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When Jenna Ortega got an email from Tim Burton to play Wednesday Addams, she thought it was a prank since the actor has been compared to Wednesday for most of her life. She takes us through her entire process of auditioning and preparing for her role as the iconic Wednesday Addams in the new Netflix series 'Wednesday.' From learning cello to consulting the original Wednesday, Christina Ricci, Jenna spills all on how she gets in (and out) of character.
Wednesday is available to stream on November 23rd exclusively on Netflix.
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15 nov 2022




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leokimvideo 10 mesi fa
Smash together Scooby Doo, Xmen and Harry Potter then sprinkle over some Stranger Things and you have Wednesday, Jenna will win an Academy Award for her role where she never blinks😳
GIBBO4182 10 mesi fa
Aren’t academy awards (oscars) for films?
Unknown. 10 mesi fa
Ye that did give me Stranger Things vibes bc I just binged watched the whole thing last week
Astri Kvernland
Astri Kvernland 10 mesi fa
she did blink tho
Syaril Aldi
Syaril Aldi 10 mesi fa
You forgot about enola holmes plot twist
Briguy 9 mesi fa
As someone who played the violin as a child, I have to say Jenna did a really a great job with the cello. It always annoys me when actors don't match he bowing/fingering of the music, but she nailed it.
Kyrylo Mazur
Kyrylo Mazur 9 mesi fa
But in first episode they've shown an old woman's hands in close view and that kinda cut my eyes, that was so obvious that those are not her hands, and I didn't get why they needed to do that when in others episodes she did her cello job well
Phoenix Royale
Phoenix Royale 9 mesi fa
I play the cello, and her playing seemed very good! it would have helped if it didn't sound like she was playing all 5 instruments at once of Vivaldi's Winter, but still very good in this day and age.
Melissa Nelson-Chamberlain
Isn’t it so cool too that she just learned cello FOR THIS ROLE!?! Jenna Ortega clearly has what it takes to go really far as an actress… wow.
Lauren P.
Lauren P. 8 mesi fa
Nobody’s daughter
I don’t think she realizes how good she is in this series. I also don’t think she gives herself enough credit. Wednesday was sooooo good and awesome. I’m literally obsessed with her 💜
Tim N
Tim N 9 mesi fa
ill counter your comment with - acting isnt difficult. getting discovered is. maybe she realises this?. maybe other actors feel too highly about themselves?. i think she has a great balance and mature outlook. aS she said, shes not saving lives every day.
Mister Human Spider👽
Was she really shooting this Wednesday series in Romania?
farrex0 9 mesi fa
@Tim N I wouldn't say that acting is the most difficult thing ever, it is not even the most difficult thing to do in the film industry... Actors are clearly overvalued, but I think you are going to the other extreme. Just watch independent and low budget films, and how often bad acting is extremely prevalent there. If it was just a matter of getting noticed, and it was as easy as you make it out to be, decent acting would be more common. Yet watching low budget films, is almost painful and sometimes hilarious, how bad acting is the norm. So of course, acting is not like being a doctor or a physicist. It is also not hard, in terms that it is not hard labor (Unless you do stunts). But I wouldn't say it is easy either. If it was, you would see more prevalence of good actors, but there isn't. Now, what might be too easy, would be typecast acting. Where the person doesn't even have to act, the character is way too similar to who they are in real life. So they just are themself.
_Megumin_ 9 mesi fa
@Mister Human Spider👽 Yes
Nobody’s daughter
Everyone’s opinions are valid. Just sharing my thoughts on something I personally enjoy. To each is own. Stay blessed.
Suzanna Scott
Suzanna Scott 10 mesi fa
The fact that she learned the cello for this role shows how much of a dedicated actor she is. As a cello, bass, violin, piano, and guitar player it’s not easy to learn how to play the cello in such short times.
Manuel 10 mesi fa
And her German lines where not half bad either :-)
Xio Müller
Xio Müller 9 mesi fa
@Manuel yes! when i heared her speak german i was so proud her pronounciaton was really good!
I've been playing the cello for 4 years and she learned more in 8 months than I ever have
jasan3a 9 mesi fa
@noodleiswholesome She learned how to play to look authentic. She wasn't actually playing the song. That was the band Apocalyptica.
Amber Updike
Amber Updike 3 mesi fa
Yes! We all love that about her, also want to mention that it wasn't just cello she learned, she learned fencing, archery, boxing (I believe), canoeing, German.
