Can I beat Breath of the Wild BLINDFOLDED? (Great Plateau)

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This is the story and gameplay of how I ended up beating Breath of the Wild's Great Plateau BLINDFOLDED--without seeing the game at all.

HUGE thanks to CrystalSaver who helped IMMENSELY with this run, check out their other blindfolded runs here: itvid.net/u-FrozenMe...

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Artwork/Emotes by Lycel, SSSucrose, AbbyBagel
Editted by: itvid.net/u-insecureball , twitter.com/Connnor01 , and PointCrow!


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23 nov 2021




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PointCrow 7 mesi fa
NEW MERCH CHECK IT OUT AT www.pointcrow.shop :o
ik ben een meme
ik ben een meme 29 giorni fa
AnimeLover 3 mesi fa
Why unicorn blindfold though
shadowslash shewolf
@KoabraFang really? what about if you tried breath of the wild in VR but EVERYTHING is on fire
KoabraFang 6 mesi fa
@shadowslash shewolf already been done
shadowslash shewolf
what if you were able to play breath of the wild in VR?
Patterrz 7 mesi fa
Wait you memorized all those steps?? That's insane dude I can't remember what I did an hour ago
Sm0ke 3 giorni fa
It’s probably not memorized literally by number. I bet it’s like if you were driving in your home town blind
Dab Monstr
Dab Monstr 28 giorni fa
What did you do an hour ago that you forgot what it was huh Mr bitish
Carter wilson
PBNJ 2 mesi fa
I think he’s listening to the steps
WinCarnodrawing 3 mesi fa
Its same for me man jesus hes just a god.
TimeBucks 7 mesi fa
This is also how being blind works in real life
Nathaniel Patton
Nathaniel Patton 16 giorni fa
Hey you might offend blind people that see that
Lavender Man
Lavender Man Mese fa
@Garrett Carr text to speech
happiness 2 mesi fa
@David L 🤔
Crab Lord
Crab Lord 3 mesi fa
As a blind person, can confirm.
David L
David L 5 mesi fa
@Garrett Carr with my eyes????
Yuni_smiley 7 mesi fa
Fun fact: The whole "tying a color/shape to an idea" memorization strategy is also how people are able to do things like memorize and recall the order of a shuffled deck of cards. The human brain remembers ideas like this a lot better than just raw data
Xena Paprika
Xena Paprika 16 ore fa
I once learned a song by putting pieces of tape with colored shapes on the keys so my doofus left hand knew where to jump to
Audrey Mac
Audrey Mac 4 mesi fa
Association is huge for cognition and memorization!! That’s the best study skill I have ever learned. If you form a bunch of pathways to one concept in your brain, you’re able to recall that concept much easier
Pierre Sibille
Pierre Sibille 4 mesi fa
You should look into Synesthesia, cause this type of remembering symboles with color is carachteristic of a synesthesic memory
123Jsimskie 5 mesi fa
That’s freaking amazing jeez
Noah Ark
Noah Ark 7 mesi fa
Missed opportunity to take off the blindfold and say: 'wait, is that king Rhoam Bosphramus Hyrule!?" Still, incredibly impressive run my guy! Seriously well done!
Ash Foreman
Ash Foreman 2 mesi fa
Yes 😂
CrystalSaver 7 mesi fa
Thanks for the shout out! Glad to see the majority of my route being replicated by another person (and snickering at all the hidden "gotcha" moments). Super happy to see you finally pull it off after many weeks of training! Absolutely love how you explained each strat during the route, speeding up repetitive sections and retries, while focusing on the unique parts of progress. Is there any chance to get a separate VOD of the full run to post on the blindfolded website?
