I Ended My Boxing Career.

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On August 21, 2021, I was thrust into a creative maelstrom that tied together every piece of my life in the past, present, and future. The following 99 days would cultivate the most transformative journey of my life…

I pushed myself to the furthest mental and physical depths while trekking 84,029 miles around the globe with a Polaroid camera.

During that time, I broke bones, witnessed miracles, nearly severed my family, experienced substance addiction, travelled with the world’s wealthiest, fell in love (more than once), lived dangerously in the present, and concluded with 99 of the most significant moments of my life captured on tangible film.

This is the story of 99 Originals.

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I’m a 27 year old artist living in Puerto Rico. This is my life.


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9 giu 2022




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Commenti 1 889
DavidJay24 17 giorni fa
“Ok dude, I’m a boxer” famous last words😭
Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman 2 giorni fa
“I never claimed to be a fighter”
Patrick Long
Patrick Long 3 giorni fa
Not a boxer.
Echo The Epik Gamr
Echo The Epik Gamr 3 giorni fa
Why go to a barber when i have a chainsaw
Ninja Hattori
Ninja Hattori 3 giorni fa
@Landon S agree those one of them
AMG24 3 giorni fa
He’s a boxer with 0 wins lmao 🤣
Cap'nNutty 17 giorni fa
"But the photo's cool." Gotta look on the bright side lol
Cody H
Cody H 4 giorni fa
Some people are just really optimistic
Poison 5 giorni fa
@Kristian Bjotveit Not for tourists probably, but the bill probably wasn’t too high, they don’t charge you like 200$ for a scalpel or some shit
fr scary
fr scary 5 giorni fa
photo isnt rly cool
The Kingman
The Kingman 5 giorni fa
I broke my knuckles once . Ducking sucked ass
Simzalabim 17 giorni fa
At least in Germany you can be certain your getting top tier medical care
stickvortex 5 ore fa
Don’t exaggerate. You’ll get good care and probably won’t have to sell your house to pay, but it’s not like everyone gets the world’s leading expert in whatever you broke is coming to personally take care of you. Just like in Italy, you won’t have to pay to get decent care but if you want the top fix you’ll usually have to go and get a second opinion from elsewhere. You’re guaranteed free healthcare, not the absolute best healthcare.
I_G6 13 ore fa
@Scouter‘s son you wont pay a dime for it in germany
so 17 giorni fa
Loving this series every pics been so cool
J 5 ore fa
Lol, ya so cool how he takes a pic in an old Polaroid and calls it art 🤣🤡
Marco Dulmers
Marco Dulmers 6 giorni fa
Ha ha
Aswin my name is Aswin
@ParfaitCell gotta respect the hustle, monetising your work is smart
ParfaitCell 16 giorni fa
YEAH the pics n story is cool , but the moment he turned it into NFT , man i just disappointed asf, people buy that because of logan not because of the pics
Kayden Kelly
Kayden Kelly 17 giorni fa
“I’m not a boxer I never claimed to be”
FenrirJhadyn 2 giorni fa
@Kayden Kelly But why comment that on a video about Logan? Doesn't even make sense
silly goose
silly goose 3 giorni fa
@Abdulrahman Naif you must smart be
Ninja Hattori
Ninja Hattori 3 giorni fa
First words comes out from his mouth after got lost to Austin,nice
Reaper 4 giorni fa
Keep in mind I’m not a rapper
Dennis Johansen
Dennis Johansen 3 giorni fa
I'm perplexed at the fact that he can admit that when he's intoxicated he makes bad decisions and his ego flares up. That's not easy for a lot of ppl to admit their flaws and not only see them for what they are but to learn from them. Kudos to him for growing and becoming even a tiny bit better than the day before
Zylish 17 giorni fa
Logan: This was very depressing.... also Logan: *But the photo's cool😀*
Communist Doge
Communist Doge 15 giorni fa
Yeah mate we watched the same one you did
COSMIC THANOS 16 giorni fa
Its called finding smth positive in smth negative,Smth u should do more in life
HaloByte 16 giorni fa
Always a silver lining
Beef Cake
Beef Cake 17 giorni fa
Photo Paul in the house
Vize Fusion
Vize Fusion 3 giorni fa
Honestly that's all you can expect out of someone. Mans just living his life and mistakes happen and he knows what he did wrong and learned from it. I can see you've grown so much as a person over the years I've watched you
Quinn Blumenthal
Quinn Blumenthal 5 giorni fa
He makes really bad decisions even when he's completely sober lmao 😂
The official OBAMA
The official OBAMA 2 giorni fa
I actually used to really hate Logan, but lately he's become very responsible and respectful, and I'm actually pretty surprised how much he's matured.
