i’m fighting a professional boxer.

Jake Paul
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From Diriyah, Saudi Arabia
Sunday, February 26th

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5 feb 2023




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Commenti 1 718
Pack A Puncher
This is definitely Jake’s BIGGEST test yet! 😳
blah blaher
blah blaher 15 giorni fa
Jake, pay up ya big dosser !
saucy_ celery
saucy_ celery 17 giorni fa
@Mave what does that say about jake?
saucy_ celery
saucy_ celery 17 giorni fa
He should stay out of boxing
A A 22 giorni fa
Sad thing is Tommy fury can't even brag about beat a scrub
Everything Rigged
Everything Rigged 25 giorni fa
@Jeremy Davidson Tougher a opponent my ass. 😂
Someone Mese fa
This is the first time that I’m actually excited to watch Jake fight
blah blaher
blah blaher 15 giorni fa
jake, pay up ya big dosser !
Everything Rigged
Everything Rigged 25 giorni fa
@Joke Man Nice joke joke man
Paytin Staples
@Lotion. I see you deleted your comments saying jakes gonna win and tommy isnt good lol. And no💩 neither have fought more than 10 times.
Lotion. Mese fa
@Paytin Staples when did i simp for jake? they both arent good when compared to other pros
Juan Coleman
Juan Coleman Mese fa
I’ll definitely love to see inside of camp videos 💯💪🏽
Clear Ectopla$m
that aged well.
Corrupted Mese fa
It's okay jake i hope the lose won't get to you I'm proud of you for stepping in the ring!!
mercelis kombat
Phantom Edits
Baby Groot
Baby Groot Mese fa
Aye I’m rooting for you bro, you came this far and now it’s time for you to show up💯
Punchlineless 2 giorni fa
@Baby Groot Its the only one we need📸
Baby Groot
Baby Groot Mese fa
@Jonathan Bacon yup Americans,😂 is that literally the only insult you people can come up with?😭
Jonathan Bacon
I’m sure he took this on board. Americans 😂
David Guerrero
You got this jake show them how hard you been working these past few years.
Christopher Stevens
Lmao Tommy won cry harder Jake is nothing
SinanEDG Mese fa
its going to be a crazy fight good luck jake we believe in you
b. nix
b. nix Mese fa
was skeptical at first, but i would really like to see this win for you ⚡️
Come over. Now. Nobody is here
Let’s gooo jake prove everyone wrong!! Been a fan since 2016 💙👏👊
joshua soriano
The fight we all been waiting for 🤝🏼
JeffThe Entrepreneur
Pulling for you Jake. Let’s go shock the world. For the ones who said you can’t.
Ace Gabriel Cruz
Jake you have come this far in your journey
Paul Mese fa
At least he'll be able to pay his hospital bills after Sunday night 🤣
Dj streams
Dj streams Mese fa
Let’s go Jake 🙌🏾🔥💯
Thomas Mese fa
Let’s go Jake you’ve got this 💪🏼
whyquestion Mese fa
K-pop better + I’m the ultimate k-pop defender ☝🏻☝🏻🤓🤓
Timezone Mese fa
@Yulds2x nah
Yulds2x Mese fa
I upload funny entertaining videos just like Jake Paul...Your support would mean everything to me...❤️
Graco Gotit
Graco Gotit Mese fa
Taking Jake on this one no doubt ☝🏼🔥🔥
minabumbina Mese fa
Let's go Jake!
Abelardo Rodriguez
Somehow I want him to win just as bad as I want him to lose. Wtf. 😂
Ez Paige
Ez Paige Mese fa
Look how far you’ve come man!!!! You’re amazing!!!!!
Joey Morse Music
Still can’t believe you gave him a 15th chance 😅
Kolil MD
Kolil MD Mese fa
@whyquestion didn't ask
ProVaxxer Mese fa
Leaked Clips LIAR
whyquestion Mese fa
K-pop better + I’m the ultimate k-pop defender ☝🏻☝🏻🤓🤓
Timezone Mese fa
@ArliePlays You actually checked🤦🏿‍♂️
billy blanco
billy blanco Mese fa
Jake has sacrificed a lot to fight this guy. Now he's going to Saudi out of his element to fight for the first time outside of the US since the Deji fight. Man, it shows how bad he wants this fight. Imagine the pressure Fury will feel when he makes that walk.
The life of Jamie & Adam
I’ve been waiting for you to knock this fool out since the first announcement. Predicting it doesn’t go past the 1st round before JP hits em with that right 😂
GZUprise Mese fa
Ngl I feel nervous for Jake Paul, really hope he wins 🔥
Agha Noor
Agha Noor Mese fa
All the best Jake! Super proud of everyone involved in making this amazing event happen! I hope all the boxers return home safely! I would love to perform under Most Valuable Promotions one day!✨🥊
blah blaher
blah blaher 15 giorni fa
Jake, pay up ya big dosser !
