Hurricane Michael becomes Category 1 storm as it heads toward Georgia

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Hurricane Michael lashed across Florida's Panhandle Wednesday as a Category 4 hurricane. As it heads toward Georgia, it has been downgraded to a Category 1. Mark DeMaria, chief of technology and science at the National Hurricane Center, joined CBSN to provide the latest details on Michael.

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11 ott 2018

Hurricane MichaelFlorida PanhandleFloridacategory 1category 4Georgianational hurricane center




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Gina Perez
Gina Perez 6 giorni fa
So no one’s going to say anything about the tiny Trump in the bottom right corner?!
Gucci Games
Gucci Games 2 giorni fa
Gina Perez lol
Durango Contreras
Durango Contreras 6 giorni fa
More like hurricane tortila..
kuty patooty
kuty patooty 6 giorni fa
Go away michael wow
Rajat Vrma
Rajat Vrma 6 giorni fa
don't do much damage.🙏
Jason Cabral
Jason Cabral 6 giorni fa
Well God really really hates the southern states , I'm ok with this , climate change isn't real but your stuff being destroyed is
Mag Pag
Mag Pag 6 giorni fa
Crazy how some people still believe climate change isn’t real
Get Real
Get Real 7 giorni fa
Beautiful,Warm, & Sunny in Tucson Arizona as always 😎
Epic Bug
Epic Bug 7 giorni fa
California: wow can you not have hurricanes for like a minute also california: *burning to ashes*
Stained Brain
Stained Brain 7 giorni fa
Idk if anyone will appreciate my dark humor.. but I've seen a few people joke about it in the comments, so I feel less bad. It's a musical reference: "MICHAEL MAKES AN ENTRANCE."
Bryce Salte
Bryce Salte 7 giorni fa
How dare you not blaming Donald Trump for the weather!? You’ve been instructed by Satan to blame him for everything including the weather!! Stick with the program! If you keep reporting news people might actually start to believe you again and that is absolutely unacceptable!
Johny Boy
Johny Boy 7 giorni fa
That's where you should build your wall.
kuchow jeff
kuchow jeff 7 giorni fa
When y'all in the storm in fortnite
Trey Tucker
Trey Tucker 7 giorni fa
Hurricane Michael Jackson
nubz0rzyou 7 giorni fa
Another one
Kevin Orghidan
Kevin Orghidan 7 giorni fa
It will hit the Portugal and Spain (Europe) , in a couple hours.
Adrastos 7 giorni fa
Guys help I’m in New York pls pray for me Nothings wrong and I don’t have any family there it’s just kinda cold
Adrastos 7 giorni fa
This video was uploaded October 10th... it’s the 14th.
Bassknots 7 giorni fa
Nothing to do with very fast moving rockets or space things or whatever
Beauties On Earth
Beauties On Earth 7 giorni fa
jagpit show
jagpit show 8 giorni fa
Prayers are with everyone affected by this storm and those that lost there life with this storm
thefunnyman589 8 giorni fa
That is scary. Just got hit by Harvey last year(I live in Tx). I couldn’t imagine getting hit by another. Took nearly a year to get my home back together. Sincere prayers to those affected
Crashtest Clay
Crashtest Clay 8 giorni fa
Hi!! what's your name?
Lisa Van Allen
Lisa Van Allen 8 giorni fa
By the way Michael died in 1973 on August 16. Elvis died four years later on his date spooky Michael said to me when we were little he was coming back with a punch I will know it
Lisa Van Allen
Lisa Van Allen 8 giorni fa
My cousin Michael died when he was nine had his birthday on his funeral at ten years old so I know its my cousin doing this
Andrew 8 giorni fa
Goes back to eating Nothing here to worry Bout......
Isaiah Cochran
Isaiah Cochran 8 giorni fa
Were dead
Strange Shop Girl
Strange Shop Girl 8 giorni fa
Wow... My town only got some rain and wind...
Bryan Medina
Bryan Medina 8 giorni fa
Damn, we might need a lot of Flex Tape to fix the damages.
M Pat
M Pat 8 giorni fa
College students are the only people that wish for a hurricane so classes are cancelled. Lol
Babyface6200 8 giorni fa
Hurricane Michael Myers
Aiden Hernandez
Aiden Hernandez 8 giorni fa
Wtf can hurricanes stop hitting Florida and hit like the east coast lil near pa???.
owo uwu
owo uwu 8 giorni fa
owo uwu
owo uwu 8 giorni fa
owo uwu
owo uwu 8 giorni fa
XXNeøn GoldXX
XXNeøn GoldXX 8 giorni fa
0:08 pet a sloth
Hope McCleantown
Hope McCleantown 8 giorni fa
I think mother nature is giving us payback for seceding from the union. 😂
Lil Cheesestick
Lil Cheesestick 8 giorni fa
It really be like that sometimes
Dani Morrow
Dani Morrow 8 giorni fa
*Michael went balls deep into the U. S.*
Mariah Pettus
Mariah Pettus 8 giorni fa
Oh nah damn it maryland we need to prepare
Sparkle Face
Sparkle Face 8 giorni fa
It's cuz of warming waters. Climate change made this a lot more stronger that it could have been. C mon people, it's not something fake your literally putting your own lives at risk because of ignorance.
