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29 mar 2019




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Sophie Baehler
Sophie Baehler 23 ore fa
But my hair is going to grow faster? (On my face)
Sophie Baehler
Sophie Baehler 23 ore fa
But my hair is going to grow faster? (On my face)
Kahdia 6 giorni fa
Yes bc grabbing a razors from ur parents bathroom is dirty kids
Shannon Huddleston
Shannon Huddleston 6 giorni fa
Those are straight razors in plastic containers. That's what the cowboys used back in the western times
b a
b a 11 giorni fa
Can u please link the razor?
MsCrystalclear23 24 giorni fa
I could not believe this video has 2.4 m views she shaves her F***n face omg f****n ground breaking ...NOT
chelsia matej
Girlllll you need a house tour! I'm inlove with the way you decorate xo
Metal Head
Metal Head Mese fa
What Are You A Bloke Women Shave ING There Faces 😂
Kimberly Nelson
Video is sooo long
athena dougherty
Any tips on the broken capillaries I have them crazy and nothing had helped
Selena Lambert
Quick question so we’re shaving our face dry without any product? Just clean bare skin? I’m only asking because I attempted shaving this way a few years back with the same exact razor with dry skin! And I grew small bumps were I decided to shave and been having those bumps for 3 years they never went away. I always thought it was because I shaved my face without any product. However, I’m tempted to try again I just want to know what I may have done wrong or if anyone else have had this problem in the past?
Lauren Mese fa
Why are the doing this with a dry face? Isn’t it supposed to be moisturized
Riane Ruiz
Riane Ruiz Mese fa
Did this a broke out like crazy 😩😩 so many ingrowns.
Alyssa Fanning
Question, what about waxing? I have super dark hair and hair follicles. I can’t stand it but I’m terrified to “shave” so I want to ask what about waxing your whole face? I do my face and neck but it’s so harsh on my skin It creates so many broken capillaries and is so harsh, is shaving a viable option? For someone who is darker is waxing the better option?
Muska Rasuli
Muska Rasuli 2 mesi fa
After shaving my face the sides of my face that i shoved become darker and bumpy plzzz help me if there is any solution it looks terrible 😣
Muska Rasuli
Muska Rasuli Mese fa
@meher Sami tnk u
meher Sami
meher Sami Mese fa
Start waxing it. The hair will get thinner with time.
Rusty123 2 mesi fa
Is shaving good for only those people who do make up all the time or is it also going to be good always without make up?
Karen ruiz
Karen ruiz 2 mesi fa
Hi do you have any make up you can donate ? Lol .i love your tutorials
Aleesha M
Aleesha M 2 mesi fa
I did this and it made my skin so oily
Katherine Grassie
19. You care.
Jeison Garrido
Jeison Garrido 2 mesi fa
those eyes @_@
Angela 2 mesi fa
Guys, shaving doesn’t make it grow back darker or thicker! It cuts the hair and gives it a blunt end so it’s not actually thicker or darker.
Stream BTS - ON
Stream BTS - ON 2 mesi fa
I literally just shaved my face yesterday and in between my nose and lips... IM GONNA LOOK LIKE A HAVE A DARK BEARD NO NO LMAO NO IM ACTUALLY GONNA KILL MYSELF
Komori Aimi
Komori Aimi 2 mesi fa
I saw the thumbnaand I literally didn't know who it was. Addiction to fillers are all over ITvid.
Y.M_ 86
Y.M_ 86 3 mesi fa
Normally when people wear a lot of make Up, Im in shock when I see them without. You are still gorgeous without make up!
Jordan Kinney
Jordan Kinney 3 mesi fa
Is it good to prep the skin before you shave or is that not necessary? I’m just kinda scared of razor bumps lol
Wendy Miranda
Wendy Miranda 3 mesi fa
I just shaved my face .
Lizziegirlnyc 3 mesi fa
Can you please recommend a tool (brand) that doesn't dull and price worthy?
Sandamini Gunamuni
Why does she remind me of Wendy from red velvet?
katkatCSI 4 mesi fa
iq left the youtube...
Nico Pico
Nico Pico 4 mesi fa
Love your personality and you look gorgeous without makeup
mkupby jess
mkupby jess 4 mesi fa
So strange I hv watched u forever been subscribed forever. Was trying to remember name of this razor so looked up this video and it says I'm not subscribed....wtf ITvid NOT COOL stop unsubscribing me from people this is like the 3rd time this has happened with different people. Cant unsub me from jaclyn hill she was my 1st😂 literally the first beauty influencer I followed, now ima be checking.
