How Humans Broke the Game

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14 apr 2019




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Commenti 8 251
TierZoo 4 giorni fa
Error! Sans! MUGEN
Microbe tier list?
White Eagle
White Eagle Giorno fa
Press F to pay respect to those early Dark Souls cavemen hunting Wooly Rhinoceri
SunnyBoi1945 Giorno fa
Skycrash 8
Skycrash 8 Giorno fa
Hey Tierzoo I have a question if pterosaurs are still alive what tier will they be in
ReLL ReXX Giorno fa
Congrats man! Also big respect tp ya'll for that "life came from Africa" shoutout!!! 👌🏾
Letholdus Aurelius
The "Out of Africa" theory has been debunked since like 2015 lol Nice memes though
Peteroleum .Noise
Video on Caecillians please!!
TNR Wilson
TNR Wilson 2 ore fa
Now this is how you make education entertaining.
Astrid Nipflake
So, when is Are Snow leoaprds OP comming out?
Allan Valin
Allan Valin 3 ore fa
This could be a good theme for a video earther.gizmodo.com/what-would-really-happen-if-thanos-erased-half-of-all-l-1834107585
Maya Does stuff
Can you consider doing a City meta tier or just the city meta in general
TripAndJoy 3 ore fa
Devs: Damn this humans and their hacks! Humans: Why has God abandoned us?
Lunar Filth
Lunar Filth 3 ore fa
amazing video
Robert R
Robert R 3 ore fa
Hold on so we're looking at percentiles. Which (contemporary) animals were smarter than Homo Erectus? P.S. I know you didn't say this explicitly but bigger brains don't mean Neanderthals were smarter than us (which I doubt). Bigger humans have bigger brains than smaller humans but that doesn't make them smarter.
That ONE Hobgoblin
Tony B
Tony B 3 ore fa
Do dragon no fire breath
David Kelly
David Kelly 3 ore fa
I here the Devs are working on bringing the Neanderthal faction back.
Huh... I really like way you explained all of this.
MrShzz 4 ore fa
How do you make your videos?
Agora1 4 ore fa
A human holding a spear is the final boss of all animals.
Studded leather armour gave them the edge, it provided 40% damage reduction against animal damage. It was the game changer mate!!
Aereto 5 ore fa
From underdog to all nuts OP.
Chris Jordsvar
I love the runescape music in the background lol
Just Be
Just Be 6 ore fa
"Mozambique here" "Deebz"
Liberalist Sperg
Awesome. One small correction: pre-human mains never walked on all fours. That's an ability that other great ape mains spec'd into convergently. Human mains went directly from arboreal to bipedal.
*List of wars*
Zach Martyn
Zach Martyn 7 ore fa
I wonder which group of people could have more Neanderthal blood in them than others..
Eh 7 ore fa
The image at 6:30 is inaccurate, offsprings with a neanderthal X chromosome were not fertile and were incapable of reproducing. The mixture that did end up passing onto the European gene pool was when the father was neanderthal and the mother was a homosapien. Who ever filmed this is an idiot who took no consideration into actual fact. blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/sex-with-neandertals-introduced-helpful-and-harmful-dna-into-modern-human-genome/
Mr.Cabbage 4.2.0
Game is pointless, I had to kill myself just to quit and when I came back, MY CHARACTER'S GONE PERMANENTLY.
Harkon Takala
Harkon Takala 8 ore fa
Neanderthals are The European man's ancestors, their resemblance is uncanny.
Daniel Cowan
Daniel Cowan 8 ore fa
Servers were down today, couldn't play damn it
Kamilla Schou Nielsen
Thank you for the free trial!
Can you make the next intro Monster Hunter themed? That would be awesome
David Stears
David Stears 9 ore fa
Wth did I just watch...
Jourden Hallowell
Who forgot to update the peaceful servers?
Schlestes Remake
Fun Fact: "Tier" is a german word for animal.
cameron Hensley
You should make a video about blue tongued skinks
Abi 9 ore fa
Damn, told those lions to stop farming exps and start taking objectives before humans come online. They never listened smh now see what happened
Kinshra Slave
Kinshra Slave 10 ore fa
lol that roast at 4:16 Even as an RS3 player that made me laugh.
Shadow Fox
Shadow Fox 10 ore fa
Danny Lopez
Danny Lopez 10 ore fa
That's some fine gameplay footage Square Enix. Hopefully the Final Fantasy 7 remake looks half as good.
