I finished God of War Ragnarok but wasn't ready for the emotional damage

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there's another Valkyrie Queen boss fight I'm so upset

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3 feb 2023




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zanny Mese fa
The Paintings Three is in the store. To cop or not, you must chooooose warrior crowdmade.com/collections/zanny P.S. This vid has a puppy break 👀
MrCLean 13 giorni fa
play it.
Not gonna cap “Loki” vs “corrupted sindri” would be an interesting fight if there is a spin off-god of war game
Bleza Mese fa
HELL YEAH puppy break!!!
Sushimne Mese fa
Bro Your FIFA 23 Team Is So Fckn Good
Jude Fine
Jude Fine Mese fa
Are you gonna get Hogwarts legacy
The feels hit harder then my dads belt of chaos
joshua davis
joshua davis Mese fa
Brody Mese fa
At least he is not using the rage of work
WhiteRabbit Mese fa
We all have beautiful hearts. Please don't misunderstand each other. please Trust each other.
Dev5602 Mese fa
What about the wire of Artemis?
Hellfire Plague
Sucks that kids these days don’t get the belt of chaos they get the their game consoles just get the spartan rage smash
Colin Akers Akers
I really couldn’t have asked for a better ending for Kratos’ character. He basically went from a god of war to a god of peace and justice and it was done so well. The final scene with thor really cements it for me
Swordz Anderson
It's what Gods of War actually are. One half are brutal and bloodthirsty, yearning for wars to break loose, like how Kratos once was, and the other half is wise and peacekeeping, using war to end the war and bring about peace once more, like how Kratos is now. The same logic applies to Ares and Athena, the two ACTUAL gods of war in Greek Mythology. Tldr; yeah it's pretty f*cking dope.
𝚂𝚎𝚗𝚍𝙼𝚎𝙰𝚝𝚎𝚡𝚝 +𝟷(𝟸𝟶𝟷) 𝟸𝟻𝟽-𝟹𝟻𝟽𝟸
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Praditya Pascalis Prawito
Fun fact the scene where Atreus put's Odin's soul inside the marble, is a direct parallel to the depiction of Kratos's death in the mural, you'll also notice that on the third panel of the board which shows Kratos in golden, u'll actually see Thor on the right side, suggesting that this panel was originally meant to represent Kratos's death, but because of his choices he has written a new future
Gaming 101
Gaming 101 18 giorni fa
​@Zarguswhen it comes to the story i find them equally good, gameplay has changed, but i like both. never thought of GOW as a simple hack and slash anyway, that is just a label that has been placed on the game from people that either never played the games or never really followed the deep story, since the beginning and end of the old games until this new beginning, which for me is just the continuation of the old games. The stupid notion that GOW was just brainless until kratos discovered fatherhood is just that..stupid, they forget that he killed his family in a rage, set up by Ares, after that suicide attempt bc he hates himself and all the gods, trying to kill himself and freeing hope, not for redemption bc he didnt want to redeem himself for he didnt feel worthy of that, but to stop athena from grabing that power for herself. That apperently isnt deep enough for todays critics, that never really played much beyond max 1h of the game.
Muhammed Emir Doğan
did he ? or faye drew him a new fate ?
Zargus Mese fa
@Daniel Awesome either way, I don't want to compare the gow games. The new ones are amazing and the old ones were too
Daniel Awesome
@Zargus *new, I think
Zargus Mese fa
@Tyden Durler nugow?
emperor dedede
I was stoned out of my mind for the entire ragnarok scene I’ve never been so hyped in my entire fucking life
Squidge 3 giorni fa
I feel you man
H Without A Name
Bear McCreary did such a good job with the soundtrack. Especially with blending gjallerhorn into the soundtrack
Eye C U
Eye C U 23 giorni fa
@Sam Reddig Ngl the characters in Xenoblade 2 made me not want to play it when I was initially interested, their designs are so damn ridiculous and horny-bait. Might try 3 when it's on sale though if it seems worth it.
Sam Reddig
Sam Reddig Mese fa
@Thundxa Gxd platinum a switch exclusive? How did that go?
