How EVERYONE reacted to the Sony/PS5 Showcase! (2021)

The Keef Crew
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The recent Sony/Playstation Showcase revealed a lot of new gems coming out. Wolverine, Spiderman-2, God of war ragnarok and KOTOR were big announcements!
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14 set 2021




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Commenti 3 632
The Keef Crew
I'm back, and I missed yall. I hope you enjoy the video!
Suf H
Suf H 9 giorni fa
Hey What is the background music/theme when you talk about Kratos gameplay
Lurking Shinobi
Lurking Shinobi 14 giorni fa
Bro as always you be straight kill'n it lol. Xbox is my favorite character. The practicing for Forza Horozion 5 in ?real car had me rolling lmfao 😂😂😂😂
The12th Mccloud
The12th Mccloud 25 giorni fa
Love it! Welcome back, this shit is hilarious!
Jeremy Bowers
Jeremy Bowers 26 giorni fa
@Keef We’ve Missed you Homie! Is it a Sony Exclusive. Oh boy we Eatin Today boy! Shit We Eatin Erry day All day In 2022-2023! Missed you Bruh Glad you back! 🤘🤣🔥💯
RiidDisBuk Mese fa
BOI YOU TOOK FOREVER. NEXT TIME... "DRIVE A CAR" 😏 Just playing :P Also 85th like :)
Alejandro PP
Alejandro PP 9 ore fa
It's a Sony exclusive, but not for long
Kriston Rawlins
Kriston Rawlins 2 giorni fa
Haha go drive a car
Luke Daniel Galon
Luke Daniel Galon 4 giorni fa
This skits are vine material Nintendo and sony are buds no wonder they have self issues of there own
joe quevedo
joe quevedo 4 giorni fa
I'm still watching this lmao 🤣 😂 since I still can't get a Ps5
Non offensive name
Non offensive name 5 giorni fa
Xbox fans are salty
Fry Potato Entertainment
Any PC BOYZ here 😝🔥
Shitgeru Mehyamoto
Shitgeru Mehyamoto 6 giorni fa
Lol, fanboys crying. Especially Xbox. Not realizing that Keef isn't a fanboy. That's just comedy. Play on the plastic box that brings you the most fun and stop being fanboys.
MalumAtheist66 6 giorni fa
Ps5 bout to go crazy!
Kevonté 7 giorni fa
As a Xbox fan/player, I can admit that ever since Xbox One, it’s been suffering
Arcadius 3 giorni fa
You're suffering* Fixed it for you.
MonoGlitch 7 giorni fa
Destiny 2 did get a bit better towards the ranked setting and soon there's gonna be a new expansion with a new weapon type called a glaive. Along with enemies that have light abilities.
Super04 9 giorni fa
Br4x Th3 Cr4zy G4m3r
I love how Nintendo is a super supportive best friend & hype man for Sony, meanwhile Microsoft is just the one roommate everyone is confused about constantly 😂
Neoyoshi 10 giorni fa
And the Oscar goes to:
The understanding needed mention about the games being Sony exclusive had me in tears. Console gaming is being monopolized😂. Nintendo is their only competition
beam light
beam light 11 giorni fa
I love it here😎
Jacob Wells
Jacob Wells 11 giorni fa
You DO know KOTOR's coming to the Switch, right?
Manny Reyes
Manny Reyes 11 giorni fa
"Are you taking about Peter Parker and Miles Morales reprising their roles, with Miles Morales having that CRISP, FRESH African American/Boricua hairline, not like that one in spider man 1 that was made by them whiteboys" 😂🤣🤣🤣
RadicalRic 11 giorni fa
Outro music?
Castigar_48 11 giorni fa
how this man gonna say gow4 DLC has great combat without a jump button?!
Retro DoodManX
Retro DoodManX 11 giorni fa
Forza fans Xbox vs Gran Turismo fans Playstation vs Mario Kart fans Nintendo. Dew it. Then someone will be like. Why y'all play those when you have a car? You have a car, you can just drive a car.
