I Got Attacked By A Heavyweight Boxer 

Niko Omilana
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Shannon Briggs gets his revenge.
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28 mar 2023




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JiDion 2 mesi fa
Burry 21
Burry 21 2 mesi fa
JustiRhy 2 mesi fa
Aziz Ibrahim
Aziz Ibrahim 2 mesi fa
Yulds 2 mesi fa
I make entertaining videos just like Niko. I bet 100% it'll make u laugh. If not you can come to tell me bro
Urkavalan Moorthy
MFBloosh 2 mesi fa
Shout out to Shannon for being a good sport, man. Dude actually seems really chill and down to earth for being such a killer. This was hilarious.
Nuwan De Silva
Nuwan De Silva 2 mesi fa
Damn you got the leader of the NDL to like 👏🏽 Well done
Yulds 2 mesi fa
I make entertaining videos just like Niko. I bet 100% it'll make u laugh. If not you can come to tell me bro
ArunODG 2 mesi fa
YeaMan ffs not you again
Inayat 2 mesi fa
@Yulds just stop with these bots smh
moxchhii boba
moxchhii boba 2 mesi fa
Ngl Shannon may be jidions dad if it isn’t Demarcus cousins
Kedo Mese fa
The way Niko was choking on his chips while calling him Shannonce and also laughing was gold and trying to finesse the situation was the best moment by far 😂
Bar1 Mese fa
Nico should make friends with Rampage.Shannonce will go into hiding then.
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
That’s low-key sweet how they made up 😂😂 niko had me rolling when he was pranking shannon years ago
Loifey🎗 2 mesi fa
Bot and copied comment
Nahiyan Mursalin Huda
Wmopo Faen
Wmopo Faen 29 giorni fa
niko's nervous laughter for like 3 minutes even after he apologized had me dead
That nervous laughter and that forced uncomfortable smile from niko i felt bad for him, he didn't know what to do next but big respect for his balls tho 🤣
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
Devonna Semple
try too
try too Mese fa
What a champ of a man. Great sport Shannon youve earned a fan.
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
JaackMaate 2 mesi fa
Shannon is a cracking sport to be fair! Class series Niko x
Reuben Gribler
Reuben Gribler 2 mesi fa
Hello Jack
Prithvi Sahni
Prithvi Sahni 2 mesi fa
Yulds 2 mesi fa
I make entertaining videos just like Niko. I bet 100% it'll make u laugh. If not you can come to tell me bro
Josh 2 mesi fa
As long as you’re being fair jack mate
EGG_rl 2 mesi fa
Do u mean niko and jidion
Broskii Mese fa
Niko and Jidion are the only prank channels I can actually watch because they’re actually creative and don’t do the same copy and paste pranks over and over again.
GnomeDazzle Mese fa
I mean it's literally a stock copy/paste prank that's been around for generations but.. Okay, if your standards are THAT low
Ife Mese fa
@GnomeDazzleCalm down lil blood.
BLACKEYE333 Mese fa
Yea honestly besides the Gatorade prank jideon did which was a terrible idea most of it is copy and paste
Elizabeth Phan
Nd it ain’t fake. No fake content what so ever
neil A
neil A Mese fa
@Elizabeth Phan No definitely not. I have something to sell you, What's your email?
brockett90 Mese fa
What a big heart that Shannon has! God bless you both.
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
This was awesome, shoutout to Jidion for bringing his beef-squashing charm into this prank, I love his attitude he’s such a great person! This is such an awesome series, love you both and this will definitely go down in ITvid history!!!
Sam Curran
Sam Curran Mese fa
I still find it crazy that Niko doesn’t swear even in these situations
Dhruv Malani
Dhruv Malani 2 mesi fa
It's crazy how niko said "shanonce" on Shannon's face, the amount of confidence he has is just something
Tango 2 mesi fa
Nah honestly lol
WAY 2 2 mesi fa
he knew the cameras were on so he had some plot armor
JSGV 2 mesi fa
”Why do women live longer than men?” That confidence finna get him killed 💀
Serg 2 mesi fa
@WAY 2 easy lawsuit
SirHellaDope 2 mesi fa
I'm loving this series but it's no question who's the biggest menace lol Niko is unmatched, everything he does is so elaborate and calculated.