Thundxa Gxd
Thundxa Gxd Mese fa
@Sam Reddig I did play it, platinum it already, so I'm speaking off experience
Sam Reddig
Sam Reddig Mese fa
@Thundxa Gxd hardly. I enjoy both games. I think Xenoblade has the better soundtrack. Meanwhile you're writing off a game I doubt you've played. And most likely because the blowback the character designs from 2 received.
Moonwhooper Mese fa
@Sam Reddig bro said xenoblade 💀💀💀
F1etcher Mese fa
Zanny's good video game criterias: -Having fun -petting animals -colors -being able to show us his drip-making skill
Hellfire4WD Mese fa
What about DRG references...? BROK AND StOuNe!!
TPFRecoil Mese fa
Hogwarts Legacy playthrough upcoming
White Rabbit
White Rabbit Mese fa
We are unconscious when we are asleep or fainted. When we are unconscious, we have no thoughts, no emotions, and cannot see the world. When we are conscious, we know everything. Consciousness is thoughts, emotions, and everything in the world. This consciousness is one. Will consciousness be split in two? Consciousness is not divisible. Do you feel two consciousnesses when talking to a friend? Consciousness is felt only as one. Consciousness is one. I am Conscious and I am the World. Gospel of Thomas "For many of the first will be last, and will become a single one." Jesus said, "Two will recline on a couch; one will die, one will live." "For this reason I say, if one is whole, one will be filled with light, but if one is divided, one will be filled with darkness." Jesus said, "Why do you wash the outside of the cup? Don't you understand that the one who made the inside is also the one who made the outside?" Jesus said, "I am the light that is over all things. I am all: from me all came forth, and to me all attained. Split a piece of wood; I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there." A [person said] to him, "Tell my brothers to divide my father's possessions with me." He said to the person, "Mister, who made me a divider?" He turned to his disciples and said to them, "I'm not a divider, am I?"
Michael Westen
* colours
Nathan Knight
Where’s zenyata hand movements?
Andrea Bernardinello
I love that, no matter how, best boy Tobey is always helping Zanny be it in his thumbnails or by staying on his chair. Props to him
Boartank Mese fa
Have you seen Tobey with a beard and long hair. We missed out.
person Mese fa
11:38 literally the best part of the entire game. Dang this game is really good isn’t it.
@Payneonline it’s sort of an embrace. This may not have been you but most boy childhoods have their father as strict and not around a lot. But there are few moments where they show that they truly care. And this is one of them.
Payneonline 12 giorni fa
@SUPER VERGIL ORIGINAL DID YOU JUST ASSU... Nah Im a dude, but I dont get why people get sentimental about it
@Payneonline you must not be of the male gender
Payneonline Mese fa
Whats the deal about the scene? The boy just goes his way, not like he dies. They really didn't go all in on a memorable ending, except for Brok& Sindri storyline. I was disappointed, the game hyped me all the way to... nothing really. Bad guys die, good guys win, no one good dies except Thor. Hell, Ragnarok scene lasted less than Iron Wood
Karl Mikhail Gamo
@Tyden Durler what has this generation become Edit: aka why the sarcasm plus I know english also can you be someone who keeps to themselves when it comes to these things like did anyone ask for your opinion
You know... The moment that really finished me off was right at the end of Brocks memorial, when Mimir suddenly realized the answer to that one riddle Brock had given him ages ago. "What gets bigger the more you take away?" The answer is "A hole". Though the answer could arguably also be Sindri. At his strongest after everything was taken from him.
T-rex Gamer101
Yeah it was good for me too. I didn't bother to really try and solve it despite knowing that I had heard that riddle from somewhere else. I just figured that it would be revealed eventually after like a side quest. Did not know it would have any actual significance
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Artifice6 Mese fa
“This is for love and thunder!” 😂 I almost fell out of my chair. 😂
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somebody Mese fa
Me: expecting something sad Zanny: For Brock and Stone
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We need more games like this. No micro transactions, no lootboxes, complete on release, great writing. Lets hope this game compels others to follow.
Josh Tate
Josh Tate 3 giorni fa
Hootu’s Room
@Tank don’t be factually incorrect in a zany comment section
Thorin440 Mese fa
Keep voting with your wallet 👍
agent blakk
agent blakk Mese fa
Guardians of the Galaxy
also if doesnt make any sense i didnt play the game yet
Trevor Broughton
Zanny never fails to deliver... except on a deep rock video
slack Mese fa
rock and stone huh? more like rock alone.. :'(
Kalvin187 Douglas
0:11 - 1:09 I love how he was so confident that he was gonna beat the Valkyries and then grew tired of them regenerating their health over 3x 😂 “You can’t trust hot serial killers.”
patriot459 Mese fa
God dam the last few hours of this game are so emotional and bad ass.