Victor Guzman
Victor Guzman 11 giorni fa
I nutted when he said “enemy variety”😩🤌
Riga 11 giorni fa
Next year is going to be the best year of my life *next year i have all games but.... what cost... *cashier: 300$ fot all your games and if we count your services and a extra controler cause of drit 400$+
HippieGaming 11 giorni fa
Next Year is Gonna Be The Greatest Year of My Lifeeee ! My Lifeeee!
Candy Girl
Candy Girl 12 giorni fa
Xbox dead fr come at me... Also I miss the 360 days but time to move one I've never looked back since 2012 getting my PS3 (modded)
Skylers Supercar Life
Forza one of my faves but I love the shade bro, you always funny af.
Skylers Supercar Life
Lolol Destiny 2
Nuclear_Nachos21 12 giorni fa
It all fun and games until you Have to buy a game for 70
Juleko 9 giorni fa
Hah idc
Lil_tankX 12 giorni fa
When did Sony and Nintendo become homies
Juleko 9 giorni fa
They always were except when they were trying to make the Nintendo PlayStation
Bariq99 11 giorni fa
Weren't they all homies all this time?
Let's Play Droid
Let's Play Droid 14 giorni fa
Ready for Next Year 😉
isaiah saiz
isaiah saiz 14 giorni fa
Those facial reactions and the ability to change personality is legend!
klmt_ vasilis
klmt_ vasilis 15 giorni fa
Rok mare
Rok mare 15 giorni fa
“Why doesn’t he just drive a car” This strike into the heart of GT fans as well
Cristobal C
Cristobal C 16 giorni fa
IGN Beyond episode in the background for the Win, & Respect. 💯👍🤘
sebastiani luna
sebastiani luna 17 giorni fa
Just subscribed to your channel i absolute LOVE your content and your humor has me busting up! Thank you!
Meh 17 giorni fa
GOTY 2022: God of War Ragnarok GOTY 2023: Spider man 2 The prophet has say it guys!, now we just need to believe
Waffles The Wookiee
Waffles The Wookiee 17 giorni fa
Keep slandering Forza, see how you feel when we go after Gran Turismo.
kenneth quintero
kenneth quintero 17 giorni fa
Sony: “So uuuh, should I tell him about Gran Turismo or…” Nintendo: “Nah. He’ll figure it out.”
The Virtual Warlock
The Virtual Warlock 17 giorni fa
GOTY 2021: Returnal or Rift Apart GOTY 2022: GoW Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, or BotW 2. GOTY 2023: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 GOTY TBA: KOTOR and Wolverine
Naphel 17 giorni fa
BRO, i had a fuckin laparoscopic surgery on saturday and i was fine until you said " D I M E L O" you almost send me back to ER puñeta lmao
Red Sirius
Red Sirius 18 giorni fa
Better not stay like that or Microsoft can Take GTA6 from yall.
Red Sirius
Red Sirius 16 giorni fa
@patrick watkins this is why Microsoft needs to buy them
patrick watkins
patrick watkins 16 giorni fa
Rockstar doesn't seem to be in any hurry to make another GTA game just yet.
BossAIshareh 18 giorni fa
When he said why not drive in real life I was thinking, You can say the same thing with Mario kart
Bariq99 11 giorni fa
I think you mean grand tourismo? Because Mario kart is an arcade kart racer.. If I had the chance to throw blue shells at my friends irl I would definitely do it lol
13r4y Kai
13r4y Kai 18 giorni fa
Doing my pride and joy destiny 2 dirty lmao
Harris Zeboki
Harris Zeboki 18 giorni fa
Somewhere in there I was expecting, "even yo broke ass can afford gas prices"
Le Jor
Le Jor 18 giorni fa
That Jamies Winston eat a W at 2:49 had me crying
Taylor Fisher-VanDerVeen
"Halo Infinite bout to go craaaaaazy" its a fact the game is top tier from what the community has played
Ansh Pargal
Ansh Pargal 19 giorni fa
jerryholbrook13 19 giorni fa
Worst showcase i ever seen. Xbox e3 destroyed sony yet again and i love it.
