I Don't Like My Parents Because They Don't Accept Who I Am

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Buddy never really liked his parents, and they never truly got along. They argued and disagreed and butted heads over almost everything. They didn't see eye-to-eye on politics, to religion, to lifestyle and how to raise good healthy happy kids.
Buddy is an atheist, while his parents are very devout Muslims. Buddy is very liberal, while his parents are very conservative. And, Buddy is also unapologetically gay, while his parents, not surprisingly, are extremely homophobic.
But, even though on the inside it was really clear that he didn't get along with his parents, he was never very public or vocal about his disagreements with his parents.He still needed a roof over his head, and food to eat, and money in his pocket, and he was afraid that if he shared who he really was and what he really believed too strongly they would kick him out of the house, maybe even disown him.
Because of that, he formed what looked like a good relationship with his parents, but it was totally fake and artificial - on the inside, he just didn't get along with them. They saw him as being practically perfect, a good and trustworthy kid, but Buddy saw that his parents were really flawed.
His mom liked to hold grudges, was very quick to judge people, and liked to enforce really old fashioned gender roles, like boys should do yard work and take out the trash and that girls only belonged in the kitchen and were destined to become subservient housewives. And his father was so invested and distracted by his work that he never formed and real bonds with his children.
He was also upset at the way his four sisters were treated. His parents wouldn't allow his sisters to have any friends over. They weren't allowed to have phones, or do any extra curricular activities, or drive once they reached the age where they could legally get their licenses.
And it was even worse with Buddy, especially when he tried to come out to them and tell them he was gay - twice. The first time, his parents begged him to date girls because they saw his coming out as a real threat to them. The second time he tried they just threw out a slew of insults and homophobic falsehoods ranging from the idea that gay people were in fact mentally ill, to the idea that it was a simple choice and he was just making the wrong one. They threatened to disown him and told him he would be a failure in life unless he "fixed himself."
This all made him so unhappy and he imagined that he would be under the control of his parents for the rest of his life. So, he felt he had to continue to pretend to be the perfect little straight Muslim boy in the house, dating girls and praying and the rest. He didn't think much of it, had been doing it pretty much his whole life, but when he finally confided in his friends they saw it for what it was, miserable and very, very unhealthy. They asked him to imagine what he would be and how he would feel if he was far enough away from them that they couldn't watch his every move, and judge and control him.
That was a turning point for him and, realizing his parents were more like prison guards than anything else, he thought of the farthest place he could go without them having a negative impact on him and still be successful and thrive as a young gay man.
After doing a little bit of research he concluded that California would be the best place for him -- a thriving LGBT community, a ton of diversity and acceptance, and on the other side of the country from his toxic family life and parents. So, he applied to a few schools in California and, was accepted to attend UCLA! It was one of the happiest moments of his life.
His parents were hesitant about it at first, because of how far away it was, but they were happy to have him go to such a highly acclaimed school - that's mostly what they cared about.
Since moving to Los Angeles Buddy has never been happier. He is part of a really diverse community with amazing friends, endless support, and a great education. Even though he returns home on Holidays and has to pretend, just like he used to, he is so happy to be out of that toxic house and on his own.
His next wish is for his sisters, that they will recognize the truth about their parents, follow in his footsteps, and escape!
- - -
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13 nov 2018

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Rebecca Bajowski
Rebecca Bajowski 4 minuti fa
I'm christian and i'm not a homophoph i believ that god thinks gay people are speicial, and also maybe don't get out of muslim, it's not that bad sheesh!
D3xter The0ne
D3xter The0ne 17 minuti fa
Imagine his mom watch this video...
Khalifa gaming
Khalifa gaming 58 minuti fa
I am muslime
I’m Muslim.. please don’t hate on me =(
Valeria Arredondo
0:26 parents....stop saying to your kids that you keep a roof over there head and food in their plate. It was YOUR choice to have kids and your suppose to do that. Dont blame your kids for that.
Panda Cake
Panda Cake 4 ore fa
"Because I still wanted roof over my head,Food on the table and money on my pocket" Bruh you hate them for not accepting you but you still need their help?? What exactly your pointing out Narrator
Mr berndt Nightmer
Gay suck
wasa bogang
wasa bogang 5 ore fa
Hey dont be gay its bad
wasa bogang
wasa bogang 5 ore fa
Yay i am a muslim to
muhammed mujtaba
Those are muslim laws so change your religion
Ttacy Osasuyi
Ttacy Osasuyi 7 ore fa
YoU wAnT uR sIsTeRs To FolLoW Ur FoOtStEps?