Sulayman Mbenga Jr.
Sulayman Mbenga Jr. 12 giorni fa
I’ve watched this clip a bunch of times and just noticed that you can hear the bartender in the back saying “I told you” 😂
NoobDiamond243 20 ore fa
@MFD it's satisfying to watch his hand got obliterated obviously 😂
MFD Giorno fa
Real question is why did you watch it a bunch of times 🤨
Lil Jelly
Lil Jelly 5 giorni fa
Pfhahahahahaha i heard it😝😝😂😂😂
NoobDiamond243 5 giorni fa
BRO I JUST HEARD IT bartender is a legend 😂
Vydx 6 giorni fa
Bruh 💀
Constitutional Banana
"Hypothetically what if you cant"
Pix3lhunt3r 5 giorni fa
“Asking for a friend” Damn it sombody took it, ( I didn’t see that sombody already said it until the text pop up closed)
Vctr1407 5 giorni fa
@Sulayman Mbenga Jr. 💀💀💀😂😂😂
Jayden Thong
Jayden Thong 5 giorni fa
@Sulayman Mbenga Jr. 🤣
NATE. 14 giorni fa
@Sulayman Mbenga Jr. 😭
Sulayman Mbenga Jr.
Sulayman Mbenga Jr. 16 giorni fa
He’s asking for a friend 😂
cube 4 life
cube 4 life 5 giorni fa
He is so bright not only did he break the wurst bone in the hand he was still happy about the photo
Zac chapo
Zac chapo 13 giorni fa
You’ve done us a favour, hopefully we won’t have to watch you box again! 😂
Garrett Saulteaux
Garrett Saulteaux 2 giorni fa
@Joey Gonzales I don't know much about it either but it seemed like it was a hobby that he was able to dump alot/make a lot of quick cash
Joey Gonzales
Joey Gonzales 2 giorni fa
I don't know much about boxing, but I heard from some friends that logan had a pretty respectable boxing career
Garrett Saulteaux
Garrett Saulteaux 3 giorni fa
@Tom Burkley neither of them would've made as much money if they knocked each other out for that fight
Tom Burkley
Tom Burkley 3 giorni fa
@Ht Lufc Yea I wouldn’t call Logan Paul a boxer and especially not his brother but I think he does deserve some respect as a fighter for holding out against Mayweather I honestly thought he was gonna get kod
JONNY 3 giorni fa
"I make bad decisions when intoxicated" Shocking discovery made by Logan Paul
Kamil Laszczyk
Kamil Laszczyk 3 giorni fa
Bro im praing that this bone gets stronger then before i hope you will recover quickly homie big love from Poland
Cf 5 giorni fa
Each time he does one of these I feels like a good cowboy story or wild west story
E. Simon
E. Simon 3 giorni fa
Kudos to the Waiter. He tried serving him some game but he left it on the table.
Locu$to 3 giorni fa
I had a displaced fracture of my fifth metacarpal from punching someone in the forehead (they were short), got 120 hydrocodone (Vicodin), took the splint off after three days (wiping your ass is hard), and it fully healed in four weeks (no surgery). Pretty worth it, actually😭👊.
Davin Certain
Davin Certain 3 giorni fa
genuinely, what did you learn from that experience? did it humble you in any way? granted you where drunk and you cant confront sober you with drunk you…i’m still curious
Kyle Pomeroy
Kyle Pomeroy 4 giorni fa
This really impresses me even more . I had a friend who was not a fighter that was 135 lbs and could consistently register a score over 1000 while the rest of us were hitting 700’s 800,s
MeltedBurrito 5 giorni fa
My respect for him has built up so much over the past 2 years.
The 404 Error
The 404 Error 3 giorni fa
"I ended my boxing career" Well, your first mistake was thinking you had a career in it at all.
JBRAZ 3 giorni fa
Quit drinking like 7 or 8 years ago. It took me thirty something years to figure out that every crappy time time that landed in my life had something to do with alcohol. Once it made sense, or once I could accept the truth, it was a done deal. Don't even miss it. Plus I got a wife and six kids, why on earth would I want to be all liqured up.
