I Ended My Boxing Career. 

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On August 21, 2021, I was thrust into a creative maelstrom that tied together every piece of my life in the past, present, and future. The following 99 days would cultivate the most transformative journey of my life…
I pushed myself to the furthest mental and physical depths while trekking 84,029 miles around the globe with a Polaroid camera.
During that time, I broke bones, witnessed miracles, nearly severed my family, experienced substance addiction, travelled with the world’s wealthiest, fell in love (more than once), lived dangerously in the present, and concluded with 99 of the most significant moments of my life captured on tangible film.
This is the story of 99 Originals.
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I’m a 27 year old artist living in Puerto Rico. This is my life.
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9 giu 2022




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Commenti : 3 086   
DavidJay24 11 mesi fa
“Ok dude, I’m a boxer” famous last words😭
Matěj Kajfosz
Matěj Kajfosz 11 mesi fa
not anymore
DavidJay24 11 mesi fa
@Matěj Kajfosz fax 😂
Michael Russo
Michael Russo 11 mesi fa
@Matěj Kajfosz that's why they were his last words😖
Anthony Weber
Anthony Weber 11 mesi fa
I liked at 666 😉
Landon S
Landon S 11 mesi fa
I'm gonna knock Austin out because I am a fighter
Beenjamine 10 mesi fa
“It’s ok dude, I’m a boxer” Column: “hehe not anymore
Blacksmith300 10 mesi fa
Darrtricks 9 mesi fa
The hehe made me laugh 🤣
KING ABBASI 9 mesi fa
Grung 9 mesi fa
Love the *he he*
Mike R
Mike R 9 mesi fa
He was only ever a boxer in his mind this proves it lmao
Sylvan Patt
Sylvan Patt 10 mesi fa
The bartender was most likely “I tried to tell you”
He said I told you
Roman Salpas
Roman Salpas 9 mesi fa
No fucking shit😲
Dreeph 9 mesi fa
Greg 8 mesi fa
"I tried to show him" -Drake
Cap'nNutty 11 mesi fa
"But the photo's cool." Gotta look on the bright side lol
CrixTwoKay 11 mesi fa
Sold it for 50k, will pay for the medical bill 🤷‍♂️
Kristian Bjotveit
@CrixTwoKay lol, free in Germany almost
Average gamer.
Average gamer. 11 mesi fa
@Kristian Bjotveit in germany it will be like 25$ i think
XQ 11 mesi fa
yeah considering he can sell it for thousands of dollar because its an "NFT"
Thawhid 11 mesi fa
Dido 11 mesi fa
"Ok dude, I'm a boxer" The column: I'm about to end this man's whole career
Tpbond 10 mesi fa
Underrated comment
Steven V
Steven V 10 mesi fa
@Tpbond nah
Tpbond 10 mesi fa
@Steven V yah, its a pretty smart play on words with less likes that it deserves, so yah
Crewskiie 10 mesi fa
Steven V
Steven V 10 mesi fa
@Tpbond nah
stinky Ass boy
stinky Ass boy 10 mesi fa
"A Demolition of The Third Metacarpal" sounds like a goregrind song name lmao
WKR FX 9 mesi fa
This is too accurate lmao
KeanuisMYfather 9 mesi fa
Lol indeed. Nice to see other metal heads here in Logan Paul’s comment section of all places bahaha
Gee M
Gee M 11 mesi fa
"Okay dude, I'm a professional idiot. I know what I'm doing."