Mozorella stick
Mozorella stick 9 mesi fa
Her micro expressions are incredible. Her face is so dainty and sharp, so it feels like all her expressions are amplified. This girl just absolutely nailed it
ABC 9 mesi fa
‘My mum is an ER nurse’. Your mum saves lives. Props to your mum! You, on the other hand, save our sanity with wonderful shows. 😄😄
Mischa Rowe
Mischa Rowe 9 mesi fa
And both following their heart.
Gamez top collectibles
She said Mom not mum watch it again.
Mischa Rowe
Mischa Rowe 9 mesi fa
@Gamez top collectibles It's spelled differently in different parts of the world. OP clearly spells it as "mum". As do I. No need to be rude about it.
Chris R.
Chris R. 9 mesi fa
That's cool ya mum is an ER nurse, saving lives 👏👏👏
Heidi Nova
Heidi Nova Mese fa
As a nurse myself who has seen all the business, that little shoutout to her mom made me tear up. What she should know is that she is just as important, because after all the stress in the day, actors and comedians bring me levity and it's the first thing I go to to relax. We all heal each other and save lives in different ways.
The Reaper
The Reaper 10 mesi fa
Jenna seems like such a nice and hardworking person, like she really committed to her character. And the way she explains stuff too idk how to explain
pero que paso
pero que paso 10 mesi fa
I love the way she explains things
MadiRen 10 mesi fa
“Seems” NO honey she is
MadiRen 10 mesi fa
Lol* JK
Kele Rhtz
Kele Rhtz 10 mesi fa
In all her interviews, she is very articulate and while explaining she tries to elucidate the subject very clearly.
tiki trash
tiki trash 10 mesi fa
I haven't seen the show yet, but wasn't this supposed to be a comedy since its inception? I haven't seen the comedy. Is this just another teen growing up in a middle-class society and feeling alienated sort of rehash of a sow of a rehash of a show?
GREATking54 10 mesi fa
My expectations was very low for this series but I was blown out of the water with how good it actually was and how good Jenna did as Wednesday.
Null 9 mesi fa
Same here. Then it made sense when I found out Tim directed it
Moriah Tuttle
Moriah Tuttle 8 mesi fa
Jenna did a great job portraying Wednesday- she stayed true to the originals persona but added her own attitude. Loved the show
padtrick keys
padtrick keys 6 mesi fa
Agreed she inbodied Wednesday On and off set, 🖤 Jenna
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson 9 mesi fa
Jenna Ortega's level of humility is super refreshing to see. I hope her career continues to sky rocket!
Red Rocks 1983
Red Rocks 1983 9 mesi fa
Absolutely....I love her sarcasm and you know her IQ is off the chart.
Belen Heredia
Belen Heredia 9 mesi fa
Same with Tim Burton ❤️
Edward Emmanuel
Edward Emmanuel 9 mesi fa
Im a musician and the joy of me seeing her hit her cello notes accurately was so satisfying 😭
Caitlyn B.
Caitlyn B. 9 mesi fa
Some of them were like really off tho LOL, but you can definitely tell that she had learned some cello!
Chloe Adams
Chloe Adams 9 mesi fa
@Caitlyn B. I disagree, she wasn't off. She played all the notes correctly and that's impressive for someone who was only practicing for less than a year.
Caitlyn B.
Caitlyn B. 9 mesi fa
@Chloe Adams as a cellist, there were many notes that were off including the first entire portion of Paint it, Black when there was plucking, she was still bowing
Chloe Adams
Chloe Adams 9 mesi fa
@Caitlyn B. Oh, you mean the pizzicato. I just rewatched it and It is true that there is a slight instance where her playing didn't match up to the soundtrack. It seems as though she was given incorrect direction in order to mime. But overall lets cut her some slack she only had 8 months of practice...
L O V 3 C R A F 7
Like when she was playing paint it black and there was a moment of pizzicato and she was bowing made me LOL but aesthetically she looked like a pro 🖤
Aquarius ♒️
Aquarius ♒️ 9 mesi fa
I love how she actually wants to pursue playing the cello. As a classical musician, it made me happy to see an actor play this wonderful instrument so well.
Tucker Clark
Tucker Clark 7 mesi fa
I honestly can't stop watching this show. Jenna Ortega did an awesome job with being Wednesday and rest of the cast did an amazing job too. It's a show it's still Addams family with mystery. Can't wait until they start with more.