Katryna 10 ore fa
In honor of the Equus lenensis discovery, can you do a video about ungulates?
Luke Martin
Luke Martin 10 ore fa
Hey tier zoo wondering if you could make a video on the zombie apocalypse DLC and what the most viable builds would be
Incurablederp 11 ore fa
I think it’s very interesting to think of how Neanderthals were better than sapiens in most ways, but sapiens were more adaptable so we won out. I guess it makes sense tho since humans were up against some tough creatures in the savannah and still survived. It’s also very interesting to think of how close Homo sapiens were to extinction.
Rob Neko
Rob Neko 12 ore fa
''mozambique'here'' ahaahaha that caught me off guard
suckmytoes 13 ore fa
Hey guys add me 408 728 7289 I’m lvl 15 I got a brown skin build Stamina percentage lvl 86% Strength lvl 51 Intelligence lvl 47 Overall skill lvl 71 I’m waiting for my money to come in so I can get the new car and house add on:)
On the topic of humans..can you talk about their modern debuffs such as becoming a furry and or a anti vax
omg who dat
omg who dat 13 ore fa
So original
omg who dat
omg who dat 13 ore fa
This is perfect for me I love gaming and I want to be a marine biologist but I love all outdoor activities and things to do with animals
Sailakshya Sikdar
The way the host explaine things is op compared to an school teacher
K Quilor
K Quilor 14 ore fa
This is actually a really good way to describe this very complicated topic.
Hispanic Aquaman
I’ve been hearing a lot about multiclass builds, like Grolar Bears. Is this ever a viable strategy in the current meta?
Chun Wong
Chun Wong 15 ore fa
T Lee
T Lee 15 ore fa
Did you guys make the hunting clips?!
Axelgaksel 16 ore fa
Humans got a nerf that made them war with each other all the time
lokrobby 18 ore fa
Meat does NOT give more XP. Cooking aliments does.
lokrobby 2 ore fa
+The Satanosaur Reigns ​ Energy assimilation is much much higher from cooked aliments than from raw ones. That's what allowed humans to spend time doing anything else than eating all day to feed their huge brain (that needs so much energy compared to other organs) and to develop as a species. Research tends to show that human development has nothing to do with meat, many tribes were vegetarians and developed as well as the ones eating a lot of meat. The advantage of humans compared to other species is its adaptation (including its adaptation to alimentation - we are basically able to eat anything we get our hands on). And when humans had free access to vegetables, it's probable they would not make so many efforts and take high risks hunting for meat but rather pick what they could get easily. And just to make a point, meat is not the most energy dense food there is, not in nature (nuts) and not in today's transformed food (oils).
The Satanosaur Reigns
The hell are you talking about, meat is the most energy dense food there is.
StrangerOman 19 ore fa
1:46 Dibs
Dad's Bike
Dad's Bike 19 ore fa
So we're basically Meta-Knight
Paul TheSkeptic
Paul TheSkeptic 20 ore fa
Why are you lying about this game? That's not how it's done. You just turn on God mode and level up your player manually. No one believes in your gradual strategy anymore. Lol. I'm kidding.
Giannis Setros
Giannis Setros 20 ore fa
Finally a way to make me interested in humanity.
Omen 20 ore fa
How do you think human players would work if creatures from the Fantasy Servers (like dragons and ogres, for example) were suddenly introduced into the Earth Servers? Or if the Magic Tree were suddenly made available?
Will ster22
Will ster22 20 ore fa
All creationists TRIGGERED
CHUXTY Gaming and Tech
"mozambique here" lol Throw that shit back!
Arlis Smith
Arlis Smith 21 ora fa
I just realized what we’re the best support builds for humans in pvp before machine guns or heavy hitting things like artillery and ballistas you know start at anchint when horses and humans first made alliances to modern day supports in pvp for aquatic and land
Sean Quack
Sean Quack 21 ora fa
If this whole thing became a real game I would play it
Algomi 22 ore fa
I would like to know about GOD tier. CX and find out whether humans are moving into god tier due to CRISPER
Nefarious 22 ore fa
2:46 heh... I guess all humans are, gamers and non gamers alike, *sweaty tryhards*
Nicholas Rossi élève
Thé Mozambique cracked me up
Cjxy Giorno fa
What is this soundtrack from? Starting from 50 seconds until whenever. I remember it from something as a kid, I think a kids dinosaurs series
Nam Kwok
Nam Kwok Giorno fa
Since the new lion king remake is coming out, will you make a video about how likely can a team of a juvenile lion, meerkat, and warthog survived in the current Africa server and hakuna matata the rest of their lives?