Princesa82 4 mesi fa
I had shaved my face too since many years ago, I buy razors with only one blade, it is very soft so no cuts, first I used shaving foam then baby oil know I use aloe vera or coconut oil, not so many people knew about this, a was afraid of judgment, but now this a trend so I can tell. I sew the one in the video at the stores I am going to try if it is any difference. the skin becomes very soft after razing, you get rid of dead skin, then you get a smoth canvas to makeup.
Abby Melton
Abby Melton 4 mesi fa
you forgot to mention the orgasmic high you get when you see yourself afterwards
Lydia Thornton
Lydia Thornton 4 mesi fa
Be very careful and take your time.....those razors are very SHARP!!!!
rere x
rere x 4 mesi fa
Before drastic fillers >_< I hope you remove fillers
Diamond Aires
Diamond Aires 4 mesi fa
How long does it last before you have to shave it again?
Angela 2 mesi fa
Diamond Aires depends on the person
dgnty 4 mesi fa
Video starts at 6:20 . Sheesh this video could have been 5 minutes long if you hadn't told your whole life story
Acire 4 mesi fa
Thankyou! Didnt know I needed this lol
Nathalie G
Nathalie G 4 mesi fa
Comment peut on encore de nos jours se raser le visage ? Mon dieu plus tard vous allez le regretter 😱😱
Savannah BrownSkin
4:38 or 6:24
Megan W
Megan W 4 mesi fa
Do you do this at morning or night
Kylies Life
Kylies Life 4 mesi fa
You are soooooooooo beautiful
Castiel Winchester
Right when she said "that was my dog not my ass" I subscribed super fast 😂
Delphini 5 mesi fa
Ok so I know this sounds dumb but I shaved my moustache once and told some of my friends THEY TOLD ME I WOULD GROWA FRICKING MOUSTACHE and don't get me wrong my friends aren't mean or anything But if I would shave it again with the feminine razor it wouldn't get dark? would I have to continue shaving it forever?
Angela 2 mesi fa
Delphini ir DOESNT get darker!
Paladium 5 mesi fa
But what about when you're having an active breakout? I have hormonal breakouts so I'm scared to do this. 😳
Traci wickenhofer griffith
I love the you from 1st videos you created. I suppose it's possible that wasn't the real you however, it's why you stood out where others sat behind you. A example is a blogger who is foul mouthed & kinda crude. She is popular # wise yet she is stuck across the web probably forever. I don't even remember her name I wouldn't mention it anyways....... the point is she isn't memorable where you were cute, sweet, fun & it appeared honest about life you lived. I don't wanna seem mean it's a little notation that you seem off lately either you will 1 that fades away or please see about help I can't believe family hasn't seen a obvious mentality change that is a scary issue....... good luck
Islam 4life
Islam 4life 5 mesi fa
How often do you do it ??
Ella x
Ella x 5 mesi fa
Yeah but then you get stuble
Jada bess
Jada bess 5 mesi fa
you look like noah cyrus
Christina Leclerc
I think she looks better without makeup. She definitely doesn’t need it to look pretty!
Elizabeth Girard
A razor is a razor. It’s not going to change whether is shaped different. Also, you hair doesn’t and won’t grow back thicker and darker. Ask the dermatologist. It’s not a thing. You may think it does because the hair is blunt due to the razor cut but that’s about it. Also, hair has a cycle and will fall out every few weeks.
Elizabeth Girard
Also I have been doing this since I was 16. I’m now 45.
Mattie Jackson
Mattie Jackson 5 mesi fa
You're the same age as me. You're so pretty girl!♥️
Adelina Love
Adelina Love 5 mesi fa
Don’t do this girls !!! This is crazy and will turn out bad for You I’m the long run
JohnnyNismo 5 mesi fa
I'm a man and I must say it feels really great to kiss on a woman's face and neck when she shaves. The skin feels fantastic. Your partner will definitely notice the difference and appreciate it.
