How To Restore a Rusty Knife

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Today I show you how to restore a Rusty knife. Have an antique knife that you'd like to restore to mint condition? Watch this video to learn how! You'll be amazed and incredibly satisfied when your warned down blade looks good as new! It's incredibly easy to do - and you only new a few simple everyday household items.
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Commenti 80
maple syrup
maple syrup 11 ore fa
I just found this channel, i was terrified and confused but i cant quit watching this :)
claudio constanzo
grasias a tu video se como quitar el susio a mis cuchichos :)
LawsonDev 11 ore fa
I actualy did this.
frigley hog
frigley hog 12 ore fa
Did it not work though
Real Flareon
Real Flareon 13 ore fa
wow it actually works
Chorton 13 ore fa
Ok I tried this it actually works
Joren 13 ore fa
okey so could you help me i mean i tried this methode and it only got my kitchen dirty
Jaime Ceballos
Jaime Ceballos 13 ore fa
finally a video were the sacrificed eggs worth it :D
Raúlgamer9086 13 ore fa
Tiene problemas mentales :v
DespenserBaby 13 ore fa
I tried it but it didnt work and now my house smells like rotten eggs
SorryHD 14 ore fa
Imagine people who did this lol
Riley Mcmeel
Riley Mcmeel 14 ore fa
i mean it did work
King Corey
King Corey 14 ore fa
I thought this was a legit video until I saw the channel name...
Juliejoe 14 ore fa
Wow this was a very soft video, impressive 👏👏👏
Jennifer Wright
Jennifer Wright 14 ore fa
Can we just talk about how the egg went from all mushed to perfect
Jennifer Wright
Jennifer Wright 14 ore fa
Oh wait everything is fake
W. P.
W. P. 14 ore fa
but its half-serious and half-joke. this is so amazing
supertrix 15 ore fa
The pasta and sauce would probably taste delicious... With the rusty knife
evča galaxy Cz
evča galaxy Cz 15 ore fa
I tried it but its dont work :(
Alessio Cirella
Alessio Cirella 15 ore fa
Mantas Krisciunas
Thanks worked very well for Me. But instead of the toothpaste i used 20 dollars instead
GHOSTBOY 64 16 ore fa
So are here people who thought this was a legit tutorial
Tjorben Segelken
This is the first time I watched his video since one year ago. I guess he didn’t want to clean the whole room after the shooting of the video, so he became less messy.
ichBin_ DerPhillip
he actually shows how to do it but then he doesnt give a shit about the kitchen knife and just goes try hard
NoName98 16 ore fa
Oh fuck at 1:21 I just realized I’m watching a how to basic video
ToxicKid BTW
ToxicKid BTW 17 ore fa
The start is a 5 minute craft video
MMB God 1
MMB God 1 17 ore fa
dakurlzzmask 17 ore fa
How many eggs do you have?
Mr_Ch1ck3n_B0i _
Whos child hold was this
ELITE GAMER 18 ore fa
Haha I know who how to basic is and you probably don't
Dead Channel
Dead Channel 18 ore fa
The 5.5k dislikes are angry football dads
Shinzou Wo sasageyo
Orang indo ada yg nonton ini gak 😸
Paolo 18 ore fa
a like is a prayer for all the chicks who died with this channel (irony)
Nicklas Nielsen
Nicklas Nielsen 18 ore fa
How many egs do I need to do this
Sujay Ghosh
Sujay Ghosh 19 ore fa
Me : I will surprise my mom with a clean knife instead of a rusty one Mom comes in : Sweetheart wht r u up with ? Me : ( nervous chukles ) nothing mom just cooking some " knife tomato onion purre " .... I saw it on ITvid.... My mom : 😵👿😡🤦 Pls like guys if u can relate . At least 100 likes ? Pls then I will recommend other channel based on ur age🤗😘😇
PeaceNinja 19 ore fa
2:47 me in mincraft
Doudou Pichet
Doudou Pichet 19 ore fa
Il gaspille
A Random Dude
A Random Dude 19 ore fa
Nobody: How to basic: e g g
CrazyJayBe 19 ore fa
Anyone else watch his videos and find themselves screaming, "NO!!! STOP!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!"
Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani 20 ore fa
Membazir betul kau niyh
why do you always naked in your video
Nada Kalajy
Nada Kalajy 20 ore fa
Thanks man it worked very well
Nodlez 20 ore fa
_this guy knows how to cook but in a legendary way_
EinWildesLurch 20 ore fa
What a waste of resources
marcos Aguilar
marcos Aguilar 20 ore fa
This is my first time here, I thought this was going to be legit
His poor kitchen- every video... it gets ruined
dxys_niqhts 20 ore fa
We only needed tooth paste and a brush and water..
Yiffbait 20 ore fa
Wait he actually did what the title said instead of breaking it?
Venkatesh 21 ora fa
The first thing which matched the video title
callme moha
callme moha 21 ora fa
Hello vsauce
dragonfly5732 21 ora fa
The funny thing is that something actually worked
Alex Ruiz
Alex Ruiz 21 ora fa
How to basic: *didn't put it in the knife microwave* Me: be a lot cooler if you did
It's MDrian!
It's MDrian! 21 ora fa
This is too calm
きゅあり 21 ora fa
Cold Gaming
Cold Gaming 21 ora fa
You Will Need Tooth Brush Tooth Paste Blow Torch Me : Wth
FusiC 22 ore fa
Without cooking the knife, i litterally made a great soup, thanks htb. No im opening a restaurant :))
Smol Spooder
Smol Spooder 22 ore fa
i did a thing is the sane version of this channel
Tiger Claw
Tiger Claw 22 ore fa
My mom hated me doing this but I am grateful that this worked😄
Ferdy Yunadi
Ferdy Yunadi 22 ore fa
Hey man thanks for this keep up the hint please
Мне вспомнилось Каша из топора хд
Hamza Guiling
Hamza Guiling 22 ore fa
Bro many people starve cuz of food pls do not waste food in this time
Bahadır Çolak
Bahadır Çolak 22 ore fa
It didnt work
Sebastián Margery M.
HowToBasic: tries knife restoration Kiwami japan: *frustrated hand noises*
fox gr
fox gr 22 ore fa
I swear I was going to open it to know how can I do it but for no reason my brain said Brain: hey hey look at channel logo Me: me why noooo ... Howtobasic (╥﹏╥)
Phan Quang
Phan Quang 23 ore fa
2:09 ok that look Delicous if it doesn't have .....
reen licious
reen licious 23 ore fa
Are you handsome?
BouncePareill 23 ore fa
Alyssa Atikah
Alyssa Atikah 23 ore fa
im confused
Seavly Hok
Seavly Hok 23 ore fa
lesson= Egg fixes everything.
Bobby Bob
Bobby Bob 23 ore fa
I tried this and I didn't work then I realised I only use x1 tinned tomatoes so my own fault
Kiko Decastro
Kiko Decastro 23 ore fa
How to break your channel
Mr master
Mr master 23 ore fa
Trueツ Giorno fa
So anyone thought that the knife was about to make this a 900 degree knife video?
nupsu lps
nupsu lps Giorno fa
wow, it really works!
Just changed the knife at last moment And just wastage of food.
Breezyeevee72 Giorno fa
Hey it worked!
CarlWheezer Giorno fa
I thought this was real until 3:00 the noise gave it away
Catharsis Giorno fa
Up next how to restore a rusty `56 Corvette found in old Farmer Ed's barn...get those chickens to work hee-yah!
Jayden he
Jayden he Giorno fa
That Actually does work
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