CallMeNick 8 mesi fa
She took an amazing character and made it her own, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. A true masterpiece. Well done Jenna Ortega!
Amy Slowik Grossman
I'm telling ya, Jenna is going to have a career where she's so versatile. Kind of like a young female Johnny Depp in the best way, but completely unique.
Sarah Loo
Sarah Loo 9 mesi fa
The hours she's been working... it's insane ! Big respect for her amazing performance
Vanessa 10 mesi fa
She's like a perfect physical mix of Christina Ricci and Helena Bonham Carter...but with her unique mannerisms, charm, and wit. She's amazing! 🖤
Brian Newton
Brian Newton 10 mesi fa
She is so clear spoken and articulate!!! I’m extremely jealous
Jarvis Hudson
Jarvis Hudson 10 mesi fa
I was thinking that too, it’s really impressive. Especially considering so many cameras and nerves involved lol
Sean's Swamp
Sean's Swamp 10 mesi fa
Underscorejed 10 mesi fa
I mean shes a 20 year old woman
oreo 10 mesi fa
@Underscorejed I’m guessing you never met any 20 year olds who aren’t like this.
Grimm.Llamas 10 mesi fa
@Sean's Swamp à
cory 9 mesi fa
What an articulate mature 20 year old! She’s doing a great job and will go far in her career! 💛
GryphonICD 9 mesi fa
She is so good at subtle expression. Just the merest of facial emtoions and she can convey so much. Great actress and still so early in her carreer.
Mr Chris Art Studio
I love how technical the questions and answers are in this interview. It's so great that she's talking about the artistic side of theater and acting instead of anything that is superficial. Great job!
Ady Syady
Ady Syady 10 mesi fa
Her version of Wednesday is quite intriguing and fun to watch. Jenna is definitely a new it girl in horror movies or series
Tune Squad Jack
Tune Squad Jack 7 mesi fa
I admire how hardworking, kind, and committed she is. Knowing that she’s apparently been compared to Wednesday her whole life is only more assuring that she was born for the role🥰🥰🥰🥰
Amber Updike
Amber Updike 3 mesi fa
Me too. She really is so sweet and honest. Ohhh yes that dry sense of humor is her main comparison 😂
Tune Squad Jack
Tune Squad Jack 3 mesi fa
@Amber Updike yes. Again, born for the role🙂
Elizabeth Ogle
Elizabeth Ogle 10 mesi fa
I love how she recognizes to give herself grace when she says "my mom is an ER nurse, this is a Netflix show." She does a phenomenal job as Wednesday and I can totally tell this can't be an easy character to take on.
Marjorie Sage
Marjorie Sage 10 mesi fa
Exactly what I came here to say, she is so humble! I'm excited for her to be a bigger part of the industry.
natopal 08
natopal 08 10 mesi fa
i did not really understand what she meant by that... could you please kindly explain?:)
alina ;
alina ; 10 mesi fa
@natopal 08 shes basically saying at the end of the day, its just a tv show made for people to enjoy whilst her mom is out saving lives so its nowhere as serious or important for her to be intensely stressing over
John D
John D 10 mesi fa
It's sad that saying the obvious things impresses ppl these days.. like, who would think the opposite?..
natopal 08
natopal 08 10 mesi fa
@alina ; thank u very much:) have a great day
Southamericunt 9 mesi fa
She is such a little jewel. She’s a great actress and has real passion for what she does
Tano 10 mesi fa
She has way more knowledge and self-awareness than so many actors 20 to 30 years older than her. She's going to go so far in this business.
pluto 10 mesi fa
shes 20.
exro_ 10 mesi fa
@pluto that is still young especially for a popular actor
Spice Marine
Spice Marine 10 mesi fa
Omg she is sooooo smart and aware and conscious she is woke and has a third eye
ang 10 mesi fa
@pluto I think they know her age 💀
Ashley Becker
Ashley Becker 10 mesi fa
Imagine how tired she must of been filming 12 hrs each day and still did a good job 👏🏽👏🏽 shes goin to be a big star ❤
carloscream 10 mesi fa
I pray and hope her parents AND manager protect her at any cost. This girl is gold. Shine, Jenna!
Basicallyabush 9 mesi fa
I love Jenna’s personality, and she’s also insanely beautiful, talented and intelligent.
