I Survived 1,300 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...

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1,400 DAYS HARDCORE VIDEO: itvid.net/video/video-7OmMJTwFj0c.html

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In this Minecraft video I survive 1300 days in a Minecraft Hardcore world. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had.

100 Days Video Playlist: itvid.net/u-playlist?list...

Tutorials I used for this video:
Shulker Farm - itvid.net/video/video-ynvoyDehf1Q.html
Magma Farm - itvid.net/video/video-uqzhYpnqP7Y.html
Stone Farm - itvid.net/video/video-RJ6Y12aWN6E.html

Thanks to @Luke TheNotable for the idea! itvid.net/u-Creolesb...

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Commenti 6 917
Seth 15 ore fa
R.I.P pick axe
Crafting Man
Crafting Man Giorno fa
I almost done 1000 day survival but die in day 999 by lava…
:/ 2 giorni fa
Hi sb
:/ 2 giorni fa
adriel sawad
adriel sawad 2 giorni fa
SB:diamond is for peasants still SB:im gonna make a stone farm bruhh
Orange Candy
Orange Candy 3 giorni fa
Iron golem 1 iq
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones 4 giorni fa
Didn't SB say last episode that he wasn't going to go look at the ender dragon farm again? Correct me if I'm wrong
Jetocean Minecraft
Jetocean Minecraft 4 giorni fa
the perfect amount of redstone
Christi Bonertz
Christi Bonertz 4 giorni fa
you are beating the happy kids guys
Tiger Yeet
Tiger Yeet 6 giorni fa
Dipankar Roy
Dipankar Roy 6 giorni fa
love the vids
HpIsDaBest 6 giorni fa
Rip broken pickaxes 😔
HI DREAMS 6 giorni fa
Enderman : this is end now we are safe about water SB737 : ohh really I will bring the flood for you guys 2:15 😂🤣😂🤣😂
RangerBatman 8 giorni fa
Rajeev Sharda
Rajeev Sharda 8 giorni fa
I’m so bored of all the time farms but still you make it fun so I watch
xShadow BG
xShadow BG 8 giorni fa
17:45 And they gon do alabama
Reynaldo Velasco
Reynaldo Velasco 10 giorni fa
Hey sb so cookie just mentioned you i was speechless that he knew you can you pls give him shoutout
Schleich  and  Breyer 5000
I try to do 100 days but I end up quitting on the 20th day or the 10th
Yanfei Zou
Yanfei Zou 11 giorni fa
This dude deserves 10 mil
Real Person
Real Person 12 giorni fa
the fact that he doesnt collect the thousands of stones he left behind from the mountain really makes me feel irritated physically
Aussie Bogan
Aussie Bogan 13 giorni fa
Come on guys help Sb to 3 million
Lachlan Kelly
Lachlan Kelly 13 giorni fa
Luain Hajjar
Luain Hajjar 14 giorni fa
9:44 is day 1234
tytyistheman thetruth.
Just buy the redstone
Shwetha K
Shwetha K 14 giorni fa
make a video with wadzee
Green Beans
Green Beans 16 giorni fa
He is the Axolotl king
Dream 2.0
Dream 2.0 17 giorni fa
its evolving backwards from thumbnail
gam_er _ninja
gam_er _ninja 18 giorni fa
is the repeater a mod or can u anyone tell how to do it plss
Divya Ajith
Divya Ajith 18 giorni fa
Sb why do you make you, Dragon farm a little upgrade by making its broken parts to obsidian
Prescious Espaldon
Prescious Espaldon 18 giorni fa
im addicted to this series i look like a kid watching on my laptop
Patel Harshadbhai
Patel Harshadbhai 19 giorni fa
Oppppp,., ,., ,.,
Patel Harshadbhai
Patel Harshadbhai 19 giorni fa
Opppp, , ,. ,., ,
Melissa Bennie
Melissa Bennie 19 giorni fa
i love it how hes being a good boy manualy mining redstone instead of scamming villagers.
Melissa Bennie
Melissa Bennie 19 giorni fa
get the netherite beacon done mate
LegendColdfront 20 giorni fa
I think Sb can be named to be a good red stone guy builder than structure buildings
ALZJ3R 23 giorni fa
Can anybody count how many totems he lost and how many Farms he made? 😂
Neev Mehta
Neev Mehta 24 giorni fa
Love your videos
Neev Mehta
Neev Mehta 24 giorni fa
Superb efforts
Nick Al
Nick Al 25 giorni fa
Blue axolotls can't spawn you lier
RoyalT 26 giorni fa
Sb imma bout to make the most OP farm the farm farm
Kxtie 26 giorni fa
9:54 1234
That one osu noob
That one osu noob 27 giorni fa
"im gonna take a shulker home!" Me:Nice! Great job... wait... something ain't right
Daivik Gupta
Daivik Gupta 27 giorni fa
sometimes on the video logo he goes to DIAMOND ARMOR instead of netherite XD
MemeGaming Mese fa
MemeGaming Mese fa
FACT : Did anyone notice that the moon of minecraft is round
MemeGaming Mese fa
Kylee Govender
I was in a jungle and i wanted to tame a parrot AND THEN I SAW A BROWN PANDA THERE!
