How to save 51 billion lives for 68 cents with simple Engineering

Mark Rober
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Using the power of engineering and brilliant inventions to save lives!!! Great times collab-ing with Bill and Melinda Gates! You should check out the Gates Annual Letter here: b-gat.es/2lhhtmJ
Pre-order a paper microscope here- www.foldscope.com/order
Read the published paper on the paper centrifuge, its cool- biorxiv.org/content/early/2016/08/30/072207

0:15- The Ocean- Andrew Applepie- andrewapplepie.com/
2:18- Sweet Tomorrow- Andrew Applepie- andrewapplepie.com/
4:21- Berlin- Andrew Applepie- andrewapplepie.com/
7:54- Special song written just for me- Lincoln Hoppe, lincolnhoppe.com/

Summary: I met with Manu Prakash from Stanford to talk about 2 of his labs' inventions the Foldscope and the Paperfuge. Combined these cost only 68 cents and they can be used to diagnose Malaria. Both of these are examples not only of simple, brilliant design, but of how engineering is used to make a positive dent in the world.

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Jannik Heidemann
,,How to save 51 billion lives for 68 cents each with simple Engineering" would be the more accurate title.
trick or trick
This video gave me the chills
Wxsted_Vxbesss 12 ore fa
Beautifull too see this.
Max sukarno
Max sukarno 15 ore fa
wonderful this is the real heroes because They are Believable. thank you for sharing with us these amazing videos. 🌱
I always want to become a scientist
PRAKASH creates
PRAKASH creates 19 ore fa
Appreciateting manu from india
DoLLaR Sign OG's
Another Talent india lost
Streamer_Btw 248
There's only 7 billion people on earth i think you mean 51million
DamionDreggs Technologies
I can work out the paper microscope, and the manual centrifuge. But what do I use for the blood vial?
Jean Luo
Jean Luo Giorno fa
wow thats amazing you can see, blood cells i always only saw those in books and never thought i would be able to this is so cool
Jean Luo
Jean Luo Giorno fa
it actually is amazing tho
Amanda A
Amanda A Giorno fa
Are Manu and Saad still doing this? Also, is there a way to donate to this cause, other than buying the paper microscope and centrifuge?
Doveranalyst Giorno fa
Goddamn. So proud of ManuPrakash, Saad Bhalma and whole team Love from India!
Finn Robinson
Finn Robinson Giorno fa
68 cents *We were on the verge of greatness, This close* **holds fingers together**
SweetSpot909 2 giorni fa
such brilliant scientists. Their work have probably saved tens if not hundreds of thousands of lives.
GoldDropper 2 giorni fa
51 billion humans You just confirmed that every human has 6 FBI agents.
eagle strike
eagle strike 2 giorni fa
Mark Rober: *makes amazing video about malaria testing device for 68 sense my brain: hEY hIs NOsE IS CLoGGeD!!
Nguyen Max
Nguyen Max 2 giorni fa
LMAO, i couldn’t stop laughing at “microbial roomba” XD
RM21 2 giorni fa
Manu uyir❤️
sonaarr 2 giorni fa
>random middle school girls: sign petition >this dude: makes microscopes out of paper
Saransh Saini
Saransh Saini 2 giorni fa
I am just proud to see my people change the world.
IRAPROXZYY _ 3 giorni fa
So umm, I’m guessing it wasn’t safe to drink water from that river even though it was running water and clear? Oop
Mr Brownies
Mr Brownies 3 giorni fa
Am i the only one who searched stars in telescope vision after this vid...am i crezy
Owen Olson
Owen Olson 3 giorni fa
Lance Pourian
Lance Pourian 3 giorni fa
Srihith Reddy
Srihith Reddy 3 giorni fa
This is amazing
Rohan 3 giorni fa
video title saving 51 billion lives while the population is 7.3 billion comment from 2020 i am from future
anDROID Gaming
anDROID Gaming 3 giorni fa
this would be great if 68cents was the buying price, but its not
Jameela Cetak
Jameela Cetak 3 giorni fa
where do i buy that
sebastian steppat
sebastian steppat 3 giorni fa
everybody gangster till he doesn’t tell you if the test came up positive for malaria
3YW4B 3 giorni fa
we neeed this 4 corona
Alexa Is crazy to
Alexa Is crazy to 4 giorni fa
8:00 see that guy in the background he already buying it
Jayden Roady
Jayden Roady 4 giorni fa
Imagine disliking this video
Sly Fox Gaming
Sly Fox Gaming 4 giorni fa
As time goes on. the world would get better. The world now : I stay inside while 2020 passes.
