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25 nov 2020




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Commenti 100
Lol 6902
Lol 6902 2 ore fa
I have had the antic attacks and they aren’t good at all I always distract myself by playing with my hands and talking to myself about something that happened that day or what’s going on when I am about to have one, just to get my mind off of it
Amber De Pelsmaeker
Whats happening?
Nate M
Nate M 6 ore fa
I have no idea whats going on
Rene TOYS 7 ore fa
Get some help brother , it was not easy lost your mom , I went thru last year , I drop everything after making over 1.00000 million a year , this year I am completely person life it not over, our angel are looking us
Cowboys 4Life
Cowboys 4Life 14 ore fa
Hey I seen you on Cobra Kai
Nathan Riding
Nathan Riding 14 ore fa
You are the best youtuber man and I love your videos I’ll never get over these videos they’ve been amazing I hope you can still come back and you are a light
Logan Thatsallyouneedtoknow
I hate to say this. But here I am crying because I sincerely miss the days I could watch Roman post a new video and I was so ready to watch it. It would always bring positivity to my day. I’ve been struggling with hard anxiety and depression lately, and not just from 2020 being a sucky year. I miss this family... I miss the joy... BUT however he decides to go about this Channel I always fully support because his family and himself should be top priority! I wish the best for the Atwood’s!
pokemonyghchamp 16 ore fa
Only true fans have Roman Atwood following them on Twitter
Roger Lehoux
Roger Lehoux 17 ore fa
“Some days, doing ‘the best we can’ may still fall short of what we would like to be able to do, but life isn’t perfect-on any front-and doing what we can with what we have is the most we should expect of ourselves or anyone else.” -Fred Rogers
Roger Lehoux
Roger Lehoux 17 ore fa
“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.” -Deepak Chopra
Roger Lehoux
Roger Lehoux 17 ore fa
“Anxiety’s like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you very far.” -Jodi Picoult
Roger Lehoux
Roger Lehoux 17 ore fa
“How much pain have cost us the evils which have never happened.” -Thomas Jefferson
Jack Walsh
Jack Walsh 17 ore fa
Only ogs remember the big red truck
Sami Haider
Sami Haider 19 ore fa
im addicted to your life .. you have such a bright personality and you have really cutie children. I remember watching your first vid on wheeling on an ATV and thinking that i wish i would be as great of a dad as you. I remembered the name of your channel 3 years latter after high school. And it was just because I remembered you as an ideal bright (personality) person. Also congratulations for your new child 🥰
Christopher Mccall
And I still don't know why he stopped posting
Pokemon1086 Giorno fa
I am a hypochondriac myself. I know that feeling when anxiety and panic attacks would creep up. I’m still learning on how to control them.
Matthew Valdez
Matthew Valdez Giorno fa
No ads? 🤔
Angela Fernald
Angela Fernald Giorno fa
Thank you for talking about your anxiety
Ph D
Ph D Giorno fa
This is a custody issue. Only thing that makes sense.
Kayla Wright
Kayla Wright 5 ore fa
It is. Has been for a while. Remember Noah wasn’t allowed in the videos for a long time bc his mom
Brogen Wilbur
Brogen Wilbur Giorno fa
It's good that you did that nah im saying because there was one person in my family that fucked things up for me.
Im Transcendent
Im Transcendent Giorno fa
It's good that you did nah im saying because there was one person in my family that fucked things up for me. Your do doing good man PEACE and LOVE man.
hi there youtubers hi there
Ohs are the ones that watch the whole video
hi there youtubers hi there
I have experienced negative issues all year and when he posted one he made it better
hi there youtubers hi there
Please more daily videos
Aidan Parsons
Aidan Parsons Giorno fa
I’ve got a story I’ve got corona virus
nlimit19 Giorno fa
Hi Roman
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez Giorno fa
Any one realize once Roman stop posting the world started going crazy
Nicole 2 giorni fa
thank you for this
KeysyLiving 2 giorni fa
Panic attacks are possibly the worst form of mental health symptoms. Thanks for opening up about them. My word for it is the "sense of impending doom" .... it's completely normal brother, you should really look into CBD or other anxiety treatments. Fear is paralyzing. I was worried about you man, and now everything makes sense. You have panic attacks. Great to see you come out and standing in solidarity will these issues. Make it to breakfast my guy. Get that sleep. Go vegan. Stay healthy bro.
JaMi HoPe
JaMi HoPe 2 giorni fa
Does the issue pertain to two words and both start with an r and p?
TheJagdog 2 giorni fa
Roman you’ve always been a big influence in my life the past 6-7 years and even when I am having a very awful, “could it get worse”, “nothing is going to ever be better”, kind of days, you still manage to make me smile with your family’s adventures and even if your not doing something fun or maybe just having a talk like this you still manage to get my mind off some of the bad I’m going through at that time. I feel that even with everyone on ITvid comments or any other social media chat sections you still don’t get what you deserve from your community. I just want to take a minute of my time since you’ve given us years of yours, to say you are an important person to a lot of people and one of the biggest influencers in my life and that whatever you may be goi my through mentally, or emotionally I believe you have the strength to get through anything and you definitely have the family to help support you with any additional help you need. A lot of people say it to different creaters but you truly are a wonderful,generous, anti selfish, amazing person and no matter what may hit your head at times your worth something to a lot of people emotionally. Take your time and focus on what you need to and whatever you do just keep your head up because everytime you hit a low, there’s only one way to go from there.