Y-i-k-s Mese fa
PointCrow 7 mesi fa
I’ll make a point to post it on the PointCrow VOD channel this week! phenomenal stuff youre doing blindfolded, can’t wait to see what you’re working on next
“Your resourcefulness in overcoming this trial speaks to the promise of a hero…”
Dess 7 mesi fa
Omg i was thinking the same when this sentence came up lmao
Gervin Spoos
Gervin Spoos 6 mesi fa
Crow's way of memorizing directions and # of hops as well as his chart of the days and weeks sounds an awful lot like Spatial Sequence Synesthesia. While I don't have it myself, my aunt and cousin both share this and it's crazy to see someone online who shares the experience!
Player Zero
Player Zero 18 giorni fa
Is that why I see math as red?
AmiCestLaVie 4 mesi fa
He also has grapheme color synesthesia! I have it too
Ben 5 mesi fa
I was thinking that too (I have it) esp when he said he couldn’t describe the colors but they just have them
Jinnans 7 mesi fa
the fact that you MEMORIZED all of that monstrosity just for the fun of doing this is absolutely insane
Lottie Day
Lottie Day 7 mesi fa
I love how he casually describes his experience of synesthesia (a fairly rare condition) and doesn't seem to realise lol this is so cool!
Carly Crays
Carly Crays 7 mesi fa
When you have it, you don't realize that it's weird until you say something real casual and no one knows what you mean.
Bryan Hawn
Bryan Hawn 7 mesi fa
I'm pretty sure this is the ONLY MAN that can beat this game with his eyes closed
Dab Monstr
Dab Monstr 28 giorni fa
@lettuce mad skill issues
Kyuubey0406 6 mesi fa
@lettuce how though botw is the easiest zelda game imo
lettuce 7 mesi fa
I cant beat it with my eyes open
TophLove 7 mesi fa
Whole community (they have a discord!) around doing games blindfolded for those interested in other games or doing it themselves!! Its wicked fun
There are a few people who've done this run. I recommend LouLouCore's run. He's a super chill dude.
Karma 7 mesi fa
Actually, associating colors and shapes with specific things, often abstract concepts is a form of Synesthesia. I have that as well, as soon as he said "I'm not sure what the shade of the ideas are and I couldn't reproduce them if I tried" I was like, yup that checks. A lot of mine are colors that don't exist and are hard to describe
LilSnasne 7 mesi fa
For everyone who doesn't know: This is also how being blind works in real life.
Dab Monstr
Dab Monstr 28 giorni fa
Wow very funny and original. Definitely not a copy-paste of a comment higher up. (I am actually serious this person is the first one
ZA WARDO 7 mesi fa
God is blind confirmed
The Movie Critic
Thanks God
Combo 7 mesi fa
There is something SO rewarding about listening to this video while cooking. Listening to the sounds of the game without actually seeing it (like you) made me appreciate your effort so much more. The sound cues are SO small all around. Big shoutouts Crow - what a run my man!
Артем Плетнев
Pointcrow blindfolded: descends the Sheikah Tower like a boss, with all the great timings Pointcrow normally: fails to survive this exact sequence in almost every video.
French Country Ball
Not true. It’s a different more visual strategy in normal runs
Aly Homewood
Aly Homewood 6 mesi fa
@ZA WARDO yeah, Pointcrow is usually more content/fun , than skill focused, so this (what feels like) new tryhard mode from him is interesting to see. :)
Ashley Broening
Ashley Broening 7 mesi fa
Minimik75 7 mesi fa
@Kath VG hah yes that one episode where he drove with a blindfold XD
ZA WARDO 7 mesi fa
He's actually trying in this, in most of his videos he just looks at spaghettis link and "goes haha funny"
TophLove 7 mesi fa
Nice work!! For everyone interested, this has been done through the master sword and all main quests by me and Saver. There is an entire blindfolded speedrunning community that i encourage anyone to join if they find running games blindfolded interesting. Its wicked fun!!!
Blg_Guy 7 mesi fa
“Without taking any damage” The thee and a half missing hearts: Am I a joke to you?