WhatislifeBRUH 4 giorni fa
Oh so thanos created malaria
Language Hacks
Language Hacks 4 giorni fa
There’s not even 51 billion people
Schwetha !!!
Schwetha !!! 2 giorni fa
PewDiePie Kids Channel
It could’ve been 69 cents but okay
Parvathy ph
Parvathy ph 4 giorni fa
Someone give this man a medal 🥺
Moto Moto
Moto Moto 4 giorni fa
Glad my countrymen are doing great things but our neighbours seem to be disappointed on us
Zlatin Mihai
Zlatin Mihai 4 giorni fa
The opportunity to make it 69 ahhhh
GGvian cg10
GGvian cg10 4 giorni fa
DasGood! 5 giorni fa
If I had the option to save 51 billion lives for $0.61... I would
Tini Gaming
Tini Gaming 5 giorni fa
When will mark learn that there is only 7 billion people in the world
Samarth Yencharla
Samarth Yencharla 2 giorni fa
@Schwetha !!! lool
Schwetha !!!
Schwetha !!! 2 giorni fa
Samarth Yencharla
Samarth Yencharla 5 giorni fa
he means that thats hoe many people have been alive this whole earth generation but CURRENTLY there are only 7 bil ppl
Samarth Yencharla
Samarth Yencharla 5 giorni fa
@Benjamin Jo he means that thats hoe many people have been alive this whole earth generation but CURRENTLY there are only 7 bil ppl
Benjamin Jo
Benjamin Jo 5 giorni fa
Have you heard of future
Urnamebe_CrYpT /j_&son
There are the proud kids of India
Magical Paper
Magical Paper 5 giorni fa
Who else is trying to grow their YT channel during this quarantine, let’s help one another. Much love.
ThaOneBird 6 giorni fa
Wait. Isn’t there 7 billion people on the earth ?
Misha Brown
Misha Brown 6 giorni fa
How save 51 billion people with only 7 billion on earth
aTurtel 6 giorni fa
These people are extreme DIY crafters
Alan George
Alan George 6 giorni fa
How to save 51 billion lives 7.8 billion people: am i a joke to u.
Edith Dela Cruz
Edith Dela Cruz 6 giorni fa
And ppl say India is $h!T
Mike Gaming
Mike Gaming 6 giorni fa
Fun fact: Manu Lives In India Or Born In India
Rumade Sucks
Rumade Sucks 7 giorni fa
Thanks bro 🙏 this made me fall asleep 👨‍🦲✨
Ag Me
Ag Me 7 giorni fa
Mark: *How to save 51 billion lives for 68 cents* People living with less than a dollar a day: 😐
Gautam Balu
Gautam Balu 7 giorni fa
Guys that dud mr prakash from india my dad knows him and that dude is awsome
Aarush Lal
Aarush Lal 4 giorni fa
Kids Hamster care
Kids Hamster care 7 giorni fa
I could be wrong but the last time I checked there are only 7.8 billion people in the world...
Kids Hamster care
Kids Hamster care 6 giorni fa
Oh sorry.
Boi 45
Boi 45 7 giorni fa
It says billions of LIVES not just humans.also animals
Potato Bread
Potato Bread 7 giorni fa
Title: " How to save 51 BILLION LIVES for 68 cents with simple Engineering " Me: *Googles up how many people are alive on Earth* Also Me: hmm what else is counted as human.... I do not mean any hate I just wanted to make a joke :D
Doveranalyst Giorno fa
Technically if you re examine the same blood of same human...how many times can you save the same life? You do know that people get malaria several times in the same life, right?
breian van haaren
breian van haaren 7 giorni fa
Thank you
Turbo Gamer
Turbo Gamer 7 giorni fa
Beuh there are only 7 billion people in the world so idk bout 51 billion
JustViggo 64
JustViggo 64 7 giorni fa
If you actually watched the video you’d understand that
xx pingu the reaper xx
51 billion?
NSF_FuZion 8 giorni fa
HOL UP! How are we supposed to save 51 billion lives, When the ENTIRE worlds population is 7.6 billion??? Plz explain to me
Mr.Chicken 8 giorni fa
Unknown X
Unknown X 8 giorni fa
Power of India
utkarsh kumar
utkarsh kumar 8 giorni fa
Hmm i just realized you have mentioned about saving 51 billion lives. So have you accounted for future generations too as currently there are only 8 billion people in the world right now ?