Johno 11 mesi fa
rowney 11 mesi fa
exactly what he should've said🤣🤣
Flabslab7 10 mesi fa
Johan Cruyff
Johan Cruyff 10 mesi fa
Is he actually done
Divine Nwaenyi
Divine Nwaenyi 10 mesi fa
@Johan Cruyff yep
Finesse 10 mesi fa
“This was a really depressing difficult turn in life man.. 😕 *but shit the photo is dope* 😛😛”
Cory 6 mesi fa
Not gonna lie one time I broke my arm at school know twice I think both times they put a cast around me and my dad checked on it it was crooked he took me to the hospital and I broke both of my bones one was snapped in half and the other shattered off the top
Finesse 6 mesi fa
@Cory dang
Tony Mondola
Tony Mondola 11 mesi fa
I would say Logan is the most successful dumb person... but then there's Biden. 😆
Simzalabim 11 mesi fa
At least in Germany you can be certain your getting top tier medical care
Tiarnan 11 mesi fa
You’d get just as good if not better in the US
Scouter‘s Son
Scouter‘s Son 11 mesi fa
@Tiarnan maybe, but at least u don‘t have to pay as much (maybe im wrong, idk how they do that with tourists here). As a native German, i can say that ur insurance will take care of most of ur medical bills
Owen Everett
Owen Everett 11 mesi fa
Tell it to the Jews
david fowler
david fowler 11 mesi fa
@Tiarnan lol no
Hello789 10 mesi fa
Germany has the best doctors in the world. If they cant save you no one can
Alex Hervieux
Alex Hervieux 10 mesi fa
“And hypothetically if I can’t” shit had me rolling
Kayden Kelly
Kayden Kelly 11 mesi fa
“I’m not a boxer I never claimed to be”
Whazoo 11 mesi fa
More like drunk🤣
Joshua Ross
Joshua Ross 11 mesi fa
N0tJT 11 mesi fa
IllIlIIIllI 11 mesi fa
That wasn’t logan who said that. Bryce hall is the one who said that 🤦🏽‍♂️
Kayden Kelly
Kayden Kelly 11 mesi fa
@IllIlIIIllI no shit bro
R33CE 10 mesi fa
His ego wasn’t the only thing that flared up 💀
S S 8 mesi fa
This column is the baddest column on earth. It gets all the bitches. Women want to be with it, and men want to be it.
Sulayman Mbenga Jr.
I’ve watched this clip a bunch of times and just noticed that you can hear the bartender in the back saying “I told you” 😂
Vydx 11 mesi fa
Bruh 💀
*casually dry humps you*
BRO I JUST HEARD IT bartender is a legend 😂
Lil Jelly
Lil Jelly 11 mesi fa
Pfhahahahahaha i heard it😝😝😂😂😂
MFD 11 mesi fa
Real question is why did you watch it a bunch of times 🤨
*casually dry humps you*
@MFD it's satisfying to watch his hand got obliterated obviously 😂
BLCK9NE 10 mesi fa
moral of the story is don't drink.
Hightimes710 10 mesi fa
When a bar tender tells you to be careful of something in their bar, you should probably listen. Hes seen it all in that bar.
Constitutional Banana
"Hypothetically what if you cant"
Sulayman Mbenga Jr.
He’s asking for a friend 😂
Jonathan from Liongate
@Sulayman Mbenga Jr. 😭
Jayden Thong
Jayden Thong 11 mesi fa
@Sulayman Mbenga Jr. 🤣
Pix3lhunt3r 11 mesi fa
“Asking for a friend” Damn it sombody took it, ( I didn’t see that sombody already said it until the text pop up closed)
Andre BDD
Andre BDD 11 mesi fa
When a German tells you to be careful you should probably know your doing something really stupid lol
Joy Bhowmick
Joy Bhowmick 10 mesi fa
A wise man once said "If you can't handle your liquor, don't drink"
SPARK Music - Random Stuff
"I'm a boxer" yea he must've been very drunk
ThatToomas 11 mesi fa
He is somewhat good tho💀
Brandon Felkins
Brandon Felkins 11 mesi fa
@ThatToomas no no he's not.
Kaxida 11 mesi fa
@ThatToomas for anyone who doesn’t know a thing about boxing, yes
SLIPPIN 11 mesi fa
@Kaxida I mean at least he’s done it
Johno 11 mesi fa
He is tho
MrJohnGambles 10 mesi fa
I broke mine in a street fight and never went to the hospital because I was still 16 and living on my own and couldn’t afford to go. To this day my knuckle is pushed up into my hand. I still fought after that though. It just hurts a lot.
Gregor Stephens
Gregor Stephens 10 mesi fa
While he shouldn't have been that drunk in the first place, and shouldn't have been so reckless, at least he has come to realize and understand the consequences of his actions
Zylish 11 mesi fa
Logan: This was very depressing.... also Logan: *But the photo's cool😀*
Beef Cake
Beef Cake 11 mesi fa
Photo Paul in the house
HaloByte 11 mesi fa
Always a silver lining
Booty Warrior
Booty Warrior 11 mesi fa
Its called finding smth positive in smth negative,Smth u should do more in life
Communist Doge
Communist Doge 11 mesi fa
Yeah mate we watched the same one you did
mochi Isn't bad
mochi Isn't bad 11 mesi fa
Being a boxer doesn't mean your bare hands are conditioned to be smashed into another person's face, there's a reason we have hand wraps and boxing gloves.
Your Mom
Your Mom 8 mesi fa
Bro, real boxers don't let a cat scratch set them back for life. I get being careful and all, but if you're not putting your all into something, you won't be anything in it but what half of you is. I broke a lot of my knuckles and messed up all my fingers and everything, and I'm still shredding guitar.