Bariq99 11 giorni fa
@Arcadius finally A sensible person in YT comments!!
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier 19 giorni fa
Yeah after kotor and eve it just fell apart then the last 10 minutes saved it
ShadowCeltic 19 giorni fa
Lol I still play destiny 2 but I love borderlands... Still
Vindicator 6
Vindicator 6 19 giorni fa
2:20 _"w h a t t h e f....."_
Andrew Evers
Andrew Evers 21 giorno fa
Destiny will return. Some day.
Mario 21 giorno fa
Xbox ain't even saying that with a "i'm finna coping" voice. It went crazy and believes it's all shit compares to forza-
v2511 21 giorno fa
The hairline made by dem white boys🤣🤣
ChukSamuels 21 giorno fa
mugetsu ichigo
mugetsu ichigo 21 giorno fa
U forgot the timbs
JaKorby Powell
JaKorby Powell 22 giorni fa
It's funny considering xbox has a 300 dollar console that's better than PS5, 500 dollar console.
Dark-kun 18 giorni fa
It’s not
Destiny Ninja123
Destiny Ninja123 22 giorni fa
Nintendo being supportive on Sony for having more exclusive than Xbox is a mood.
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier 18 giorni fa
@Dark-kun Xbox literally took all Bethesda games away from you too, bruh pay attention lol
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier 18 giorni fa
@Dark-kun you’re really that delusional ? we already had the e3 showcase, the showcase that made you fanboys tilted af. Go watch it why don’t you🤡🤣🤣
Dark-kun 18 giorni fa
@Unknown Soldier yes we are still gonna have more exclusives than xbox what other games do you have expect halo and forza
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier 19 giorni fa
You’re not gonna have more exclusives after halo and forza come out I hope you realize that, not to mention it’s dry season for ps5 now
JAMI Muhammad
JAMI Muhammad 23 giorni fa
Xbox with halo infinite, forza horizon 5, and a few other games there is some hope for you Xbox.
JAMI Muhammad
JAMI Muhammad 23 giorni fa
The way he looked at him lol. How did knights of the old republic get on PlayStation and it became an exclusive they need to stop stealing some titles lol. This is so accurate.
Muhammad ilyas
Muhammad ilyas 23 giorni fa
Thanksgiving Turkey 🦃😂😂😂😂
Remington Haynes
Remington Haynes 23 giorni fa
Kotor is going to be a timed exclusive for PlayStation It's going to be garbage either way with that SJW bitch writing the story
blink _nDoesDeFi
blink _nDoesDeFi 23 giorni fa
good s**t man, hilarious.
Emilio Martinez
Emilio Martinez 24 giorni fa
1:07 gets me every time 😂😂😂😂
Fun cash
Fun cash 24 giorni fa
I love you keef keep doing what you do.
T Brown
T Brown 24 giorni fa
the more i think about the more stacked i see the games for all 3 sides, for this year we got metriod dread, forza horizon 5, and halo infinte, next year we got starfield horizon forbidden west, kirby and the lost kingdom, BOTW sequel, god of war ragnorak, redfall, sifu, and avowed maybe
Bariq99 11 giorni fa
Next year is gonna be fire!!! It's gonna be 2017 - 2
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier 23 giorni fa
Bruh if avowed really comes out next year Ima actually die
Ronald nuff said
Ronald nuff said 24 giorni fa
(Yawn) goes back to playing gears ⚙ 5.