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Viking 7819
Viking 7819 Mese fa
Zanny: “They got war machine” War machine: “boom you looking for this”
weeoth Mese fa
I like how he kept building the joke that he only remembers the stomping attack from the valkyriew
Liam Mese fa
it’s nice to know zanny has a deep rock video being cooked to perfection
Adman 18 giorni fa
Wait, whats the difference between rock, and stone?
c1arex 21 giorno fa
This did not age well
Elegathor 24 giorni fa
Rock and Stone!
Lukas Lehmann
If you don't rock and stone, you ain't comming home
Bleza Mese fa
Hans Ryter
Hans Ryter Mese fa
When I first experienced the ending for myself, I cried for like half an hour. Even now, seeing how much Kratos and Atreus have grown over these 2 games, it makes me cry hard.
Владислав Булаев
Cringelords above
Yuki Mese fa
I'm with you. The ending definitely made me bawl my eyes out, it still does 😭😭 The enitre story was amazing, some parts obviously a bit rushed to fit it as much as possible but omg, they still managed to make me so emotional, whether happy or sad. Amazing game, not to mention the gameplay with all the new bosses/enemies was amazing to go through 🤧💖
Chook Mese fa
@Nguyễn Trung Hiếu Yeah it was rushed, they should have made another one. Or at least cut out another part of the game to flesh out the end. All of that build up for raganorok and it was pretty mediocre.
Nguyễn Trung Hiếu
Really? Because to me, the ending was very anti-climatic, the game really went downhill after heimdall fight imo
Hater Mese fa
@Marsonald I expected a lot more from this game! From this franchise.....
Death Mese fa
I will never tire of the music in this game.
Tim Assmann
Tim Assmann Mese fa
I admit I have an addiction when it comes to the music in this game😅
Samaron Mese fa
Can you imagine if Freya missed that arrow? It would have ruined the moment, but it would've been damn funny.
Craven Sword
Craven Sword Mese fa
This is one of the three games I’ve ever 100% competed. It’s such a good game.
@Sandman 23 It literally sweeped up most of the awards bro
Sandman 23
Sandman 23 Mese fa
@NoThisIsPatrick complete bs
metal100k Mese fa
@NoThisIsPatrick it had recency bias but didn't have the time for many in the community to fully experience it by the time the awards went on. Also elden ring was released early enough for its community to fully dive into and explore and exploit. I'd say that outweighed the recency bias. Both games are great though so no hate from me.
@Beesh It coming out late in the year gave it more of a chance of being goty cause of recency bias.
Beesh Mese fa
It deserved those 6 awards ngl. It got 10 nominations and won 6 of them AND was almost game of the year even despite being out late in the year as opposed to elden ring being released early 2022. The game is basically a masterpiece
John Marston
John Marston Mese fa
This game brought tears to my eyes without the sad scenes so beautiful
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Kian Badis
Kian Badis Mese fa
Took about 5 years but we finally get the final part
J_k1tch Mese fa
I'm still waiting for the final doom eternal video
Hootu’s Room
@Andrew Carlson no funny?
Andrew Carlson
No comments?
Rico Mese fa
i cant think of a better way to describe odin in this game than “fucking evil bastard”
Ted Scheett
Ted Scheett Mese fa
I was holding myself back from saying who killed Odin in the last video. Glad Sindri had some way of avenging his brother. But until he fills that hole... well, he'll continue to suffer.
9:55 wasnt expecting that i laughed my arse off
oxcart1000 Mese fa
Those edits of Shia and Pascal are spot on how I felt when I first experienced those scenes.
𝚂𝚎𝚗𝚍𝙼𝚎𝙰𝚝𝚎𝚡𝚝 +𝟷(𝟸𝟶𝟷) 𝟸𝟻𝟽-𝟹𝟻𝟽𝟸
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Mr. Linguini
Mr. Linguini Mese fa
When Zanny said Gjhallarhorn I don’t know why I half expected a rocket launcher 😂… I may have ptsd from that thing Also Zannys love and thunder line couldn’t have been more accurate
Who ever created the sound for the horn needs a raise
Karel P.
