I Don't Like My Parents Because They Don't Accept Who I Am

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Buddy never really liked his parents, and they never truly got along. They argued and disagreed and butted heads over almost everything. They didn't see eye-to-eye on politics, to religion, to lifestyle and how to raise good healthy happy kids.
Buddy is an atheist, while his parents are very devout Muslims. Buddy is very liberal, while his parents are very conservative. And, Buddy is also unapologetically gay, while his parents, not surprisingly, are extremely homophobic.
But, even though on the inside it was really clear that he didn't get along with his parents, he was never very public or vocal about his disagreements with his parents.He still needed a roof over his head, and food to eat, and money in his pocket, and he was afraid that if he shared who he really was and what he really believed too strongly they would kick him out of the house, maybe even disown him.
Because of that, he formed what looked like a good relationship with his parents, but it was totally fake and artificial - on the inside, he just didn't get along with them. They saw him as being practically perfect, a good and trustworthy kid, but Buddy saw that his parents were really flawed.
His mom liked to hold grudges, was very quick to judge people, and liked to enforce really old fashioned gender roles, like boys should do yard work and take out the trash and that girls only belonged in the kitchen and were destined to become subservient housewives. And his father was so invested and distracted by his work that he never formed and real bonds with his children.
He was also upset at the way his four sisters were treated. His parents wouldn't allow his sisters to have any friends over. They weren't allowed to have phones, or do any extra curricular activities, or drive once they reached the age where they could legally get their licenses.
And it was even worse with Buddy, especially when he tried to come out to them and tell them he was gay - twice. The first time, his parents begged him to date girls because they saw his coming out as a real threat to them. The second time he tried they just threw out a slew of insults and homophobic falsehoods ranging from the idea that gay people were in fact mentally ill, to the idea that it was a simple choice and he was just making the wrong one. They threatened to disown him and told him he would be a failure in life unless he "fixed himself."
This all made him so unhappy and he imagined that he would be under the control of his parents for the rest of his life. So, he felt he had to continue to pretend to be the perfect little straight Muslim boy in the house, dating girls and praying and the rest. He didn't think much of it, had been doing it pretty much his whole life, but when he finally confided in his friends they saw it for what it was, miserable and very, very unhealthy. They asked him to imagine what he would be and how he would feel if he was far enough away from them that they couldn't watch his every move, and judge and control him.
That was a turning point for him and, realizing his parents were more like prison guards than anything else, he thought of the farthest place he could go without them having a negative impact on him and still be successful and thrive as a young gay man.
After doing a little bit of research he concluded that California would be the best place for him -- a thriving LGBT community, a ton of diversity and acceptance, and on the other side of the country from his toxic family life and parents. So, he applied to a few schools in California and, was accepted to attend UCLA! It was one of the happiest moments of his life.
His parents were hesitant about it at first, because of how far away it was, but they were happy to have him go to such a highly acclaimed school - that's mostly what they cared about.
Since moving to Los Angeles Buddy has never been happier. He is part of a really diverse community with amazing friends, endless support, and a great education. Even though he returns home on Holidays and has to pretend, just like he used to, he is so happy to be out of that toxic house and on his own.
His next wish is for his sisters, that they will recognize the truth about their parents, follow in his footsteps, and escape!
- - -
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13 nov 2018

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Commenti 48 643
BTS LEA LEA TV 29 minuti fa
Whoaaa this disrespect me so much🙃 muslims are kind and amazing , muslims are really strict for thier children and one fact : muslims really dont like gays............
YelloReen :3
YelloReen :3 3 ore fa
Please don’t talk about Islam here, because Im a muslim..
zack playz
zack playz 4 ore fa
I am also muslim and read quran I know its hard but as time goes by everything becames easy dont give up if you dont want to change now the later never comes belive in yourself yea but thers no need to change if your are a muslim
delainie gonzalez
How can I convinced my boyfriend Muslim parents to accept me ?
Lilia from syria
My mom did the same when I told her I am a tomboy....