Brianna Bunny
Brianna Bunny 8 ore fa
mom: "no you can't play the flute"
Doggo Pooping
Doggo Pooping 9 ore fa
I don't really like this, Storybooth. As I look through the comments I realize people agree with me on this. He basically hates his parents for looking out for him. I'm not a homophobic but just like he believes in certain things, so do his parents. In the future he will regret this because he will realize that his parents were only trying to help him. I get it, you parents don't really accept you. But try to look on their perspective of this. Or you will regret it.
iamkulit1 CS
iamkulit1 CS 9 ore fa
this is what America lacks the defense of Ethnic, and sexual minorities c'mon U.S.A. be more like Europe
Kj Egal
Kj Egal 11 ore fa
The thing that most ppl in the comments section are upset about is not that fact that he was gay. No they are upset because instead of giving them a chance and trying to fix things he ran away and instantly classified them as horrible people. He should have tried to resolve the issue with his parents not rant about how bad they were on the internet. I know people like this and they never go far in life. They always run away when there’s a problem
Running thoughts
What's the point run way if you do not like the not so harsh rules
Kj Egal
Kj Egal 11 ore fa
I can’t begin to describe how disappointed I was with this. Instead of dealing with his family issues, he ran away. Instead of saying it was his family’s beliefs he said it was a whole religions beliefs. This is just 😞
Natalie Cheak
Natalie Cheak 11 ore fa
*reads the comments* Tea anyone???
That One Pokemon Dork
Come on guys. Feel bad for the girls. They can't do anything fun.
That One Pokemon Dork
Girls belong in the kitchen? *THAT IS NOT BAD. IT'S FACTS*
Everything productions
Your a rebel Nice
Stich Plays
Stich Plays 15 ore fa
I respect ya man!
Shifah Maheen
Shifah Maheen 15 ore fa
THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FAKE!!! You can't be gay and your Muslim parents are okay with it
Nicole Gracie
Nicole Gracie 16 ore fa
This is not good for children actually
Shk Otyby
Shk Otyby 16 ore fa
This must be fake bro I'm I Muslim and my parents are the best they Luv me they support me very much so don't say stuff about Islam that u don't know!!
Dee iii
Dee iii 16 ore fa
Okay so I’m a Muslim and if you’re gay you can’t be Muslim so of course his parents will not be happy about it you have to understand them too !! And Islam is so supportive of women Especially hard-working woman I don’t think they didn’t allow their daughters to work or drive because of Islam !!
KodaT1O 17 ore fa
I hope you die
wazhma Azizi
wazhma Azizi 18 ore fa
No offence but I am Muslim and parents love children and want what’s best and they did let you go to UCLA and you need to understand them not fight and you should learn tour religion and she what allah believes
Dumb girl
Dumb girl 18 ore fa
Being gay/lesbian or bisexual or straight is not a choice it's who you are 1:30
Nafiseh Nasiri
Nafiseh Nasiri 21 ora fa
i am muslim
damon dawson
damon dawson 21 ora fa
im so sorry to here thatbut im bisexual
Ke Davis
Ke Davis Giorno fa
Ke Davis
Ke Davis Giorno fa
It's ok to be gay
Smar Teen
Smar Teen Giorno fa
so his parents are Muslim but they happy because he have a girlfriend ..that not true and am Muslim how live in Saudi Arabia I have phone and I go to college and all my sister are employed in different job like one work in airport ...and Quran say that learning is important..so am so certain that this video not true story but train to distortion the image of Muslim
Talal Balobaid
Talal Balobaid Giorno fa
Gamingman 2867
Gamingman 2867 Giorno fa
finian jeory
finian jeory Giorno fa
Jews make this shit right? 🤔
Beep Boop
Beep Boop Giorno fa
Чтоб родители того парня сквозь земли праволились-бы
wolfy sky YT
wolfy sky YT Giorno fa
Me too:'(
Jīmīńïė’š Śmäłł håñdš
My parents are overprotective and dont let me do most things, and I dont Have my freedom but I still love them because they are the ones that Gave me a place to live, they work day and night for me.. So I'm not hating on you for anything but I think you should have a little respect for your parents, because they are the reasons why your here right now.
Chris Giorno fa
"I still want a roof over my head food on the table and money in my pocket" My brother in the background: "and a dick in yo ass"💀
LegitBrotha - U11 - IRU - W
I don’t like gays, I mean, not all but most gays legit fucking snitch all the time.