The Madster
The Madster 5 mesi fa
I always get like little stuble on my upper lip and it like makes a little Shadow and idk how to make it stop :(
MLS 6 mesi fa
LOVE IT! check out, Penn.Smith.Skincare dermaplaning tutorial. Penny is a master esthetician & will give the full rundown on before/after skincare as well as a thorough how-to. Doing this haphazardly can cause major breakouts! It's honestly hard to believe Jac could get any more beautiful. Jaclyn, you are stunning without a stitch of makeup!!!!
Brooke Gardunio
Brooke Gardunio 6 mesi fa
I'm 12 and I'm like taking notes cause my mom is like : tell me how to do it then yes
Alyssa Rose
Alyssa Rose 4 mesi fa
Peyton Hampson
Peyton Hampson 6 mesi fa
Your body changes every seven years so that’s probably why your face is braking out
christeene villacreses
Just Amazon Primed these razors lol
Staci Kalass
Staci Kalass 6 mesi fa
😂😂 i love you so much I can’t even deal
FaithOverFear 6 mesi fa
I was Surprised to see that you don’t use any shaving cream. Thank you for sharing! Small ITvidr here 👋🏽
ava smith
ava smith 6 mesi fa
I shave my forehead but I'm too scared to shave my chin so I shaved a tiny tiny bit of it and I'm gonna see what happens, also I used a regular razor 😬
Jess Rose
Jess Rose 6 mesi fa
Wow, I’m allergic to wax so I’m going to try this soon❤️
Zoe Catherine
Zoe Catherine 6 mesi fa
Yeah when I went to school for cosmetology my teacher said that hair does NOT come back darker or thicker.
Ee-Lin Yong
Ee-Lin Yong 6 mesi fa
I enjoyed your video. Very good and helpful.
Dede Jubran
Dede Jubran 6 mesi fa
Hello Arab women problemsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Kim Collis
Kim Collis 6 mesi fa
I started shaving my face almost 2 years ago , less than a week after I shaved my face I broke out in acne , I've had severe cystic acne ever since , literally 2 years of my whole face and neck covered in huge cystic acne . Also when the hair grows back it's not growing back darker , my hair grows back in blonde , but it grows back spikey , like a man's stubble . People have commented on how spikey my face hair is .so just know that once you start you can't stop unless you want spikey face hair
Jazmine Medina
Jazmine Medina 3 mesi fa
Omg sameee
Danelle Green
Danelle Green 5 mesi fa
what are you using to shave your face?
Bts's Face towel
No no nooo I'm gonna grab it righttt nowww i can't sit idle
My Ideas
My Ideas 6 mesi fa
For rosacea use magnesium chloride base cream.
jade chua
jade chua 6 mesi fa
omg u have to try face threading.....
Ruth Paz
Ruth Paz 6 mesi fa
U look so cute in this video.i also love all your piercings
Strawberry Puppy
She’s a dumbass
kaitlyn sander
kaitlyn sander 6 mesi fa
“No - shaving hair doesn't change its thickness, color or rate of growth. Shaving facial or body hair gives the hair a blunt tip. ... During this phase, the hair might be more noticeable and perhaps appear darker or thicker - but it's not.” For anybody worried about hair growing darker or thicker. It literally doesn’t. It doesn’t even make sense when you think about it
Tanvee 6 mesi fa
Is it good to dry shave or does it burn? Some people say to use coconut oil or Vaseline or just wetting the face before starting so I don’t know what to do
Angela 2 mesi fa
Tanvee I dry shave personally or after a shower because it prefer it but when you first do it it’ll itch/burn
Edenz03 6 mesi fa
"how i shave my lipsticks"
fatima 6 mesi fa
Using a normal razor actually does make your hair grow back thicker. But using the actual facial razors that you can dry shave with, won’t make it grow back darker or thicker🤔
Angela 2 mesi fa
fatima not true! Hair can’t come back darker/thicker from shaving
Shayna Jacob
Shayna Jacob 6 mesi fa
You have beautiful eyes.
Jesse Berry
Jesse Berry 7 mesi fa
So how do you shave the other part like suggestions is it better to shave dry or wet? And im chunky so idk how to shave wet
sandra jimenez
sandra jimenez 7 mesi fa
I shave my face been doing it for years now n I love it. I actually found out that it prevents wrinkles...yes. I work alot n 90% of time I sleep w my mk up. I know is not good but I'm 35 n my skins is so so soft n still wrinkles FREE... I love shaving my face..
Ronnah Franz
Ronnah Franz 7 mesi fa
Hair does not grow back darker when you shave or wax
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