Andrew Littleton
Niko actually showed how much balls he's got in this holy shit, so many people would just fold
Tele_gram SARAHGRACE3000
Let's talk I have something for you.,
NeonFroot Mese fa
Nah, Nick was folding.
NemosPodcast Mese fa
No, he knew that shit was coming up bro it’s fake
max420 Mese fa
​@NeonFroot he said sh-nonce to his face 🤣 😳 called him a pedophile right to his face doubt that he was folding
Dailyvids 4 giorni fa
Honestly didnt expect shannon to be such a nice and funny guy 😂
Niko loves us he does the most mentally and physically challenging things just make his audience happy
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 25 giorni fa
That was hilarious, Shannon is full of positive energy!
VidHoard Mese fa
Lol poor niko finally found his match, he was genuinely uncomfy 😂😂❤
Tele_gram SARAHGRACE3000
Let's talk I have something for you.,
O.L MOT Mese fa
To see Niko, Jidion and Airrack all in the same room is incredible. 3 of the best at pranking or sneaking into places
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
Dreamzoe Mese fa
Literally top 3 best at that no order
Qasim Z
Qasim Z 3 giorni fa
I’m crying laughing 😂 his reaction when he has fries in his mouth and sees Shannon is amazing
Ryxles Mese fa
Gotta say this is literally first class editing. Niko's editers should get a raise. The intro was literally insane.
That was pretty epic. I remember watching Shannon's fights. A guy like that will always be a beast.
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
How he kept getting beat
Tom E
Tom E Mese fa
What are you talking about he had about 70 pro fights and only lost 6 times
The Black Schwab
Máté Illés
Amazing concept, perfectly executed. Brought together amazing people for the better and turned them into friends
Josh Moxey
Josh Moxey 2 mesi fa
The balls to say "Shannonce" to his face and risk death 💀 this series is such a W
Daniel B
Daniel B 2 mesi fa
He has a camera inside his house, how can you think this is real
Danity 2 mesi fa
@Daniel B they had it planted for the video obv
Nemenis 2 mesi fa
@Daniel B so what? Niko, w2s and even ksi has admitted to faking/scripting videos for the reaction and clips. That’s why they’re the top in UK ITvid.
Greavesey 2 mesi fa
@Daniel B he was in on the prank bro of course he had a camera??
Sabrina Patel
The series is incredible and Niko put so much of his hard work into … he deserves the likes
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
B1scu1T Mese fa
We're good friends from school, 😂😂😂 You guys are something else! keep up the great content 🇬🇧🇺🇸
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
Ridou Mese fa
I love the chemistry between you guys! it's awesome! so much epic content with this collaboration! Enjoy it so much!
Brandon 2 mesi fa
Collabs like this will push youtube into creative depths. No matter what this series wont be long enough. We need channels building each other
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
Frank Woods
Frank Woods Mese fa
This was amazing, Niko can handle himself haha. He performs better under pressure.
RAWWFishing 2 mesi fa
And whispering in his ear I’m sorry champ😂😂😂
Liamtgreat 2 mesi fa
Yulds 2 mesi fa
I make entertaining videos just like Niko. I bet 100% it'll make u laugh. If not you can come to tell me bro
Lawin Doski
Lawin Doski 2 mesi fa
Jessica Peyton
This is top tier entertainment. The guys know their fans and how funny this is for us 😆😂
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
Milla Aurora van Niekerk
okay but on a real note, Nikos reaction was so cute. The laugh of pain🤣
TwizZ Mese fa
Really enjoying this series mate! I was actually thinking that it seems you reached a stop in the content/content ideas. Collabs were certainly the next step it seems now, it s working great!
