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Honest Trailers | It Chapter Two
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, Danielle Radford & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, & Max Dionne
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Production Coordinator: Ryan O"Toole

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3 dic 2019




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Commenti 60
Flergy Burgerson
Dean Koontz 😂 gets me every time
Natalie 'Kitty' Lane
‘and Dean Koontz’ ... savage
Joseph Haas_4230130
You should do an Honest Trailer for HISHE And one for Pitch Meetings The SNL reference was good though
vernus red
vernus red 5 giorni fa
Hey remember time's before pandemia yeah good times
Nishikant Singh
Nishikant Singh 6 giorni fa
Plot twist: this is a Netflix adaptation
Ryro Love
Ryro Love 9 giorni fa
I died at the Stefon part lol
Sean Stanton
Sean Stanton 10 giorni fa
It doesn’t kill them instantly because according to him if he scares the children more they taste better
electrocles 10 giorni fa
Do a trailer about Falling down!
Parent of Twins
Parent of Twins 13 giorni fa
WTF is wrong with Stephen King?
Joe Mini
Joe Mini 17 giorni fa
the mask honest trailer
Athrun Rome Candaza
Athrun Rome Candaza 23 giorni fa
The title should be "Tragics of the Nostalgics."
Terry 28 giorni fa
Wonder whether there is going to be "IT: CHAPTER ZERO", explaining the origins of Pennywise in full blown gore or something?
Stephen Anthony
Stephen Anthony 28 giorni fa
Do NOT call Stephen King 'Dean Koontz."
Skjaldmær Mese fa
Can someone explain the "Beverly married her dad and Eddie literally married his mother" part? I'm dumb and I don't get it lol
Ike Unsell
Ike Unsell Mese fa
Say "This is my normal voice" in your normal voice
Maggie Jackson
The Stefon impression is chilling.
Is It?
Is It? Mese fa
It Sucks!
Sun JoeXYS
Sun JoeXYS Mese fa
Honestly, in that scene where Eddie got stabbed in the face and he smiled his way behind the bath curtain, I couldn't tell if he's traumatized or excited or just plainly creepier than Pennywise.
Virginia Varble
The spider head and the Stefan reference cracked me up so much. Thank you! Did anyone notice that the place where they were staying at in the film, literally had no employees. I mean you never saw anyone working there!
Lucy Lillian Meow
The book explains all this. Both Beverly and Eddie were supposed to marry people who reminded them of their parents.
Lucy Lillian Meow
The Book IT is absolutely amazing.
BlueWatch Master
IT Chapter 2 is honestly more like a black comedy than a horror movie. Go on, kill me if I'm wrong! 😈
General Obi Kenobi
Actually, the It cinematic universe is part of the main cinematic Stephen King universe, this includes the shining, Doctor Sleep, Christine, and even Pet Sematary 2019.
Arnatri Bandopadhyay
My god! Your Stefon impersonation was so good!
B DRAW 2 mesi fa
Say orange
LeafyIsHere2 aka Thanosetalgia Memeories
legit just watched Aladdin (2019) honest trailer and someone requested "you lied and I died" IMMEDIATELY after I exited and went to ITvid's homepage then saw this
Ravi 2 mesi fa
4:19 😄
Ravi 2 mesi fa
It will be very helpful if subtitles are added because auto generated captions are not very accurate.
The man to scared to get a tattoo
The scariest part of this movie, is the realization that we grow up, and are still losers.
The man to scared to get a tattoo
didnt even know there was a sequal till just now
Astrophysicist5 2 mesi fa
Come on, you can't completely jump on the screenwriters. Everyone has to slog through the no plot adult portions of the novel. The screenwriters had to come up with a new story. Also, it's hard to follow up on a really good first movie in any case.
wajud babajide
wajud babajide 2 mesi fa
That Dean Koontz part killed me😂😂😂😂
Crow Craven
Crow Craven 2 mesi fa
And the scariest part is the run time
Giorgio Larriva
Giorgio Larriva 2 mesi fa
Is “It Stinks “ a Stefon reference or The Critic reference
Giorgio Larriva
Giorgio Larriva 2 mesi fa
So are you saying Pennywise wouldn’t survive a modern warfare Lobby .
B CH 2 mesi fa
It's funny because it's true.
Kia Shon
Kia Shon 2 mesi fa
Do an honest trailer on “scream” please!!
God of Warhammer
"I wash my self with a rag on a stick" -Bart Simpsons
Elliot Lovgren
Elliot Lovgren 2 mesi fa
hated both the first and second IT
Zachary Daniel
Zachary Daniel 2 mesi fa
What about the naked old lady??
noTmiZ 2 mesi fa
Been seeing the mask references for nth time. Do The Mask honest trailer!!!!
Noah Redding
Noah Redding 2 mesi fa
I wasn't expecting the Chinatown joke. That was great
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 3 mesi fa
The goddamn lumberjack statue
Timmy Donohue
Timmy Donohue 3 mesi fa
This is crazy
Siena Mucchi
Siena Mucchi 3 mesi fa
Omg the Stefon reference is GOLD
ed3bn 3 mesi fa
Honestly for me the only creepy part was It teeth biting the stupid little birthmark girl. Everything else was just disappointingly boring
i dunno but yay
i dunno but yay 3 mesi fa
1:18 Oh no, it’s Boo Boo the Fool!
Duke of Dukes
Duke of Dukes 3 mesi fa
nice chinatown reference
Anonymous Poster
Anyone else notice Eddies face bandage switch sides of his face when they descend into the sewer beneath the house??!!??!!
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 3 mesi fa
This movie sucked
Adam Webb
Adam Webb 3 mesi fa
So many Stephen King novels reference Derry and events of IT that it would be extremely easy to have several spinoffs.. unfortunately lol
Rosa Bethany Iglarsh
Possibly _The Shining_ doesn't exist in this universe; someone else is just doing an insane Johnny Carson impression. Actually, that does seem unlikely.
The Jazz King
The Jazz King 4 mesi fa
It's not real.
your comment might not work so please
Part 2 was just badd,didnt flinch most of the movie
Siddhartha Siddhi Bajracharya
Do it chapter 2
Jinxy Purrbox
Jinxy Purrbox 4 mesi fa
3:53 you missed the opportunity to say *SPIDER STAN*
Cameron Blanchard
🔥🔥🔥🔥 This movie is awesome. 1:58 🎥💞 👇 👇🔥
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez 4 mesi fa
"Dean Koontz" KILLED ME!
guavacat2008 4 mesi fa
Please do a trailer for THE 100
1 usm
1 usm 4 mesi fa
C C P Virus ./ CC P is Terrorist! //
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