Hilarious Examples of WOMAN LOGIC That Cant Be Explained !

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Hilarious Examples of WOMAN LOGIC That Cant Be Explained !
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Hilarious Examples of WOMAN LOGIC That Cant Be Explained !
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Commenti 7 474
Lif3-standards :b
Lif3-standards :b 31 minuto fa
9:45was that Trixie voice on purpose Bc either way it was just beautiful
There'ssomething Onthewing
But men are exactly the same, it's just that each person sees things from their own point of view
KatandBill Evans
I want to eat sushi every day 🍣🍣🍣🍣!
Ruby Houston Houston
You talking about your eyebrows and you forgot
Abigail Madden
Abigail Madden 22 ore fa
My mom:"hey gonna get some taco bell you want anything?" Me:"no,I'm not hungry." 2 minutes later CAN I HAVE YOUR BURRITO!?!
Eat This
Eat This Giorno fa
she's speaking language of godesses
Hannah Gordon
Hannah Gordon Giorno fa
Well some people don't want dessert but I always do 😂
Jessica Snare
Jessica Snare 2 giorni fa
Have a amazing day everyone ❤😄💝
Rioting Dead People
Now I can own females...
Xx_Unicornplayz_xX 2 giorni fa
I say the same thing in the thumbnail like the underwear is just like wearing a bikini
_Cream_ Cookie_
_Cream_ Cookie_ 2 giorni fa
Shaun Day
Shaun Day 2 giorni fa
i pushed a boy and dont like him . thinks i like him lol
Mari Gellerman
Mari Gellerman 2 giorni fa
Nancy Goff
Nancy Goff 3 giorni fa
I had a "nightmare" once about my dead grandmother and she wouldn't let me pet her new pet Poodle omg I'm so weird oh yeah I woke up crying about it
Rhyss Andres
Rhyss Andres 3 giorni fa
New Sub!
Mona Fawzy
Mona Fawzy 3 giorni fa
azzy: i get distracted so i dont do my other eyebrow me: *looks at azzy's eyebrow* you are doing it now haha azzy: i get bored of food somtimes me: ARE YOU OK?!?!? azzy: bicini no problom under wear OMG dont look?!?!? me: HERE GURL HAVE A TOWEL azzy: *goes shopping for 5 hours comes back with 67 shirts and shoes me: azzy i think you allready have all these things in your closet btw not hating if you are scroling in the coments remember you are the best and butifull persone in the WORLD ;) :)💗💜🥰😉
Shaleza R
Shaleza R 3 giorni fa
hey im a girl buuut im also from texas so what i do with my shoe situation is i pick one pair of boots and im set for the rest of my life. i mean come on boots are great for any occasion!😋
Anime fans
Anime fans 4 giorni fa
Harsha Abbylia
Harsha Abbylia 4 giorni fa
You did only one eyebrow...............
Heyitz- Hazel
Heyitz- Hazel 4 giorni fa
Did she only do one eyebrow
Killer Queen
Killer Queen 4 giorni fa
Azzy: you can’t where boots in the summer!! Me in Vermont:🤯
Leader MSP
Leader MSP 5 giorni fa
Imagine leaving your Phone on the moon
Abigail Rathel
Abigail Rathel 5 giorni fa
Selfies are in the bathroom because there are couches
NX01NX02 5 giorni fa
Speaking of which you have only one eyebrow done
Panda and Cricket
Panda and Cricket 5 giorni fa
so apparently she got 1 million subscribers in a couple months 🙊 that’s amazing i love her
I can't tell if Azzy's wearing a necklace or if it's stickers
Kk Juk
Kk Juk 5 giorni fa
Mom did the not there but you chose one.
Jack Knight
Jack Knight 6 giorni fa
Neil Armstrong didn't take selfies. He took photos of Buzz Aldrin.
Mickey Norton
Mickey Norton 6 giorni fa
Ok so the bikini-underwear one is completely explainable: it's about consent. If I'm out and about in a bikini, it's because I feel good about my body and I'm okay with people seeing me. However, if you barge into my room or the bathroom or whatever and I'm in my underwear, yeah I'm going to cover up because I'm not comfortable with myself in that moment and I don't want to be seen! It's not "completely inexplicable", it's just that people can't wrap their heads around the fact that the situations are different, not the clothing.
Ellen Morgan
Ellen Morgan 6 giorni fa
Azzy, for someone who loads herself with chocolate you look great!!!!
Gacha Potato
Gacha Potato 6 giorni fa
But Azzy s face look 100% natural tho.... can u make a video with no makeup at all?
Say Paw
Say Paw 6 giorni fa
0:40 Search up the definition of “dream” and see what’s the problem with that sentence. If you already know, then just look at the sentence and think back.