Nnala Mwalwega
“Well that was a happy ending… But not next time” Got me rolling on the floor
Nnala Mwalwega
But the face he did tho
KO L Mese fa
This was good, cheered me right up. Shannon was a good sport ❤
FriendlyMachine 2 mesi fa
"For his boxing match against Knowledge" 😂
Doty Debrix
Doty Debrix 2 mesi fa
Ripcurler 2 mesi fa
Rafael Medina
the classic “let’s go champ” brings back many memories what a guy
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
king 2 mesi fa
Sensational collaboration with JiDion, Niko O. It is fun to watch you go through some life and non-existent moment with "Let's go Champ" Bro.
shannon laughing at it is the best part lol good stuff yo 😂
bruh Mese fa
Nice prank Demarcus! You taught Niko a lesson about repairing relationships, and you pranked him out of his pants!
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
iffysd Mese fa
He knew it was a prank as soon as he saw Shannon 😂
Plash 2 mesi fa
the way bro still got balls calling him shannonce to his face while apologising is unbelievable 😂😂
Yulds 2 mesi fa
I make entertaining videos just like Niko. I bet 100% it'll make u laugh. If not you can come to tell me broo
Riley Rivard
Riley Rivard 2 mesi fa
@Yulds you don’t they aren’t even close to as entertaining as Niko
Lex 2 mesi fa
@Riley Rivard let the man grind in peace bro 😂
BK Arnhem
BK Arnhem Mese fa
How is Niko this relaxed, he must assume every person is in a prankish mood all the time
Mad_Muz768 2 mesi fa
I love how nico was laughing when Shannon had him on the wall we love the series keep it up😂
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
axelisobito 2 mesi fa
this is a series we never knew we needed
Tele_gram SARAHGRACE3000
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THE M8TRIX Mese fa
jidion honestly made this more of a reunion than a challenge
YXNG_A5HF4Q 2 mesi fa
Man had the balls to say Shanonce to his face💀 Nothing but Respect for Niko🙌
bravojonny 3
bravojonny 3 Mese fa
It's fake guy lol
Nile's Photography
They literally have scripts lol
NiteBurly Mese fa
@bravojonny 3 not fake lol
NiteBurly Mese fa
@Nile's Photography naw bro its real
Maki Fox
Maki Fox Mese fa
@Nile's Photography Did you watch the whole video??? You understand that Shannon knew ahead of time that Niko was coming? This was not scripted. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Banana Bread
Banana Bread 2 mesi fa
I’ve never seen this side of Shannon before, only seen him on some craziness but to see this side of him, ESPECIALLY when it comes to niko… you gotta love it. Shout out to JiDion for that!
Fachuzay - Online Hustle
This was too good.🤣🤣🤣 What an Idea from Jidion and massive W from Shannon
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
He held his ground. He never said "I'm sorry champ"
N.M. Davis-Alvarez
😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 Dude I'm literally smiling as he walks to Shannon's door lmao this was fcking hilarious!! Good job guys 😎💯🔥
J J Mese fa
“I genuinely couldn’t guarantee his safety anymore.”
sofoklis 2 mesi fa
It's funny that Niko knew it was a joke but when Shannon stopped laughing he got really worried 😭
GhostSlayer 2 mesi fa
Went from 😂 to 😳 quick asf
would've been better if it was rampage jackson, can actually never tell if rampage is being serious or joking
Navid Vasei
Navid Vasei 2 mesi fa
When he put him against the wall and turned the anger on, that self control in those few seconds is difference between freedom and jail
Navid Vasei
Navid Vasei 2 mesi fa
@Mason Black 😂bruh im just stating the obvious
xQuikSc0pe682 2 mesi fa
​@Navid Vasei twice
Esyox 2 mesi fa
This video was amazing, Shannon is such a great guy Can't wait for the next challenge !