Judy Anno
Judy Anno Giorno fa
brick lord
brick lord Giorno fa
this is just like my life
Duha Salah
Duha Salah Giorno fa
Um Muslims are not allowed to bow down to human beings only god (ALLAH) and we are not allowed to have girlfriend and boyfriend REALLY REALLY REALLY Disrespectful
Amaan Khan
Amaan Khan Giorno fa
I am muslim
_Flower Bloom_
_Flower Bloom_ Giorno fa
I’m glad my mom accepts me and cheers me on.
antimate101boy New York
I’m Muslim and you can’t have a girlfriend/ boyfriend
Ye Yay
Ye Yay Giorno fa
I feel bad for you I hate your parents just know if your parents don’t love you then know there are people out there that love you
Natsuki Giorno fa
San Diego is a great place where I was able to feel welcome about being Bisexual
Shopkins Lover
Shopkins Lover Giorno fa
Parents: watch this video Parents: "we are going at UCLA so we can make sure our son is straight" Parents: see people who are gay or lesbian Parents: *BAN GAYS AND LESBIANS FROM MUSLIM MINECRAFT SERVER*
Webley Giorno fa
wow these comments are just vile, lmao. I'm in a similar bind with my family, everyone here acts like "oh your parents are perfect because they provide for you". Mates you're not gonna understand his life from a 3:31 video, it's just a guy saying his parents didn't like he was gay, were strict, and would threaten no support. Better to lie so you don't end up homeless under 18 xP
pizza wings
pizza wings Giorno fa
Ha Gaaaaayyyy
500 subs without no videos???
0:52 so only girls can switch bread ?
Mohd Haris Parmon
Im a muslim... i live in Malaysia mean i have to like this "Aku Baik" ya'll don't need to know this or not sooooo uhh bye?
Achromatopsium Giorno fa
xXdiamond RubiesXx
Im bisexual xxx
Kitty Kats Gamer
I’m sorry but you are gonna regret this when your parents die everyone needs parents 0:28 is very selfish you do not like your parents but you asking for money and food that’s bad .
Sakina Abul Qasim
You are being Really mean to your parents. They just want the best for you.
Marn SSJ
Marn SSJ 2 giorni fa
Muslims don't belong in America.
Anca Pojum
Anca Pojum 2 giorni fa
I hate the way most of people disliked the video or commented negatively. I am like that boy lol. With the difference that my sister is loved more! 😭
AYESHA irum 2 giorni fa
I disagree with the boy cause (fake relationship ) (he's gay)
AYESHA irum 2 giorni fa
I disagree with the boy cause (fake relationship ) (he's gay)
KongKek 69FPV
KongKek 69FPV 2 giorni fa
I am a little bit offended cuz I'm malay ps idk if his desrespecting the malay religion but I think he is and this is the worst story booth video I ever seen no offense
fairymairah Giorno fa
you can have your crummy Religion! but just don't Push it on Others 😝😒 ! ! ! !
Twisted Jarhead
Twisted Jarhead 2 giorni fa
But not all gay people are
Twisted Jarhead
Twisted Jarhead 2 giorni fa
LGBT is stupid
Twisted Jarhead
Twisted Jarhead 2 giorni fa
You gay
Jack Lee
Jack Lee 2 giorni fa
I hate everyone in the world..
fairymairah Giorno fa
i know Right! Don't Lose Hope 🕊🕊🌈🌈 ! ! ! !
Nayaka Prabumulia
Nayaka Prabumulia 2 giorni fa
Is his parents muslim?
Parineeti D
Parineeti D 2 giorni fa
Just a thought: Maybe he calls himself gay to further emphasize his political beliefs, and just another reason to move away and criticize his parents' thinking. I've heard from a lot of people that you can choose to be gay (though that may not be true), and it WOULD make sense... AGAIN, JUST A THOUGHT! don't wanna *t r i g g e r* anyone.
Gacha Unitato
Gacha Unitato 2 giorni fa
AyeItzAndreaa 2 giorni fa
You got in the same school as that baseball player whose intials were JR I forgot the name though
ariana Grande fan
ariana Grande fan 2 giorni fa
Yess yess! I'm also gay and my parents don't like "gay" people then I started being gay at school and they don't know about it >:) all the teachers in my school I think knows about it because I hang out with girls A LOT :P I LOVE BEING GAY #GENDEDOESNTMATTER *WHAT MATTERS IS BEING THEM AND WHAT MAKES THEM HAPPY!*
Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez 2 giorni fa
Can we give this video a dislike?
Idiot Gang
Idiot Gang Giorno fa
yes pls
not here
not here 2 giorni fa
I understand the fake relationship thing :(
Mac Kobalt
Mac Kobalt 2 giorni fa
Wow it was literal hell little snowflake was gonna melt
David Gutierrez
David Gutierrez 2 giorni fa
I don't like this kid, not cause he's gay or atheist Its cause he's a liberal
Brenna Stoltz
Brenna Stoltz 2 giorni fa
This guy is annoying. in some of this video, I understand. I accept gay people but am also conservative and he was very hypocritical and jugemental. He did not think about anybody but himself and was just pointing out flaws in his parents. This is a really stupid video. The fact that he had a fake relationship and wanted their money from them instead. UGH don't even with me my dude.