Claire Bauer
Claire Bauer 7 giorni fa
Azzy should I give my teacher chocolate for a gift
GALAXY LOVER 7 giorni fa
I has ADHD tooo
Ke-Anna Fox
Ke-Anna Fox 8 giorni fa
8:57 realize I'm doing exactly that
Midnight Gaming
Midnight Gaming 8 giorni fa
I google normal ;-;
Hectic 47
Hectic 47 8 giorni fa
You like different foods but you don't get tired of chocolate LIAR
Adriana Guzman
Adriana Guzman 8 giorni fa
I have 168 shoes
Leah Jorg
Leah Jorg 8 giorni fa
at 9:36 the transitions
Lauren Barnett
Lauren Barnett 9 giorni fa
azzy u missed an ibrow
Evelyn Johnson
Evelyn Johnson 9 giorni fa
Me: no thx I'm on a diet. *the food comes* Nvm I'm not on a diet anymore...
galaxy wolf lover
galaxy wolf lover 9 giorni fa
I don't care if I where my swimsuit or you know cuz it's like the same thing but animes care😂
Aspyn Henk
Aspyn Henk 10 giorni fa
I love you
straight moon
straight moon 10 giorni fa
Adhd. Like. Me. 😭😭
Lily mae Carpenter
Lily mae Carpenter 10 giorni fa
Azzy I ❤️You and your videos
Selma Stenermark
Selma Stenermark 10 giorni fa
When that situation happens to me that I decide to not eat any dessert but then I want so bad when my friends/family got theirs but I just find it awkvard to ask for a taste cuz I just Said no to dessert and now Im like "can I have some?"
Anaya Amissah
Anaya Amissah 10 giorni fa
pastelcolours 2
pastelcolours 2 10 giorni fa
Uhhmmm u didn't do the other eye brow tbh
midnight gacha
midnight gacha 10 giorni fa
The cops are in ly house
elaina martin
elaina martin 10 giorni fa
if you spell his name and then umm Make it only his first name and then just put an a and flip it around it says alien and he whent to the moon
charlie cuzzi
charlie cuzzi 11 giorni fa
her eyebrows have one done and the other has not been done
Pamela Miller
Pamela Miller 11 giorni fa
No I get desert but eat my friends or family’s
B W 11 giorni fa
No one pause at 2:27
Polo De Dog
Polo De Dog 11 giorni fa
potatofan 11 giorni fa
For the one at 9:28 it's the other way round for me
Camster The Hamster
Camster The Hamster 12 giorni fa
I had a dream my cousin stabbed meh with a knife(´∩ω∩`)
unicorn cakes
unicorn cakes 12 giorni fa
its 4:00 am I've been watching yt and netflix since 10:00 pm what am i doing with my life
CBKC Collins
CBKC Collins 12 giorni fa
The actually made differently underwear are sometimes made of silk and cotton and swimsuits are often made in thick materials since you wear underwear under clothes you should be more comfortable because no one can see under your clothes except for you swimsuits are made to be like that underwear not so much
Ava Brown
Ava Brown 13 giorni fa
Mom: C'mon we're gonna go to Walmart Me: Ugh I Hate Walmart Mom: I Don't Either But We'll On Be There For A Couple Minutes Me:Ugh (We get in the car and start driving) Half way there Mom: You Know What Instead We'll Go To Sobeys Me: Ugh ReLly U Must Said Walmart But Ok Sobeys Is Way Better Me: First I Need To Fix My hair Mom: It Lo ks Fine Me:No It Doesn't Mom: yes it does Me: Nuh uh Mom: Ugh whatever but hurry up
Jinian Humphrey
Jinian Humphrey 13 giorni fa
5:42 I am some combination of Azzy and Jordi's food tastes.
Jacob Clark-Alamo
Jacob Clark-Alamo 13 giorni fa
I’m watching a movie five minutes into the movie gone
Jacob Clark-Alamo
Jacob Clark-Alamo 13 giorni fa
Not me
Char’s World
Char’s World 13 giorni fa
We are twinnns
Mandi Villarreal
Mandi Villarreal 13 giorni fa
I tell them to pick a place but I’m like not that or that or that but I’m a boy am I a girl I don’t knowwwwwwwww
Gingerbread man
Gingerbread man 14 giorni fa
just wear shoes that you like
Grace King
Grace King 14 giorni fa
Once I had a Lucid dream and I fought a friends on unicorns and then I almost died and got out but I was in another lucid dream and I gone back into my lucid lucid dream and kept fighting my friends and then something bad happened I woke up just about when I won. And I know this is way off topic.
Cookie Gacha
Cookie Gacha 14 giorni fa
I woke up yesterday screaming " NOOO!!!!!"
Judy Pineda
Judy Pineda 14 giorni fa
Yass where my ADHD people at
Timothy Hayes
Timothy Hayes 14 giorni fa
NoahPC’s review channel
Girls: I need 1,000,000 pairs of shoes each season Me: I’ll take only this pair for all the seasons
Charlotte Wharton
Charlotte Wharton 15 giorni fa
When girls pluck their eyebrows My sister turned around out of nowwhere with what she said turned out she was asleep lol😛😆
Yogurlsara XD
Yogurlsara XD 15 giorni fa
I'm going to Amsterdam on Thursday yallll
wolf girls
wolf girls 15 giorni fa
wolf girls
wolf girls 15 giorni fa
I don't like bakinis.. I wear the one piece and I like it
I am a girl and I have 3 pairs of shoes, never wear makeup, never wears dresses! (I hate them)! I am kinda a tomboy! Also my dream, is to be a professional European footballer!
LoghanLovesDragons 16 giorni fa
Do you know what’s funny she’s talking about how she only does one eyebrow sometimes while she only has one eyebrow
Shanze G
Shanze G 16 giorni fa
4:47, I bottle it up 😂
MarshyCat and BlueBear
I have ADHD too
Megija Mēnese
Megija Mēnese 16 giorni fa
Goldfish have A memory of three months
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