Daniel Crain
Daniel Crain 8 giorni fa
So does Mark Rober have Malaria or not?
Banov Riskiansyah
Banov Riskiansyah 8 giorni fa
I dont need it I dont need it... I dont need it....... *I NEED IT!!!!!!*
Henry Pham
Henry Pham 8 giorni fa
Me realising there’s only 7billion people
Namara Bhatiti
Namara Bhatiti 8 giorni fa
Wait wait wait, 51 billion?
GuestHater38 - Roblox
68 cents? We were at the verge of greatness
Sky Wolf
Sky Wolf 9 giorni fa
I wish we could see COVID with this... can we?
Sky Wolf
Sky Wolf 8 giorni fa
Ok well, Scientists need to think faster
Anubhav Behera
Anubhav Behera 8 giorni fa
I don't think we could. Covid is incredibly small... much smaller than malaria.
Midoriya Gaming
Midoriya Gaming 9 giorni fa
There not even 51 billion people or animals in the world there are only 7.2 billion ppl but idk about animals
Jase McAda
Jase McAda 9 giorni fa
is "Malaria" common because it freaked me out?Sice its deadly
Top 10
Top 10 9 giorni fa
Heads of to you india
Ethan Combs
Ethan Combs 9 giorni fa
How do we save 51B lives when there be 7B peeps on earth
Anubhav Behera
Anubhav Behera 8 giorni fa
Their talking about human history. 100 billion ppl lived throughout all human history and 51 billion died of malaria. That's how deadly malaria is.
Parcley ¿
Parcley ¿ 9 giorni fa
Can you do this now for coronavirus? :)
Azim bin Noushad
Azim bin Noushad 9 giorni fa
Did you know a cell is a size of an fork HOW LARGE IS THAT
Jonathan Hernandez
Jonathan Hernandez 10 giorni fa
The disc and bars was not invented by anyone actually. They were just made for toys for kids to see how fast they could spin it and then the rope should be pretty hot caused by friction and a portion of energy in converted into thermal energy.
Kaje Simpson
Kaje Simpson 10 giorni fa
Please keep doing videos like this!!
EpicLT49 10 giorni fa
I wish it was for 69
bobbofly 10 giorni fa
You had my like until that thank-you to Bill & Melinda Gates. Boom. Instant hard thumbs down.
Eco 10 giorni fa
Isnt there only 7 billion people
Luke 10 giorni fa
51 billion?!
Jay Ray362
Jay Ray362 10 giorni fa
But there’s only 7.8 billion ppl in the world
kingcrab 4
kingcrab 4 10 giorni fa
Wait a minute there are only like 7.8 Billion people on the Planet how tf can you save then 51 Billion lives?
Nathan Lambert
Nathan Lambert 11 giorni fa
That’s awsome
Terapoint91 11 giorni fa
uhh.. 51 bilion lives?
Amal Tomy
Amal Tomy 11 giorni fa
There are 51 billion people alive? I thought it was 7 billion
Sans 11 giorni fa
probably why its so cheap is because its paper and plastic and its not sterile so it wont be accurate
jb0891 11 giorni fa
did say plague lets in bloods well great
Vidi Neutron
Vidi Neutron 11 giorni fa
Smart people always stun me, but these guys, these kinda guys always make me cry. They are humble, they deserve all the awards and I hope them a great life and continue to do good things for humanity.
barry mcdougal
barry mcdougal 12 giorni fa
Gavno Nadoroge
Gavno Nadoroge 12 giorni fa
sure you save 51 billion lives, but now you have to feed them
I CAN DO IT!! hax
I CAN DO IT!! hax 12 giorni fa
Proud of INDIA ! Jay HIND, Jay BHARAT!
Samuel Garcia
Samuel Garcia 12 giorni fa
iblooked at the link where i can pre order and it costs more that 50 cents its like 30 dollars too bad
Woiveth 13 giorni fa
why is roomba bad for you? Doesn't it clean up stuff, so why cant you let it do it's job?
Xirc Lang Malakas •
I wish I was as talented as them.
river chandler
river chandler 13 giorni fa
But there's only 7.8 billion people alive XD
Miles Novy-Hildesley
William Poole
William Poole 13 giorni fa
4:16 why did all the colors get sharper
Emma J
Emma J 13 giorni fa
Send this to someone who needs hope for the world. What an inspiration. Praise God! 😁 literally had me tearing up.
meh meh
meh meh 13 giorni fa
Unpopular Opinion: We actually dont need to save more Lifes but rather get rid of maybe 4/5 of the current World Population, to save the World.
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