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Here are my tips and hacks on how to conceive a baby fast! How to get pregnant fast. In this video I talk about getting to know your fertility cycle, things to eat and products to try to get pregnant.
Ovulations LH Tests: amzn.to/2rbYbn5
Soft cup: amzn.to/2rde3G3
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FAQ's ❤
Q: Where is your accent from?
A: I was born and raised to Toronto, Ontario, Canada but moved to Essex in England when I was 14 years old. Hence my mixed up accent.
Q: Do you work? What do you work as?
A: I worked in Marketing and PR but I am currently focusing on my vlog full time.
Q: Who’s in your family?
A: I have been married to Matt for 7 years, he is the love of my life! We have three sons - Fraser is 7, Caleb is 4 and baby Jackson who is 1.
Q: What camera do you use to film?
A: I film my videos with the Canon G7X and Olympus Pen EPL7.
Q: What lighting do you use?
A: I use natural lighting 90% of the time and a softbox light during the winter / dark evenings.
Q: Where do you get music from?
A: Epidemic Sound, Soundcloud and the ITvid Library.


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flourish ujor
flourish ujor 2 giorni fa
This is really helpful and doable,thanks and I hope it works for me.
Thatiana Karla Roca Ferrer
the information is very good thanks. I tried for several years to get pregnant. but the result was always negative. but as a last resort I followed this method: "infertilityinwomen. com" (google it)
chessy lab
chessy lab 3 giorni fa
I am newly here pls.pray for me to get pregnant.thank u
leyva michelle
Use Agbara Herbal Womb/Uterus Cleanser and you will not struggle to get pregnant after using this herbal medication..Because Agbara Herbal Cleanser is rich in fibre that help to remove excessive estrogen that may be stored in your body and prevent your uterus to suffer from fibroids, Pcos, Ovarian Cyst. And regulate your period. Always remember that many people are not eating the right foods like beans, legumes, vegetables, fruits, and whole grain in their diet to keep their uterus and ovaries healthy. Because of this, Agbara herbal cleanser is good for anybody mostly women who want to get pregnant and prevent other infection in their body..
leyva michelle
You will get pregnant this Year Just use Agbara Herbal Medication
Melanie Gamero
Melanie Gamero 4 giorni fa
What a fantastic video!!♥️ Thank you
Xen’s Studios
Xen’s Studios 9 giorni fa
I haven’t been pregnant 🤰
leyva michelle
leyva michelle 4 giorni fa
You will get pregnant soon
leyva michelle
leyva michelle 4 giorni fa
Many women are confirmed oK By their Doctors But due to The Bacteria In Their Uterus which the doctor did not see and observe will still keep them not to be pregnant But Agbara Herbal Medication cleanse all this and Boost Your fertility and make your Hormones balance and Your prolactin level will be balance okay with this, You will never struggled to get pregnant or You Can Never have any pregnancy complications okay
CheerSmoke 11 giorni fa
*talk to your doctor* I went to my doctor. Now, because I am 19 turning 20 soon, I only came in to ask if my womb was okay. I went in there, and all she said was "you are a child wanting a child" She didn't have a look at me, nor did she advice anything. She laughed at me, sent me out and called me a child. After this I am scared to go to a doctor for testing if my eggs are okay etc....
leyva michelle
leyva michelle 4 giorni fa
Try to get Agbara Herbal Deep Cleanser okay and You are Not a child okay
pascale NRP
pascale NRP 11 giorni fa
"I recommend this guide: *havy.best/pm-guide/FMl* So grateful it exists."
Cheng Brynelle Jing Ker
yes I am new to your channels
John Petter
John Petter 18 giorni fa
i need your help with my wife.. we need to have a baby please 😭😭😭
Chidubem Chidubem
Chidubem Chidubem 20 giorni fa
Hello good morning please I need your help I see my period April 3rd and it end on 6th of April 2020 and this month may l see it on 2nd and it ends on 5th and I want to get pregnant this month I don't know the day of my ovulation please help me out of this thank you
BubblesV23 21 giorno fa
Thank you so much for the advice! I am currently TTC for my first. If anyone is interested in my journey, I am posting updates. Baby dust to all!
leyva michelle
leyva michelle 4 giorni fa
naomi setth
naomi setth Mese fa
''get pregnant fertility tea'' of secretsoftea.com was the last cure for my TTC journey. Its herbal and organic.
Blaggy Beleva
Omg so true.. Wirh my first baby I have tried for 4 months and rha ovulation strips are good to try for a month or two just to know your body but then I think they affect us negatively from stress.. And on the forth month my friend told me to keep my legs up and stay in bed and Omg that really worked! Currently trying for second baby and I did the same thing and I am having some pregnancy simptoms as my first pregnancy but time will show..