Noura Alhader
Noura Alhader 11 ore fa
I have never met a Muslim that wasn’t nice or kind all of them are kind and nice and loving
DESI GIRLZ 12 ore fa
The only big thing that i didn't like about this guy is that he kept having fake relationships. Like all smiling and "nice" in front of them and then being like a completely different person when they are not with him. Like, that is very low and rude and especially heartbroken. I would never be fake to my parents like, ever! They buy things for me, cook for me, are kind to me, tell me the difference between right and wrong. Sacrificed so many things for me! Like i'm very disappointed and heartbroken of this guy's act. Who else agrees?......
DESI GIRLZ 12 ore fa
I'm a Muslim. And before i used to think that my Muslim parents don't love me and respect me. But, later i figured out that they are just protecting me and letting me know what is and not right for me. I know that Muslim kids get pressured all the time, but its SOMETIMES for the good and know what is and not right.
ima vanilla
ima vanilla 14 ore fa
I can relate ...
Dalal al-romaihi
Aight, I don’t mean to be hateful or anything but this is just BS! Wtf dude like your parents raised you, protected you, fed you and gave you money, just because your gay doesn’t mean they don’t expect you! And your making Muslims look bad, they’re kind, loving and nice people. And women are treated equally! Respect what your parents gave you. Trust me, one day you’ll regret the BS you just said.
ch**** on***
ch**** on*** 15 ore fa
No offence but your friends and you are just... sorta wrong
court commisi
court commisi 18 ore fa
I am a muslim too but i am aloud to use phone can have my own car ,can go with my friends out and my mother doesn't only tell me to do the dishes and stuff she also says that i should do co curricular activities and i am aloud to wear any kind of cloths and dont only wear shalwar kameez or burqa(muslim traditional dress) yes i am a muslim but i dont wear hijab your parents are so...... i am just like a normal tween girl who can wear jeans and t shirt it doesn't matter if it has long sleeves or short. I do everything like another tween the difference is just the beleif...
Danielle Gonzalez
So you don’t believe in god ouffffffff have fun when you die😂😂😂
Mariela Encheva
Mariela Encheva 19 ore fa
Shure u d;n't😃😃🦁🐯🐮🐗🦏🦏🐽🦏🐽🐽🐽🦏🐿️🐏🐏🦏🐿️🐇🐘🐽🦏🐫🐘🐘🐘🐖🐝🦐🦐🐟🐞🐞🏵️🏵️🏵️🌹🌹🌲🌹
M. Aminur Rahman
Ohhh Allah I am thankful to you 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Norizan Roslan
Norizan Roslan 20 ore fa
I AM a Muslim... don't hate me ...and I respect your religion😉😊🕌🕋
Hi lolo koko
Hi lolo koko 23 ore fa
Well u did wrong shit these are ur parents respect them good luck being homeless at California (little piece of shit)
Ammar Speed
Ammar Speed 23 ore fa
This is not how muslims should treat the woman and this kid has mad a big mistake, afraid he might go to hell
Ammar Speed
Ammar Speed 23 ore fa
This is not how muslims should treat the woman and this kid has mad a big mistake, afraid he might go to hell
Chimgee Barsuren
Same I am gay but i am 11 years old. But if i tell my parents will disown me Edit: I slam scared
Deondre Merritt
Deondre Merritt Giorno fa
Sorry dude but i hate gay people but the dis own part was bad
WolfPlayz Giorno fa
1:57 he knew, he ғυcĸed υp...
Moogle Giorno fa
Am I the only who thinks that the dad looks like Borat?
Aditi Sharma
Aditi Sharma Giorno fa
2 out of 1.8 billion muslim. Bad parents
Ellia Babe
Ellia Babe 2 giorni fa
What is wrong with you? Why do tou wan't your sisters to follow your DUMB creakin' footsteps? And yes, you parent's is mad at you cuz you are a MUSLIMS and you wan't to be gay? You can go to hell! P/s: No hate this is just for muslims
Tariq Akbar
Tariq Akbar 2 giorni fa
Muslims aren't supposed to be gay....
hi blazquez sanchez
Guillermo Jimenez
Guillermo Jimenez 2 giorni fa
Ur parents are right fags have no place in the world
Durik Troler
Durik Troler 2 giorni fa
0:10 😑*laugh short* the gay?