John A
John A 3 giorni fa
We don’t need to learn from your mistakes, our IQs will protect us.
Th3Roomi3 5 giorni fa
I like how they didn’t have a sell price . That made it more meaningful
OneHandBae 12 ore fa
I feel you. My left wrist was severed 6 months ago. Playing Valorant with one hand now…
Ste Green
Ste Green Giorno fa
🤣🤣🤣 at least you put everything into it!!!! The same break made my dad retire from boxing 🤣🤣🤣
jeon vlya
jeon vlya 18 ore fa
"I make really bad decisions" "my ego tends to flare up" got em boys
Cosmic Refractions
Cosmic Refractions 2 giorni fa
He makes bad decisions when he’s drunk and his ego flares up, never change huh, always making excuse for something, literally how do people watch him or his brother
dixia xie
dixia xie Giorno fa
"I make really bad decisions" "my ego tends to flare up" got em boys
sw4mpzz 2 giorni fa
Im happy for Logan that he found his passion in boxing and photography
Veteran Decanus
Veteran Decanus 3 giorni fa
I also shattered my third metacarpal. Broken to this day, the bone never healed and is still in two. My hand all fucked up now.
PrinceOfPersia 3 giorni fa
I feel sorry for you you finally found something good to do for you and now this happens
Michael Ma Gill
Michael Ma Gill 5 giorni fa
That's what I like about Logan, he understands humility and is slowly learning it.
willse _
willse _ 3 giorni fa
The bartender deserved a good tip for the warning he told you're drunk ass to stay put after couple of hits
Blanco 5 ore fa
I did the same thing in 2013😂. Sparring match during practice, got too hyped and punched a metal pole. Next thing you know I’m in a waiting room with a purple hand😂😂😂
Lea Itihr
Lea Itihr 8 giorni fa
The whole "when im intoxicated" part could be taken off and we d still have an accurate description of Logan
PeppermintShore Giorno fa
I cracked a bone in my wrist on the same type of machine in Spain. 20 yrs later I still have limited movement in my left wrist. Positive was I got the highest score.
dea sea
dea sea 3 giorni fa
Maybe, subconsciously, he meant to do it... Maybe, the bartender warned him, and in this fleeting moment he knew... This rathe blink of unseen serendipity.... Crack.... Alacritous regret, eclipsed by relief... He can finally breathe....
Vosmos 13 giorni fa
Can't end something that never started
Carsen Williams
Carsen Williams 3 giorni fa
I broke my third metacarpal a few months ago when I fell off a bird scooter, you’ve already got a better story that me
Da boss
Da boss Giorno fa
Serves you right…. Control your emotions when drunk
Jager LemonGobbler
Jager LemonGobbler 2 giorni fa
Imagine making good decisions and not having your ego flare up when your drunk 🤣🤣🤣
MrCrusade 3 giorni fa
Love the risk assessment here. People break bones here…. Proceeds to Leave boxing machine next to post
Sloth and Turtle
Sloth and Turtle 4 giorni fa
To prevent getting depressed when the alcohol wears off - just keep drinking and stay on the level 🤷🏻‍♂️
iiTzKiddshadow 16 giorni fa
wish him the best and a speedy recovery, but hey, the photo was cool
Kaleb D
Kaleb D 2 giorni fa
You know him not boxing anymore because of this, makes it the best video I ever seen
Neochromi 16 giorni fa
“Sir, I have to warn you people have hit their hand on this column” *so put a f***ing cushion or something on it*
The Beast
The Beast 2 giorni fa
@T2T He's made more money boxing than majority of boxers so technically he's had a successful boxing career.. just not a successful boxing legacy lol
Sal 2 giorni fa
Plotwist they have an arrangement with the nearest hospital 🤑🤑🤑
Twinkle 3 giorni fa
@MFD has to be a firm foam but even then if you throw hard enough you'll still hit the column regardless and still bruise
T2T 5 giorni fa
@Abayan Leo he never had a boxing career in the first place
TheAstronomyGeek 2 giorni fa
"I make bad decisions when I'm intoxicated." As opposed to what? Being sober? Bad decisions anyways.