Gracebug23 7 mesi fa
Dude it sounds like you have synesthesia! It’s a neurological thing where senses overlap and people perceive numbers/letters as being associated with sounds/colours etc. For example I hear different musical notes as different colours. My memory is nowhere near as OP as yours though haha, amazing job!
Avery Nathan
Avery Nathan 7 mesi fa
it sounds to me that he doesn't have it, but he like, induces it i guess? and he sort of has it.
bgodwin123 7 mesi fa
that's exactly what I though aswell. I doubt his explanation made any sense to anyone except him lol.
Heroes in our spare time
I feel that the sheer post commentary is severely underrated. As a normal viewer of this channel, much of this stuff (at least with the mechanics part) I understand, but he makes sure that anyone can understand, even if they live under a rock and haven't heard of this game. GREAT JOB DOODLE MASTER!!!
Tarquin 7 mesi fa
Mom: "stop looking at your screens, its bad for you!" Pointcrow: "Sure"
Gogi Poggers
Gogi Poggers 5 mesi fa
@TheCheesen ok
TheCheesen 5 mesi fa
@Gogi Poggers ok sorry
Gogi Poggers
Gogi Poggers 5 mesi fa
@TheCheesen sus
TheCheesen 5 mesi fa
@seth gratz Just edit it
SF squid0102
SF squid0102 6 mesi fa
Mckaylee George
Mckaylee George 7 mesi fa
you know this is genuine because even if he was able to see through the blindfold he didn't have his glasses on so he couldn't see anyways - this is insane !!
Information Not Available
The way I would’ve cheated is had a text to speech bot read me the movements so I wouldn’t have to memorize it.
Daemon404 5 mesi fa
@Kai Baker There are tons of times where it's clear he didn't do that
Daemon404 5 mesi fa
@ytrewqfdsacxz It does not, that's ridiculous
ytrewqfdsacxz 5 mesi fa
@PFC,Hawk I'm curious does that actually exist?
Kai Baker
Kai Baker 6 mesi fa
A way to get around that is prerecording the game play or reaction. Not saying he cheated just that thats a way around that that people have used.
AaronLevi 3 mesi fa
Absolutely insane talent you have, Eric. This is so amazing to watch. Your voice over quality is unmatched. Your getting the Paraglider blindfolded is the most amazing thing in BOTW I've ever seen. Although I will say that the title is misleading. I was expecting you to face off against the blights and Ganon!
Timothy Burhouse
I'm an actor and am constantly memorizing things every day. I have to say this memorization technique is like nothing I've ever heard of before. Amazing work and amazing video!
Anthropomorphic Peanut
11:34 that's called synesthesia! Both identifying numbers and words with colours and identifying time with shapes are forms of synthesia
BewbsOP 7 mesi fa
As soon as he starts describing memorization as shades of color, I got so confused. That's such a unique way of doing it. Memorizing sequences is always sound for me. I used to be able to go for a crazy long tong on simon based on the sounds alone.
Meyo Meyo
Meyo Meyo 2 mesi fa
I also memorize the same way he does. I use shades of colors to relate to things i’ve last saw
Meyo Meyo
Meyo Meyo 2 mesi fa
I also memorize the same way he does. I use shades of colors to relate to things i’ve last saw
Amberlee 3 mesi fa
Yeah I can speedrun some Just Dance routines blindfolded lol
Echoed Elegy
Echoed Elegy 6 mesi fa
I got so crazy excited that I paused the video when he started describing this. I have synesthesia too and I swear tg this sounds exactly like a form of it. I hope he sees this thread and looks it up, because it’s really interesting to learn about!
Carly Crays
Carly Crays 7 mesi fa
@Starbit Observatory Yeah, for me it's almost like a slot machine, but with colors. If the colors are all right, then the memory and the numbers/letters are right. I didn't know people didn't do this.