Karel P. Mese fa
@Tank Currently am
Tank Mese fa
It was so epic. I feel like I could shit myself every time I hear it
Axe the Viking
True and factual
Finally a good ITvidr who actually shows the memorial Instant respect
F.A.R.T. Mese fa
@Matthew Hughes brok is avenged. I will be satisfied even if he forgets. Be excited for the future but i will manage my expectations
Matthew Hughes
@F.A.R.T. can't wait for him to fight the trio of berserkers, that fight made me go insane
F.A.R.T. Mese fa
Then be prepared for the video where he defeats hrolf and gna in another video. (Probably on the second channel)
Brother~Blood 6 giorni fa
I feel like this guy is the living embodiment of that little voice we had while playing the game
Octavio Alcantar
Thank you for finishing God of War Ragnarok Zanny! Your emotions reflected mine during my run through.
𝚂𝚎𝚗𝚍𝙼𝚎𝙰𝚝𝚎𝚡𝚝 +𝟷(𝟸𝟶𝟷) 𝟸𝟻𝟽-𝟹𝟻𝟽𝟸
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Karina Vitório
The gjallarhorn scene always gives me chills
Martinez Joseph
This game was amazing, and your play-through made it all the more fun ❤
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Ryan Woodcock
You don’t understand how much I grinned when I saw the puppy break
Hugh Stanislaw
I don't know how but Zanny's managed to make 2 million people care about his dogs to the point where I'm sad if there's no puppy break. Now we just need a video dedicated to them
I never realized at 1:21 Atreus actually just full rips that Valkyrie in half.
Animation City!
Animation City! 10 giorni fa
Yo WHAT THE HELL he really does that
Rabbit Mese fa
Sindri getting that main villain arc and not going back is so cool, bro even decided to throw hands at monsters
Robert Reusch
I really love it when they hug at the end. I had to finish the rest of the game fighting to keep my tears at bay as to not lose focus on the berserkers that lie before me.
jaker Mese fa
Brok’s legacy and memory will live on in the Deep Rock series, whenever that comes out also good luck with King Hrolf and the Valkyrie, decently tough bosses i recommend going for King Hrolf first, you get something very cool and worth the fight
Yuki Mese fa
I wasn't ready for the rollercaster this is 🤧 Thank youtube for recommending me this, I am on my way to watch more of this channel
Critical Plat1num
I never thought Zanny would take 3 times longer than me to finish a game
anh hy
anh hy Mese fa
@Silenced Maxim he played it 3 time.
Silenced Maxim
@Ferdi the Tank still took him 3x longer
Critical Plat1num
@Ferdi the Tank fair I guess
Ferdi the Tank
To be fair, he also has to edit the footage, which is quite a tedious process. Probably played other games too
Serv00x Mese fa
Holy this game was beautiful, Kratos having to return to his old life one last time to protect the ones he loves, and finally not having to be the monster everyone thinks he is, and truly becoming the god he always wanted to be
Keon Albano
Keon Albano Mese fa
Aside from the refined combat and unparalleled acting, what pleased me most was how the game understood the player. Calling out our looting, petting Fenrir, annoying the squirrel, all felt like the developers knew us. Although I am happy with Elden Ring, I am proud that Ragnarok made it work for the GOTY.
xnotasweatx Mese fa
You didn’t walk behind the thing to see Kratos being worshipped
Señor Fluffy
Is it even possible to miss it? I finished the game recently and just assumed it was part of the cutscene
Limmmmm Mese fa
Yeah thats a bummer that zanny didn't saw that emotional scene 😅
HappyRath Mese fa
This game was the very definition of epic from start to finish and I will fucking die saying that 🔥 🔥 🔥 loved the video man, let us know if you're going to fight Gna.
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LogeyPerogi Mese fa
This game was just too good, it made me cry so many times
Cloudy Sky Gaming
God this game was so amazing, the story, characters, just about everything... I got chills seeing some of these cutscenes again.
Kwstas Alamanteo
@Ascended • he is right.
Ascended •
Ascended • Mese fa
@Mamad Nobari says somebody who didn’t play the game
Cloudy Sky Gaming
@Mamad Nobari true that lol but ngl those parries are the most satsifying thing aside from soulsborne parries
Mamad Nobari
Mamad Nobari Mese fa
Yeah it was a pretty good movie.