Savannah Rue
Savannah Rue 2 giorni fa
Thank you for sharing this! I over think and I have awful anxiety. I’m always panicking over nothing.
TheGamerGuy 2 giorni fa
take your time brother...and don't stress your self when the time is right u will tell us ..... WE LOVE U ROMON
Steph Boyd
Steph Boyd 2 giorni fa
This is just ridiculous. Tell us when you can but for goodness sake give it up until then.
Barbara Lance
Barbara Lance 2 giorni fa
Only true fans will watch though the end, Roman your not alone I also have this problem too and have found ways to cope with it.
kyle smith
kyle smith 2 giorni fa
This is weird af like what it’s a good weird btw
Daydreamer 1234
Daydreamer 1234 2 giorni fa
I totally get, I have that exact kind of anxiety! I get it...it's so scary, it's an unrealistic real fear you know what I mean. Being in fear of something unrealistic, it's crazy how the brain can build & build until an anxiety attack hits.
Tryton64 2 giorni fa
Hi Roman Atwood Vlogs
Katie Starns
Katie Starns 2 giorni fa
I remember your videos and definitely do miss them! I started watching i believe back in 2014 or 2015. Whatever you're going through must be tough, but I do hope you come back... Your videos were such a happy & healthy distraction
Antonio Girifalco
Antonio Girifalco 2 giorni fa
I would love to see an uncut version of this video.
Women's Dream World 2020
Owaooo great and lovely 😊video
Johnnie S
Johnnie S 2 giorni fa
Do you still have this pain? @romanatwood
jxckfff 2 giorni fa
I really pray he’s ok how he dont sit still and seems so on edge I feel so bad for him and upset for him and hope him and his family are ok.
FizzyJoshy Giorno fa
What happens to him
Eevi Makkonen
Eevi Makkonen 2 giorni fa
Im so sory that u have gone thru all that☹️💕 I allso have panic attacs and you are not alone💕💕 lots of love to you all and you should not do videos if its not fun to you, well stay here supporting u no matter what💕💕
alexander milevaasslien
I still remember the day that roman got his first red gtr
Serroww 3 giorni fa
why those dislikes man
Chasta Walton
Chasta Walton 3 giorni fa
Stay strong you got this we love you and the family we miss you guys🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
mason2kk ._
mason2kk ._ 3 giorni fa
roman that is exactly how i feel every day out of no were i would be with friends and then i would start feeling weird like it was a dream or something and it lasts like 5 mins and i get anxiety
Amber Espinoza
Amber Espinoza 3 giorni fa
Please post more
SEMI PERFECT LIZ 3 giorni fa
Take lexapro, it help anxiety, go away.
6h8 3 giorni fa
Ahh I miss that intro sound it’s so smooth and I love it
VILLAIN CODM 3 giorni fa
I haven’t seen this channel since I was young this brings back so many memories
Nyx Noise ASMR
Nyx Noise ASMR 3 giorni fa
Have to rewatch :: I zoned out with the fishtank 🙃😆 GOALS
The Snodgrass Channel
Cast your cares upon Him for He cares for you. Prayers for you bud.
Crittye 3 giorni fa
Mfs in the comments be like only ogs remember when roman saved 500,000 african children from starving to death
Saul Bañuelos
Saul Bañuelos 3 giorni fa
Damn man it’s been years since I’ve seen his daily vlogs it’s crazy
Redheaded Princess
Redheaded Princess 3 giorni fa
Isnt the issue bcuz of smile more? Bcuz of the smile a guy is saying roman stole that logo. I think. Dont come for me but i think he did make a video about it
Brooke Harrison
Brooke Harrison 4 giorni fa
Roman don’t worry okay it’s all gonna be fine 😄
howie119 4 giorni fa
Take more time off if you need. But this vid made no sense.
Matthew Valdez
Matthew Valdez Giorno fa
When he was talking about the anxiety thing I have the same issue but he just talked about it and didn’t really say what helped he just mentioned it
sawilson 2 giorni fa
Just good to see him alive at this point
maxwang 05
maxwang 05 2 giorni fa
Doesn’t have to make sense
xTeddy 4 giorni fa
This helped me so much because I’ve been suffering with this for 2 years now. I’m 17 now and I have a lot of disconnection and anxiety but this helps a lot.