Foxyglove 7 mesi fa
Crow casually explaining what to me sounds like synesthesia is so fascinating. What a great video
Middykins 7 mesi fa
As a vod phrog I can say that even though Eric is able to memorize parts of this giant list of movements only after a handful of tries this was something that took many hours. Great job Eric, you make us proud, keep at it.
WolfLNS 7 mesi fa
Love how he struggles to really explain what's going through his mind, and the best way to describe how he thinks of his days, weeks, etc. Is with literal pictures that I 100% understand.
Panduh 13ear
Panduh 13ear 6 mesi fa
I'm so confused with how he visualizes days, weeks, etc.
James Tennant
James Tennant 7 mesi fa
This was one of the coolest things to watch. The memorisation and the dedication to the run was so epic
Layla U
Layla U 7 mesi fa
It's so insane Crow is able to memorize all these specific movements to complete this, it's incredibly impressive! Pro gamer moment🙌
Tetrahedral Soul
@AugustTheDock indubitably
AugustTheDock 7 mesi fa
Irrecoverable irresponsible inconceivable irritated irrevocably
Eugenio Palladino
Oh god he was blindfolded so he didn't saw that the old man is king Rhoam Bosphoromus Hyrule!
Finn the Squire
Finn the Squire 7 mesi fa
That is by far the most frustrating part of a blindfolded run.
Trollsaft 7 mesi fa
30:14 This safe is insane! No clue how you memorize all those steps, respect though. Figureing out the route sounds like a nightmare to be honest.
Michaela Huss
Michaela Huss 7 mesi fa
Oh my gosh, this was incredible!!! It’s always fun to see the different ways you can beat botw, but I’ve gotta say, this ranks right up there with the dancepad! I can’t even begin to imagine all the prep work that went into this-Kudos to Pointcrow and CrystalSaver, it was absolutely amazing. :D
goofywoofy 2 mesi fa
This is literally the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen in my life what a mad man
Jak Grájeda
Jak Grájeda 7 mesi fa
Imagine Zelda seeing Link hopping all over the place and think “Did the Resurrection Shrine turn his brain into one of a frog?”
Aether 5 mesi fa
@Jericho Oblivion lmao
Cat clan 13
Cat clan 13 6 mesi fa
Jericho Oblivion
"Can you beat BoTW as Captain Ginyu?"
Walls_of_Skulls 6 mesi fa
This is what happens when you give a frog the triforce of courage
Ren Thewerecat
Ren Thewerecat 7 mesi fa
nah it just made him blind lol-
Halami 7 mesi fa
0:58 That second window telling you how to switch weapons can also indicate that it was the axe, the butterfly doesn’t make that pop up appear
Boba O'Riley
Boba O'Riley 7 mesi fa
I love how the beauty and attention to detail of this game can make this possible. That's why this is my favorite game.
Mytinsaw 7 mesi fa
As someone who does marching and pep band for my high school, i can say without a doubt that THIS is much harder to memorize than music, Wonderfully done Eric, and to everyone else who does blindfolded runs of any game.
Dragifire 7 mesi fa
it was so cool seeing that someone else uses synesthesia to memorize stuff, as well as their personal shapes/colors! like for me, right is red and left is blue, so when you said left is yellow i had to double take haha
Emmie A.
Emmie A. Mese fa
Haha same actually! Left is just blue, and it will be till I die 😂
David Beltra
David Beltra 7 mesi fa
This is amazing! I also love this kind of edited content where you walk us through a run, great job Eric!
Rocket Pajamas
Rocket Pajamas 7 mesi fa
Thanks for explaining how you memorized this route in your head, it adds a lot of depth to this run
have a nice day!
it's so interesting to hear how he memorizes stuff because this is a loooooot great job pointcrow!
Rainwater 27
Rainwater 27 6 mesi fa
I love this walk-through and the challenge. It is very unique how you thought through it all and actually made it work. I was fascinated the whole time!