JordanDS Giorno fa
You should make a tier list on Bats, they're the only mammals that can fly right? kinda puts them in their own class.
I think the graphics were better millions of years ago
That RuneScape soundtrack and sounds make this vid so good
ewan andrews
ewan andrews Giorno fa
You should make a video on carnivorous plants
Akhil Giorno fa
had to sub for that Lifeline line- heres another0 SEH WAN, WE ALL INSIDE DA RING
Abdullah Ansari
Abdullah Ansari Giorno fa
This channel is the definition of creativity
Ralfs Romanovskis
Making content on this dead game must be hard since devs rarely make updates and because afterlife dlc isnt avainable
Ricky Dschaak
Ricky Dschaak Giorno fa
I love your videos. This is a series I'm sure my cousin would be into, he is 16. This is a cool way to do biology stuff 👍 hope it's all accurate because I ain't factin shit. Hahaha
Sadam Hussain
Sadam Hussain Giorno fa
The sweat update was the best update I still remember me and my friend runming all day
Triage Black
Triage Black Giorno fa
Can we get a tutorial for the tundra biome? Like how to get proper nutrition for the human class?
Joseph Paterson
Joseph Paterson Giorno fa
Can you do a video on invasive species? Are they OP?
salz ich
salz ich Giorno fa
I spend the last years working on the farming skill of my human build. It's just crazy, how much food one of these specialised builds can farm. Another broken skill if you ask me.
ilisati Giorno fa
This is not scientific even tho it uses scientificly made video.
papadadio Giorno fa
You should make a leaderboard list on the most dominate human beings
Remus Sayed
Remus Sayed Giorno fa
Moral of the story sweepers are better than tanks.
White Eagle
White Eagle Giorno fa
What is that animal the Ardiropitecus is looking at at 1:30 while it grazes from a tree? It has stripes and a long neck, it looks liek a terrestrial frog - I'm looking for tis name.
Ulfur Gaming
Ulfur Gaming Giorno fa
i just watched out of the cradle and i love it thank tierzoo for showing me curiositystream because i never heard of it until now
Jack Giorno fa
Neanderthal skulls have been found broken open and with human fingernail scratches on the inside leading to believe that humans had eaten some of their cousins way back when
Johannes Stein
Johannes Stein Giorno fa
the God said Dragon quest!!!!
Nika Obolashvili
These videos make me proud to be homo sapiens
Skipperxtron Giorno fa
Yo I am maining as a pistol shrimp since I play minmaxed builds. I want to speck into some more skill points but I am struggling finding some places to farm exp. Any suggestions?
KrookoTube Giorno fa
Hey TierZoo, did you know that something called a “Giant nightmare bee” was rediscovered after thought to be extinct on a remote island? Speaking of Bees can you do an insect tier list and then narrow it down to smaller tier lists of beetles, ants, bees and wasps etc. Would be highly appreciated
TheLuftwaffle 1942
That bloody music at the end.
BIG MAMA Giorno fa
Can you do a: are chameleons OP?
Ricardo alves
Ricardo alves Giorno fa
You said they had bigger brains, but with other animals bigger brains dont necessarly imply being smarter, elephants have huge brains, but even tho they are smart they aren't as smart as humans So I just want you to be clear, are you saying the neanderthal build was smarter than the Homo Sapiens? Or that they just had bigger brains
Firebrand Giorno fa
Humans didn't break the game... we won it!
B-92's Giorno fa
Why are sapiens presented as modern day Africans! lmao thats not how that works.
TheGamingFire69 Giorno fa
You should do a video on carnivore plants
Jose Diola
Jose Diola Giorno fa
overpowered my ass?! -mosquito
Nick Price
Nick Price Giorno fa
Going bipedal also freed up the hands of Ramidus to be able to carry babies for longer. Time spent helpless during the early levels correlates directly with max intelligence at later levels, and is a huge part of human evolution. Mothering is hardly an important skill that people max in most games but in outside it's massive. Ramidus dropping huge amounts of skill points into mothering may be the most important thing to happen in human evolution.
That Man's an Animal
putting brownskins in europe smh
Vladislav Aleksic
Cant wait when we will discover aliens and TierZoo will make a video about it.
iceuck dik
iceuck dik Giorno fa
Can you do a modreview on " the future is wild" ? I dont know what build to pick :/
Lunises Giorno fa
STOP PVP. If we just PvE we win...
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