I'm me
I'm me 11 mesi fa
The "I told you" got me laughing
imauser 36
imauser 36 8 mesi fa
The collum really said I'm bout to end this man's whole career literally
UnknownedLeaf 8 mesi fa
dude went through character development
SNG 11 mesi fa
“But the photo’s cool!” Classic vine type shit
he really should’ve said “i make really bad decisions when i’m in other countries” instead of when he’s intoxicated
Owen Butcher
Owen Butcher 11 mesi fa
2GUYS1GUN 11 mesi fa
Boxing ain't for this kid.
aditya ojha
aditya ojha 9 mesi fa
I need this man to be a narrator
Journey to Freedom
Saved the world from him. Next, his brother…
so 11 mesi fa
Loving this series every pics been so cool
ParfaitCell 11 mesi fa
YEAH the pics n story is cool , but the moment he turned it into NFT , man i just disappointed asf, people buy that because of logan not because of the pics
Aswin my name is Aswin
@ParfaitCell gotta respect the hustle, monetising your work is smart
Mr.D 11 mesi fa
Ha ha
J 11 mesi fa
Lol, ya so cool how he takes a pic in an old Polaroid and calls it art 🤣🤡
Dave Whispers
Dave Whispers 9 mesi fa
The bartender at this point has to put a board up to count how many people broke their hand on that.
reyshakquit 9 mesi fa
The human body is so fragile man, we should be able to punch columns and pulverize them.
Jonathan from Liongate
"Move your hand! 😰" "Okay, and hypothetically if I can't? 🥴"
Kingston Boone
Kingston Boone 10 mesi fa
Most dudes egos flare up when inebriated. Thanks for admitting that for more people.
Good thing he was in Germany, then American health care bills would’ve fucked even a Multi Millionaire
Neochromi 11 mesi fa
“Sir, I have to warn you people have hit their hand on this column” *so put a f***ing cushion or something on it*
Abayan Leo
Abayan Leo 11 mesi fa
That actually makes sense haha. They probably set it up to end Logan's career haha
Neochromi 11 mesi fa
@Abayan Leo not even just Logan, they just are too lazy to do anything. It’s like going skydiving, the instructor says that he’s seen ppl splat, but doesn’t even check their parachute.
Abayan Leo
Abayan Leo 11 mesi fa
@Neochromi true. People are dumb. They need to be more responsible
Neochromi 11 mesi fa
@Abayan Leo 100%
029 20
029 20 9 mesi fa
"I make bad decisions when I'm intoxicated and my ego flares up" yeah bro cocaine tends to do that
Strohhalmi 9 mesi fa
And I bet he is happy that he was in a german hospital and not an us one 😂
Jackson Desaulniers
Logan got a good voice over voice
gixelz 11 mesi fa
he must've been scared at actually fighting some of the people he called out
Nate 10 mesi fa
You know what all y’all wanna say something about him, but at least he’s man enough to admit where he wronged. I can’t say the same for a lot of people nowadays.
Mylo Hoz
Mylo Hoz 11 mesi fa
“At least the pic looks good” I think he still might be a tiny bit drunk
Just Some Crazy Mexican
No he’s just happy he has a photo to look back at and laugh
David P
David P 9 mesi fa
Stupidity made them think they were boxers. Stupidity will prove they’re not boxers. 1 down 1 to go.
Dominic Ibay
Dominic Ibay 9 mesi fa
They should've done something about dampening the column if literally it's happened over and over again. This is almost asking for a lawsuit.
Quinn Blumenthal
Quinn Blumenthal 11 mesi fa
He makes really bad decisions even when he's completely sober lmao 😂
Rønin 10 mesi fa
Nah that's Jake lmfao
Donut Warry
Donut Warry 10 mesi fa
Damn this dude is one of those people that will have it all and somehow always fuck up. One day you have to learn your lesson and tighten your shit the fuck up.
JC AMV's 10 mesi fa
Bro yall need to stop shitting on him. He's reformed a monumental amount since the incident. He's matured. He is a different man now.
b 11 mesi fa
You had like 2 amateur fights and one exhibition. Youve got less boxing cred than charlie zelenoff.
So at no point did the bartender or the owner of the bar think: Maybe we should move this machine away from the column people are breaking their hands on?
Carmen Castillo
Carmen Castillo 6 mesi fa
david:move ur fingers logan:hypothetically if i can’t
E_JIM3N3Z11b 11 mesi fa
We are using the word "boxer" loosely here..
