I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

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I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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Commenti 80
brazil Anno fa
haha grape
Yxllow. Lemxn
Yxllow. Lemxn 12 giorni fa
Tee ky
Tee ky 16 giorni fa
Lol :)
Jack Peterson
Jack Peterson 20 giorni fa
brazil jftgtgffffff
Michael Murtagh 2574
500 reply
Alena Park
Alena Park Mese fa
Lol now i get it haha
My tooth has been rotting out from the inside. I had surgery on it today- and i have to have yogurt, ice-cream, jello, etc. Seems like a children's dream, eh? Nope. I hate it.
MatZAnimates 24 minuti fa
I had the exact same thing except I could get braces for a year and a half or jaw surgery . . . I chose braces
Bunny Scoops
margaret day
Yes yes tomato soup is gross
Kasia Kwiatkowska
Are you frends with the oo
potato my
potato my 2 ore fa
Me 1:24 the end 1:34
hanah non your buisness
I have the same thing but didn't think it was something worth getting a surgery over its been like this for a year now I should probable see a doctor
Black Kittens YT
The last part tho- “I just spent-...nine minutes of my life..- recording you eating a burrito...”
Kevin Weng
Kevin Weng 3 ore fa
Jane Marriott
Jane Marriott 4 ore fa
M o o n
M o o n 4 ore fa
Ok ok so i am re-watching this... My jaw hurts too ;-;
Getskar 0707
Getskar 0707 5 ore fa
Got braces yesterday
AydenThings 6 ore fa
Succes Mupezi
Succes Mupezi 6 ore fa
Ci Fiction
Ci Fiction 7 ore fa
I have tmj also
Taylor Younts
Taylor Younts 8 ore fa
Somebody give this man some god damn Chocolate milk
Volta Gaming
Volta Gaming 8 ore fa
Storyline time: midas isn't dead because theres a pattern... we jump of the battle bus, we gather loot, we die and we got back to the lobby and fortnite is a simulation because when we die we have a holographic thing on top of our heads that take us to the lobby so anyways midas died by a shark therefore he returned back to the lobby and is still alive... simple case solved Midas is still alive
Linda Moyer
Linda Moyer 9 ore fa
Good job
Jack Pav
Jack Pav 9 ore fa
how would you brush your teeth eeeewwwww
Kaleb Brown
Kaleb Brown 9 ore fa
At 4:01 it says butt lolz if you slow it down
María Fernanda Hernández Luna
4:01 Butt lol xd I regret my terrible English :"V
Bell Betancourt
Bell Betancourt 10 ore fa
Ha a piece of crap more like holy s..ht
Go To Sleep
Go To Sleep 13 ore fa
I've watched this video multiple times thinking "hahaha that's never going to happen to me" and then I broke my jaw 🙃🙃🙃
Fraser Cummings
Fraser Cummings 13 ore fa
I like you
Francesca Sant
Francesca Sant 15 ore fa
Who is this food
you look like a grape
he is a potato
Lovro Kovačić
Lovro Kovačić 17 ore fa
4:20 you know what I’m talking about
Shawn Bancroft
Shawn Bancroft 17 ore fa
that not relly
Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma 18 ore fa
Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma 18 ore fa
I am your bitest fan
12:38 looks at those not pearly whites
Madison Bosse
Madison Bosse 23 ore fa
This is crazy to hear about!!! I have chronic jaw problems caused by stress, and it causes my jaw to hurt, lock, and click. If the supportive structure of my jaw joint tears, disintegrates, or slips completely out of place, I would probably need correction surgery. Its encouraging to know I'm not the only one with these issues. Being a teen, who has a difficult time eating, singing, and talking, it's nice to know I'm not alone :)
Affy 23 ore fa
haha orange
Blitz Reiged
Blitz Reiged 23 ore fa
He protecc He attack But most importantly he try to eat his brother over a soup
At 8:32 Adam looks like Koro Sensei from Assassination Classroom 😂
Stella Lee
Stella Lee Giorno fa
12:23 Anyways, don’t forget to *LIKE THAT SMASH BUTTON*
Jeff Shen
Jeff Shen Giorno fa
My life would be completely boring if Adam didn't exist.
Toby Johnston
Toby Johnston Giorno fa
Where is next vid
Dragon Master46
Dragon Master46 Giorno fa
When I get in a fight with my mom and she gets the belt 2:53
xX gacha toast studios Xx
But I just had tomato soup for dinner
Random Rianah
Random Rianah Giorno fa
Adam: Of course I didn't, Captions: *of course I did it*
Dumbo's Bizarre Adventure!
Legend has it he's still waiting for chocolate milk
SharedBlox Roblox and more iPad
0:00 "what would u do for 1M dollors?" " Hmmm" Mind: "🍆" "Probably suck a dick" Me: Hmm I will too 👅🌊🍆
Arnold castillo
Arnold castillo Giorno fa
I like the fact how he said like that smash button instead of smash that like button lol 12:23
youtube king_yt
youtube king_yt Giorno fa
The swear jusr makes me laught
Lobster blaze
Lobster blaze Giorno fa
Mom Said it’s my turn with the soup
DJ Cookie
DJ Cookie Giorno fa
Imagine what the neighbors thought when they saw someone walk into his house, and they hear a muffled voice yell..... “ I WILL EAT YOU!!!!!!!!”