Bay Mese fa
''How about your so- Nevermind...'' Gets me everytime
m M
m M Mese fa
The 2 Berserkers at the end & the King really were the toughest fights, had to cheese. And The music at Brok’s funeral was so beautiful, maybe my fav out of the soundtrack 🤧
𝚂𝚎𝚗𝚍𝙼𝚎𝙰𝚝𝚎𝚡𝚝 +𝟷(𝟸𝟶𝟷) 𝟸𝟻𝟽-𝟹𝟻𝟽𝟸
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Vili Saarinen
I had watched your previous video on Ragnarök because I was caught up. But I saw this video get posted and remembered that I didn't finish the game since I had been preoccupied with work life and other games. Played the rest in 6hours and immediately came to watch this video. It was worth. Thank you Zanny.
Orchestra overseer
It was I who couldn't take the emotional damage zanny, I only gathered the strength necessary to watch the video 3 days after the upload
Dorian Grigorie
11:51 this moments bring tears to most testosterone filled men, absolutely incredibly delivered. Also that video with Pedro is spot on my reaction, i felt a wave a happines next seccond rivers down my face
Tele-gram 👉@SirZanny
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Blooocki :3
Blooocki :3 Mese fa
2:22 most of the times my dreams are also just weird gibberish, but in rare cases it feels like being stuck in a blockbuster movie. God of War: Ragnarök gave me one heck of a tearjerker. After starting the game and almost crying when Fenrir dies, I had a dream of entering the realm of the dead by crossing the River Styx. When I arrived at the gates of the underworld, I was surprisingly greeted by my dog Odin(when I was 6-7 an named him, I didn't even know of Nordic lore) that had recently passed away(he was like 15 or 16 and stroke took him away, he went quietly and without pain in his sleep in the vets office). He was being pet by the bony gatekeeper when I arrived and when he turned around he just directly ran at me, furiously wagging his tale and jumping at me for pets and cuddles. The dream sadly ended with me holding him and waking up. My face and eyes were all wet, I wish it had went on for a while more. He was the goodest boy.
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Hirdeay Madan
Why is he so damn funny 😂. It takes a while to process his humour man.
Your local Spider-man
I actually teared up when Kratos gave Atreus a hug
Mystery Mese fa
Sindir quite literally takes the gloves off and starts beating the shit out of everything and everyone
Hugh Stanislaw
I'm so proud of Zanny's acceptance of boy. It went from the alcoholic father demanding beer's to them beating up old men and destroying civilizations together. It has been a fun journey
Spider-Man Mese fa
Zanny: *Has to go back for all the collectibles* Me who did all of the side quests and collectibles before I finished the story: "UNLIMITED...POWAAAAAA!"
Grigore Anișoara
I love that my prayers have been answered. Thank you Zanny for you have done a great job at avenging Brock and Stone.
Dingus Mese fa
You can not comprehend the pain in me when I realized he didn’t fight the berserker king and new Valkyrie queen. Plz do it. 💀
Just watching Atreus leave again brought tears to my eyes again. "Loki goes, Atreus remains" 😭 I love these last 2 games so much.
Archives of Cybertron
I’ve waited and I am now satisfied. Thank you so much Zanny!
F1etcher Mese fa
Zanny: Sindri is on his batman arc! Sindri in the post-credit scene after the game: 🎵And i dooon't want the wooorld to seeeee meeee...🎵
TolkienBlack Mese fa
No jokes...Zanny was kicking absolute ass durning the Thor boss fight that looked cinematic as hell
D S Mese fa
I’ve probably watched him sound the horn like 5 times and I still get chills like the first time
Cheryl Lane
Cheryl Lane Mese fa
Zanny fighting in these videos is like 60% "never let them know your next move"
Memeboi Mese fa
Bro Zanny's health bar in this game went from a small chocolate bar to being taller than the giants.
I got chills from this video even though I already beat the game 2 months ago
Max T
Max T Mese fa
these videos are just getting better and better rip brok
Lola Stop thinking
You're always learning new things and trying to better yourself. That's awesome.