Nerd 11 mesi fa
Well he was a boxer though
E_JIM3N3Z11b 11 mesi fa
@Nerd a prize fighter you are correct. He has never fought a real legit boxer
Nerd 11 mesi fa
@E_JIM3N3Z11b he fought Floyd Mayweather
AroTheHawk 11 mesi fa
@Nerd I decline to believe that match was anything but a show. If I play an exhibition match with Federar, I won't become a Tennis player (unless you are using the term very loosely).
grifo 10 mesi fa
@AroTheHawk a tennis player is someone that plays tennis. a six year old can be a tennis player. you are confusing x sport player with a *PROFESSIONAL* athlete. very big difference
Grant Wilkerson
Grant Wilkerson 10 mesi fa
Bro made his own gloves from the swelling jesus
babybear7904 9 mesi fa
Honestly, this situation is probably one of the dumbest I've seen Logan get into. I can see how this will give him an excuse later on when he gets back in the ring to say that he lost because he had broken his knuckle or some shit.
𓃵 10 mesi fa
after the alcohol wore off: I'm not a boxer, I've never claimed to be a boxed
Seth Aliee
Seth Aliee 8 mesi fa
That's why Muslims don't drink alcohol. This made a great example of it.
Trips77 10 mesi fa
It’s like if he didn’t care how messed up his hands can get, as long as a photo is 10/10 he’ll say it’s worth it
Mozbie Fr
Mozbie Fr 11 mesi fa
"Ok dude,i'm a boxer" "Well, not anymore"
Righteous King Siddhartha 🏳️‍🌈⃠
This is bad. He fucked up his dominant hand. If he ever gets into a fight, he won't be able to do anything. This is why we shouldn't do street fights unless needed cuz we generate more power than we can resist
No 11 mesi fa
Mans was really thinking of any way out of that Tyson fight
Brianna 🐷👑
“And… hypothetically if I can’t?” Idk why that got me laughing, hope your okay
Maverick Music Buzz
He needs some milk. Bro, they fvcking warned you 😩
grape 11 mesi fa
Breaking the third metacarpal is just proof you throw a proper punch
Jackson Brown
Jackson Brown 11 mesi fa
“ and then I made an artsy photo with a child’s camera”
WildHogTV 10 mesi fa
Meanwhile the high score holder in every bar that has these punching machines, is always either the bartender themselves or the bouncer.
the FNAF guy and pvz guy
You should make your broken hand an album
Rip Van Winkle
Rip Van Winkle 11 mesi fa
“I’m a boxer” 0-3
Cole Kernan
Cole Kernan 11 mesi fa
Actually he’s 0-1-2 he tied twice
Aryzn 11 mesi fa
@Cole Kernan I dont know where you got the second draw its 0-1-1
Aryzn 11 mesi fa
@Cole Kernan if you're talking about the Mayweather match that was a no contest as it wasnt scored
Smokey 11 mesi fa
Win or lose if you fight in a boxing match multiple times. You're a boxer
Cole Kernan
Cole Kernan 11 mesi fa
@Aryzn ya if nobody got knocked out it was gonna be a tie
Micheal Mason
Micheal Mason 9 mesi fa
“I make bad decisions and my ego flares up” literally everyone whole intoxicated
Salty Is here
Salty Is here 10 mesi fa
At least he admitted his faults. 🤦🤣
Mickey Martinez
Mickey Martinez 11 mesi fa
Was literally warned.
Mudasir Ali
Mudasir Ali 11 mesi fa
Was drunk.
Z3oxs 11 mesi fa
Also no padding on the column
Kira-exe 11 mesi fa
@Z3oxs he was warned be more carefully the world can’t be wrapped in bubble wrap for ya
C 11 mesi fa
@Kira-exe he was literally drunk. The world can’t be so simple minded for ya
Kira-exe 11 mesi fa
@C its dumb to say the owner shoulf put some shit on the edge
Sudakshina Chakraborty
Dude's so hammered he is not even reacting to his broken hand...da faq.
Glen Hastings
Glen Hastings 11 mesi fa
No, you identify as a boxer, there’s a huge difference
Limitless Entertainment™️
"I make really bad decisions" "my ego tends to flare up" got em boys
Kyle Dowling
Kyle Dowling 10 mesi fa
He’s ego is always flaring up
H A T E 10 mesi fa
Asoon as the bar tender told him about it his first thought was "yes I can get out of boxing because let's face it I'm shit and tired of losing" *his wall on "accident"*
Vichtz 9 mesi fa
"My ego flares up" "The pictures cool" It's amazing the character growth and self assessment abilities him and his brother have made over the years. Good for them.