Kabawheza Diana
When is ican ovulation
Kabawheza Diana
My cycles is 30days cycles
Kabawheza Diana
Hello dear
Joyce Koch
Joyce Koch Mese fa
Another key thing is not forget what your husband can do to increase the chances of conception. Good nutrition and drinking lots of water helps guys produce a lot of volume which is useful as a hard and strong ejaculation increases the chances of getting pregnant. Many couple don't realize that trying to have sex twice a day day after day is not the best way as if your guy is over 22 he is just not going to recover that fast to produce much volume. It better to let his volume build up over a week and focus on a build up and an intense orgasm. That will produce a very powerful ejaculation that will get a lot of sperm swimming in plenty of liquid. If your guy is young and healthy and under 30 he should have no problems. Older guys might have to work more on nutrition, hydration and rest and lowering stress to obtain their best results. The main thing is couples should focus on really enjoying each other as the more intense the orgasms the better chance of pregnancy. In other words, have fun and enjoy yourselves and results should come.
Kaylee Payne
Kaylee Payne Mese fa
People suffering with PCOS like I do my doctor recommended not drinking at all he told me it actually with lower your risk of getting pregnant!
leyva michelle
leyva michelle 4 giorni fa
Use Agbara Herbal Medication to cure your PCOS or You Use Okra herbal Vegetable water okay
karmen vega
karmen vega Mese fa
Ronald Samudio
How do girls wear undies during the peak of the bulge. Who else here make her husband put on and off your undies during the biggest bulge, or its just my wife? She having a hard time bending over to wear undies or pants, maybe she is not that flexible. A reply will be much appreciated.
M Mese fa
Cicada ASMR bulge??
Gaby Garcia
Gaby Garcia Mese fa
Okay I've been struggling for 7 months 😟😟 thanks for your tips they are very helpful ♥️
AngelsaurusRex 2 mesi fa
I have an extremely irregular period and I can’t track it, what would I do to be able to try and track it?
M Mese fa
AngelsaurusRex get any app! Flo is really good and it’s free x
Bobby Knight
Bobby Knight 2 mesi fa
If any of you women want to get pregnant, please keep me in mind. If you're looking for a sperm donor for free, you have found the right guy. Your race doesn't matter. All accepted.
Carolina Shiro
Carolina Shiro 2 mesi fa
Am experiencing irregular periods plz help
Stephanie burrowes
contact this amazing pregnancy spell caster Dr Agbola Who help my wife to GET PREGNANT, this is his email address (hrdesk2225@gmail.com), So me and my partner have been trying for a baby for the last 5 years now and we have had no luck. and my wife doesn't have a regular cycle so it is hard for her to tell when she's ovulating or not, but we always have sex at least 2 times a week, sometimes more. I know it can take up to a year to conceive but everyone i know who has had a baby has conceived within 2-3months of trying and it is really getting to me. i had a fertility test about a year ago and my sperm were fine. so i was thinking it could be a problem with my wife but she never had any symptoms of any problems. I do smoke and i only drink occasionally, and she uses to smoke and also have the occasional drink. i know she's slightly overweight but that shouldn't affect her chances too much, one faithful day my friend told me to contact a spell caster that helps her aunt get pregnant, then i contact the man on this email: hrdesk2225@gmail.com, and follow his instruction, after three months the doctor confirm that my wife is pregnant thank you Dr Agbola for helping me get a baby am now a proud father of twins a boy and a girl.
Melissa G
Melissa G 2 mesi fa
I’m still shocked to this day how many have mentioned the holding the legs in the air. I’ve always been told to urinate after or you can get a UTI but now it’s lie down flat for 30 minutes lol.
Kathleen Eagar
Kathleen Eagar 2 mesi fa
Thanks for the advice Emily ♡ i am 35 & my fiance and i are going to start trying for our first baby at the end of the year ♡
Donald Keith
Donald Keith 2 mesi fa
"I recommend this guide: *havy.best/pm-guide/0ia* So grateful it exists in 2020."
rain Sophie jones
interesting information. My great dream is to be a mother. I managed to get pregnant following this method: "infertilityinwomen. com" (Search it on the internet.).
Bad baby
Johny Lee
Johny Lee 2 mesi fa
Hi everybody, i has some ways to get pregnant sooner anyone need?