Ayeisha Gee
Ayeisha Gee 9 mesi fa
Wednesday deserves the hype it gets. And through this interview, we can say that Jenna is such a passionate and smart actress. She really embodied the role and made it hers.
heresheis 206
heresheis 206 8 mesi fa
Love her as Wednesday. Truly a great actress. She seems like a hard worker and well informed. Hope she gets more projects.
Amber West
Amber West 10 mesi fa
She’s such a well spoken dedicated actress. She was the perfect choice for sure.
Galin McMahon
Galin McMahon 10 mesi fa
This was almost a master class. She is a very impressive actor.
attaraxxia 10 mesi fa
steph 10 mesi fa
exactly she was born for this role as Wednesday
Gir 10 mesi fa
Maria Eduarda 🇧🇷
Ok,mas eu não sei o que ela falou
Julie S
Julie S 9 mesi fa
She has terrific insight other character… she’s very well spoken and mature… she will have a great career ❤
GhostFarts 9 mesi fa
i hope jenna does similar characters like wednesday in the future!!! in the same way that johnny depp played different tim burton characters!!! she is perfect for this genre and so is the entire cast honestly. omg ty netflix for this ICONIC MASTERPIECE 🖤
Zola Renard
Zola Renard 8 mesi fa
She cared so much about her character. That's a rare trait these days.
Basicallyabush 9 mesi fa
You can tell how much love and how passionate Jenna is when talking about acting she's definitely going to go very far in her career, I Think she’ll win a Oscar in the future for sure she’s such an amazing actress already, I’m rooting for her, and can’t wait to see what she does next :)
Tasmiah Tanjeen
Tasmiah Tanjeen 9 mesi fa
Jenna, you are so mature for your age, at your age I was eating chocolates in my sweatpants! But kidding aside, the way you described the whole process, I didn't blink once, LOL! Fascinating! Here for you and rooting for your amazing career ahead!
Warning: Dead Inside
Honestly, my favorite part of how she portrays Wednesday is her micro expressions. She keeps her deadpan expression throughout the show but is able to make these small subtle changes, allowing the audience to see how she's really feeling. Which is important since Wednesday is the main character. It's so unique and fascinating to watch.
David Floro
David Floro 10 mesi fa
Those micro expressions are things I’ve only seen truly great actors do. An example is Anthony Hopkins in “The Remains of the Day.” But Jenna is 20 years old, and can already do this?!?
alexandra 10 mesi fa
Same!! She does the TINEST little eye and head movements that are just genius
Retro Cobra
Retro Cobra 10 mesi fa
@David Floro I think 21 actually
pearldiver78 10 mesi fa
Agree. There was one scene where she made a tiny little downwards movement of her eyes - and l knew exactly what she was thinking!
hawkeyemihawk getting money lord afro hokage
@Retro Cobra no she's 20
s 10 mesi fa
jenna is so talented, she’ll definitely be one of those disney actors that are able to build a legacy for themselves outside disney.
Massive Socks
Massive Socks 10 mesi fa
She is showing more "self" than most of the celebrities in Hollywood these days, it's refreshing, I look forward to seeing her and her career grow.
Randomly Jessie
Randomly Jessie 9 mesi fa
Her ability to articulate and be so self aware and respectful is why she is now one of my favorite people in Hollywood
Jose Legaspi
Jose Legaspi 9 mesi fa
I love the amount of respect she has for Ricci's wednesday and for the lore as an actress. That's how you do a newer version of anything. Ypu pay respect and acknowledge what was previously done.
dee tan
dee tan 10 mesi fa
Unlike other young actors, she is so elegant and professional I would go around and express my thoughts about her without being criticized or looked down at.
Alexis Rico
Alexis Rico 10 mesi fa
This series might be the best casting I’ve seen in years, Netflix really outdid themselves, the entire adams family is perfect
BILL MURRAY 10 mesi fa
Disagree. No one will top Raul Julia as Gomez, and Catherine Zeta-Jones looks more like a stand-in for Angelica Huston.