Kingsley CY
Kingsley CY Mese fa
That Berserkers gank fight is a nightmare. I was so relieved at first when I saw there were two of them, because I thought they would be weaker than a standard Berserker individually. They weren't.
𝚂𝚎𝚗𝚍𝙼𝚎𝙰𝚝𝚎𝚡𝚝 +𝟷(𝟸𝟶𝟷) 𝟸𝟻𝟽-𝟹𝟻𝟽𝟸
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KirbyWannaBe Mese fa
Legend has it he’s still waiting for a valkyrie to stand on him
Black Devil Creations
The last 3 hours of the game made me cry so bitterly.. i never cryed cause of a book.. there were some tears for tony stark.. but this.. this game is the most brutal emotional damage i ever played/have seen. I don't know if i can play it again, after i finish the 100%... it.. just broke me...
Professional Asian Dad
Zanny asking for Baldur's help was outta pocket
Chickenugget Mese fa
Zanny has graced us mere mortals with another God of War upload. Thank you
Kyoshin Mese fa
zanny i just wanna say man you make me happy as hell bro. i was having a bad day cus my girl left me and i was just scrolling thro youtube and found your video and just watching you and hearing your voice made me happy bro. idk how you all ways sound so happy. thank you zanny.
Hey, stay strong brother, felt the need to say it when I saw the f*cking bot
𝚂𝚎𝚗𝚍𝙼𝚎𝙰𝚝𝚎𝚡𝚝 +𝟷(𝟸𝟶𝟷) 𝟸𝟻𝟽-𝟹𝟻𝟽𝟸
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Ferdi the Tank
Can't wait for King Hrolf abd Gna episodes 😌 Btw, Vanaheim crater arc is so massive it feels like a DLC on it's own.
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Luc Weishaar
Luc Weishaar Mese fa
I need to watch Zanny fight the Valkyrie Queen in this game even though I don’t think she’s as hard as the one in 2018
Spaghetti The gamer
Let's be honest always the puppy break is the best clip in the video
Fire929rr Mese fa
I love how developed Kratos has gone through
Iron Ace
Iron Ace Mese fa
That Dog break was peak
Iron Ace
Iron Ace Mese fa
it's nix
Ricardo 28S
Ricardo 28S Mese fa
what's the name of the 3rd dog? i keep forgor
Relwof Kram
Relwof Kram Mese fa
Zanny: Give me three Valkyries to fight. That one Berserker fight: Hello There
abde bejaoui
abde bejaoui Mese fa
the fight after the valkyries drove me insane
Andre Sakra
Andre Sakra Mese fa
Damn I didn't know I was gonna have so many feels!
Marv Collins
Marv Collins Mese fa
Bruh the scene where Kratos sees himself on the mural being worshipped as a hero is just...
Nshippuden Naruto
Honestly when I finished the game I felt some type of way as they say xD I didn’t know how to move on without Loki it was weird lol
Charlie Owen
Charlie Owen Mese fa
I can't quite fathom how watching zanny play god of war is more fun than playing it myself
Ethaniel Carey
@Tyden Durler lol
Tyden Durler
Tyden Durler Mese fa
That's because it's actually a tiny bit shyte to play.
Muhammed Emin
Bro you have an amazing sense of humor, can’t stop laughing😄
Ian Alivio
Ian Alivio Mese fa
not only are there the berserker fights to complete, but hunting down all the broken pieces of asgard gets you one more valkyrie fight
Woodsy2575 Mese fa
There are so many extra bosses he hasn't done, all the berserkers, Gna the last valkyrie, there's even secret trolls and a dragon statues you need a specific relic to wake up in order to fight.
6:07 I am so happy three point combo returned for a second
Ragingchase_ Mese fa
that deep rock galactic music hits the spot when fighting hordes of Glyphids
ÃÇÉ Mese fa
Now we we gotta wait for jedi survivor to drop
Korey Robinson
Zanny still yearns the day he is finally stepped on by a Valkyrie again, shall this come true?
Supergoz27 Mese fa
Gnà is a really hard boss, I’d love to see you attempt it
Caleb Cheney
Caleb Cheney Mese fa
"We need reinforcements but my son is in college. How bout your so... Never mind" Bro you did not have to roast Frea like that. 😂
Mark Whibley
Mark Whibley Mese fa
Nah i laughed so much at this video, very good video sir zanny 👏
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