9 mesi fa
Classic lol
sinsemilla 9 mesi fa
didn’t he get fined for that
PRESS PLAY 9 mesi fa
I was expecting the "untucked jersey" violation that Chris Paul pointed out.
Cody Eble
Cody Eble 9 mesi fa
That layup after the football pass was beautiful
KZ 14 giorni fa
If we can get a Coah Nash I'll be waiting for that Coach Rondo someday.
Cairo Weaver
Cairo Weaver 5 mesi fa
Remember when Jason Kidd also spilled drink on the court on purpose in a close game to give a delay of game for a timeout 😂
Become a Star Live
It’s crazy often Lebron is in these High IQ compilations
Dratter Slpsyk
Dratter Slpsyk 9 mesi fa
Ben has all the gifts to be one of the great players, man lack of hunger
King Rodney
King Rodney 13 giorni fa
The play by lonzo was brilliant.
Kalen 3 mesi fa
3:27 is a top 5 most satisfying basketball play of all time and I don't even like watching NBA that much
Charles G.
Charles G. 9 mesi fa
Jason kidd the only person to pull that as player and coach
Zach Cushing-murray
4:00 don't you need to establish both feet in bounds before touching the basketball? Should've been a turnover
Big King
Big King 8 mesi fa
Incredibly knowledgeable and we'll-spoken teacher. Nice tutorials comfortableness with the subject makes starting soft real exciting!!
James Kuhns
James Kuhns 3 mesi fa
4:30 is pretty clever but it's also a damn miracle
Nova Family
Nova Family 9 mesi fa
Omfg elbowing the coach for being close to the line, HIGHLARIOUS!
Teo Vlahopoulos
Teo Vlahopoulos 8 mesi fa
For me the rondo play in Sacramento where he knew how the play was going to develop and made cousins stay in the corner tops it off
JB 2 mesi fa
Ah, seeing Ben Simmons make plays before he morphed into Royce White, mentally. Those were good times.
Moaz 3 mesi fa
Look at Simmons man. Bro is a shell of his former self now. So confident here.
RoboTube 15 giorni fa
Those Lebron passes were gold.
ZebraNeighbor 9 mesi fa
James: *stares directly at his teammate for three seconds before passing to him* Commentators: "And a no-look pass!"
Jed The Storyteller
That was the moment Doc Rivers knew he needed to get a Ben Simmons revenge
12 PackersFan
12 PackersFan 9 mesi fa
Goat video but missing the “his jersey’s untucked” sequence
Mo 9 mesi fa
I'ma need a link fam
Xof Metleh
Xof Metleh 8 mesi fa
That last play of J.Kidd is the best
Benjamin Matejka
Funny how the guy hid behind the other coach in bright yellow and they still didn't see him at 7:10
G.I. 9 mesi fa
Haven’t watched all the way yet, but I know Rondo, Nash & Kidd will be here. My personal favorite floor generals
N AND M! ®
N AND M! ® 9 mesi fa
Kidd, Rondo, Paul, and Bron, are unbelievably smart guys, even for their ages!
KSN 9 mesi fa
Close to 40 ain't that old bro
N AND M! ®
N AND M! ® 9 mesi fa
@KSN no I mean like basketball longevity
19yam 9 mesi fa
@KSN you don't know longevity?
skz xo
skz xo 9 mesi fa
EVEN?? with age comes experience and with experience comes wisdom.
Billclams 6 mesi fa
if ben simmons ever attacks the basket its immediately a clever play
Ronald Credo
Ronald Credo 2 mesi fa
3:48 I never thought this inbound play was alright.
G Leong
G Leong 8 mesi fa
Smartest thing I have ever seen is when JKidd "accidentally" spilled his drink to get a free timeout
Mazon 8 mesi fa
Kobe's face after he got the breakaway dunk. The way he staring at coach he was zoned tf out. 🔥🫶🏾💯
Riley McPhee
Riley McPhee 9 mesi fa
Lebron being in half of these tells me everything i need to know about why that dude is still competitive.
R Street
R Street 9 mesi fa
His Basketball IQ should never be questioned what more could he do
Riley McPhee
Riley McPhee 9 mesi fa
@R Street well he could be Michael Jordan. That seems to be the main argument against him. If he just woke up one day and was MJ, people would finally stfu.
s lee
s lee 9 mesi fa
@R Street unfortunately that wont ever happen. He aint skilled enough
Cam James
Cam James 8 mesi fa
@s lee he's the only player in history to exceed the greatest hyped high school expectations of all time. came in great and stayed great for two decades. stop.
s lee
s lee 8 mesi fa
@Cam James yeah he's a great athlete..skill wise though meh..his moves are basic, cant shoot,..but yeah he can bully his way to the basket
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