Roberto Bayde
Roberto Bayde 10 mesi fa
grazia23 10 mesi fa
I disagree completely, everyone seems to be trying too hard. Gomez comes up as a creeper, Zeta-Jones’s Morticia tries but those shoes are way too big to fill in. Anjelica Huston’s Norticia is just too brilliant. I’m regards to Wednesday, there’s still something lacking, idk if it’s a because 30 years ago the character was something whe never saw before and today it’s more common to find a female character with a dead stare (Any character played with Aubrey Plaza). For me it was lacking that very thing that would make her an Addams. I do think that’s more due to the writing. Saying “Black Dahlia, named after one of my favourite y resolver homicides” it’s kind of lazy writing today. It won’t have the same shock it did 30 years ago. You’re average Joe might say that today (culture has shifted). But well, it also has Tim Burton in it who tries too hard to be anti establishment and ends up delivering the same every time (if it’s not a piece of his very own invention).
spooky sins
spooky sins 10 mesi fa
@grazia23 I like how you said it is common to find a female character with a dead stare now a days and yet proceeded to name only one, Aubrey Plaza. Lmao.
Basicallyabush 9 mesi fa
I’ve been watching Jenna In Movies and Shows for years now, And it’s so great that she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves she’s such an Amazing Person and Actress, her future is very bright and I can’t wait to see what she does next :)
Justin Mack
Justin Mack 9 mesi fa
This chick is brilliant! I love when actors/actresses detail how they get into character. She really killed it. Now I want to see other films she's been in.
Kimberly R Martin
You know what?...Watching "Wednesday" gave me the acting side to Jenna Ortega. I absolutely loved the character she created. Hearing her words on the character gave me such a different perspective, and I fell in love with both the actor and the "new" character she created, such a 3D dimensional reiteration of the original Wednesday.
weiszly 9 mesi fa
her thought processes and her knowledge just make her the coolest person ever
Null 9 mesi fa
She's very well spoken and thoughtful. She didn't just do amazing in this interview, but her role as Wednesday was perfect!
Nick Mao
Nick Mao 10 mesi fa
Jenna did an awesome job preparing and portraying Wednesday!
Tormint 10 mesi fa
I got an article reccomended yesterday about how this was the hardest role she ever played because the people responsible for the adaptation had different ideas of the character in mind and because of other circumstances. Seeing that article pop-up I assumed this was a flop, but seeing everybody here raving about her performance just makes me incredibly impressed that she seems to've pulled off a great performance despite the irregular non-optimal circumstances.
Mister Human Spider👽
Was she really shooting this Wednesday series in Romania?
Sergio García
Sergio García 9 mesi fa
She is highly educated in her craft and medium - and yet she’s also a very intuitive actor with great passion and depth of feeling. I don’t know why Glenn Close keeps coming back to mind when I think of Jenna Ortega. Perhaps it’s that superb balance between talent and craft - or the love and attention to scary, unconventional roles. Either way, if there is any justice in this world, this young lady is going to go very far and become a mega star.
To All The Books I've Loved Before
Honestly, i didn't have very high expectations for Jenna as the role of Wednesday, but she did a phenomal job. Tim Burton definelty chose the right actor for the role, she just played it so well
Chelsi B.
Chelsi B. 9 mesi fa
I’m absolutely obsessed with this limited series and Jenna it’s SICK!!!! I’m hoping they do more seasons 🤞🏾
Kate🇺🇸 9 mesi fa
Jenna played her version of Wednesday flawlessly! She did my whole childhood justice! 🥰
marley bu
marley bu 9 mesi fa
She's great , I love the programme. Lisa Loring was the first Wednesday and she was so cute. 🖤
hassana shuaib
hassana shuaib 10 mesi fa
I was like... She is born to play this character, she did it so well that I got carried away along with her dark humor, she is selfless and selfish at same time, she is brave and strong too... Also Catherina played her part well too... I wish they make a season 2
Chimbuchi Alimo
Chimbuchi Alimo 10 mesi fa
Shekainah Bristol
steph 10 mesi fa
Katie Rose
Katie Rose 10 mesi fa
She kept referencing "the first season" so I'd imagine the second is already in the works!
Christina 10 mesi fa
The ending really hints at a season 2.
Paul C.
Paul C. 8 mesi fa
The show was very well done, and very well acted, good job.
Elizabeth Samways
I'm a 54 old woman and remember the original. But I have absolutely loved this series in fact I've watched it twice now.
Clare st clair
Clare st clair 9 mesi fa
She is an amazing actress and so talented this is one of the best interviews I have seen of late she's very intelligent and very down to Earth.