Sophiathealien 2 giorni fa
Yass kween!❤️ I'm gaaaaayyyy!!!!
Americo Hagim Productions
Liberalism is kinda a thing your parents should be Embarrassed if their son is a liberal.
Keen Bean Machine
Keen Bean Machine 2 giorni fa
•creates fake relationship with parents in order to stay gay •becomes successful despite parent’s beliefs that gays aren’t successful •visits parents only to keep that fake relationship instead of proving to them that gays can be successful •parents literally learn nothing from you, and you don’t learn anything from your parents Try fixing your problems instead of hiding them away, you had the chance to make your parents open-minded and you threw it away
That one guy that draws stuff
yeah you’re parents are horrible.
Lyli CHAVEZ 2 giorni fa
Coral TAG
Coral TAG 2 giorni fa
This is so disappointing😡
The Weird Little Earthling
My parents don’t trust me but I don’t trust myself soooooooooo...
Sujude Hassan
Sujude Hassan 2 giorni fa
dog gameing
dog gameing 2 giorni fa
Your gay?
Gabbi Matamoros
Gabbi Matamoros 2 giorni fa
Same thing with My sister she’s bisexual and my parents don’t accept it and call her a lesbian freak
DailyDoesOfENRG 2 giorni fa
hey so there is kind of a problem in Islam being Gay is haram/sinful and they are very strict on other people saying that God isn't rea.l So stop complaining.
Anthony Grego
Anthony Grego 2 giorni fa
Looks like this libtard got rekt
wait 4 me
wait 4 me 2 giorni fa
Fuck the liberals
llxma _Xx
llxma _Xx 2 giorni fa
Not ALL muslims are like that it's just that they want their children to be good people and hard working
Eclipto 2 giorni fa
Whiny little bastard, he has it easy.
Brock McGinnis
Brock McGinnis 2 giorni fa
Yes, CLEARLY he has it easy when his parents are religious extremists who think Women are meant to be serveants to men and stated he'll never succeed if he "fixes" himself. He has it 100% (psst, that was sarcasm, you're just down right retarded).
Hoodie Girl
Hoodie Girl 3 giorni fa
The way they did it was wrong but i still agree with them
GEE perz
GEE perz 3 giorni fa
I can relate to this type of situation but my reaction to it is quite opposite. I opened up to my mom about me being pansexual last yr. She is a very committed Christian so of course, she freaked out. Said that I was only being influenced by this generation's trends and stuff. But then I told her how I rly felt about my sexuality and my gender. Thank gawd that I had my sister there too. She accepts me for who I am and even gave me a cute cardigan with a rainbow patch on it for my birthday. She helped me make our mom understand that me being gay won't make me a bad person. And that I'll always be her daughter no matter what. She became more open minded about it, even went out of her way to read some articles and books about how to parent gay children XD lmao but at least she's trying to understand me. I also opened up to her about my spiritual beliefs. When it comes to the bible, we don't rly see eye to eye. I'm more of a laid back type of Christian. Not rly super religious but I believe in God. She is more by the book and rly strict. She believes that we shouldnt get tattoos and that we shouldnt do this and that and all that shit. And it kind of made me more distant from her because everything that she disagrees with is what I agree with. But thank the lord, she was able to finally open her eyes. She told me "I don't think God put us here to act like robots following some strict ass manual. It all depends on your heart's true intentions bcoz God judges the heart, not what man looks at." So yea, she supports LGBT, she has a lot and I do mean ALOT of gay best friends, she learned how to not be racist (cause she used to say negro alot but out of innocence) and yea, she fully supports me in someday getting a ton of tattoos XD lmao. And I'm happy coz the universe gave me and my sister a mom who would go out of her way just to understand and accept the one's she loves. It actually wasnt easy to get her to see through our perspective. But it all depends on how u react to the situation and what u do to fix it. I mean, u only have one mom and one dad. (Lmao I havent opened up to my dad yet since he works in a different state but meh maybe next time.)
ria ela
ria ela 3 giorni fa
y'all are hating on him. Do you guys felt the feeling of being forced? eating up by depression? it's easy to say an insult because y'all never experienced it.
Airis Rania
Airis Rania 20 minuti fa
Well I have, Self esteem issues, anxiety, depression, bullying you name it I have experience it it's not easy to handle this things
ria ela
ria ela 3 giorni fa
this is so precious, protecc 💜
Rand alKhonaizi
Rand alKhonaizi 3 giorni fa
You’re rude and ungrateful you should be grateful some people don’t have parents
Dania Salman
Dania Salman 3 giorni fa
That’s so fuckin disrespect for Muslims bro this is sick
Hazra Adia
Hazra Adia 3 giorni fa
That parents are helping you go through life
tea tae
tea tae 2 giorni fa
But parents should accept you for who you are, and not force you.
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