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After YEARS of hard work, many setbacks, countless haters, and countless doubt, I can proudly say I signed with a CFL Team!
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22 mag 2019




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Commenti 8 000
Deestroying 4 mesi fa
I wouldn’t be here without y’all! I love y’all! Like to say it back ❤️
Josiah Benitez
Aye bro don't forget about us
Jequavis the bootyclapper 69
Bro I love ur energy I’m from Canada and I’m at rider fan but I will watch every game that u are in
Cameron Graycarek
Cameron Graycarek 21 giorno fa
I know this was awhile ago man but you inspire me GOOD JOB MAN
larry pate
larry pate 22 giorni fa
I can't believe it that you made it to the a college
Vanessa Porcayo
Vanessa Porcayo 23 giorni fa
melly mel_tk do you know where to get the red phone case in this video ????
GoldenJuice Hockey
You got signed by the argonauts in the cfl
They Them
They Them 6 ore fa
all these social media and youtube "stars" will be in a mental hospital one day, they are literally fkd in the head.
Banks F
Banks F 6 ore fa
Lil boy ollie
Lil boy ollie 9 ore fa
I love u I’ve watch nearly every vid 😱😱😱🙏🏼🙏🏼
Ben Marquis
Ben Marquis 9 ore fa
Subbed since 500k
Coolkidnav 12
Coolkidnav 12 9 ore fa
I have the same neon cheats
Hardhitter1738 Hardhitter1738
Does he ever stop saying bruh
BlueInx 10 ore fa
CHERRI 10 ore fa
Bruh, he’s a well known ITvidr, got a beautiful girl, such a good kicker, great receiver, and he’s going pro 🙏 he is blessed with the work and mind set to do anything.
Genie Peni
Genie Peni 17 ore fa
5 ads in 10 minutes, fuck yourself
NaceKicks 19 ore fa
The argoes nice
VorteX AGAR 20 ore fa
I go to york uni
ford GT is best car
You see I'm from Canada, and I live in Saskatchewan and normally people like the cfl team where they live. Like the riders but naw bro I like the Calgary stampeders! Anyone else like them?
Tyler Bomboir
Tyler Bomboir 14 ore fa
ford GT is best car yeah I do I'm from Saskatchewan too
yo daddy
yo daddy Giorno fa
In Canada lol
Velo Giorno fa
Everyone is so happy for you and excited for what’s to come but we also know the uploads will be slowing down :(
Velo 11 ore fa
Yeah ik I allready found that out I didn’t know this was made 3 months ago
Neptune 11 ore fa
This is from 3 months ago, he got cut
Michael Ford
Michael Ford Giorno fa
O my GOD
Bobby Perez
Bobby Perez Giorno fa
Congratulations bro don’t lose faith and hope to see u on the top prayers to u and ur career
Dwight Monach
Dwight Monach Giorno fa
A Canadian football team isn't really what I would call pro football
JJ Casey
JJ Casey Giorno fa
Cumulative Connection
Attention wh0re
CynicalShadow54 Giorno fa
Why not nfl
Mariah Ande
Mariah Ande Giorno fa
Man I love your videos, you bring up hopes inside, to push to get what you want. keep grinding💯 and put in that work #TenToesDown
boxingfred Giorno fa
I used to watch your videos and cheer you on but now, You are annoying. I'm done watching you.
dallas tex
dallas tex Giorno fa
8ball and mjg came up with 10 toes down it's a song
dallas tex
dallas tex Giorno fa
Congratulations bro you earned it
Eliana Magno
Eliana Magno Giorno fa
You need to be wr
c.ol.d Giorno fa
u inspire me
Abrupt Snipez
Abrupt Snipez 2 giorni fa
My friend luke Condell his dad used to work for the Toronto Argos the team that’s your on but now he works for the tiger cats and he was coaching the Argos when they won the grey cup
R. Dillon
R. Dillon 2 giorni fa
“I tried to turn the air on earlier”.......very next clip..wearing a hoodie with hood clenched :-) congratulations man!
Griffin Frost
Griffin Frost 2 giorni fa
My numbers 18 too
flame bot198
flame bot198 2 giorni fa
Home boy been on path to draft for a whole ass year
oreos123 manges
oreos123 manges 2 giorni fa
I mean nfl players cus like 50time a game lol
Austin Mays
Austin Mays 2 giorni fa
I didn’t know Canada has a pro football team
AP 2 giorni fa
congratulations bro!!!!! much deserved
Dana Millhouse
Dana Millhouse 3 giorni fa
Good for u
Legendary Shadow2346
Who ever disliked this video the dest gang us the fans of destroying we gon run up on you
Jax turner
Jax turner 3 giorni fa
Devin Markert
Devin Markert 3 giorni fa
Anyone think he look a tiny bit like bronny jr
WhosKyleLol Giorno fa
Devin Markert bronny jr looks like him
xxEthanxx 14
xxEthanxx 14 3 giorni fa
My bro
Dub Badger
Dub Badger 4 giorni fa
Oct 19 is meh bday
Fortnite Let’s go
My man og subber bro feel so happy for you
Youtube Admin
Youtube Admin 4 giorni fa
Juju smith Schuster is pro and a youtuber
Tucker 2 giorni fa
He was pro first tho
Trae Raymond
Trae Raymond 5 giorni fa
How much u sign for
hb2553 5 giorni fa
I’ve been watching you! Love your enthusiasm, dedication and never quit mindset! Very happy that you landed a job kicking that football! You’ve truly mastered you’re love for kicking that ball through the uprights! Congratulations my friend! Go get em! You are a Champion!
LnG TryHard72
LnG TryHard72 5 giorni fa
Good luck
Giantbassball On Xbox
Brett Anderson
Brett Anderson 5 giorni fa
I was so proud of you, that I smashed the thumbs up so hard I broke the keyboard!
AJ Lozano
AJ Lozano 5 giorni fa
You don’t even like with a keyboard...
vArcc 6 giorni fa
Bro keep doing you but I think you could be a WR fr
Matthew Beyea
Matthew Beyea 6 giorni fa
I see destroyings hot Cheetos on the backround
cayogator 7 giorni fa
but, wha happened.......................................................
LikeNo Other
LikeNo Other 8 giorni fa
Love that grind bro plastic bag and all much love from Hawaii
Cruzer Waltze
Cruzer Waltze 8 giorni fa
The Toronto argonaughts
Tyler Kline
Tyler Kline 9 giorni fa
Can you help me? I am a wide receiver and I am not bad at catching but I want to get better
Dallas Griggs
Dallas Griggs 10 giorni fa
Ju ju Smith is a pro and he’s a ITvidd
master mine
master mine 11 giorni fa
if u go to the nfl after this you will be the only reason y i watch the NFL lol i’m more into college ball then NFL
Shortgang 14 giorni fa
Bro I’m a kicker for maple park football team so I am so glad I have someone to look up too and im also a wide receiver So much love do what you need to do and stay 10 toes down
Shortgang 14 giorni fa
If this gray you hate destroying:(
Paulo Ameto
Paulo Ameto 19 giorni fa
Let start all over again dee you got this my is back letttttssss goooooo
Paulo Ameto
Paulo Ameto 19 giorni fa
Wow yo that mah man right there i know you whole story bro I’m big fan of you man, anyway just saw this video I’m so happy I’m gonna say my boy destroy is back on a field letttttsssss ggooooo I can’t wait to see you became a professional football 🏈 player bro
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