Dahmus Mese fa
Simon Grey
Simon Grey Mese fa
Good luck hope you make it 🤞🏾🙏🏾work hard and play smart 😉
Hagop Mese fa
Let’s go JAKE 🎉❤
Dainca Neal
Dainca Neal Mese fa
Jason DeFelice
If Jake hasn't improved then I actually think he loses this fight.. I've watched all his fights and he has had a lot of vulnerable moments in each of his fights but his opponents couldn't box. Now idk if Tommy is good enough to capitalize on those openings, but the openings were definitely there in all his previous fights
robertg305 Mese fa
I'm really, really, really excited for this. I just hope Tommy Fury doesn't pull out a 3rd time
Paul Leach
Paul Leach Mese fa
Fair play, I think he's a bit of a nugget sometimes, but he's facing a boxer of at least his level in a genuine bout. Credit to him.
Aset Mese fa
@ixYoseph Context. Fury's opponents have a combined record of 24 Wins and 176 Losses.
ixYoseph Mese fa
his level? tommy fury has a 8-0-0 record, this is definitely above the level needed for jake paul, but i'm still rotting for jake he got balls.
FunFamily Mese fa
Jake you got this👊🏽💪🏽
TheTruth Mese fa
No matter what they said to jake, hes there and didnt give up! Go jake show em ull be a champion!
Michael Jr.
Michael Jr. Mese fa
Let's go Jake!💯
padron God
padron God Mese fa
You've got this, Jake, idolo. Maybe a shitty person in some ways, but, there's no denying your hard work and how you inspire myself to be a hard worker and pursue the goals I've set for myself and to be a better version of myself. Defy the odds and show us how a ITvidr will win against a professional boxer. You go, King! All the best!
xocdubs Mese fa
You got this jake 💪
oskar frilandson
This fight will be really good 🔥🔥
Estie ForU
Estie ForU Mese fa
Good luck Paul....in recovering after you get KO. But props on getting the fight
AwesomeAdam From 2099
Awesome job jake and good luck
mike moavero
mike moavero Mese fa
Lets go Mr. Paul, you got this!
Dean Coleman
Dean Coleman Mese fa
An actual boxer your own age too! Good luck Jake
INVIZ Mese fa
2 professional boxers fight. Shocking!
MM100 Mese fa
Jake doesn't post regular ITvid videos anymore he really is just a full time boxer now...
jesse macneil
Joe Mese fa
Jake is definitely gonna have those brass knuckles under his gloves 🤣.
DinoCrazy15 Mese fa
after this, your record will go from 6-0 to 7-0, you can do this jake, you CAN knock him out, prove all the haters wrong
Andres Gonzalez
Let’s go Jake!!!
Beso424 Mese fa
Let’s go Jake you got this
use R
use R 13 giorni fa
I believe in you J. 😊
James 38
James 38 Mese fa
And your gonna run through him your a beast ❤
Annette Diaz
Annette Diaz Mese fa
You will make us so proud 😀
Bryan Sanchez
Keep going boi show ‘‘em who you are 🫵🏽
Giovanni Mese fa
Hell yea!! Let’s go!! 💪🏼
Ronnie G
Ronnie G Mese fa
Let’s go Jake!!! I want to see you on top for sure!! Stay locked in!
Ronnie G
Ronnie G Mese fa
@FelixQ lol hater
FelixQ Mese fa
Haha nope
BMONEY Mese fa
I was a hater when he first started but it's time for us to admit Jake ain't no joke he ain't the one that been running . He gives us something to talk about every fight ngl he made me a believer, and being straight up tommy is gonna get decapitated
Veigys Mese fa
It will be absoultely embarrasing if Tommy loses and also akward if Jake's gonna lose.
Sean Frank
Sean Frank Mese fa
Let's go, Jake!
Jonathan Reyes
Let's go Jake you got this I love watching your videos
TEXT ⓼⓹⓸ ⓶⓵⓸-⓸⓹⓽⓶
For Assistance offer’s 😊
Michael Corleone
You’ve got this Jake🤞 you’re going to need to dig deeper and really go to war this time
drakogs Mese fa
Good luck Paul. You got a fan in me, what you’ve done these past years is nothing short of genius
Chris Chris
Chris Chris 15 giorni fa
@Boss Life doesnt matter when the people hes fighting can barely throw a punch
Ghingi Ferry
Ghingi Ferry Mese fa
Whenever someone calls him Paul it sounds weird to me cause from the youtube world everyone just calls him by his first name. But I guess since you guys only know him from boxing, you naturally just call him by his last name
J Syder
J Syder Mese fa
Yeah fighting washed up has beens way past their prime is something to be proud of
Boss Life
Boss Life Mese fa
@Joe Momma yes, but have you seen KSI’s last fights. He destroyed them.
sahil gauba
sahil gauba Mese fa
You got this Jakey ❤
Luis Pagan
Luis Pagan Mese fa
Best of luck Jake!