Tim OSullivan
Tim OSullivan 7 mesi fa
Crow mentioning the beauty of the game: Also crow not even looking at the game the whole time:
prodbykami 6 mesi fa
Jimmy Sus
Nat the Chicken
Nat the Chicken 7 mesi fa
Yeah I hate it when streamers just read chat and ignore what's going on in the game smh
Minimik75 7 mesi fa
Jimmyhere vine boom pfp
fortvilet 7 mesi fa
It’s cuz he’s playing the plateau duh
SleepyShadows 7 mesi fa
@Eric VandenAvond ye i know
soopynoodle 7 mesi fa
These style of videos with voice overs are really good content. It’s awesome to see how you’ve been growing and I’m looking forward to each video you put out. Keep up the good work!
tYtrAck127 7 mesi fa
This is so damn impressive, my god. It took me more than a day to even complete the Great Plateau (I don't play games often, you see :')). Wonderfully done, PointCrow! ✨
The whole consept of how he memorized and kept track of where he was is so cool 10:30
noobmasters69 2 mesi fa
Yeah kind of. But people actually have beat the whole game like this. Now thats impressive.
Cozmix 7 mesi fa
I love how in magnesis, someone in chat goes “ok… this seems a bit fake” only for crow to then genuinely screw up and restart the shrine
Thomas Price
Thomas Price 7 mesi fa
I remember months ago on stream you starting to learn this- so fun to see the progress!
Inckacraft 7 mesi fa
The way you used shapes and colours to remember all of these steps, really reminds me the way if how synaesthesia works. It's basically an association of sense like smell, taste, sight... with other sense which allows people to have taste when they hear a certain sound or to associate colours or shapes to certain numbers, days of the week or months. Maybe Eric has synesthesia and it would be pretty cool
Thursday 7 mesi fa
No jokes this is incredibly impressive and was a joy to watch - loved the post commentary
Mikeyboy 7 mesi fa
11:30 I've always wondered how other people memorize time. I don't do it this way, but it is very interesting seeing someone else's pov of time
RoRo 7 mesi fa
The way you memorise things/visualise things is really interesting! I’ve heard of similar things where some people hear a musical note and they sorta see/feel a certain colour associated with it, so I presume it’s to some degree similar to that.
Emmie A.
Emmie A. Mese fa
Yeah for me it’s mainly music (im a pianist) and whenever I play a piece, let’s say a minuet, I see a light violet swirling around, and that’s the “color” of the piece for me. Doesn’t really happen with directions (except left, which is red, and left, blue) anything else though 😂
megasaurus 7 mesi fa
@Kate Dp People with that form of synesthesia physically see the sounds as colours.
The Blob
The Blob 7 mesi fa
I think everyone uses colors but not much more. Sometimes it has a meaning but not always. Synesthesia goes further. Or so I think
Angsty Gurl
Angsty Gurl 7 mesi fa
@Kate Dp I mean I think that might just be you associating things with colors because I do the but peaople with synesthesia usually (not all the time don’t quote me on this) visually see the colors and or stuff like that and not just association
Kate Dp
Kate Dp 7 mesi fa
@Noa Binnendijk I feel like I kinda have that but with music notes on a staff since I can't play by ear or have perfect pitch. Because I think of D as green, E as blue F# and F as yellow and so on. But I don't know if I've seen them colored as that in a piece of media or just made it up myself. But seeing G as purple definitely came from music class and playing with boomwhackers. But the A and C notes are definitely red in my mind.
charlie astronaut
You're an absolute legend for doing this! What an amazing run!!
mothcub 2 mesi fa
This is so interesting, I love all the creative and different ways you've found to play this game!!
Batmani 7 mesi fa
The blindfold is super cute! And great job on the run, that was definitely a lot of hard work and effort to get to this point!
DerKernsen 7 mesi fa
The intro had a "collectors anxiety" flavour to it. Love it!
Anabelle Gill
Anabelle Gill 7 mesi fa
This is so impressive not only memorizing it but executing it so well!