Roro Ira
Roro Ira 2 giorni fa
i'm so sorry bro....but your parents are right, Allah dont like gay people.....i know its hard to you but its true
Roro Ira
Roro Ira Giorno fa
+Yasinery Plays i know it....
Yasinery Plays
Yasinery Plays Giorno fa
Roro Ira he said he’s atheist
Andria Clapp
Andria Clapp 3 giorni fa
Fuck you suck black dick fuck big pussy
Kimoya Pinnock
Kimoya Pinnock 3 giorni fa
What kind of "Fake" relationship aerial you keeping up of your parents don't accept your sexuality but they want to see you every now and then when you have the chance. Sorry but your the fake one they made it clear they don't like tht side of you but your going around saying YOU have to keep up this fake relationship😴And they don't know that, IDK if this is the point but if I'm wrong lemme know.
kawaii echos aleyna
Theres a nother Muslim like you like me
Barack Bagatsing
Barack Bagatsing 3 giorni fa
Be your self
Gray's day dreamer
Gray's day dreamer 4 giorni fa
Your a selfish bastard
Jamie Thomas
Jamie Thomas 4 giorni fa
My parents are awful.
-Axlinvintoz -
-Axlinvintoz - 4 giorni fa
26 dislikes ok
Takeo 4 giorni fa
-Axlinvintoz - kid stop
yo boi
yo boi 4 giorni fa
Your gay? I thought you where muslim
Takeo 4 giorni fa
yo boi stfu kid
Joseph Agar
Joseph Agar 4 giorni fa
I honestly feel like this guy is more of a jerk than the parents, to be honest...
Takeo 4 giorni fa
Joseph Agar he is
Jesmin Rahat
Jesmin Rahat 4 giorni fa
U r parents arent muslim muslim people arent like that some people follow iskam the wrong way very wrong w WAY
Takeo 4 giorni fa
Jesmin Rahat it’s islam
Lyn lym Soda
Lyn lym Soda 5 giorni fa
My mom is an homophobic and she’s extremely strict And I hated it Cuz I’m lesbian And my mom forced me to be straight And I got some bad depression about it I even got a therapist about it My mom thinks lesbians and gays should go to hell And I disagree with it I love lesbians and gays We’re all the same
Brian Brooks
Brian Brooks 5 giorni fa
I atgre with his parents
Jose Eduardo Bejarano Paz
17 second into the Video I couldn't stop laughing for some reason
I'm not an 3mo YT
I'm not an 3mo YT 5 giorni fa
you're gay well you do you
Saad Zia
Saad Zia 5 giorni fa
What a scumbag
Saad Zia
Saad Zia 5 giorni fa
The kid
Toby Bigs
Toby Bigs 5 giorni fa
this is inspiring as all hell
Carolina Espino
Carolina Espino 5 giorni fa
Im sad for u. God is real jesus is real. I'm sorry but I think u know where u r gonna go when u die. :/
Llamacorns And Pride
I'm also gay! Me: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssss!!!
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung 5 giorni fa
I'm bisexual and my mom hates gays so much but my dad is supportive
Takeo 4 giorni fa
Kim Taehyung who cares
Noman Abdullah
Noman Abdullah 6 giorni fa
My story
Nguyệt Cát Đinh
I think that you also should find a way to get your sisters out of this too, they look like they're going through things much worse than you.