xTeddy 13 ore fa
@Sean Thomason thank u I appreciate 🖤
Sean Thomason
Sean Thomason 14 ore fa
Take this for what it's worth, but finding a group of people to stay connected with helps a heck of a lot with my anxiety. My prayers go out to you! :)
Leslieee Bankssz
Leslieee Bankssz 4 giorni fa
Im holding on because you the best , and i support your every move ❤️
Leslieee Bankssz
Leslieee Bankssz 4 giorni fa
I feel like the situation that happened was a law suit 😐
jack dechellis
jack dechellis 4 giorni fa
Yeah I understand that bro
Vincentxueckerya Xxx
I would never open up like you do, I have the same issues as you. I wish it dissapeared
Michael Plays
Michael Plays 4 giorni fa
I use to always look forward well I still do too watching ur blogs bc somehow they just always make my day brighter even if I had a stressful day
Michael Plays
Michael Plays 4 giorni fa
Vlogs *****
TimezZz up
TimezZz up 4 giorni fa
I had bad anxiety for a long time never wanted to take pills or anything for that matter....Breathing exercises can do a wholeeee lot for your body and mind! ❤✌
Cash Laudenslager
Cash Laudenslager 4 giorni fa
Ur the best
It It
It It 4 giorni fa
What happened 🥺😭
Jackson Rodrigues
Jackson Rodrigues 4 giorni fa
Stop bragging about your fish tank bud
PrinzJulzTv 4 giorni fa
When I see Roman i missed Zeus...
Kid Alright
Kid Alright 5 giorni fa
Been here since 2014. Love you bro.
Dek Mesra
Dek Mesra 5 giorni fa
Dek Mesra
Dek Mesra 5 giorni fa
0:8 i remember when u made that fish tank
LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball 5 giorni fa
Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.
Breno Lopez
Breno Lopez 5 giorni fa
Jesus can take all your worry's
crystal shipman
crystal shipman 5 giorni fa
Roman maybe this will help you. Idk but maybe. God says fear not literally hundreds of times in the bible so I try to remind myself that God doesn't want us to fear. Fear doesn't change anything but your happiness and we can't allow evil (fear) to win.
Samii McCaffery
Samii McCaffery 5 giorni fa
Omg this resonates so hard with me and I have the exact same fear! I’ve had mine since 14 and I’m now 28. It’s hard. Thank you so much for sharing!!!
Matthew Davies
Matthew Davies 5 giorni fa
Is he leaving ITvid for good
BL Kinz
BL Kinz 5 giorni fa
You’re not crazy brother, I’ve been battling with similar issues here of late, mostly because I’m trying to get into a sober way of life and all of the drugs leaving my system has triggered a sort of a anxiety and depression, and I’m constantly having the worry of dying at an early age. Love you man, and hearing you open up about your situation made me feel a lot better with mine.
Daniel Rose III
Daniel Rose III 5 giorni fa
I can tell you are strest
Nokarma -_-
Nokarma -_- 5 giorni fa
Milk it much
Vee 5 giorni fa
Hypochondria and/or anxiety can be quite difficult to live with and I can understand how it makes filming difficult.
Max Damron
Max Damron 5 giorni fa
You just come running back when you need money. All bullshit, this channel has gone to trash.
James 4 giorni fa
Why what happened?
lucysoto2011ls 5 giorni fa
What's really going on with roman?... I want to know what the hell really happen that made everything go down hill with their youtube channel 😓😓😓
Wayne Guy
Wayne Guy 5 giorni fa
I guess he doesn’t need ITvid money
Doris Medvetz
Doris Medvetz 5 giorni fa
I have constant panic attacks some times I'm afraid to get out of bed
Giselle Mena
Giselle Mena 5 giorni fa
I wonder how bad the situation was for them not to like posting anymore
Jamie McNeil
Jamie McNeil 5 giorni fa
Roman you be you. You are *ucking awesome!!!
This American Family Of 4
We love you Roman thank you 🙏 ❤️
JD 5 giorni fa
I fully understand you roman. I have been battling with my anxiety since around the same age and I’m 30 now. With this pandemic and violence going on has made my anxiety sky rocket. Im trying to stay positive but sometimes its hard. Hope you and your family stay safe and positive.
Adr3nalin3 __
Adr3nalin3 __ 5 giorni fa
the 9k dislikes, go to hell thanks !
Christopher Cox
Christopher Cox 5 giorni fa
lavliina 5 giorni fa
this 10 minute video is more like 20
Cassandra Lewis
Cassandra Lewis 5 giorni fa
Miss watching you and the fam. Hope y’all come back sooooon. Praying for whatever you guys are going through, Definitely must suck not being able to work.
Lexi may
Lexi may 5 giorni fa
i have anxiety and its hard especally now with covid going on
zempty 5 giorni fa
I miss watching your videos bro for real that last part smile more🥺made me remember looking at your videos 4 years ago 🥺🔥
Liam Ölson
Liam Ölson 5 giorni fa
The spiritual path will help you significantly. Meditation will help you calm the mind and overcome your fears and anxieties. You have to believe in yourself and think optimistically. There is nothing you can’t overcome. Your videos have helped me through rough times and all i can do in return is to spread some positivity. MUCH LOVE❤️🙂
Steven Van
Steven Van 5 giorni fa
You can hear the anxiety in his voice
Jordan Jensen
Jordan Jensen 5 giorni fa
Will always continue to love and support you and your family!
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