Wolfie's Audios
Wolfie's Audios 2 mesi fa
Have sex Booom! Pregnant
AfflatedDesigns 2 mesi fa
It`s been ninety days since I have tried to get pregnant and now I`m seeking something totally new to try. Luckily, I tried the “Gοfαt Fanvuko” (Goοgle it) Assisting you be familiar with the symptoms to know your body’s differences and also studying your period is a good program. I encourage my pals to try to plan. By visiting Goοgle, you will see a lot more..
adam umiatu
adam umiatu 2 mesi fa
What if your period is 25days
Ravi 2 mesi fa
I really like your all videos 💐
Darcey Getty
Darcey Getty 2 mesi fa
What’s you children’s age gaps? I have a 3 month old baby and I already want another !! Xx
Grisel karehen sea vitilly
Hace 9 segundos Hi. Look, I got pregnant in 3 months following this natural method: "infertilityinwomen. com" (google it)
Aaliyah Wright
Aaliyah Wright 2 mesi fa
Emily I really wanna get in touch with you
Aaliyah Wright
Aaliyah Wright 2 mesi fa
Emily I really wanna get in touch with you
Tyler Oakes
Tyler Oakes 2 mesi fa
Not that hard just get in bed and get to it. I have seven kids
Meike Rieger
Meike Rieger 3 mesi fa
You remind me of the German Djane Anie from 2 Elements.
Shahzad Ismail
Shahzad Ismail 3 mesi fa
itvid.net/video/video-VKszGDKhlCo.html Christian accept true religion islam. Watch in this video
Yazmin Farrag
Yazmin Farrag 3 mesi fa
Is there anyway u can conceive a boy or a girl ???
leyva michelle
leyva michelle 3 mesi fa
Try to use Agbara Herbal Deep Root Cleanser and you will get pregnant for boy or girl
AfflatedDesigns 3 mesi fa
Checking Goοgle will help you know more about pregnant program “Gοfαt Fanvuko” (Goοgle it). I had been able to solve my infertility concern at Forty four years of age. I was very excited during my menstrual period had been delayed. I now welcome parenthood and maternity.
Turnergetfit 3 mesi fa
This was great thanks!
Chloe Bowie
Chloe Bowie 3 mesi fa
Did anyone find this helpful and get pregnant?
Miranda Roach
Miranda Roach 3 mesi fa
While she is friendly and adorable, a lot of this information is not true and NOT scientific at all. Some is fact, but mostly rubbish....
Golemaryam 3 mesi fa
I wish it was as easy. I’ve done literally everything you’re saying apart from relaxing 😄
Xin 2 Yu
Xin 2 Yu 3 mesi fa
sleeping on the side after intercourse help ...
Tabeta Lawrence
Tabeta Lawrence 3 mesi fa
i cannot give pregnant smh
leyva michelle
leyva michelle 3 mesi fa
You will get pregnant this year okay
Teasha Whitten
Teasha Whitten 3 mesi fa
I wanna try this cuz I been trying for year's now
leyva michelle
leyva michelle 3 mesi fa
It is Agbara Herbal Deep Root Cleanser, use it to Boost Your Fertility and get pregnant and cure every other Infections in Your Uterus and re-immune your fallopian Tubes
Teasha Whitten
Teasha Whitten 3 mesi fa
@leyva michelle what that
leyva michelle
leyva michelle 3 mesi fa
Have you use Agbara Herbal Medication???? You will get pregnant when you Boost Your Fertility with Agbara herbal pack
Fati Usman
Fati Usman 3 mesi fa
We have try but didn't get pregnant
leyva michelle
leyva michelle 3 mesi fa
You will get pregnant, just use Agbara herbal medication okay
Please visit *ThePregnancyFact. Com* to obtain more regarding it, a fantastic pregnant method. On the age of forty-four, I was able to resolve my big fertility condition utilizing it. My period delay made me truly happy. I am organizing me for I got really pleased when I didn`t get my menstrual period. I`m now preparing myself to become a mother.
James Janet
James Janet 3 mesi fa
I need to get pregnant this month I'm on my period now but I figured out is 25 day's my circle how do I know my ovulation
It’s Poppin’ Lipgloss
I love this I needed this I just removed my BC IUD and it’s been 3 months no pregnancy
Maria.Anna. Dorin
A really Good video! Love your tips and your energi! You have a New subrscriber!❤
Shavron Baksh
Shavron Baksh 4 mesi fa
May God bless all those who are try to get pregnant with health babies in 2020...
leyva michelle
What Name do you want me to write for you
fouzia delovly gwal
@leyva michelle ok write for me the name please
leyva michelle
leyva michelle 3 mesi fa
YES,,AMEN,,,BUT You must use the Right Natural Herbal Medication to Boost Your Fertility and get pregnant
barmy 4 mesi fa
There are a few factors in becoming pregnant. One resource I found which successfully combines these is the Bevs Baby Boom (check it out on google) definately the most useful remedy that I have ever seen. look at all the incredible info .