I just finished episode 1 and I loved it! I am a bit of a Wednesday wannabe, she always stands so still and does not care! She literally didn’t move when something was gonna fall on her, about 30mins in she got bullied at a restaurant and defended herself!
Roy Parker
Roy Parker 9 mesi fa
Can't believe she's just 20 years old. In this inverview, she sounds too mature for her age.
Bonbon 10 mesi fa
I only watched 3 episodes, but I think Jenna did an tremendous job. Wednesday is emotionless at the first view, but she is never stiff or robotic. There is so much emotion that she managed to show through subtle eyebrow play or relaxing her face muscles. Great great job!
Twenty One Tortas
Wait til you see her reaction to a movie in one of the episodes. Just by looking at her eyes alone, she expressed so much without changing her facial expression much or at all even. That scene made me laugh and I’m only telling you this much because I found it funny when watching it myself and I think you’ll see how funny it is by watching.
Simone Holenstein
there‘s this scene in the last few minutes where she says everything with just the twitch of an eyebrow… I loved the show and hope there will be a 2nd season.
Tensei 10 mesi fa
She was smiling when she met her uncle and her facial expressions changed when she was being lord vader choked by the nerd
Tensei 10 mesi fa
She even cried when thing was presumed dead
Michelle Hernandez
Fr she did so good amazing actress
Mari A
Mari A 10 mesi fa
This was such an amazing show. I’m 28 y/o and I know it’s a teen show but it was great wow. My favorite part is every time it looks or feels like she’s gonna smile she doesn’t at all. I live it 🤣
Hardi Vora
Hardi Vora 8 mesi fa
Come on, me being 32 also in love with her character Wednesday. Age doesn't matter yo
2smoulder 9 mesi fa
I think I’m in love with Jenna and her magical characterisation of Wednesday Addams. 🖤
E Faciler
E Faciler 6 mesi fa
We all are
Stacy Ornelas
Stacy Ornelas 10 mesi fa
With this role, she opened a door to many Tim Burton roles❤️
SLS TheWriter
SLS TheWriter 10 mesi fa
I really, really do appreciate how Jenna recognizes that this is a different interpretation of the character and has leaned into it. While I certainly love seeing a character be the same regardless of the person behind the story itself, I also just adore it whenever a character is malleable enough to shift with the narrative.
The Vodouisant
The Vodouisant 10 mesi fa
Different? Shes pretty much playing the Christina Ricci version. I don't see a difference lol.
MxntalChxos 10 mesi fa
@The Vodouisant Ricci brought in the idea that Wednesday should be blunt and monotone. Ortega is just building off on that idea and making Wednesday her own
The Vodouisant
The Vodouisant 10 mesi fa
@MxntalChxos By playing it the same
MxntalChxos 10 mesi fa
@The Vodouisant but she's not playing it the same
The Vodouisant
The Vodouisant 10 mesi fa
@MxntalChxos we haven't seen it yet, so all I have to base it on is her in the teasers and she acts exactly the same as Christina Ricci. It just sounds like you're being emotional right now.
hotoilhands 8 mesi fa
This is the first interview of her I've watched. Unlike a lot of actors she's very articulate, and her thoughts are well formed. I hope she does well in her career. Good things are yet to come for her.
Waxer 9 mesi fa
Can’t say I’m a fan of too much of new tv but this actress is on another level. Insanely well job on not ruining something that came before, on the directing, backstage, acting, and Jenna’s performance, can’t wait to see what this kid does.
Alexander Van Den Hoogen
amazing portrayal of maybe one of the most difficult characters to play for extended screen time without it getting old.... utterly amazing performance of wednesday! binged the whole series in one go amd it was amazing
Viktoreia 2 mesi fa
I can’t believe how detailed and articulate she is in explaining her character and process as an actress ♥️ amazing
Nicole Cloonan
Nicole Cloonan 9 mesi fa
She’s so smart!!!! I love listening to her. Captivated.
She’s actually the most suited actor for this role.. I couldn’t think of anyone else fit for Wednesday which is crazyyy to me
MattDaBoneless 10 mesi fa
Aubry Plaza if she were younger would be perfect... maybe if there was an adult Wednesday movie or show she would be perfect
TON 618
TON 618 10 mesi fa
That's how our brain works.