Jesper 3 giorni fa
Logan Paul: "I'm a boxer" also Logan Paul: *punches the wall*
Big Smokeweiler
Iv broken so many bones in my hands and never got them looked at! All healed in the worst way! Because of this I suffer daily! Moral of the story if you do something stupid and break bones in your hands go get it looked at kids! Lol
Kujo. 6 giorni fa
I was at state for wrestling and I broke my hand and still had to wrestle it was one of the worst pains I have felt
SPARK Music - Random Stuff
"I'm a boxer" yea he must've been very drunk
Daniel Choe
Daniel Choe 5 giorni fa
" *I tend to make bad decisions when intoxicated* " *There's nobody who makes good decisions intoxicated, that's why it's alcohol*
rick sullo
rick sullo 2 giorni fa
“Not knowing if I was ever going to be able to box again” brother you couldn’t box in the beginning I’m sorry to break the news to you
Smokey 3 giorni fa
Happened to me as well, nowhere near as bad though i’ve seen worse from others lmao
Tom Laskowski
Tom Laskowski 3 giorni fa
When they tell you to punch through something not punch something this is what happens when you're punching a stationary object with something right behind it... The training overtakes better judgment when you're drunk
Shagger Chuck
Shagger Chuck 4 giorni fa
"I'm a boxer" yeah right
mounticilija 2 giorni fa
i mean he is, can't deny that he never claimed to be professional
Arrxs 3 giorni fa
same thing happened to me. me and my cousin were at the boxing machine last year and he broke his hand and after a year we go to the same place to nostalgia.After that i wanted revenge on the machine and i broke my hand too fuck
00 00
00 00 2 giorni fa
Always listen to the bartender, he knows more than you think tho
Limitless Entertainment™️
"I make really bad decisions" "my ego tends to flare up" got em boys
rain 17 giorni fa
Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen
Jake Bleyenberg
Jake Bleyenberg 16 giorni fa
It is very sweet but I've seen you on so many posts :(
Lxium 16 giorni fa
Jessica Bauer
Jessica Bauer 17 giorni fa
You are a sweet person and thank you
Grendel 3 giorni fa
"And my ego tends to flare up" Yeah thats a standart for you.
ryder Mcmullin
ryder Mcmullin 5 giorni fa
The problem was not that he had an ego “flare up”, rather, its because he has a naturally egotistic and prideful personality, and has not hear the story of the tortoise and the hare
Sciber Plays
Sciber Plays 3 giorni fa
Dawg I sprained my wrist a week ago and this whole eeek I’ve seen how people broken their arms or hand so I feel like I’m ok now 😂
James Cudworth
James Cudworth 3 giorni fa
I never allow my ego to over take my skills. All ways humble.
GarnusWr 7 giorni fa
" thats what you do in germany" me as a german knowing he ist right 😟
Grantelbart 2 giorni fa
Er hat recht
Ben M
Ben M 3 giorni fa
I've done exactly the same thing but luckily didn't break my hand
Osten 714
Osten 714 Giorno fa
With the way you were throwing punches in that Floyd fight, I would call you a brawler not a boxer
Dark Gaming6009
Dark Gaming6009 4 giorni fa
Kind of wild how when he was kind of drunk he was like " oh shoot I might not be able to box, fuck it"
LT#67 7 giorni fa
I think it would be depressing for him so much because he was just starting to really get into boxing
Bobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer 16 giorni fa
“My ego tends to flare up” lol…. bruh you’re ego is flared up 24/7
Sammy Lame
Sammy Lame Giorno fa
nah brody you gotta give logan some credit cause dude like legitimately has had some crazy change of heart type character growth in the last couple years
Toast 2 giorni fa
You're definitely thinking of Jake. After the "incident" Logan has gotten better
Cleveland Jr.
Cleveland Jr. 3 giorni fa
It's def gotten much better
yygderghv 4 giorni fa
His ego isn't as big anymore
IO gamer
IO gamer 5 giorni fa
your *
j sav
j sav 5 giorni fa
In certain countries where you see those people smashing bricks with a one inch punch. They train their knuckles and hands to withstand that through micro fractures which heal quickly and become very resistant. Logan, and I have done before just fractured it, therefore leaving it even more hardened, but seriously fucking painful😂
Sam. Morningstar
Sam. Morningstar 17 giorni fa
Good job Logan really smashing it Smashing ur career lol
bonkerzisgood 8 ore fa
We’ve all been there, drunken young male + fists is a terrible combination of all time
flamee worldwide
flamee worldwide 2 giorni fa
Honestly, this might be good. Give up a career in boxing for a career in photography seems like he enjoys it.
socialdisgrace 8 giorni fa
"I'm a boxer" - I'm a shitty influencer who likes to pretend to be a boxer
Ashker 22 ore fa
@Bedmundus No, people forget and forgive easily when they're famous or rich. See how Johny went behind a young gold digger which was a stupid decision, yet people tend to see him as a great person. With more money people tend to simp because that's all that matters in the present world. Audience are basically fools looking for a story to believe in and agree to it when they're rich/famous.