adde arsenal
adde arsenal Mese fa
Pls bedwars
EdgyPython Mese fa
Years ago in 2016
EdgyPython Mese fa
I made a hardcore world and died on day 2063
Hi Hello Gaming
7:00 try first feeding blur then yellow axolot
Joan Cahutay
Joan Cahutay Mese fa
The rare axolotl
Minecraft Roblox Star Wars Gamer
Project Mountain Destroyer? Almost there
Emma Hayward
Emma Hayward Mese fa
Mojang: oki dokie we make runy armor and tools now so it better than netherite SB: i hav full ruby gear now netherite for peasants
McAkash Mese fa
Sb is a hard worker mannnnn
Amy mitchell
Amy mitchell Mese fa
Come on guys we have to win this close battle
simon petrovic
I try 100 days...in 63 day creeper has destroy all my chests😭😭😭
Adam Greening
Did you know you can get moss blocks from wandering trader
Mark Rowell
Mark Rowell Mese fa
SB can you make a milk farm for washing away potion effects
Yeseefa Mese fa
Moss blocks can actually be found in the new cave update too
Mazniza Mahadzir
1234 days?
jason woodward
so SB makes cobble farm but ignores diamonds?????
jason woodward
dude stop the "dIAmOndS aRE FoR pEaSeanTs"
Naor Elia Moshe
Its not sh*oo*lker its sh*a*lker
Charlie Li
Charlie Li Mese fa
Why won't SB craft enchanted golden apples with 8 gold blocks since he wan'ts them so bad?
CS IggyBoi
CS IggyBoi Mese fa
sb in a few years surviving 690000 days
Anas Fahd
Anas Fahd Mese fa
Galaxy_Y T
Galaxy_Y T Mese fa
Can we have a moment of silence for his pick Netherite Pick- lasted til 1270 R.I.P
Galaxy_Y T
Galaxy_Y T Mese fa
R.I.P silky boi- lasted til 1299 just short of 1300 days :/
Galaxy_Y T
Galaxy_Y T Mese fa
Guess What
FeezPlayz Mese fa
9:12 look at his bone meal
Rowena Mendoza
Wow he did not know how to get 2 blue axolotls all you need is 1 young blue axolotl and feed the blue and then the other 1 and they will breed and you now have a baby blue axolotl
Emanuel Mese fa
Nice stay hair lol
DaBeebee Mese fa
2.69 MIL
y m
y m Mese fa
I need 100k likes in this video
Jem Mese fa
Next Saturday 1900 days please ❤️❤️💯💯💯...cant wait !!!
Aditi Chadha
Aditi Chadha Mese fa
6:26 that gave me anxiety
Fording Jai
Fording Jai Mese fa
Love this video
Sujeev Rayagada
why are you draining the ocean?
lujane sirelkhatim
everyone: when they get diamonds omg Also SB leaves the diamonds behind
Andrea Lombardi
Does the shulker farm work in Bedrock?
Fiona McLaren
Lily Lavander
I realized that his skin is a penguin and his house is at a snowy biome coincidences are infinite
Lily Lavander
Lily Lavander
Lily Lavander
Lily Lavander
Lily Lavander
S. Nomuunaa
S. Nomuunaa Mese fa
hey sb i survived 127 days in minecraft pe without oofing and i got full netherite wool farm trident killed ender dragon and wither and also a starter base and elytra
JITTO MP Mese fa
How are you flying without any fear 😨
Gaile Chiu
Gaile Chiu Mese fa
I don't know if this is helpful or not but some wandering traders actually trade emeralds for moss blocks
Gaming_boys Mese fa
make stone genreter in nether top on gold farm , from this your picaxe will not break😄😘 I love your vedio
Lulugamzz Mese fa
i have a world like this and i have 5,673 days and i have not died yet
YT Mese fa
Can't believe he cheated:(
When you go to temple to find the nocth apple so in the temple you can take the tnt
Ender Just Plays
Day one of asking him to make a auto smelter so he won't run out of food.
Fire karma
Fire karma Mese fa
How just how
Fire karma
Fire karma Mese fa
Zero Two
Zero Two Mese fa
Idea: Make a cobblestone farm inside an XP farm and get a mending pick and just keep regen it with XP
Let's help him win the baby nursery TV show, he's growing old because of minecraft
Sb could have used the shulker from the room that he did the how did we get here advancement
EndernBlade Mese fa
I made it to day 78
EndernBlade Mese fa
Whoops day 278 sorry
NaNer BorCraft
Alastair Rhodes
God but better
Sebastian Sanchez
does sb stand for santa barbra or snow bird
Frog Fire
Frog Fire Mese fa
I always remember that sb says that diamonds are for peasants Wait is that a diamond pickaxe on the thumbnail
Tubtim Maneeyom
SB just plz fix the enderdragon farm
Ben Boulder772
“So of i wana it to snow again, i just have to do What i do on saturday nights IRL
Mothra 2004
Mothra 2004 Mese fa
win sb im a 8 year old and i don't need to lear nursury ryimes good luck :D :)
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