The12th Mccloud
The12th Mccloud 25 giorni fa
All the furisa shade!!! Hahaha
Hector Murrieta
Hector Murrieta 25 giorni fa
Green Lotus
Green Lotus 26 giorni fa
I can watch this over and over, never gets old
Daniele Citi
Daniele Citi 26 giorni fa
I wanna a video about how PS fanboys cry when Starfield, Redfall, Avowed, Fable, The Outer Worlds 2 and even TES VI will be launched exclusively on Xbox ecosystem :)
Christian Martínez
Christian Martínez 12 giorni fa
@Daniele Citi they're not GOTYs, God Of War best game in the history of videogames
Christian Martínez
Christian Martínez 12 giorni fa
@Unknown Soldier No, just play GOTYs
The Traveler
The Traveler 12 giorni fa
Most of the Playstation community doesn't really give a crap about most of those games. As good as outer worlds was we really didn't have a real attachment to it. So that leaves elder scrolls and we have no idea about that.
Daniele Citi
Daniele Citi 22 giorni fa
@Christian Martínez you mean masterpiece games :)
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier 23 giorni fa
@Christian Martínez because you’re an angry child lmao XD
Malek Alghamdi
Malek Alghamdi 26 giorni fa
I watched a video about ride4 its ultra realistic Maybe it’s going to be better than forza
Hybrid Prince.
Hybrid Prince. 26 giorni fa
Jeremy Bowers
Jeremy Bowers 26 giorni fa
Did they show Spider-Man 2 oh you mean #GOTY2023 🤣 what about Krato’s? Oh you Mean #GOTY2022🤣 #Keef Already Knows what it’s goin Be! Undeniable #BIGGACTZ🤘🔥💯
Xavier Fett
Xavier Fett 26 giorni fa
All the people with no ps5: *ZOMBIE NOISES*
PoisonFrog 27 giorni fa
KOTOR remake gets announced 😀 20 minutes later when you realize whos on the writing team😐
PoisonFrog 11 giorni fa
@Bariq99 Sam Maggs a sjw activists that does nothing except complain about how men are trash on twitter
Bariq99 11 giorni fa
Sōsuke   Aizen
Sōsuke Aizen 27 giorni fa
I plan on getting the xbox series x first and later ps5 so i will have best the best time of my life (if I can get the money)
Bariq99 11 giorni fa
Now that's a chad move Getting everything and enjoying everything 😎
Sōsuke   Aizen
Sōsuke Aizen 19 giorni fa
Cool is the ps 5 good because i might get that first or xbox but i need to make sure
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier 19 giorni fa
@Sōsuke Aizen I’m trying all they precious exclusives lol I didn’t get to read this so I started with bb then god of war, I’ll do ghost next if it’s in ps plus I don’t think I wanna pay 70 for the damn directors cut
Sōsuke   Aizen
Sōsuke Aizen 23 giorni fa
fact is both the ps 5 and series x are both amazing in their own way so getting both is smarter and since you got the ps5 first you can play ghost of tsushima
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier 23 giorni fa
Me too some how I got a ps5 first🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ well at least I get to try bloodborne
Dylan Hanyou
Dylan Hanyou 27 giorni fa
Me out here still can't find a ps5 in stock for $500 Sadge
fatCartman324 27 giorni fa
3:27 literally God of War Ragnarok gonna be amazing
claybomb8 27 giorni fa
I’m an Xbox fanboy thru and thru……. But God of War 2 is making have dangerous thoughts. Must. Resist. For. Halo. No doubt it will win Game or Year. That franchise is ridiculously good.
The Traveler
The Traveler 7 giorni fa
@Arcadius Well english was never my specialty. This is the internet not a 12th grade english class.
The Traveler
The Traveler 7 giorni fa
@Arcadius Oh well I'm using my phone.
The Traveler
The Traveler 7 giorni fa
@Arcadius Tell me why haven't you said a single bad thing about Microsoft and yet you bash only Sony? Why?