PinkiePingas 6 mesi fa
Crow, the mnemonics of memorizing all that is awesome! I love seeing how people use mnemonics to memorize huge amounts of information. I kinda found it interesting how the months and times of day ended up being a sort of cubic function. Any idea why that might be, and why they might be similar?
JīroTheFro 7 mesi fa
Insane. Absolutely insane. I caught one of the streams near the beginning of the journey but didn’t keep up with it, but I knew he would figure out how to do it by the end, and I was not disappointed. Phenomenal job Eric!
DinoDerp 7 mesi fa
Yoooo This is insane!!! I cannot even comprehend the work and time this took
Stale Ravioli
Stale Ravioli 7 mesi fa
"For those of you wondering how I memorized all of these steps, I did it by making it even more complicated than it already was!"
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 6 mesi fa
Not really, it seems that for Pointcrow it's easier to visualise numbers, for others it's easier just to remember numbers. Everyone has a different learning stategy, for me it's the easiest to remember things that create a logical sequence and (in best context) encloses for example it's very easy for me to remember the cycle of a red blood cell since it repeats and operates in an enclosed environment (single organism) and it influences other processes and it all works together (the reason why I study biology and maths lol) My mind works on sequences, Pointcrow's may work more on established ideas, someone else may memorise based on sentences and so on It's also fascinating how my main hobby is creative work (mostly digital art) even though it may seem as my brain is more analitical than creative, brains are crazy
Animefannatsu 7 mesi fa
Yeah my memory is so shot I could never do this well done that’s just impressive and a true testament of how much you love the game
Xarin Sliron
Xarin Sliron 7 mesi fa
0:25 "The first thing you'll notice is that we're gonna be doing a lot of jumping." Sorry, the first thing I noticed is how cute the mask you are wearing looks. I'm legit a fan. Edit: Also good job showing your work. Blindfolded runs are a bit notorious for being BS so showing your work makes it easy to confirm its validity ^.^ (more specifically people who aren't me...)
Dave Katague
Dave Katague 7 mesi fa
This video caught me total surprise. The skill involved, the memorisation, the off handed comments of perseverance, knowing there was a TREE wtfff. Man the amount of invisible work, determination, obsession and commitment to making this video happen including all the incredible work from those who carved the path, made me so damn proud of the efforts you put into it.
KiosheKat 7 mesi fa
such a fun stream! the importance of audio is insane with this run
Yeontan's Eyebrows
Really makes you apprectiate the sound design more
ShavylishusBoom 7 mesi fa
It's so insane Crow is able to memorize all these specific movements to complete this, it's incredibly impressive! Pro gamer moment
Triple S
Triple S 7 mesi fa
I love how Crow sounds like a DreamWorks protagonist narrating his own movie during this video lmao it's great
Erica DiGiulio
Erica DiGiulio 7 mesi fa
This is the single most insane thing I've ever seen a person do. Congrats Crow!!!!!!
J Hedin
J Hedin 7 mesi fa
I didn't think I'd like this run, but I love the way you did it. It's so hype!
stan yoongles
stan yoongles 7 mesi fa
Challenges like these highlight how much time and effort Eric puts into making his content and it's truly amazing and entertaining to watch
Marco Holst
Marco Holst 5 mesi fa
I feel like people underappreciate how incredibly hard this is. Many people can't beat parts of the game as is, and doing it completely blindfolded is an extraordinary feat. Sure, you have a memorization technique, but even remembering this as of itself is already incredible. Kudos!
gasparsigma 5 mesi fa
Damn! That's so impressive. Thanks for the content and extra thanks for showing us your memorization technique
Pedro Valente
Pedro Valente 6 mesi fa
Man, I miss this game… I wish I could erase it from my mind and play it again from zero. And I know a lot of us feel this.
Goose :)
Goose :) 7 mesi fa
this video deserves to be trending, so much effort and time went into it!