Shark Ham
Shark Ham 6 giorni fa
1:32 Man u need to run away or get away from ur parents or something 2:08 oh never mind
muhammed efe koc
muhammed efe koc 6 giorni fa
youre parant are stipid agian i am not talking about storybooth i am talking about the guys parant
B R U H 7 giorni fa
I hate this kid
Yasinery Plays
Yasinery Plays Giorno fa
gypsy freak there not muslims you can’t kill peo
gypsy freak
gypsy freak 4 giorni fa
Takeo islamophobe isn’t a word If anything you should be calling the Muslims Homophobia’s Also the Muslims killed my people in India years ago
Takeo 4 giorni fa
gypsy freak Islamophobe
gypsy freak
gypsy freak 6 giorni fa
I hate Muslims
•Boba Dreams•
•Boba Dreams• 7 giorni fa
*This comment section has enough fighting to make Taylor Swift’s exes jealous*
saba chaudhry
saba chaudhry 7 giorni fa
he can die in a hole of poop!!!!!! lol
saba chaudhry
saba chaudhry 7 giorni fa
this stupid man is very selfish and greedy
Adeeba 7 giorni fa
How are they religious but the mum does not wear a scarf
Moo Ahmed
Moo Ahmed 7 giorni fa
You escaped but that is wrong know one can be trusted that is why don't say that you're parents are not perfect becuz know one is don't tell you're sister's to run away I am a Muslim and I was scold and beaten but I love my parents and I can't even think of leaving them please go back to ur parents becuz they are important for u
Najma Sheikh
Najma Sheikh 7 giorni fa
I'm a Muslim and my parents don't treat me like that then who exactly who I am I'm sorry what they done but don't tell them who to be you are you there. You be yourself kid
Unicorn 7 giorni fa
I’m a Muslim too Actually they are right and you are wrong
Lucas Macieski de Loreto
this is for disliking the video itvid.net/video/video-mFRIJpU1k3A.html
Rain’s Animations
I live in California and I am lesbian 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 GAY PRIDE!!!!
Drunk Skull
Drunk Skull 8 giorni fa
Muslim not supposed to be gay!
gypsy freak
gypsy freak 6 giorni fa
Drunk Skull Muslims are supposed to die
Nouman Khan
Nouman Khan 8 giorni fa
I love it to
shiny glow In the moonlight
Jesus: NOAH, GET THE BOAT. You don’t argue about religion if they believe well then they believe it.
Ita Mayang
Ita Mayang 9 giorni fa
LGBT in Indonesia is Like when You Wanna Go to a Place but Soon died
WaShaRee 9 giorni fa
Mr your parents don’t allow you to be gay cause there Muslims and if your a Muslim you can’t be gay (I am a Muslim that’s how I know)
Vegan4ever 8 giorni fa
But being gay is not a choice but religion is. If someone is gay then they are gay. They can't become straight.
Warriors Claws
Warriors Claws 9 giorni fa
Olivia Bivens
Olivia Bivens 9 giorni fa
StoryBooth tips: Never comment until you understand what’s happening to them.
Peachii Drawz
Peachii Drawz 9 giorni fa
My parents are both homophobic and religious my mom believes that woman and young girls stay at home and cook and clean and put food on the table for her husband and she takes care of the kids and that men go and get jobs and work and support the family.i am a gay and I’m scared to come out to them bc they said they will disown me and I want a roof over head,food on the table and a bed to sleep in.i wish I could leave this toxic place I call home and leave behind all the negative memories behind in this god forsaken place I still to this day call home,I’m glad ur life is better than mine,hope u are still happy rn!!!!🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈💗💗💕💕💘💘💓💓🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Xahra_2207 10 giorni fa
I just think how people trying to force others to accept different religions is completely wrong. Islam should be nothing like that!! People should want to accept it! Not forced to!