Cossack Mese fa
Let’s go Jakey!
Eskil Partenen
Unironically wish you all the best. But I think this will be it. Prove Me Wrong.
yooo l
yooo l Mese fa
damn for the fury family, this means alot more than money...family wise, tommy has so much more pressure, its their legacy
Jester Pester
This is a fight I’ll pay to watch
Sammy Fasho
Sammy Fasho Mese fa
Say what you want but when Jake has his mind set on something he’s going to do it literally hardest worker
Shakiboo Mese fa
this is such a sick fight/trailer. jake's career is on the line and tommy's family reputation
Ryan Means
Ryan Means Mese fa
I wouldn’t say his families reputation is on the line. Him losing does nothing to Tyson’s legacy or reputation. Jordan’s kids didn’t make it in basketball that hasn’t had any impact on him. Tommy’s reputation and status as a professional boxer is on the line.
i gotta say it, i see this ending in a draw and a knockdown a piece
supercarluv Mese fa
You got this Jake‼️💪
iamnobody Mese fa
Let's go jake🙌🔥🔥
johhnyy twotime
Like you said jake, if you win this fight I’ll shut my mouth forever and claim you the pfp greatest boxer of all time...point blank period.
Anirudh Yadav
i wonder if jake is trying to do the same to tommy what connor did to aldo iykwim
Jake in three rounds no way he loses to tommy fury 😂😂😂
Ur username says it all
JohnnyLee Mese fa
You got this MAN
Lastborn2k04 Mese fa
Jake always seems to go against the odds and come out winning, TEAM JAKE!!!!!
George Eaton
George Eaton Mese fa
A combo of fight of The Furys and The Pauls. I’m definitely excited.
michael vaughn
I didn't believe in Jake at first I thought it was all a scheme but he has held his own even if the opponents was retired at once they were really great and Jake still held his own
Tj F
Tj F Mese fa
45 seconds into round 3 and Jake knocks him the f%$k out, im putting my house on it
Manny Ribera
Manny Ribera Mese fa
Rooting for Jake from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧
PlayBoy X
PlayBoy X Mese fa
@Emma Lewis but why tho?
Emma Lewis
Emma Lewis Mese fa
Yes shame on you !!!
PlayBoy X
PlayBoy X Mese fa
@Joe Burgess why let him root for who ever he wants to root for??
Joe Burgess
Joe Burgess Mese fa
Big shame there pal
PlayBoy X
PlayBoy X Mese fa
What is the difference between 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and 🇬🇧?
Author Jeff Kosiba
All of Cleveland is with you Jake. Get it, get it! O-H...
paigeesworld Mese fa
I miss the old Jake when he use to post and blog everyday
Syco Clan
Syco Clan Mese fa
Speed Lord TV
I understand now why hes giving tommy fury so many chances to fight after saying he would never get the chance ever again the first time.
JAKE BLUH... Mese fa
Jake 80% got this in the bag
BrAiN DeAd
BrAiN DeAd Mese fa
at the start of this whole journey i wanted him to take the L so bad just stfu type thing now all these fights later i’m all in true underdog story i’ve never rooted for someone harder
Leo Mese fa
@BrAiN DeAd dawg.. its a meme..
BrAiN DeAd
BrAiN DeAd Mese fa
@Leo also just so it doesn’t come up in your response morbius wasn’t a movie the whole world needed to see it wasn’t an end game or a black panther no one gave a fuck.
BrAiN DeAd
BrAiN DeAd Mese fa
@Leo “it’s fucking morbius grr grr “ 😂😂
Chris Chamberlain
It doesn’t matter who he fights , he’ll just be paying someone else to take the fall . And whoever he fights will sell out and go down when Jake says to.
jamobbie Mese fa
I genuinely curious to see what will happen when Tommy wins. Like will Jake just stop boxing?
Breakthrough The World
I love how he had to clarify this time
Claymorw 1983
His training partner is one of the best boxers I think Jake will struggle but that can be his opportunity to show everyone he’s the real dealm
whyquestion Mese fa
K-pop better + I’m the ultimate k-pop defender ☝🏻☝🏻🤓🤓
I bet my soul on Jake.
Amanuel Haileselasse
Jack is really about that life ❤
CrimeDigital Mese fa
You mean jason?
1dayumay 111
1dayumay 111 Mese fa
Lol this comment
Richard Castaway
Do it for the states Jake! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
Jedi Cookies
Jedi Cookies Mese fa
This is what everyone wanted!! Let’s get it!
_shadow Mese fa
Lets go Jake!!!💥💥💥💥💥💥💚
Parkman G
Parkman G Mese fa
Let’s go Jake 🫡
Zachary Tokisaki
Far from a easy win for Jake but he definitely takes it🔥🤷🏽‍♂️
ballejosRB11 Mese fa
Adam Macharia
As someone who’s currently in the Olympic trials for boxing, mark my words jake paul can be a very good boxer.
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