D4 3th4n8tor
D4 3th4n8tor 6 mesi fa
You did this blind folded?! That’s amazing how you memorized all of that! I can’t even remember why I walked into a room sometimes. Congrats!!
Victoria Brewster
I am just absolutely baffled by how you were able to do this. You keep continuing to amaze us, Crow!!
Buster Cherry
Buster Cherry 6 mesi fa
GG’s PointCrow, that is SO impressive. I think you beat the great plateau with a faster time blindfolded then i did when i first played through BOTW years ago 😂😅
Hetsu 7 mesi fa
Just wanna say that in my first playtrough I defeated the bokos and climbed up that little space, barely making it instead of chopping down the tree
UpHi_DownLow 7 mesi fa
Zelda: Put him in the shrine of resurrection Sheikah soldier: Wait, but how would that affect his mind? Zelda: He'll be fine, I'm sure of it. Link, the first minute he gets out of the shrine: 0:50
Grace Face
Grace Face 7 mesi fa
The way you memorize and process information is so interesting to me. I’ve never thought about it like that before!
thumble360 7 mesi fa
I think you have spatial and numerical synesthesia and probably a couple other kinds, would be interesting to hear more about how you perceive time, colours, and numbers
reno ramza
reno ramza 15 giorni fa
This is absolutely unreal! The fact that it only took you three times as long as your any% run is ridiculous! Well done Eric I don’t know how you did it.
Pikachu Fanz
Pikachu Fanz 7 mesi fa
This is probably the single most impressive feat in video games I've ever seen.
Charjo SJ
Charjo SJ 7 mesi fa
this blindfolded run has better times than my normal plateau runs :(
@GMDrandom 628 dude wth is wrong with you
Kaz 7 mesi fa
@GMDrandom 628 bruh imagine being so bad you tell others not to be like you
ZA WARDO 7 mesi fa
*unbads myself* oh I fixed it easy
AugustTheDock 7 mesi fa
@GMDrandom 628 🗿
GMDrandom 628
GMDrandom 628 7 mesi fa
Stop being bad then
Stephen Johnston
As impressive as this is, my take away is just how good the audio design is. Otherwise a lot of this would not be possible. Fantastic
Egg? 5 mesi fa
I can just imagine Zelda looking at Link and thinking “that is the guy who will save Hyrule?”
Colder 7 mesi fa
I've played and watched people play the great plateau tons of times, and this was somehow the first time I've noticed that way of making it to the stasis shrine
cyan.cephalopod 7 mesi fa
The way u memorize things is wild and I’m so amazed how well it works! Bravo dot bird
[Frankie]-C0me 0ver L!ve
Only this man can say: "This game is so easy, that I can beat it my eyes closed" and can actually mean it.
Nathan Truby
Nathan Truby 7 mesi fa
Slowly but surely, this man is evolving into the peak of human evolution
Musso 7 mesi fa
That was honestly incredible PC! Well done!
Kayo Splash
Kayo Splash 7 mesi fa
He’s so humble about this like this is something easily done. Im over here in absolute shock because i cant even play the game with my eyes open lol!
ratchetfella 7 mesi fa
What the heck, Eric, this is insane! Your memorization system is so cool!
CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦
The most insane part of this is that he memorized all of the steps. Wow
Spicy Sama
Spicy Sama 7 mesi fa
This video had me so emotionally invested this is the best shit I've seen in a while :)
Tamanegi-K' 7 mesi fa
"If I can do this, victory is in sight." - PointCrow, blindfolded 2k21
Chris Blodgett
Chris Blodgett 10 giorni fa
This dude can memorize all of this imagine him on science tests
P R 7 mesi fa
Watched whole VOD before this, but post commentary and seeing steps as you move on makes it even better! Great job!
Alex Cooley
Alex Cooley 7 mesi fa
Not only is memorizing the run incredible, figuring out the memorized path in the first place is impressive too.
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