I Found A Mysterious Box In My Backyard And It Changed My Life

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Eyema Duhmass
Eyema Duhmass 20 minuti fa
The letter should've said: *"What're ye doing in me house!?"*
Eyema Duhmass
Eyema Duhmass 22 minuti fa
What if it was a giant, used, black, Bad Dragon dildo instead?
Giraffe Person
Giraffe Person 22 minuti fa
I found an online hacker in real life He’s actually a very fidgety man and he begged me to not tell his mom that he is crawling around in her house and he looked scared. I think that the amount of hacking got to him because he was only 3 feet tall. For some reason they also put me in jail. With love, 6ix9ine
Entertainment Lunge
Entertainment Lunge 23 minuti fa
1 on trending
Monkey D Luffy
Monkey D Luffy 25 minuti fa
This is how the story should’ve gone: I found a mysterious box and it was filled with weed. Life was never the same after.
Sofia .
Sofia . 27 minuti fa
Kermit_X_Elmo _
Kermit_X_Elmo _ 28 minuti fa
*I found a kermitXelmo smut and it changed my life*
Caramel & Milkshake The Hamster Couples
Hey I'm gonna build a time capsule too I'm gonna bury it in our house beacuse where are going to moving and my mom would sell the house
k spence
k spence 30 minuti fa
I found my thrill on blueberry hill
Josh Dizon
Josh Dizon 31 minuto fa
How do we know this is true?
Batman 31 minuto fa
Nice soothing voice. Great video!
Cute paw LPS
Cute paw LPS 32 minuti fa
this is The most intresting Story ive ever Heard in My life!
Game Warrior
Game Warrior 33 minuti fa
lets hit 1000 without any videos XD
Press read more This was a waste of your time
Blue Eyed Tech
Blue Eyed Tech 37 minuti fa
This was an amazing story.
Ariana De Potato -3-
1957: i bet people will figure out how to get to the moon in the future, like 2050!! 2019: *for once did what they wanted, but many years earlier* 😎
Barbara Houk
Barbara Houk 41 minuto fa
I wish you had left a written note bc the battery in the flash drive is going to die. It will not make it 20 yrs let alone 60. I’m sorry you didn’t understand the limitations of your technology.
••김보민 42 minuti fa
I found a buried box in my backyard...When I opened it... it was A FRIKIN DEAD CAT CALLED COOKIE! 😩 That box...I just threw it in the hole i dig...and I never saw it again 😳
Aniel 42 minuti fa
cloudnosh11 43 minuti fa
When you write an essay and need to include alot of fluff to meet the word count.
0 to 10k Subscribers Without Any Video
why the hell this is 1 on trending?
Nada Alaa
Nada Alaa 45 minuti fa
I wish I could do the same
Wickdiggle Wiggle
Wickdiggle Wiggle 47 minuti fa
This is an amazing story.
Just Jabari
Just Jabari 48 minuti fa
Puts a apple Watch ⌚️ inside
Shirley 50 minuti fa
Ooo #1 on trending
Lizzy Animations
Lizzy Animations 51 minuto fa
This is the most intresting story❤i will leave a time capture in my garden now :)
lil siptip
lil siptip 53 minuti fa
i found a big box when i was going to plant seeds i did not want to open it because it look like a coffin so i was scared and my said it was my imagination.
uranium fever
uranium fever 53 minuti fa
Why is this trash on trending
Rivalry Animations LLC.
Me:(reads video title) A mysterious package arrived at my door Inside was a game I'd never heard of before
2 FAST & 2 LOUD!!!
2 FAST & 2 LOUD!!! 57 minuti fa
Fact or fiction it was interesting.
zaaz E
zaaz E 58 minuti fa
Puh leez a human skull
Justine Bendero
Justine Bendero 59 minuti fa
Wow #1 trending..... Good job guys
nightmare does gacha
I barred a time copsel at my school
OOF gang
OOF gang Ora fa
#1 trending in Malaysia ❤️❤️🇲🇾🇲🇾😁
Arisdiana Amran
Wow 1 on trending
Lil Meow Meow ;3
When I was 5 years old I hid a box of candy And I found it when I was 10 Guess what.. I get food poisened. *Actually happened*
Benjamin Aouzir
Who else hates these videos being #1 trending every time?
Ngộ Không Gaming
VN the Like
The swagger
She buries a *smart watch* Me jumps from my bed "I need to find the box right now" 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Shaharear Ora fa
woow a Mysterious Box. really nice
Moon Ora fa
Aliyah Dana La Torre
I would love to do the garden too
Doge Business
#1 trending
Agus Hilmi Roofid
Raquel Martinez
Feliz domingo atodos los de face book
Josue Casillas
NoobZFuse Gaming
Wth I submited a story but Wheres my story?!?!