Salma Abu-Naser
Salma Abu-Naser 10 giorni fa
My parents are Muslims and nothing of that is true for me. I hope you and your sisters get better💛 Islam never enforced such things on girls or boys and this totally not true in islam because we are all equal❤
NeonCyberWolf Mecha778
This kid is spoileddddd
Lizzy /Eliza
Lizzy /Eliza 10 giorni fa
Thank you ,next
Oscar Portillo
Oscar Portillo 10 giorni fa
Ungrateful kid to his parents. Even tho his parents are stubborn you still gotta love them
Emi’s Wild Life
Emi’s Wild Life 11 giorni fa
Don’t change yourself I have plenty of gay friends
xGacha Wolf
xGacha Wolf 11 giorni fa
Your really making Muslims look bad huh they are not you should gave them a chance
nickiinatsumii :/
nickiinatsumii :/ 11 giorni fa
I’m gay
Doky 11 giorni fa
I'm happy that my parents have no idea I'm lesbian, only my sister thinks that I'm BI. I have a crush on my friend who's also gay (lesbian) but she has also no idea about it. GONNA KEEP IT AS MY SECRET FOR MY FRIEANDS AND FAMILLY FOREVER!!!!!!!! XD
Elyas Imad
Elyas Imad 11 giorni fa
Im a muslim and your parents should except you of who you are and not all muslims hate gays some of us except the gays
Silva Vabyan
Silva Vabyan 12 giorni fa
My mom is muslim she is very kind and even tell me thet gay is little bad bcs one day a person (girl) ask me to be her girlfriend and i was shoch then i tell my mom and she said "dont say yes and dont be friend to her!" bcs im not gay and im a muslim sooo i say "sorry im not gay soo. Bye lol"
Silva Vabyan
Silva Vabyan 12 giorni fa
Why are u a gay bcs sometimes u gonna have big...bad news and be carefull... god is waching u ever day even night
Mom and Dad: *this vid pops up in their recommended list* Mom and Dad: *"DON'T COME BACK HOME U GAY ASS SJBFKDIXJWNSKJR"*
Itz Adelina
Itz Adelina 12 giorni fa
If a muslim is LGBTQ then Allah will send you to hell
Bro oZe
Bro oZe 12 giorni fa
It is wrong to be gay it say so in the quaran
Vegan4ever 10 giorni fa
It's not a choice though. Gay people don't choose to be gay. They can't develop any attraction for the opposite gender. It's a part of their biology and existence.
Cagayana LP
Cagayana LP 12 giorni fa
Tbh I don't want this video being representative of Muslim parents. So what's the problem being religious and wants their children lead them to the right path bcs what they believe? I know you're gay but at least don't bring religious to this kind of situation. It's about respect. They don't respect you not because of their religion, but because of their pride. In Islam, never force someone to believe what we believe, we respect the person's decision.
marce party
marce party 12 giorni fa
you'll know and understand why your parents act like that, they want the best for you. xx
marce party
marce party 12 giorni fa
you'll know and understand why your parents act like that, they want the best for you. xx
Devan Shepard
Devan Shepard 6 giorni fa
I think they just don't understand him n that frustrates him
Dr. Phil but stronger
Nigga you gay epic bruh moment
Hammad Amin
Hammad Amin 13 giorni fa
Thats entirely my life in this video except I dnt hv enuf money to go to L A
SuperIsaac4life1 Bolters
I’m a Christian and I respect what ever who they are Even y’all Muslim
Noura 17
Noura 17 13 giorni fa
I’m muslim but I’m not like that,i live a great life💞💞💞
MAD CLOWN 13 giorni fa
I’m a Muslim girl but my parents let me do anything I want and I don’t have to work...I think there is difference between family’s...
ermac kid
ermac kid 13 giorni fa
thats gay no homo
Diviya Prakash
Diviya Prakash 13 giorni fa
Please make a video on the topic ' my parents did not like me they are liking my sister and brother and I am there's first child
Adela Hernandez
Adela Hernandez 13 giorni fa
Why do you said you gay if u have a gf
Angelina Fuentes
Angelina Fuentes 13 giorni fa
Ungrateful brat
I love pugs-79
I love pugs-79 13 giorni fa
This kid is a hipicrit
Ayla 143
Ayla 143 13 giorni fa
Wait,why your mom didn't wear a hijab
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