Twenty One Tortas
I remember seeing the teaser for this months back where it was just Wednesday smiling while holding Thing and once I saw it was Jenna I immediately went “YES!!!” as I’ve seen her in movies and a show before that so I already saw her as the most fitting actress for Wednesday and never held a doubt. You can imagine how eager I was to wait for the show’s release and how happy and impressed I was with her when watching it.
John D
John D 10 mesi fa
​@MattDaBonelessAubry would be phenomenal istg
Pokemanny 10 mesi fa
Ummmm....Meryl Streep?
David Warden
David Warden 10 mesi fa
I have watch all the Addams shows ever made. Jenna knocked this out of the park in my opinion. I loved the series. Hope they can make a great season two.
Andrew Bonica
Andrew Bonica 10 mesi fa
You were absolutely amazing!!! Can’t wait for more!! And for Tim Burton to say “wow, that was dark” is the biggest compliment in the world!!! 🤯👏🥳🧛‍♀️
Victor Araújo
Victor Araújo 9 mesi fa
she’s so well spoken. what a beautiful and talented person you are, jenna ortega!
Digging Mary
Digging Mary 9 mesi fa
🖤Finally a show that me and my teenage daughter can actually watch together, and somehow has brought us a little closer! So thank Mr. Tim Burton! I really hope for more than one season 🖤 🪢⚒️🕳⚰️🪦
Caleb Clifton (Master Sefyroth)
To whoever reading this, never stop chasing your dreams you can do it. Keep pressing and thriving you will make it! Consistency is the key to achieve your goals.
Katty James
Katty James 9 mesi fa
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Patrick walter
Patrick walter 9 mesi fa
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susana horia
susana horia 10 mesi fa
Jenna is amazing, she's is going to be perfect as Wednesday
Alyssa Murillo★
simp 10 mesi fa
Alyssa Murillo★
@simp i love her i wish i was her!
Frederick Charles Krueger
Agreed. She is a worthy Successor, I like her
Sophie Sloth
Sophie Sloth 10 mesi fa
@Alyssa Murillo★don’t wish you are someone you are perfect the way you are trust me
Teodora Rogojina
Shes smart and talented...she knows a lot about movies and acting styles etc.. cant wait to see her in future projects.
Rhonda Hacker
Rhonda Hacker 8 mesi fa
She is truly a class act. What a wonderful, young lady. Hope she stays that way with all her upcoming fame and fortune!
Nikki S
Nikki S 10 mesi fa
She’s incredible, the show is incredible. Hoping for more seasons 🖤
Viral Videos
Viral Videos 9 mesi fa
Please make a serious out of this with other actors and actresses! This is a great style of video!! As fans we love hearing the inner workings of what the actors day to day life was during the show, ways they went about acting and filming, etc. Great video!
Chris Beal
Chris Beal 9 mesi fa
TanManFilms 9 mesi fa
She is more thoughtful and down to earth than 90% of Hollywood, I love her! She seems like a joy to have around, and I can’t wait to see her career blow up!
Aujie Baker
Aujie Baker 10 mesi fa
This interview just made the show 10x better for me. Jenna is immensely talented and wise! So happy we all get to witness this reimagination of a character and family we adore
Mister Human Spider👽
Was she really shooting this Wednesday series in Romania?
M scoot
M scoot 9 mesi fa
@Mister Human Spider👽 I was wondering the same thing but it is possible
Kim Chapie
Kim Chapie 9 mesi fa
For me too…. She is so well spoken and knowledgeable, kind and humble 😊
Cynthia Ross
Cynthia Ross 9 mesi fa
Please set up an interview.
Tevion Dempsey
Tevion Dempsey 9 mesi fa
She give me the chills
jenna is an amazing actress, playing wednesday was certainly not easy playing a character with few expressions must be very difficult, but i think she is a complete actress.
let's be honest
let's be honest 10 mesi fa
The fact that she wanted to pay homage and respect to the original character is absolutely what made her wednesday so incredible and it came through the lense and thank God there was hardly any pretentious polarizing political propaganda/grandstanding I can't stand writers and producers that have an obvious moral superiority complex use the industry to prop themselves up as modern day messiah's I really hope next season Wednesday's wholesome and adorable friend Enid shifts into a wolf and let's wednesday ride on her back that would be both cute and epic 😁
M scoot
M scoot 9 mesi fa
It’s weird, when I looked up the cast of Wednesday, I read the name Jenna Ortega and this name was so familiar to me but I realized that I’ve actually never heard of her before. The name Jenna Ortega sounded as familiar as an adult actress who has been famous for many years so I was kinda shocked to find out that Jenna is only 20 years old. Something similar happens when stranger things first became popular, I googled the cast and read the name Millie Bobbie brown and thought she’s one of the many famous adult actresses who has been acting for many years and I was also very shocked to find out that Millie was only like 13 years old. Did this happen to someone else or just me ?