Don B
Don B 9 mesi fa
"Ok dude, I'm a boxer" After the column: "I never claimed to be a boxer I'm not a fighter"
Connor Mccoury
Connor Mccoury 21 giorno fa
his prime money is kicking in. he used 2 choreographed fights to create a platform as well as his sm account to become a millionaire off cheap drinks. this is an excuse so people don't challenge him to a match.
Jamie Pickard
Jamie Pickard 10 mesi fa
Okay, this is my wife's account but bro, I have hit metal dumpsters, metal light poles and never broke my hands. Studied several Martial arts my entire life. But have done stupid things when drunk. I feel you man.
Kevin London
Kevin London 10 mesi fa
“It’s okay dude, I’ve lost all my fights”
Eyembr 9 mesi fa
He hasn’t
Eyembr 9 mesi fa
Are you saying you could beat him?
Kevin London
Kevin London 9 mesi fa
@Eyembr I don’t have to be able to beat someone to realize they’re bad at something lol. That’s always everyone’s first dumb take, “So YoU tHiNK, YoU cAn wIn ?”. I’m in a completely different weight class, he’s not won a single fight and doesn’t even fight anymore but always talks about being a boxer still for some reason.
Kevin London
Kevin London 9 mesi fa
Not to mention this “boxer” might’ve got his career ended by an inanimate object
GeneralUsman 9 mesi fa
@Kevin London doesn't change the fact he can knock you out with just a pinky
MR SMILEY 9 mesi fa
Don't worry guys I'm a professional clown cuz that's the only degree I'll get from the stupid decisions I make
Gorge Jorga
Gorge Jorga 8 mesi fa
Lmao, now he has an excuse to avoid fighting real boxers.
DaGOaT 11 mesi fa
Each time he does one of these I feels like a good cowboy story or wild west story
Sky 9 mesi fa
Man boxed like 2 dudes and is now a pro boxer
Petar Djonic
Petar Djonic 9 mesi fa
At least you didn't have to lose your kidney for medical bills.Welcome to Europe.
Disciple Will
Disciple Will 9 mesi fa
"Ok dude I'm a boxer" Column: "i thought he was a WWE Superstar"
Some one
Some one 10 mesi fa
This was actually a blessing in disguise
tj arson
tj arson 10 mesi fa
Something a real boxer wouldn't do
GravesMusic 11 mesi fa
"I make bad decisions when intoxicated" Shocking discovery made by Logan Paul
Marco Ferreira
Marco Ferreira 10 mesi fa
even being foreign he sure got good medical care without having to leave a liver in the hospital
xDevitt 9 mesi fa
And now he's in WWE, he's actually really good
Cody Raynor
Cody Raynor 11 mesi fa
Bruh makes stupid decisions when he's sober 🤣.... I'm a boxer what a 🤡
Booty Warrior
Booty Warrior 11 mesi fa
Says the keyboard warrior
MilkShakey 11 mesi fa
@Booty Warrior 🤡🤡🤡🤡
Booty Warrior
Booty Warrior 11 mesi fa
@MilkShakey 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
x3.x3 10 mesi fa
Logan is a great entertainer…so cool to see how far he’s come
Tr4sh Panda
Tr4sh Panda 9 mesi fa
Should've made the title How I shattered my boxing career
Chapo 11 mesi fa
You’ve done us a favour, hopefully we won’t have to watch you box again! 😂
Hy lufc
Hy lufc 11 mesi fa
I'd watch him go up against any heavyweight legend from back in 80s/90s. Just so he gets a taste of what he's not, from the greats that he thinks he's better than, that are also well past their prime. Even now, Mike Tyson, Lennox lewis or even Frank Bruno would still put up one hell of a fight and could possibly beat him, and they're all in their late 50s. After the 90s, boxing went downhill a bit and there hasn't really been any true heavyweight champions. The likes of David Haye, Anthony Joshua and Klitschko brothers where all obviously very talented, but they wouldn't be world champions if they where around 25yrs ago
Yalla 11 mesi fa
@Hy lufc Yea I wouldn’t call Logan Paul a boxer and especially not his brother but I think he does deserve some respect as a fighter for holding out against Mayweather I honestly thought he was gonna get kod
Jeff with a G
Jeff with a G 11 mesi fa
@Yalla neither of them would've made as much money if they knocked each other out for that fight
Joey Gonzales.
Joey Gonzales. 11 mesi fa
I don't know much about boxing, but I heard from some friends that logan had a pretty respectable boxing career
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