The Traveler
The Traveler 7 giorni fa
@Arcadius No I heavily disagree. Sony didn't copy right ITvid videos just because of them showing gameplay of there games(yes it stopped but still.) Look at some of the things Nintendo has done for money. Sony didn't make a slightly better Playstation and sell it for $500. Nintendo decided to make a deluxe online version. It's like $80 even Sony would pull such a practice. The only thing they share that I can think of is the amiibo situation. But at least Sony didn't charge you $25 for fast travel. You know who did that? Nintendo. And you know what happened? The amiibo got scalped. True Sony made you pay $10 for stupid things that should be free(which is bs)but they don't remove fast travel(on purpose)to sell it to people. If you think Sony is greeder then Nintendo I don't know what you're thinking. Nintendo has been avoiding the stick drift issue since when it came out. And just because you can send it in and get it repaired by Nintendo doesn't justify them avoiding the situation. Nintendo's greed ascends Sony's greed. And yes I am aware about the horizon forbidden west situation which was complete bs. As much as that situation reeks of greed Sony still has some standards. Not many but they have some. The switch oled is nothing but a switch with a .8 inch(I think the switch screen is 6.2 inches long) increase, a slightly better screen, slightly better audio, a bigger stand, and wired lan port. That's it, nothing else. Compare the specs between the two. So it will look literally the same in docked mode as a normal switch would.
The Traveler
The Traveler 7 giorni fa
But hey if we wanna be optimistic here then I can say nintendo's greed is ascends Sony's greed. We can both agree on that(at least.)
Classical Conspirator
Now if only I could get a PS5.
reformedhippie bear
reformedhippie bear 28 giorni fa
Bro that blank stare you gave when he said .."you're preparing for forza 5 by fake driving a real car?" Had me fucking dying ..u swear my aides hurt right now...plus you know the blunt...but bro!
Knight Zero
Knight Zero 29 giorni fa
Mainly Xbox player here. I have to say I think all of them were pretty meh this year. I'm excited for the players excited for their games though. I always love seeing the hype with people.
Mista Man
Mista Man 29 giorni fa
"Halo about to go K-Krazy."
Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas 29 giorni fa
I’m hating 😩
Phaser 29 giorni fa
0:43 i can ask you the same question about mario kart 😏
Adam E
Adam E 29 giorni fa
"Practicing for forza" you ain't have to do them like that 😂💀
DoMiOnPc 29 giorni fa
LMAOOOOOOOOO @3:44 Dimelouuuu 😂😂😂😂😂
Mr. Bobby Wright
Mr. Bobby Wright 29 giorni fa
Freya music
Freya music 29 giorni fa
Is it a Sony exclusive 😂😂
megamarsonic 29 giorni fa
Nintendo: "Hey bro! That dude downstairs is being wei-" *catches PlayStation also pretending to drive a car* "Wait you too!?" PlayStation: "Gran Turismo 'bout to go CRAZY!" Nintendo: "Oh my goodness..."
Hypster Fall
Hypster Fall 29 giorni fa
The moment he said BORICUA.. man my heart ❤️, love from Puerto Rico bro !!!!!
DigThat32 29 giorni fa
Did they talk about... finally staggering the sticks on the controller? 🥵
Dylan Bell77
Dylan Bell77 29 giorni fa
As an Xbox gamer I NEED a ps5
Gon Hunter
Gon Hunter 29 giorni fa
Now it would be sweet to have the same but for the Nintendo direct
Marco Pollo
Marco Pollo 29 giorni fa
Bro...I can't drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini
XenoShift Gaming
XenoShift Gaming 29 giorni fa
The only thing I agree with the Xbox bro, which is what was mostly mentioned by the other 2 Bros prior, r the exclusives for PS5 that were announced tbh
Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon 29 giorni fa
Xbox players punching the air rn
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier 26 giorni fa
Not really, they’re enjoying halo flight
Paul Smith
Paul Smith 29 giorni fa
Man what about these people who cant get ps5's though
raymi del rosario rodriguez
so what would you be playing the rest of the year??
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier 26 giorni fa
Lol keef ain’t a sony fanboy it’s all a joke
Ryuji Sakamoto
Keef: "Why don't you just drive a car?" Me, as someone who was hyped for Gran Turismo 7 the most: *sad engine noises*
SpeedWave 19 giorni fa
DUDE GRAN TURISMO 7 is that game
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