Tickle me Softly
Tickle me Softly 8 giorni fa
Seems pretty obvious that the weather is changing
kanna-chan 8 giorni fa
Mr.Hurricane got to hyper
Dramati C
Dramati C 8 giorni fa
Category 1 is nothing we still had to go to school in Florida and I’m okay
Truuu 8 giorni fa
Literally just two days ago it got super cold here and now there's a hurricane ready to pass straight through where I live, Georgia's weather is going to suck alot more real soon.
tuannam 8 giorni fa
Superstorm "monster" Michael attacked Florida tinyurl.com/y7tav8as
Matt Acijoe
Matt Acijoe 9 giorni fa
This is gods punishment for fortnite
HamHamtrash 9 giorni fa
Good luck with that
HamHamtrash 9 giorni fa
Zack Soyer
Zack Soyer 9 giorni fa
Why is it that almost every hurricane is called the strongest that America has ever encountered???
Lady Lamb
Lady Lamb 9 giorni fa
Well damn jackie i cant control the weather
i was in Blountstown Filming it was strong there
TheFabulousEthan 9 giorni fa
Hurricane Michael Myers
Jimin Lifue
Jimin Lifue 9 giorni fa
Florida is having so many hurricanes feel so bad.
Jo Marie Stiles
Jo Marie Stiles 9 giorni fa
Wish I could help Florida
Shanta Pirtle
Shanta Pirtle 9 giorni fa
It felt great all day yesterday in Jackson Tennessee. Today it's cold ah and cloudy a little sprinkles. That's just Jackson though 😂 most bipolar weather ever
BwayneDeluxe 9 giorni fa
He remind me of one my college professors!
Superstar Island boy Hunt
i can't wait until hurricane season is over! sending thoughts and prayers to all those affected. This is the one season i do not like living on an island.
Grand Fry
Grand Fry 9 giorni fa
That's a lot of damage!
Lobert_Lin 9 giorni fa
Hopefully Michael would survive through this hurricane
G 1
G 1 9 giorni fa
Most of my family lives in North Carolina 😥
Mark W.
Mark W. 9 giorni fa
Please give Atlanta a bath! It stinks.
em Juradoj
em Juradoj 9 giorni fa
Damn michael
Kyle Kennah
Kyle Kennah 9 giorni fa
Hopefully nobody was riding in the back seat of that car..Christ sakes
瓦斯奎兹 瓦斯奎兹
Hurricane Micheal comes into Georgia like *-FBI OPEN UP-*
johan loor
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Cindy Boatswain 9 giorni fa
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johan loor 9 giorni fa
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Jose Pegaso
Jose Pegaso 9 giorni fa
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radintois 9 giorni fa
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levis capriata
levis capriata 9 giorni fa
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John Dunn
John Dunn 9 giorni fa
wash idiot climate denier rinse, repeat. and repeat. and repeat. hey, they're really stupid.
Jessie Tyner
Jessie Tyner 9 giorni fa
That hurricane is also heading to Alabama to do you not notice .
crying emoji nope
crying emoji nope 9 giorni fa
*dude i just saw florence*
Phil V
Phil V 9 giorni fa
category 1 ain't that terrible
ClassicWeeb 9 giorni fa
hmmm named Michael... In October.... sure does remind me of Halloween
Pov Sela Fc
Pov Sela Fc 9 giorni fa
Sup Bmd
Sup Bmd 9 giorni fa
HEY PPL THAT WONT SEE MY COMMENT!! Edit: It’s 9th on trending just plz notice me!!
JacksonBT 9 giorni fa
Virginia just dodged 2 hurricanes
Janie Dat Star
Janie Dat Star 9 giorni fa
Hurricane micheal hit my city in north carolina pretty hard. Lots of people are without power. Theres flooding. And tons of trees fell down.
Crystal Flores
Crystal Flores 9 giorni fa
What about Hurricane Katrina
Martin Conta Gets Banned
Michael hit va last night, and was still going pretty strong...Knocked the power out.
1000 Subs with 1 Video
It is China.
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 9 giorni fa
The more houses there are the more financial damage.
JosAYE 9 giorni fa
Now that’s a lot of damage! I’m sorry
Yeesh, Stop man
Yeesh, Stop man 9 giorni fa
Bro florida cant get a break wtf
JT Block
JT Block 9 giorni fa
Sierra Sierra
Sierra Sierra 9 giorni fa
God bless those people
Content Brony
Content Brony 9 giorni fa
Hitler did nothing wrong
Semi Colon
Semi Colon 9 giorni fa
Damn, my house got a power outage for a few hours, and got it back but my alarm ;-; had to be set. I nearly slept in.
Saint Sponge Man
Saint Sponge Man 9 giorni fa
We need a Flex Wall
Laura Ramírez
Laura Ramírez 9 giorni fa
Música cristiana
Smart Alec
Smart Alec 9 giorni fa
Cat 1s usually are practically nothing, why is this one not slowing down as much? Did they mis label it or something?
Balta Bueno
Balta Bueno 9 giorni fa
Better stock up on some flex tape
smokeyand thebandit
Controlled DEEP STATE hit failed to do what they wanted
jason morgan
jason morgan 9 giorni fa
Millions if peaches are at risk. 😯
orangebary 9 giorni fa
I hope the sloth is ok... I want to pet it
Kadz 10 giorni fa
Rip Florida 👏
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