Kyrylo Mazur
Kyrylo Mazur 9 mesi fa
Sounds like a kind of Mandela effect, but nah, it didn't happen to me, let's see how many likes you get, as an indicator that some people have the same feelings
Rose 9 mesi fa
With Jenna: yes, Millie, no
Lucas 9 mesi fa
I've had similar things like this happen only not in those same situations
Kaname 9 mesi fa
For Jenna she had a familiar face to me but I don’t actually think I’ve ever seen her in anything before so I get what you mean. It wasn’t her name but her face did that for me. Must means she is where she is supposed to be.
Oscar Berolla
Oscar Berolla 8 mesi fa
Perhaps you had heard of Kenny Ortega before and the last name stuck with you.
Marthaller's Misadventures
I love to see that along with Jenna being an incredible actress she is a very intelligent and articulate young woman.
Jamie Hudson 💙💚
I love the amount of respect she gives this character
Ruste Cohle
Ruste Cohle 10 mesi fa
“My mom is in the ER and she saves lives” well said Jenna. I was already a fan after her role in You but after this video she’s easily one of my top ten actresses. Looking forward to seeing Netflix’s Wednesday today.
brat brat brat!
brat brat brat! 10 mesi fa
Literally same
Curly wuuurrrrrlllyyy😇
God Bless Amen 👼🏻🙏💛💕🛐🙏🏿😇💜💚🧡🤲🏻🕊️🙏🏻✝️
Shambavi Natarajan
I would definitely say she is an old soul. Such a maturity for her age as a person and it does reflect in her acting.
Tanichiro 10 mesi fa
she is so eloquent compared to most of Hollywood and society, great to see!
Rae Rae Badfingers
Wow what a well-spoken and self-aware young lady! I was very impressed with the show, it's nice to see a bit about the actress behind the character
Vyn Ashe
Vyn Ashe 9 mesi fa
Your rendition of wednesday was absolutely amazing and you should be proud of what you've brought to the character.
mrskamran 10 mesi fa
This was so fabulous! I hope there is a season 2!! 🖤🖤🖤
Harleen Quinzel
Harleen Quinzel 10 mesi fa
Remakes or reimaginings often don't quite hit the mark for me, but as someone who was obsessed with the 90s Addams Family movies this show was perfection. I love that it captured the kooky spookiness of those films, whilst also paying homage to the original Addams Family roots AND bringing new life to the story. Jenna was superb and I want every piece of clothing that Wednesday wore stat!
OldMoney 10 mesi fa
I know right?! The outfits were amazing!!!❤
Shanellereena 10 mesi fa
I couldn't agree more! So happy this was in the hands of Tim Burton because I enjoyed every second of this series. Hoping for a season 2!
Cass Nunya
Cass Nunya 10 mesi fa
My daughter came to love these characters as she grows up, and she was Wednesday for Halloween a few years ago. She LOVES EVERYTHING about WEDNESDAY!!!
Koga Nobuyoshi
Koga Nobuyoshi 10 mesi fa
I agree strongly.
John D
John D 10 mesi fa
tim burton never dissapoints
Laura Myers
Laura Myers 9 mesi fa
Please give this girl the Emmy already!!
Chris R.
Chris R. 9 mesi fa
I love Wednesday ❤️ And she is a bloody actress and the dance she did was just awesome 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I hope they do another series
wavyykeke 10 mesi fa
This show has been my favorite in a loooong time. Jenna is amazing
Hallie Davis
Hallie Davis 9 mesi fa
Jenna Ortega is the person who really made me want to be an actor, I had always have these little thoughts about acting and I would brush it off but then i saw Jenna on Wednesday and that's when when I told myself this is what I wan to do I want to be an actor so I thank you Jenna Ortega.
Al 9 mesi fa
Ever since I saw her in “YOU” she seemed like a very bright and talented girl. I watched the season, and now watching this. Not only does she show dedication, put pure talent shines through. She’s so well mannered too! This is just the beginning for her! ❤
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