Ashker 22 ore fa
@SpookyPoo lol you trust him so much from videos he puts for money? Nice. You are really not gullible.
Manny 2 giorni fa
@Bedmundus because they're salty seeing someone be successful and I'm not even a logan fan
Bedmundus 3 giorni fa
@SpookyPoo ppl just like to hold on to past shit reaaallly tight when it comes to famous ppl.
yygderghv 4 giorni fa
@SpookyPoo mans speaking facts
Oliver H
Oliver H Giorno fa
"Dude, I'm a boxer" LOL. Any real boxer wouldn't be hitting anything without raps. Dude gets smoked in a couple of exhibitions and thinks he's a seasoned Pro.
Alec Koeppen
Alec Koeppen Giorno fa
Punched a wall I thought was just drywall but turned out to be concrete behind the carpet(was at a bowling alley) and broke my 4th metacarpal boxers fracture and had to stop bowling for the season
Alpha YT
Alpha YT 8 giorni fa
“My boxing career” What boxing career 💀
NoMercy Giorno fa
@Manny that's not the point, bros boxing career is unexistent regardless if he's a good person or nah....
Manny 2 giorni fa
come on.... he's not that bad of person nowadays
RWAMVBY 5 giorni fa
"Ok dude, I'm a boxer" Middle knuckle: I'm gonna end this guy's entire career... Literally....
Jasur Egamberdiev
Jasur Egamberdiev 12 giorni fa
"OK dude, I'm a boxer" His record: 0-1
Soyoro 16 giorni fa
“And that's how he continues his photography and became a master at it”
Sunny :P
Sunny :P 17 giorni fa
My dad split his hand open on one of those games! He punched the corner of the machine 😩
SNG 6 giorni fa
“But the photo’s cool!” Classic vine type shit
eyesak47 7 giorni fa
Love the photography keep pushing
Felix Mangold
Felix Mangold 5 giorni fa
I one time hit the backboard of such a maschine... my Hand went like Double sice but my Hand is fine again toke like 2 month to move again normaly but Yeah..... you learn from it to not take to big of a step at once haha
It’s Aliens, DUH!
He just did this to get out of fighting Mike, we all know this
HoneyBadger 2 giorni fa
I did the same knuckle years ago when drunk aswell it be fine, it will just go again really easily and swell up you will get used to it though.
Rip Van Winkle
Rip Van Winkle 17 giorni fa
“I’m a boxer” 0-3
Pawel Wityk
Pawel Wityk Giorno fa
0-4 now
Pawel Wityk
Pawel Wityk Giorno fa
0-4 now 😂
Christian Conrad
Christian Conrad 2 giorni fa
@Joaquin Yikes What? He's a ITvid influencer nobody likes and that's it.
Joaquin Yikes
Joaquin Yikes 2 giorni fa
Christian Conrad
Christian Conrad 2 giorni fa
@Smokey he is an influencer, not an athlete.
I had a drunk friend who got pissed at a bar and punched what he thought was something padded..he did pretty much the same thing..it was pretty fucking gross..lol
necrotomia 3 giorni fa
Had the exact same fracture except it was on the 4th and 5th metacarpal, funny enough, after hooking someone on the temple!
Connor 5 giorni fa
“Drunk in Germany, no surprise there, I make really bad decisions when I’m drunk, no surprise there, I’m a dumb ass, no surprise there”
Alexandros Mitoussis
Well in fact breaking metacarpal bones is pretty common and you make a full recovery if you take care of it
Guilherme Menezes
Guilherme Menezes 3 giorni fa
"Okay dude, I'm a professional idiot. I know what I'm doing."
BigFatPanda Laktana
Thank god for that, I'm going to donate to alcohol brands after this
64-BIT 4 giorni fa
"Watch out you gonna break your bone" Logan Paul: "bet" Also Logan Paul: 😢
James Hill
James Hill 5 giorni fa
Just like the most famous last words ever said, “don’t worry, its not loaded.”
Marco Ana Marino
Marco Ana Marino 5 giorni fa
Morale of the story, don't let your ego get the best of you
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