SAD BOY 22 Comes last
Brian 2.0
Brian 2.0 Giorno fa
He paying more attention on the wrap then on the dogs being a killer to themselves
Rēã Rëâ
Rēã Rëâ Giorno fa
The thing is food gives me joy every haft a hour sooooooooo YoUr WrOnG
shayne bessette
shayne bessette Giorno fa
Like that smash button😂
Ma. Angelica Rodriguez
Did Adam really said like the smash button
Celita Boursiquot
What the frick I’m not a grape!!
Bandorito Giorno fa
jah surgery
Isabelle Danner
Isabelle Danner Giorno fa
I have a jaw problem, it will lock and hurt, not as much as before, and you are scaring the hell out of me, I don't want jaw problems. (or surgery)
Isabelle Danner
Isabelle Danner 13 ore fa
@Madison Bosse Thanks!
Madison Bosse
Madison Bosse 23 ore fa
I have chronic jaw issues as well! And guess what? As a teenager, all of the issues are from stress. My jaw locks clicks and hurts. I'm scared as well because the plate that cushions the jaw joint could completely fall out at any time, permanently locking my jaw; surgery would be needed. But I'm holding Adam's words that, if surgery is necessary, it'll be worth it, to heart. You got this!!! Just know you're not alone in your struggle!!!
ArE yOu SuRe AbOuT tHaT
I had my mouth wired shut for a year :/ E
Alexandra Isailovic
" Tomato soup from a box, cold as hell-" * pausing video * 'C o l d a s h e l l' Then it was hot, right ?
Awalludin Subarkat
u grape
Lawrence Olumbori
haha poop beats you up adam
Lawrence Olumbori
GRAPE and catis
Ävç Galaxy *diaries*
My jaw hurts now while watching this
daniel shikaleski
Like that smash button
like hurricanes
like hurricanes Giorno fa
Someone please give Adam his chocy milk
Maddie Boik
Maddie Boik Giorno fa
the one Benton
the one Benton Giorno fa
this is kinda like having tonsil sugery but it takes two weeks to heal
Burnt Spaghett
Burnt Spaghett Giorno fa
At 12:24-12:27 He said: Don’t forget to like that smash button :P also people in Roblox call me a grape cuz my avatar is purple guy and I get pissed for some reason XD
michael crudge
michael crudge Giorno fa
The hospitals name is Weenie Hut General
Ember Mars
Ember Mars Giorno fa
Well i have a dumb jaw too :/
linda jackson
linda jackson Giorno fa
i love food but im picky
ODOGACAT Giorno fa
Doc u brock me...
Ashur Nora
Ashur Nora 2 giorni fa
You never do get your poor goddamn chocie milk, aawwww, haha!
PantlessQueen UwU
PantlessQueen UwU 2 giorni fa
The eternal screaming XD
MoreThanJustLoser YT
v: i speak spanish :V
Sylar Man
Sylar Man 2 giorni fa
I ordered merch a long time ago and it still has not came
AngelPlays YT
AngelPlays YT 2 giorni fa
Am i the only one that heard him say "like the smash button" 👁👄👁
Brexie 3 ore fa
ahaha he does that on purpose
Theresa Flatt
Theresa Flatt 2 giorni fa
12:25 he said like that smash botten
Carlos Arias
Carlos Arias 2 giorni fa
I paused at the perfect time to see the butt lolz
Ciera Bailey
Ciera Bailey 2 giorni fa
I know I'm literally a year late, but my jaw locks whenever I open my mouth all the way and it clicks oh, also sometimes when like I eat a big tomato or something and it feels like my jaw is UNHINGING and it hurts only for a little bit but it hurts a TON
Ciera Bailey
Ciera Bailey 22 ore fa
@Madison Bosse haha same to you
Madison Bosse
Madison Bosse 22 ore fa
@Ciera Bailey I'm hoping things get better for you!!!
Ciera Bailey
Ciera Bailey 22 ore fa
@Madison Bosse oh phew I thought there for a second I might actually have to get two surgeries on my mouth Cause I have a tooth coming through my pallet and if it doesn't do something soon I might have to get something done for that. also, I'm missing two teeth, the ones that go in between your canines and you front teeth and I would have to get surgery to put them in, but I think I can live without them 😥
Madison Bosse
Madison Bosse 22 ore fa
@Ciera Bailey Don't worry!!!! It completely depends on the individual and what is at the core of their problems. What you might be experiencing could be something different from me, and it could not require surgery. I'm just quoting what my orthodontist said. If your jaw problems become too troubling, I suggest asking a doctor for advice; it really helps clear things up!! For me, the chances of surgery are pretty close to unlikely, especially with the exercises I do to keep my jaw from worsening. Once again, don't worry! I'm just speaking from a personal standpoint. Everyone is different
Ciera Bailey
Ciera Bailey 23 ore fa
@Madison Bosse oh wow I didn't know you might have to get surgery for stuff like this. Hmm no one told me about that😨😬
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