Gvxb Fvhh
Gvxb Fvhh 4 mesi fa
I am 12 and I have 2 kids that my mom let me keep
Young Flex
Young Flex 4 mesi fa
No Homo
No Homo 4 mesi fa
Oh shi😂
Mala 4 mesi fa
I don’t want to get pregnant but I still enjoy watching pregnancy videos😂
Stefanius Paralvicius
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Fika LibreriaDigital
I've been researching increasing fertility and found a fantastic website at Bevs Baby Boom (look it up on google)
Hm Comps
Hm Comps 4 mesi fa
There are a few components to increasing fertility. One resource I found that successfully combines these is the Bevs Baby Boom (google it if you're interested) it's the best treatment that I have ever heard of. look at the super info .
hani badji
hani badji 4 mesi fa
There are many factors in increasing fertility. One resource I found which succeeds in merging these is the Bevs Baby Boom (check it out on google) it's the most helpful treatment that I've seen. Check out all the interesting info .
Nexx 1
Nexx 1 5 mesi fa
That leg stuff doesn’t work
Nyah Ashleh Labayen
Are you part of the family of Brooke Norris,Justin Norris,and their kids
MiCayla Thompson
I've been trying more than five years, can someone with a caring heart help me💔🤦🏽
Feena Farooq
Feena Farooq 5 mesi fa
MiCayla Thompson hope you okay
Pastel Beauty
Pastel Beauty 5 mesi fa
MiCayla Thompson I recommend seeing a doctor first of all and seeing if something’s just not working or if it’s the lining of the womb then take vitex or drink pomegranate juice. I can’t help you more mate, hope i did something
Madina Sabri
Madina Sabri 6 mesi fa
I loved the tip with the menstrual cup. Lol. I will try it!
Dalia Amin
Dalia Amin 6 mesi fa
Much love😍
Yas GlaDZ
Yas GlaDZ 6 mesi fa
I just took a test and its negative. 😭
Agbadu Loveth
Agbadu Loveth 6 mesi fa
Here's WhatsApp number +2348073903691
Agbadu Loveth
Agbadu Loveth 6 mesi fa
Never lose Hope I know someone who can helped you out
Jennikaisa chan
Jennikaisa chan 6 mesi fa
please pray for me i lost 2 pregnancies already :(
Makayla Dodd
Makayla Dodd 19 giorni fa
@Andreas Setiadi why what
Andreas Setiadi
Andreas Setiadi 19 giorni fa
@Makayla Dodd why
Andreas Setiadi
Andreas Setiadi 19 giorni fa
Makayla Dodd
Makayla Dodd 20 giorni fa
i will pray
Blessing Hungwa
@Jennikaisa chan ok
Kim Ibarra
Kim Ibarra 6 mesi fa
Can you put a tampon in replace of the cup??
Doudou Zizoue
Doudou Zizoue 6 mesi fa
Im trying but the sperm goes out everytime im getting discouraged as we really wish get a baby fastest possible it makes 6 months we r trying
Milan Mac Baby
Milan Mac Baby 7 mesi fa
Hello very helpful and appreciated
Jewellery 1
Jewellery 1 7 mesi fa
I had my son and after labour I went through a depression which still makes me scared of labour and pregnancy but my partner wants a baby I hope I can go over the stress and worries I’m tooooo scared of that 9 months again and labour any tips how I can become better
Rebwar Kurdi
Rebwar Kurdi 7 mesi fa
I am 13 years old and I really want to get kids when I am old.But I am so scared if I don't get kids...
Rebwar Kurdi
Rebwar Kurdi 7 mesi fa
@My Dream I don't even have a boyfriend😂And I don't want have a boyfriend because I am still young :)
My Dream
My Dream 7 mesi fa
@Rebwar Kurdi okok bt u jst now sx wth ur bf?
Rebwar Kurdi
Rebwar Kurdi 7 mesi fa
@My Dream No No No 😂Don't understand wrong...I am 13 years old but when I am old I mean when I get married and then I want to have kids but I am already scared to not have kids
My Dream
My Dream 7 mesi fa
Hi u are girl?nd trying to get pregnant?
Laysha Cortez
Laysha Cortez 7 mesi fa
How does that cup thing work?
Minerva He
Minerva He 7 mesi fa
But conceive plus has a paraben
Brooke Stonex
Brooke Stonex 7 mesi fa
Why don't you let us all know how smoothly each of your births went? Give us the details. Birth is dangerous. You play with fire when you get pregnant. Be honest
Brooke Stonex
Brooke Stonex 6 mesi fa
@leyva michelle Thanks
leyva michelle
leyva michelle 6 mesi fa
@Brooke Stonex Sorry for your situation ok
Brooke Stonex
Brooke Stonex 6 mesi fa
@leyva michelle not in my case.. I'm terrified to have another baby.. I had an unplanned C-section after complications arose during labor
leyva michelle
leyva michelle 6 mesi fa
No it is not true ok, You can use herbs to control your birth and you will not have stress on your delivery time, ok,,
Teacher Dee Dee Educational Learning Fun
Yes love. Got it :)
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