DerickThe Neko
*bird box intensifies*
What's next I became spider MAn?
Miên Dương
It didn't change her life though, it stilll cool
Sounds like a elementary school teacher reading me a story
Miichu Ora fa
Edwin Muere
I dug in my backyard and found a hole
chloe avakin
When I read the start of the title is thought it was one of those mystery box videos
DancingPotatos_ OnTheStreet
See u in 80 yrs tho xD
Lucas Ora fa
Anyone who belies these stories needs to be eliminated from the gene pool. Shite channel.
Dr Wang Lang
do every thing for Money
Molly Greenhill
*You buried a smart watch?!*
Lemi Cat :3
I wanna do a time capsule too!
Default Boi
Am I god?
gertygoo o
gertygoo o Ora fa
i've left two time capsules
Hazel Montereal
Darla's the same age of my father
Hannah Grayson
Blizzard Ora fa
I also found a mysterious bottle. I opened it up, found out... there was fart smell inside.
alex4536 Ora fa
That usb is gonna rust and decay in like a year isn't it
HessyHere Ora fa
Heres Jhony yes papa
number 1 on trending really...
Mahvash Fatima
Darla is a very interesting person,and you are also
Greek Trump
What a nice story and adventure!
TheRealPix Ora fa
That’s a time capsule love
Bun Da Rabbit
This sounds like Judy from another video... 🤔
rip darla
bananabro 191
I watch actually happend "Actually Happend"
marco lau
marco lau Ora fa
Vence Guillen
Vence Guillen 2 ore fa
THE voice sounds like a robot
colours of life
Subscribe mee
mr. no face
+colours of life np
colours of life
+mr. no face thanks
mr. no face
Ad Dragon
Ad Dragon 2 ore fa
Google assistant brought me here
Flicker FX
Flicker FX 2 ore fa
Kanchana Nair
Kanchana Nair 2 ore fa
Perro dehont
Perro dehont 2 ore fa
I left some time capsules in my garden , it's something i've done since I was a child , i'm 60 and i'm sure some of them will be found , found one myself lol , It was the paw of a young dog in concrete block where we "long time" ago had a gate post . The dog died about 20 years ago but whenever like now I think about her I get a smile on my face because SHE WAS THE ONE , she was really amazing in reading my body language and very good at making people feel good there are a couple of people that where really scared for dogs but she won their hearth with her amazing personality . Yeah I still miss her but I was never real sad when she passed away because the good memories are so many that I just smile automatically when I think about her .
Samantha Joy Buenaventura
I thought this will be scary but ot was actually so sweet
SS_wobbles 2 ore fa
I found the last twinke *read more*
Nazeer Abdulraheem
I had never ever seen or found any time capsule I wish I could .......... I am soon sad.
SkyPheonix Editz
so cool!
cyber leaderxx3008
Wait wait wait! That's the person from "I missed the greatest journey of my life "
Eggy vön Eagerston
Splendid! Young lady!
Currazo Raijen
This was actually really cool and worth watching unlike most of the other trending vids
Mingu Mingu
Mingu Mingu 2 ore fa
Apa cuman gua orang indo? :v Nonton ini karna trending 1:v
Congratulations for number one in trending this histories are so interesting and we can learn about this experiences
Depressed Feline
I breathed air it was good
Timothy 2 ore fa
Hello, I am a time traveler from the year 2079. I found a box in my back yard that had some type of video on a weird stick, but I threw it out because it was so damn boring. Loved the Apple watch though. Cheers.
Devin Sloan
Devin Sloan 2 ore fa
I'm pretty sure that flash drive wont last 60 years.
Jakub Rychtarczyk
S J 2 ore fa
Can someone explain why this is trending #1 world wide on ITvid?? Wtf
Kelsey 2007
Kelsey 2007 2 ore fa
Why is this #1 on trending
C V 2 ore fa
My cat passed away a month ago I'm sad she just layed there still as a rock that night when we came home from a funeral my (mom's friend) we went in the back yard and I held my baby for the last time (when I typed this out it was night time so yaaa)and ya I hope a girl or boy sees this and sees life sucks alot oh I would have 6cats 1 boy and 5 girls two baby Kitty's and the boy ran off to find a mate Cleo died 🙀 and skwy ran off my other baby matlda so ya my life sucks but I a 10/11 year old (I say 11/10 because I'm turning in to 11) typed this out but I live I hope I do have a diese (I hope I said that right ) it's were I'm never hungry bye
Merrin 2 ore fa
Should have put the movie on a DVD disc as USB sticks only hold data for about 10 years before the data dissipates. Also put a small portable DVD player in the box as they probably won't exist in the future.
Veronika Lucija Pirih
This story is the best of all!
Angela Playz
Angela Playz 2 ore fa
Dr.Iceberg 2 ore fa
I found a nuke inside of my garden Actually happened
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