Tele_gram SARAHGRACE3000
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Alex 2 mesi fa
Was pleasantly surprised with Shannon laughing it off what a guy! 👏🏻
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
Patrick Allen
My stomach bubbling as soon as he came out I would’ve immediately apologized
Bert de Wit
Bert de Wit Mese fa
Damn. Briggs is one grey bearded 51 year old you STILL don't want to mess with. Still got that fire in his personality. Still got that massive frame. LET'S GO, CHAMP!
Razer_Fury 2 mesi fa
guys we can all agree, Niko is unstoppable. the amount of confidence he has to do those crazy things 😭
Fuser 2 mesi fa
had to be staged
The Slayer
The Slayer 2 mesi fa
@Fuser Nah jidion geniunly smiling. And why would it be fake for no reason? Literally no reason
Fuser 2 mesi fa
@The Slayer it could be fake for entertainment and get more viewers
Der Rapha 2.0
Der Rapha 2.0 2 mesi fa
​@Fuser nah
MarkiplierAfton 2 mesi fa
@Fuser they wouldnt do that it isnt fake
Emil Novruzov
The “whats up champ?” when niko nocked on the door had me dying 😂
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
Zedo Cats
Zedo Cats Mese fa
Just love this series, what more can we way.
Alex Crouch
Alex Crouch Mese fa
“I was laying in bed and was thinking man I wish I could see that kid again” - Shanonce 2023
SCORPZGCA 2 mesi fa
lol this is insane what a plot twist, I'm glad you and Shannon Briggs are on good terms Jidion is a real savage for this one
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
JKING J Mese fa
niko is a legend and so is jidion. i should be revising i got my gcses but the amount of entertainment these two provide is insane.
s Mese fa
y2jayden 2 mesi fa
Big ups to Shannon. hes stil able to joke and keep this character even after the things hes gone through. He ltierally lost his mother to heroin overdose and is still keeping up a charismatic personality
Lymphatic System
yeh this made me look at him from a better light
y2jayden Mese fa
@Lymphatic System yeah and I forgot to mention, his mom actually passed on his birthday which made it even sadder. His biological dad left and his mom was a single parent since his step dad died in prison. He then convinced his mom to buy him boxing boots with their last dollars and he promised to knock them out fast because she said he had asthma and couldn’t compete with other big guys. Even all while telling this in an interview he never really got emotional so big ups to him, he really knows how to keep his composure and his mental will is crazy strong for that.
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Mese fa
Been binge watching the series all night n came across the giveaway and said why not? (There ain’t no way y’all magically passed each other in Harrison LMFAOOOO it’s unbelievable) best menace duo ong
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
Oliver G
Oliver G 2 mesi fa
Shannon is a top guy, and feels he does deserve respect. He an OG!
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
Miles Mese fa
Laurence 123
Laurence 123 Mese fa
Surely Jidion has to get pranked by Niko now for his revenge
shannon tapped him and nikos whole body moved 😭
That Guy
That Guy Mese fa
These two are gonna be the guys we look back at 10 years from now and think “damn ITvid was so much better back then”
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
4bdu114h Mese fa
One of the best videos ever! Loved it and big respect to Shannon Briggs for being up for it!
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
sin gin
sin gin Mese fa
I was crying with laughter, this is so funny.
strawberries Mese fa
I’m used to Niko always being confident and being able to say anything to anyone but in this video he was really scared and you can see how he’s laughing awkwardly and i kinda felt bad for him
Gokul Hemanth Kumar
He still called Shannon Briggs "Shanonce" to his face! How many people on earth do you think would have that guts? Damn.
Diego Jimenez
Bro sounded like he wanted to cry at 1:31 😂
One 2 mesi fa
Seeing Niko climb up the youtube ranks over the years is amazing. Well done bro!!
Yulds 2 mesi fa
I make entertaining videos just like Niko. I bet 100% it'll make u laugh. If not you can come to tell me bro
Niko never fails to disappoint us viewers in his videos
the cool man
the cool man 2 mesi fa
I make better content than Niko 😂
Damn every reply is a bot
MrBookish 2 mesi fa
Been there since 10k met him at 10k
Abiel_956 Mese fa
Ayo shout-out to Niko for standing his ground. Especially with the way Mr. Briggs was acting. Phenomenal man. Big up Niko. 👏🎉
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
ROXY_YTシ Mese fa
This was so scary and wholesome😂❤
PKingu Mese fa
This is strangely really wholesome
Cam Mese fa
Niko actually stood his ground fairly well. Even called him Shanonce 😂 he’s a bold man lmao
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
Jeramy G
Jeramy G Mese fa
I literally realized I’d never subscribed to niko until now. I’ve been subscribed to jidion forever and watched a ton of nikos videos.. either way this is the single greatest ITvid series ever lol. That cest-talk was brilliant lol
Patterrz 2 mesi fa
Two Niko videos in a week is a an insane rate, he's been BUSY
Secelsior 2 mesi fa
Verified ITvid damn
Yulds 2 mesi fa
I make entertaining videos just like Niko. I bet 100% it'll make u laugh. If not you can come to tell me bro
Niko never fails to disappoint us viewers in his videos
BELTRON -_- 2 mesi fa
Niko low key shitting bricks the whole fuckin time Lmaoo
Couch Coop
Couch Coop 2 mesi fa
Top quality content bro, that thumbnail also, so informative. You totally deserve your 6.45M
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
Shawn Kotris
Shawn Kotris Mese fa
I think it didn't help that Shannon was laughing too much. I bet at that point Niko knew nothing was going to really happen.
Stephen Boeddeker
Bro this is genius, guys! Literally the 2 best ITvid pranksters in a no-holds-barred menace off is the best possible thing that could happen for me🤩😎
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
Fa Hd
Fa Hd Mese fa
If I only had one dollar whenever he said “let’s go champ”
Jacion Bryant
This is a certified hood classic
LanaDelGotti Mese fa
Niko still lookin traumatized doe😂😂😂
Dax CLAW Mese fa
i love this series best colab of the century
Bentley Mese fa
one of the greatest series on youtube already
James Kott
James Kott 2 mesi fa
I love this series it actually makes Niko post instead of having us wait 6 months for each video
Aakrista Dahal
Aakrista Dahal 2 mesi fa
You realise that he was filming these episodes for 6 months. So they are all ready to go which is why he is able to post this series consistently. It’s not like he was on his ass for 6 months😂
FLUFFYx 2 mesi fa
@Aakrista Dahal OP thinks everything is served for him 💀
Ted Wallace
Ted Wallace 2 mesi fa
@Aakrista Dahal fr😂
Smokey 2 mesi fa
have you not noticed the sheer amount of effort he puts into his content? obviously it's going to take time, he's been working on this series for 6 months and probably is a main manager for beta squad on top of all that... cmon now
minne Mese fa
Quality over quantity
JDW Leeds
JDW Leeds 2 mesi fa
This is an awesome series and good to see Shannon was down haha
Ridou Mese fa
I subscribed today to you @niko omilana because of this series! This is an epic collaboration! I hope we see more and hopefully you find other pranksters around the world to make an ENTERPRISE!
UNKNOWN 2 mesi fa
This was so good, I teared up a little
Inbox Casey_Niestat-on ńïçê.grám
David Smith
David Smith Mese fa
LOL. That was good. Gotta say Shannon is such an imposing figure. Even at the age he is right now he looks amazing. The guy's built like a tank.
Bomm Voyage
Bomm Voyage Mese fa
Jidion and Niko. This is the best Collab of 2023
Tee Tee
Tee Tee Mese fa
What a video!😂 This is what you call great content! I haven't laughed this hard in years!!🤣😭
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Benitas24 2 mesi fa
This will be the greatest series on ITvid
GioStackin 2 mesi fa
portal worlds
portal worlds 2 mesi fa
Sam Woddman
Sam Woddman 2 mesi fa
Rurgie 2 mesi fa
ColdMask 2 mesi fa